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12:18 hdl hi Brooke
13:04 Brooke hi js
13:19 chris morning
13:19 owen Hi chris
13:19 hdl hi chris
14:17 paul kados or chris around ?
14:18 chris yep
14:18 paul hello chris
14:18 paul i have a question about git ;-)
14:18 chris fire away
14:18 paul what will happend if I continue to commit on CVS ?
14:19 paul you synch both repo every day ?
14:19 chris no
14:19 paul so, you'll miss the commits unless you deal with them manually ?
14:19 chris cvs is going to be ceased to be used for 3.0 onwards, only for rel_2_2
14:19 chris yep
14:19 paul when ?
14:20 paul NOW ?
14:20 dewey NOW is a good time
14:21 hdl Hey guys... keep cool.
14:21 hdl We are not yet used to commiting to git.
14:21 kados heh, thanks
14:21 kados it's hot :-)
14:21 paul do you plan to give us (hdl & me) a direct access to the 3.0 repo you'll have ?
14:21 chris only the RM has direct access
14:22 kados only one person has 'direct access', that's the RM
14:22 chris (i dont)
14:22 hdl Maybe we could have a synch from cvs to git for a while.
14:22 paul so the RM will have to deal with all patches "manually" ?
14:22 kados all patches are filtered through chris for now
14:22 kados he 'approves them' and passed them on to me
14:23 kados so we have at least two people who see all code
14:23 kados 1. the programmer
14:23 kados 2. the QA manager
14:23 chris its as easy as git am -3 -s -i patchname
14:23 paul git clone git:// koha30 will let me retrieve the public 3.0 branch ?
14:23 chris yep
14:24 chris then you have your repository
14:24 kados paul: and with that clone, you will have your own repository
14:24 chris that you can commit too
14:24 chris and then
14:24 chris git-format-patch origin
14:24 chris git-send-email <patchname>
14:25 paul 20% ... quite slow, or quite long...
14:25 chris yeah it only does it once tho
14:26 chris its all local once you have a clone
14:26 paul 85%
14:26 paul done
14:26 chris cool
14:27 paul 1st commit done...
14:29 paul 1st patch sent to
14:29 paul let me know if it's ok ;-)
14:29 chris will do :)
14:30 chris hmm that might bounce, ill just make sure kados has that email set up
14:30 kados's MX hasn't been set up yet
14:30 kados paul: can you send to ?
14:31 paul the previous one was not delivered :
14:31 paul                   The mail system
14:31 paul <>: host[] said: 554 <>:
14:31 paul    Relay access denied (in reply to RCPT TO command)
14:32 paul From: (paul)
14:41 chris patch applied just fine
14:42 paul why was the mail to rejected ?
14:42 chris it hasnt been set up yet
14:42 chris kados is on the case
14:44 paul what should I do to get the patches that are sent by other, validated by you and pushed to public repo ?
14:44 paul it will be automatic ?
14:44 chris yep you do a git pull
14:44 paul can there be a ml that show us all the commit accepted to the official koha3 repo ?
14:44 chris and that will grab
14:45 chris yep there will be
14:45 kados paul: yes, there will be
14:45 chris[…]?p=Koha;a=summary
14:45 kados and RSS already exists
14:45 chris you can also grab the rss from there
14:45 kados[…].cgi?p=Koha;a=rss
14:45 kados paul: chris should add it :-)
14:49 chris[…]usage#get_changes
14:51 chris if you and hdl are working and you make some changes that you want him to see but they arent ready to go public yet
14:51 chris you can do git push paul@somemachine:/path/to/hdl's/git
14:52 chris and vice versa
14:52 paul what does hdl have to setup to let me do this on his repo ?
14:52 hdl good to know.
14:53 chris you will just need write permissions to that directory
14:53 hdl But should we set up a git server ?
14:53 chris for eg, we have ours group owned by staff, and kados, mason, etc are members of group staff
14:54 chris so i can push to masons, he can push to mine
14:57 chris if you wanted to allow anonymous read access (like with the public repo) you need to set up a server, but otherwise you dont need to
14:57 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: darci|mtg n=plinkit@
14:58 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: darci|mtg n=plinkit@
15:01 hdl thanks chris
15:01 chris no problem, i hope its not too confusing
15:03 hdl Sure it is But I think will be for a better future.
15:16 chris yep me too
19:23 chris everything come back up ok?
19:24 owen So far so good.
19:25 chris cool
20:17 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: ru55el
20:18 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: ru55el
08:47 CGI624 Halo This is from st. Aloysius P. U. College, Mangalore,
08:47 CGI624 Anybody can help me about koha issues with out using barcode
08:52 hdl hi may be.
08:56 lloyd has anyone done a koha vmware virtual application yet.
08:56 lloyd would be useful to do one and submit it to
08:56 lloyd[…]ces/directory/928
08:56 lloyd nevermind, seems someone already done it hehe
08:56 hdl kados did.
08:59 CGI624 Hello, anyone can help us with koha issues without barcodes?

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