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12:16 kados morning all
12:17 kados hi Frederic
13:31 Frederic hi kados.
14:42 kados hi thd
14:42 thd hello kados
14:43 kados Frederic, thd: you here for Koha Project Day?
14:43 kados kyle_: you too?
14:47 thd I am answering some objections to various GPL V3 draft clauses to ensure we have no unfortunate surprises as a result of unanswered objects when GPL V3 is released in as little as two weeks from now.
14:47 kados cool
14:50 thd The only vital trouble I have had over GPL V3 draft language happened when changes were made to please objectors who were insufficiently well answered.
14:51 tnb rch: ?
14:52 kados hey tnb
14:52 tnb hey josh
14:52 tnb long layover?
14:52 kados couple hours
14:52 tnb ah...
14:52 tnb internet is sketchy everywhere today
14:52 kados *nod*
14:53 thd I had noticed some people who had freenode as part of their connection information recently.  Does a koha channel on freenode connect here?
14:53 kados thd: there was a relay briefly
14:54 kados I think it was disconnected thougth
14:54 kados I'll have chris set that up later today
15:05 kados hi Luis
15:05 Luis Hi
15:05 kados welcome to #koha
15:05 kados what brings you here?
15:05 Luis I am from Peru
15:05 kados cool
15:06 Luis I wish colaborate with Koha... it's the firs time that I connect with the community
15:06 kados excellent!
15:07 kados what would you like to work on?
15:08 Luis I am a librarian.... and I love computer science.... I like GNU/Linux... translate or suggestion about Koha
15:09 kados cool
15:09 kados i think there's already a spanish translation of Koha
15:09 kados[…]hp?lg=en&view=all
15:09 Luis excellent ...
15:09 kados yep, ther eis
15:09 kados there is I mean
15:10 kados Luis: do you have Koha installed?
15:10 Luis Yes ....
15:10 kados which version?
15:10 dewey i heard which version was it ?
15:10 kados 2.2.9?
15:10 Luis 2.2.8
15:10 kados cool
15:10 Luis yes, but I heard that it have many problems with mysql 5.0
15:11 kados well, there were some fixes for mysal 5.0
15:11 kados but the RM didn't include them in 2.2.9
15:11 kados so they are 'fixed in the repo' afaik
15:11 kados we just need to get Paul to pull them into the next release
15:12 kados Luis: do you use ESMARC?
15:12 Luis I use Marc21
15:12 kados cool
15:12 Luis I work in San Marcos University
15:12 kados excellent
15:13 Luis and we have a project ... we are configure Koha ....
15:13 Luis Koha is excellente ILS ...
15:13 kados thank you!
15:13 kados we think so too :-)
15:14 kados Luis: i think the first thing you could do is write an email to the koha list and introduce yourself, and tell us what your project is, who it will serve, how long you've been working on it, etc.
15:14 Luis ok
15:15 kados also include what your talents are, and what you'd like to work on in the koha project (if applicable)
15:16 Luis excellent.... I like it
15:16 Luis I write an email ...
15:16 Luis I will write an email
15:16 kados cool
16:00 Frederic kados: Yes, I'm here for Koha Project Day, even i don't really know what it means :)
16:02 Frederic As you have seen, I'm here part time... I won't be easy to be in touch directly.
16:03 rch Hi Frederic
16:03 rch have you been working with Koha for some time ?
16:07 Frederic Not really. I'm currently switching my business to providing Koha to French specialized libraries.
16:08 thd Frederick: where are you located?
16:09 thd Frederic: where are you located?
16:09 Frederic I'm in touch with Paul. I hosted him to an exhibition I attended last week. We presented Koha.
16:09 Frederic Paris
16:10 Frederic : to contact me.
16:10 thd Frederic: what had your business from which you are switching done?
16:11 Frederic We were lastly selling a proprietary US ILS.
16:12 thd Frederic: which one?
16:12 dewey which one is that? :-)
16:12 Frederic Slef, where are you from?
