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04:11 Lea Good Morning/Evening/Night!
04:12 Lea Anyone else's amazon links failing? It used to bring pictures up for me but no more :( I'm getting "image not available" images
04:12 hdl maybe a problem in amason ids ?
04:14 Lea morning hdl. My ID was working before though. Admittedly, I only had 3 covers from 20ish books but it was something.
04:15 hdl Maybe you should try to log to amazon via this id.
04:15 hdl Or it may be a problem of webservice availability.
04:16 hdl I bet you changed NOTHING on your server, did you ?
04:17 Lea NOTHING!
04:17 dewey well, nothing is :w by default
04:22 Lea i just noticed that there is a lot more options available in the npl template for opac. Odd.
04:46 Lea the only thing i can see that may be affecting this is that i dont have an associates tag. We dont want one either. :(
05:44 hdl Lea : you changed templates ?
06:02 Lea yeah, to npl
06:02 Lea but that's not changed the amazon issue
06:08 Lea anyone use linux here? Know of a decent utility to browse MARC21 records? I think i got corrupt source data.
06:11 hdl Lea: dumpmarc.
06:20 Lea hmm.. yeah i could i guess
06:20 Lea thing is i got 4000 records I need to browse
06:21 hdl phpmyadmin and marc_subfield_table ?
06:21 Lea it's not imported yet.
06:21 Lea it's ok, I'll dumpMARC then text editor it
06:22 Lea i might spend some time writing a python/gtk app for quick file browsing though
06:48 toins hi #koha
06:50 Lea hi toins
07:30 toins kados around ?
08:48 tumer anyone around?
08:50 owen Hi tumer
08:50 tumer hi owen
08:50 tumer do you know who modarates koha-devel?
08:50 owen I think chris
08:51 tumer a document i sent about what rel_TG is on the wait for moderator!
08:51 owen Chris is probably sleeping
08:51 tumer prob thanks
09:07 hdl hi tumer
09:08 tumer hi hdl
09:08 hdl how are you ?
09:08 hdl I cant wait reading your stuff on rel_TG
09:09 tumer i just managed to commit all the stuff
09:10 tumer hdl:it seems you wanted write something in xml. Look at the script XML_write in biblio. It may help
09:10 hdl Waht a work. Seems like a master_piece.
09:11 hdl I wanted to try and write in kohaconf.xml
09:11 hdl But kados dissuaded me.
09:11 tumer on phone!!
09:11 hdl I was not convince either.
09:28 tumer hdl:well may be its not a good idea to expose kohaconf
09:28 hdl yes.
09:28 hdl I agree.
09:28 hdl But I didnot want to create 1line file.
09:29 hdl kados persuaded me into using system preference.
09:29 hdl But still, writing proper xml file with values and attributes seemed to be a challenge
09:30 tumer hdl:on windows box under mod_perl xml:libxslt crashes. So although i have a xslt stysheeet to display MARC records i cannot use it.
09:31 tumer hdl:look into stysheets folder. it has an xsl document which can be used with It can be a starting point for you for xsl stysheets
09:32 hdl I saw some xsl for marcslim on
09:32 hdl But I wanted to write xml with perl.
09:33 tumer well XML_write does just that than
09:37 hdl I am having troubles with char set encodings.
09:37 tumer if you use utf8 you should be OK
09:37 hdl We used to consider that our systems wrote proper iso-8859-1 and some z3950 provide marc-8
09:38 hdl So we have to know xhich biblios are not marc-8.
09:38 hdl And make sure encoding is OK. before migrating to utf8 and MARC::File::XML
09:39 tumer big problem if no flag is set
09:40 hdl Indeed.
09:41 hdl Moreover, some biblios have some cyrillic characters.
09:49 hdl kados around ?
10:04 owen dewey: seen kados?
10:04 dewey kados was last seen on #koha 3 days, 19 hours, 30 minutes and 18 seconds ago, saying: agrees [Sat Mar 24 06:34:04 2007]
10:04 owen Wow, that's a long time ago for kados!
10:07 hdl tumer : I havenot seen XML_Write in rel_TG yet.
10:07 tumer hdl: in
10:36 Lea dewey: seen hdl
10:36 dewey hdl was last seen on #koha 29 minutes and 17 seconds ago, saying: tumer : I havenot seen XML_Write in rel_TG yet. [Wed Mar 28 02:07:16 2007]
10:36 Lea interesting
10:36 hdl yes
10:37 Lea hdl: classification numbers. What are they? Are they like Dewey decimal numbers?
10:37 Lea not classification, call numbers i meant
10:37 hdl It depends.
10:38 hdl It is to say in which part of the library they are to be found.
10:38 Lea well, the librarian told me we dont use call numbers, just dewey numbers.
10:38 Lea yes, that's it
10:38 hdl If your library uses Dewey to name shelves, then it is the same.
10:39 Lea ok, well I've seen call number in the intranet search, and it was blank. So i changed the value in system prefs. Should that have worked?
10:40 Lea itemcallnumber now = 082a
10:42 hdl itemcallnumber sys prefs
10:43 hdl will copy the content of this subfield to items.itemcallnumber linked item subfield.
10:43 hdl automatically
10:43 Lea yeah, done that. Is there a need to run a script to update something as this value is not showing up in intranet catalogue searches?
10:44 hdl paul ?
10:44 dewey i think paul is 4 times' DADDY
10:45 paul yep
10:45 hdl Lea's question when itemcallnumber is set after populating database.
10:45 Lea hi paul.
11:09 hdl paul ? any answer to Lea ? Is it a new tool to write ?
11:10 Lea afk 10 mins
11:10 paul I don't understand the question in fact...
11:10 paul isn't what Lea is looking for ?
11:10 hdl No.
11:10 paul (Lea : he or she ?)
11:11 hdl Since he wants to add some MARC subfield from 082$a.
11:11 hdl add it to items subfields.
11:11 paul hi toin
11:11 paul hi toins
11:12 toins hello paul
11:18 tumer hi paul,toins
11:18 paul hi tumer
11:18 toins hello tumer
11:18 tumer i finished committing everything to rel_TG now
11:19 paul tumer: commiter of the week once again ;-)
11:19 tumer it was a pain
11:20 tumer paul: the way cvs is organisd is not very logical. Installer puts files to a more logical order and more secure as well. Any reason?
11:22 paul historical ones I bet
11:23 tumer paul:your bencmarks with mod_perl or not? i want to compare rel_TG
11:24 paul my benckmarks ?
11:24 tumer you send some becmark figures using
11:24 paul ah, ok.
11:25 paul mmm... it was with mod_perl iirc
11:25 paul but not sure.
11:26 tumer ok i'll post mine with mod_perl, thanks
11:26 paul pls
11:26 owen tumer: prepare to get chided by MJ Ray for sending a Word document to the list ;)
11:27 tumer what was i supposed to send, ahh linux can not read word?
11:28 owen Linux can read Word fine if they have the right software. But he still won't like it
11:28 tumer so it should be notepad text than is it?
11:30 owen Why not? I must say I'd rather be able to read the contents of the message inline rather than open an attachment...assuming plain text is understandable in the situation.
11:30 owen But I /am/ willing to open a Word doc ;)
11:30 tumer thanks owen.

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