IRC log for #koha, 2007-06-16

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12:38 kados toins++ # for removing hardcoded link to in HEAD ;-)
12:39 toins héhé
12:39 toins hello kados
12:40 kados hiya
12:44 jaron kados: I don't know that you can say anything about it, but I was wondering if recently you've talked with INCOLSA?
12:44 jaron kados: I'm just curious what might be in the works.
14:07 kados hi jaron
14:07 paul hello kados. good morning to you
14:07 kados jaron: there is definitely something in the works
14:07 kados hi paul!
14:08 kados paul: I hope your travel was productive
14:08 paul koha "3.0" deployed twice in France : once with zebra, once with NoZebra...
14:08 paul so yes, it was productive ;-)
14:08 kados w00t!
14:08 kados great news!
14:10 paul http://catalogue.iptheologie.f[…]koha/
14:22 jaron paul++
16:04 slef Can someone remind me if koha can search its authority dictionaries?
16:07 kados yes it can
16:08 slef is the number of dictionaries limited?
16:08 kados nope
16:08 kados as many as you want
16:08 slef cool
16:08 slef You know the OpenSearch stuff... that was koha as search server, right?
16:08 kados yes
16:08 slef Has anyone implemented a Union search client in Koha yet?  Or is there a particularly easy one to integrate?
16:21 jaron cool. koha gets a mention in this videocast as the only opac that currently implements xisbn:[…]lcs_eric_hell.php
16:22 slef does xisbn = isbn13?
16:22 slef dewey: search xisbn
16:22 dewey slef: huh?
16:22 slef dewey: xisbn?
16:22 dewey slef: wish i knew
16:22 jaron[…]ces/xisbn/app.jsp
16:22 slef dewey: xisbn is[…]ces/xisbn/app.jsp
16:22 dewey OK, slef.
16:23 jaron xisbn is related to FRBR
16:25 kados slef: koha _is_ a union search client
16:26 slef kados: 2.2?
16:26 kados nope
16:26 slef zebra'd versions only?
16:26 kados yea
16:26 slef I really must finish installing that.
16:26 kados the OPAC search in the zebra'd versions is just a Z39.50 client
16:27 slef can we get from z39.50 to other protocols?
16:28 jaron kados: SRU, too?
16:29 kados jaron: yes
16:30 kados slef: SRW/SRU is included
16:30 kados and I have a OpenSearch->Z39.50 gateway
16:31 slef cool... bet they spring other protocols on me
16:32 kados in the search world there aren't really any other standards that I know of
16:33 kados there are query formats
16:33 kados CQL, CCL, PQF
16:33 slef as in, bet they won't be standard ;-)
16:33 kados hehe
16:33 kados some people have come to think as lucene syntax as a de facto standard
16:34 slef Have I ranted recently about how much I hate authentication systems that don't allow agents?  That's the other fly in this ointment - I can't see how to unify searches by users who are authenticated with the remote service.
17:19 slef yikes
17:20 slef anyone know what library photocopier cost-chargers speak?
17:29 slef found two so far: Netspot and PageCounter for the reporting, LDAP for the authorisation

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