16:12 slef Frederic: England
16:12 Frederic EOS.Web
16:14 Frederic I'm fighting to have a koha v3 installed.
16:15 Frederic ... with mitigated success.
16:16 thd Frederic: do all parts of EOS.Web over a remote server?
16:16 tnb Frederic: hi, I'm Tina Burger.  I do marketing for LibLime and the Koha project.  If you provide me with some info about your company , we can see you are added to the 'pay for support' page of the website
16:16 thd s/over/run over/
16:16 tnb
16:17 tnb my email is:
16:17 Frederic tnb: I will send you an email.
16:18 tnb cool. thanks!
16:18 Frederic thd: I don't understand your question. EOS.Web, like Koha, is a true full web app.
16:19 thd Frederic: so the record editor runs over the web as well?
16:20 Frederic Tyna: you can see our marketing material on our web site : and a brochure : which was done with a logo LibLime provided to us (thanks)
16:21 Frederic thd: yes. With a dual mode : marc and non-marc (marc21 only)
16:23 thd Freceric: so you had customers in France who were using MARC 21 or were they all using non-MARC?
16:24 thd Frederic: or did you have customers in Quebec using MARC 21?
16:25 Frederic Non-MARC. Indeed, it could be interesting for some libraries, even in France, to catalog in MARC21. Because their titles are scientific and easily found on international biblio catalogs like LC.
16:27 Frederic For such libraries, an ideal solution would be to catalog in UNIMARC, but having a way to download MARC21 records and convert them in UNIMARC on the fly.
16:27 Frederic Where are you from thd. Canada?
16:28 thd Frederic: I would be very much interested in seeing a demonstration of the EOS.Web MARC editor to see if there may be anything to be learnt from their design about the tricky business of designing MARC editors which run over the web.
16:29 thd Frederic: I am from New York City.
16:30 thd Frederic: or live in New York City and from California.
16:31 Frederic I regret not to have visited NYC but I were in Boston several times and know South California from LA to San Diego area.
16:32 Frederic What do you want to learn about MARC editor? There is already one in koha and a new one to come: OpenCataloger.
16:34 thd Frederic: we do not have a perfect design and I am always looking for good ideas for design which may be incorporated for use in Koha.
16:34 thd Frederic: Could you provide me a demonstration of the EOS.Web MARC editor?
16:35 Frederic Send me a direct email.
16:55 Frederic Hi Paul
17:12 thd email sent Frederic
17:53 rch hey all - has anyone created a framework implementing  MARC21 LITE ?
17:56 rch paul: are you available ?
18:17 rch hi randy
19:30 kados hey all
19:31 rch +/who
19:31 rch hi kados
19:31 kados hey
19:32 kados how's it going?
19:33 tnb where are you?
19:33 kados I'm at a Mall
19:33 kados about to head to my hotel
19:33 tnb ah
19:34 kados tnb: I like your suggestions
19:34 kados tnb: maybe add them to the koha wiki somewhere?
19:34 kados and when russ comes on, discuss with him?
19:35 kados he's the current de facto website guy
19:35 kados I totally agree showcase is confusing
19:35 kados demos is much better
19:35 kados tnb: I did manage to get quite a few new users listed recently thought
19:36 kados tnb:
19:36 kados but yea, no-where near enough listed
19:36 tnb right now, i'm working on mock-ups
19:36 kados cool
19:37 thd kados: does 'showcase' have more common use in NZ than elsewhere?
19:37 kados I dunno
19:40 tnb well, to me 'showcase' suggests 'portfolio' or users
19:40 tnb but it is demos that is currently under that tab
20:56 russel howdy
20:57 kados hey russ
20:58 rch hi russ
21:07 chris morning
21:41 rch nabble looks pretty cool
21:41 rch hadn't seen that before - we should link to Koha - discuss from
21:42 chris definitely
21:42 russel got the link i can do that right now
21:42 rch
21:48 chris nabble and gmane are both pretty neat
21:52 chris then bails to work on for a bit instead :)
22:05 chris hey rach
22:06 chris hi warr
22:08 russel
22:09 chris cool
22:09 russel i'll wrap the mailing list sign up with the look and feel too
22:09 rach morning
22:10 russel hi rach
22:10 rach your first koha project day?
