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12:10 thd seen kados
12:10 dewey kados was last seen on #koha 3 days, 21 hours, 36 minutes and 32 seconds ago, saying: agrees [Sat Mar 24 06:34:04 2007]
12:11 paul tumer : to argue with owen note : word files are really large. And the same message in a text file (or directly in your mail) would have be far far less than 40kB (which is the list limit afaik)
12:13 thd paul: tumer's client has quit
12:13 paul oups. right...
12:15 thd rch: are you there?
06:20 Lea morning
09:11 slef hello everybody
09:12 slef tumer[A]: are you there?
09:12 paul slef : don't say anything about word attachments, owen & me already explained ;-)
09:12 paul (hello 1st, sorry)
09:12 slef no, something entirely else
09:12 paul ok ;-)
09:13 slef I didn't know they were word attachments: I just went 'bah, attachments' and skipped it
09:13 slef not sure it's relevant to me right now, as I'm not yet active enough
09:13 paul they were MS-word attachments, and, as the content was only text, without any enhancement, it was really not needed
09:42 tumer i am ready to be yelled at
09:49 tumer slef:looking for me?
09:52 slef tumer: yep
09:53 tumer hi there
09:53 slef tumer: see privmsg
09:59 slef kados/paul: translation request for Amharic on koha.lists - could you also add Esperanto (eo) although it may be a while before I can do it.
09:59 paul slef : kados manages
10:00 slef paul: I'll msg him too, unless there's a note bot here?
10:00 paul I don't think so
10:30 kados Amharic added
10:31 owen Hey kados, long time no read
10:31 kados yea, it's been a crazy week
10:31 kados not done yet either I'm afraid
10:32 kados flying home today, then off to Stow on Friday :/
10:32 kados 'i'll sleep when i'm dead' :/
10:32 kados owen: how's it going?
10:32 kados website coming along?
10:32 owen Yeah, pretty well
10:33 owen kados, are you talking to the Kansas consortium people?
10:33 kados yea, this week was round two
10:33 kados dog_and_pony_shows--
10:33 kados it was between us and another vendor this week
10:34 kados we'll see how it goes
10:34 kados library purchasing procedures are insane
10:35 kados did I say that out loud? :-)
10:36 owen kados, you're lucky they didn't put you in a giant pit and make you fight to the death
10:36 paul hello kados
10:37 kados owen: hehe, it was actually very nearly that bad :-)
10:37 kados hi paul
10:37 paul kados : working on an RFP yesterday & today : 2 days just to write my answer and fill all requested papers...
10:37 kados paul: I know the feeling :-)
10:40 kados ahh, you're waiting on me to work on Koha? :-)
10:40 kados paul: I've been working on the templates quite a bit in my 'spare time'
10:41 kados paul: I hope to finish today in fact
10:41 paul no, i'm waiting for your commit on members with YUI, to write a summary of what is to do, then update prog ;-)
10:41 kados (about 11 hours of travel time)
10:41 kados right
10:41 kados actually, I am going to commit a whole new set of templates
10:41 kados based on yui
10:41 kados I've diverged from prog quite a bit
10:41 paul "whole new set" => you mean everything ?
10:41 kados done lots of cleaning
10:41 kados yes, not just members
10:42 kados but it's only templates that I've changed
10:42 kados nothing in the scripts or modules
10:42 paul ah, ok. we already have tumer as mutant. One is enough I think ;-)
10:42 paul that's why the "liblime" directory has been created on CVS ?
10:48 kados ys
10:48 kados yes even
10:49 paul so we will drop prog soon in your opinion ?
10:49 paul (I don't care to name our templates prog, liblime, or anything else. I just want only one set of templates...)
10:50 kados I didn't want to commit over prog
10:50 kados in case someone dislikes my changes
10:50 paul sounds better, I agree.
10:50 kados so I figure:
10:50 kados 1. commit to liblime
10:50 kados 2. everyone tries it out, tests, etc.
10:50 kados 3. we decide to have 1 or 2 template sets for 3.0
10:50 kados (and which one of the two)
10:50 paul 2. will mean hdl & me I think and we already have decided for #3 !
10:51 kados yes, one set is much easier
10:52 kados ok, I must head to the airport
10:52 paul bye.
10:52 kados bye all
10:52 paul and good flight
10:52 kados thx
10:52 paul s/leave/live/

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