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22:15 kados chris++
22:15 kados thanks
22:15 chris np
22:16 kados chris: we should put some documentation on our staff wiki for stuff like that
22:16 kados unless it's something you have to do from your account on merry
22:17 chris ts just running in a screen
22:17 chris ill write it up
22:18 kados sweet
22:40 kados chris: you around?
22:50 chris yep
23:45 thd kados: I am back
23:45 thd kados: and I found the olinks code :)
23:46 kados wow, cool
23:46 kados where was it hidden?
23:50 thd kados: it is written in PHP with MySQL tables and an administration script in Perl
23:50 kados thd: great detective work
23:53 thd yet, we have an OpenURL resolver as part of something from IndexData?
23:54 kados do we?
23:54 kados I'm not sure actually, I'll ask
23:54 thd I thought that you had made that assertion at some time
23:58 thd kados: what had you wanted a couple of hours ago?
23:59 kados I was going to ask you about MARC holdings data models
23:59 thd what about them?
23:59 kados well, just mainly brainstorming on what changes need to be made to the koha frameworks and the koha sql tables to achieve optimal support for the standard
00:01 thd kados: if you want optimal support use tumer's XML metarecord model
00:04 thd kados: then create some additional local use indexing field for indexing at whatever level is desired: monograph for monographs; year, issue, whatever for serials all in separate holdings record components
00:05 thd kados: is that too much work? :)
00:06 thd s/components/MARC records held within the metadata record for indexing/
00:06 thd s/metadata record/metarecord/
00:08 thd kados: the individual bibliographic and holdings records are each created and edited separately
00:09 thd each stored separately with the metarecord built by a script but never edited directly
00:09 kados I have to look again at his model
00:11 thd kados: I think that trying to fix that very well in SQL could be more work than required to implement tumer's model, especially as he has it working
00:11 thd kados: do you have funding to make it work for you?
00:12 kados yes, perhaps
00:21 thd hello dewey
00:25 thd kados: were you still hoping to model holdings in some elegant set of hierarchical SQL tables?
00:26 kados perhaps
00:27 thd kados: I would suggest fixing the indexation model with XPath in Zebra first and then see if supplementing that with something in SQL can produce additional value
00:31 thd kados: it is too easy to end up with the same efficiency problems which prompted moving to Zebra if you do not address the problem in Zebra first
00:44 thd kados:
00:44 thd kados:[…]ce/koharecord.xsd
00:45 thd kados: these are actually extensions of very similar LC documents for MARCXML
00:51 thd kados: here is an XSL file for indexing:[…]ce/koha2index.xsl
02:04 kados chris: seen this one:[…]-June/011852.html
02:04 dewey I haven't seen 'this', kados
02:09 kados thd`: I have downloaded olinks
02:09 kados thd`: about to work through the install guide now
02:39 kados thd`: we're missing some important files
02:39 kados ipranges.php and members.php
02:39 kados and I'm getting tired so I'm gonna head to bed
02:41 chris ye[
02:41 chris i saw that id spotted it before his message
02:41 chris and fixed the template
02:41 kados sweet, thanks
02:41 chris it hated RESERVES, namespace collision
02:42 chris as RESERVES was defined in another loop too, its a bug in html::template
02:42 kados wow
02:42 kados interesting
02:42 kados did you file a bug/
02:42 kados ?
02:42 chris unless its a new undocumented feature
02:43 chris ie, html::template 2.9 error, 2.8 works fine
02:43 chris change RESERVES to RESERVE
02:43 dewey chris: that doesn't look right
02:43 chris error goes awya
02:43 kados night #koha
02:44 chris night
04:07 kados hey randy, welcome  to #koha :-)
04:07 kados kados = Joshua
04:07 kados :-)
04:08 randy hi josh, guess we're both up late working!?
04:08 randy just got ur email so thought i'd install and irc client and see if i could connect
04:09 kados cool
04:09 randy how does the process normally work...
04:10 randy is it like im but for groups
04:10 kados yea, basically
04:10 kados the channel is held open as long as someone's on it
04:11 kados and there's a bot that logs everything
04:11 kados so even if you're not on the channel, you can always see what others have said
04:11 randy cool
04:11 kados its a pretty common way to chat among developers

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