22:10 chris yep
22:13 chris hows ur little man doing rach? I hear you are trying the clicker training on his sleep routines?
22:15 rach yep - working well actually on improving his speed of going to sleep
22:15 rach particularly during the day
22:15 chris excellent
22:15 chris we are doing the buying a carseat thing at the moment, what did you guys get?
22:16 rach and after the first night when he woke up, he's gone back to having a bigger sleep through the night
22:16 rach safe n something
22:16 rach I think
22:16 chris ohhh big sleep through the nights are excellent
22:16 chris safe n go?
22:17 rach could be
22:17 chris one of the convertible ones?
22:17 rach I don't think so
22:17 rach it can't do little babies
22:17 chris theres too many to choose from
22:17 chris ahh right
22:18 rach it has a couple of different positions, more and less upright
22:19 chris does it do forward and rear facing, or just forward? we are debating renting a rear facing one for the next 5 months then getting a forward facing one
22:20 chris or buying one that can do both (the forward facing only ones last till they are a lot older)
22:21 rach does both
22:21 chris ta
22:22 rach did rear facing until he was about 1, then forward facing
22:22 chris right
22:59 russel ok bit better -
23:01 chris cool russ
23:53 chris hi gganno
23:54 kados cool chris
23:55 chris[…]ment:modules:head
23:55 chris t/Amazon.t could go a couple more tests kados :-)
23:55 kados nice
23:55 kados hehe
23:56 chris its just doing a basic compile one
23:56 chris but thats a good start
23:56 kados excellent
23:56 chris cos you can run perl misc/
23:56 chris and it will run all the tests (that weve written anyway)
23:57 chris so by the end of the day that will be doing a basic  does use module
23:57 chris work for all the modules
23:57 kados very cool chrks
23:57 kados chris even :-)
23:57 chris plus a few more i write a long the way
23:57 chris Acquisition.t makes a new basket, then gets that basket
23:58 chris any easy ones like that i spot ill write tests for as i go
23:59 gganno hi chris
23:59 gganno I am just hanging around
23:59 chris cool
00:00 chris do you use Koha?
00:00 gganno I am trying
00:01 chris cool, are you a librarian?
00:01 gganno I do not have anything in production yet
00:01 gganno Yes Librarian
00:01 chris in the US?
00:01 gganno Currently yes
00:01 gganno in the US
00:02 chris sweet, im in nz
00:02 gganno But, I am actually from Mali (Africa)
00:02 chris oh cool, we have a few libraries in Africa using Koha, i dont think one in Mali though
00:03 chris
00:03 gganno The situation of Libraries in Mali make it difficult to adopt any web based application
00:04 chris no internet access?
00:04 gganno Usually no computers at all
00:04 chris *nod*
00:04 chris makes sense
00:05 gganno I will probably be the first to adopt Koha in Mali
00:05 kados gganno++
00:07 gganno You find Timbuktu, you find Mali
00:07 chris :)
00:07 chris ahhh
00:08 chris by algeria .. colonised by the french too eh?
00:08 gganno Yes colonised by french
00:09 chris thats the neat thing i like working on Koha, I dont think I would have talked to anyone from Mali if it wasnt for Koha :)
00:10 gganno From Mali to NZ, it is not a short distance
00:10 chris it sure isnt :)
00:11 chris if you ever need any help with Koha, there is usually someone here .. and often some french speakers if thats helpful .. otherwise the mailing lists are a good pplace to ask questions
00:12 gganno Thanks
00:13 gganno As soon as I start my koha implementation
00:13 gganno I will be spamming the list with questions
00:13 chris :_
00:13 chris :) even
00:21 gganno bye
00:21 chris cya later
02:01 thd` kados: does 'showcase' have more common use in NZ than elsewhere?
02:01 thd` oops
02:52 thd kados: are you awake?
07:59 chris hi france :)
07:59 paul hi chris
07:59 hdl hi chris.
08:07 paul chris : nice to see on CVS the first effects of KPD ;-)
08:08 chris :)
08:08 chris ive been working on this too
08:09 chris[…]ment:modules:head
08:09 chris nearly finished it
08:09 paul yes, I've seen (thanks to RSS...)
08:10 chris :)
08:10 paul is it manually or by script created ?
08:10 chris some by script some manual
08:11 chris ill keep it up to date by watching commits to HEAD
08:12 chris and i will complain if people add new subroutines and don't edit the .t file :)
08:12 chris[…]development:tests
08:13 chris i have that running as a cron job, and emails the results to me
08:14 chris next KPD, ill add more to the tests at the moment most of them are just a simple syntax test (ie does use Modulename; work)
08:15 chris toins did great work on the BookShelves tests
08:15 toins hi chris
08:16 toins chris: have you ever seen perl module WWW::Mechanize::Test ?
08:16 toins seems excellent to make some unit test for web developement
08:17 chris ohh cool
08:17 toins not only test the functions
08:17 chris have you ever seen selenium?
08:17 toins chris: yep
08:17 toins but i have not use it
08:18 chris we have started to get our clients to use it
08:18 chris
08:19 chris they can record what they do to show us the bug, then attach the file (it saves as just an html file)
08:19 chris then we can run it, to recreate the bug, to help us fix it
08:19 paul great idea !
08:21 lloyd that is a pretty handy tool
08:21 chris yep
08:21 chris often its hard to document all the steps you took to make a bug appear, much easier if you can just record what you do
08:56 chris hi bureado
08:56 bureado chris, good day
10:09 slef hi all.  lloyd: are you around?
10:17 lloyd hey I am mate
10:17 lloyd sup
10:18 slef Wondering if you've heard of or you use the CILIP UK Core Spec for LMSes at all?
10:19 lloyd yeah heard of it, but we dont use it
10:19 slef why not, if you don't mind me asking?
10:20 lloyd No idea, not my area =)
10:20 slef nice swerve :)
10:21 lloyd library management systems in the nhs are a mess
10:22 lloyd there is no standard
10:22 lloyd when a library wants a LMS they approach suppliers with what they need, the suppliers do demo's then they pick the one they like the most
10:23 slef I wonder whether UKCS is an attempt to raise barriers to entry by
10:23 slef current LMS suppliers, but I don't want to pay 500 quid to find out.
10:23 lloyd maybe
10:24 lloyd I can't remember the most popular ones atm
10:24 lloyd I know Heritage is one of them
10:24 slef That's IS Oxford's?
10:24 lloyd yeah
10:24 slef yeah, I hear lot about it
10:24 lloyd none of it good I presume
10:24 slef mixed
10:24 lloyd ahh well, it's shite
10:24 slef argh, just got named along with koha in this debian conference session
10:25 slef just as I was typing in IRC
10:25 slef that was strange
10:25 lloyd we're using it here.
10:26 slef I'd've thought it was a bit small for your needs, tbh
10:26 slef and not flexible enough
10:26 lloyd nah it's all seperate atm
10:26 lloyd 28 different LMS's
10:26 lloyd and at the this library, we're running heritage
10:27 lloyd we'll prolly be the 4th or 5th library to migrate over the koha system
10:28 slef lloyd: can I pass your contact details to another hospital? (Sorry, can't remember if I asked before.)
10:28 lloyd no you didnt ask before, but yes feel free to
10:30 slef thanks
10:31 lloyd I'm going on holiday for two weeks this Wednesday, so may not answer/reply =)
10:35 slef I'll warn them.
10:35 slef They're @uclh
10:39 lloyd kk

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