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13:34 shantanoo hi
13:35 shantanoo anyone there
13:35 shantanoo is there a way to import data from xls/odt/csv file into koha
16:23 kados paul: still around?
16:23 paul YEP.
16:23 kados hi :-)
16:23 paul i'm here.
16:23 paul cleaned to come in less than 30 mn
16:23 paul (poddoc'ing)
16:24 kados paul++
16:29 paul you wanted to tell me something ?
16:30 paul 6:30 pm in France, i'll leave very soon
16:30 paul kados...
16:30 dewey kados is helping us LibLime folk with something at the moment
16:30 kados paul: nope
16:30 kados paul: I was just making sure you didn't have a question
16:30 paul i don't have, i'm just still waiting for YUI directions, but I have found other things to do, so you can retrieve from jetlag...
16:31 paul kyle was looking for your.
16:31 kados ahh
16:31 kados paul: thanks :-)
16:31 paul I was just joking that yesterday you were fklying, today on the road, tomorrow swimming ;-)
16:31 paul or maybe some train...
16:31 kados (it's true, too much travel lately, I can't get anything done!)
16:32 paul do you plan to buy a horse to be able to move by horse too ?
16:32 kados hehe
16:33 paul kados can still biking, riding, boat'ing, surfing, skiing,
16:47 paul time to go. Have a good day US-ers.
16:47 paul and read you tomorrow morning
16:55 owen kados: I hope your Kansas trip went well. I know air travel to Kansas can be a real bitch.
16:56 kados owen: yea, no kidding
16:57 kados owen: had to take some really tiny prop planes :-)
16:57 owen brother
16:57 kados yea, I need to check how long travel will take before committing from now on
16:58 kados cuz I basically lost two days just to get there and back, plus a whole day presenting
16:58 kados it's hard to work on planes :-)
17:18 kyle hey kados, has anyone written a script for koha to scrub any orphaned biblio/biblioitems? That is, biblios that have no items attached.
17:28 kyle fyi, I just found a bug in dev_week, I found I can delete and item even if it is currently issued. I'll just go ahead an fix it.
17:43 kados kyle: you sure? I thought I had patched that already
17:43 kados kyle: look in the DelBiblio sub in
17:44 tumer kyle:while you are at it a biblio should not be deleted while any item on loan either-fixed at rel_TG
17:46 kyle this problem wasn't in DelBiblio, it was in, the SQL used to check for a current issue was funky, I fixed it up and now it won't delete an issued item, but it doesn't give an error either, even though I see book_on_loan pushed on errors, that might just be a problem with my templates though.
17:47 tumer kados:hi, similary it should be added to
18:00 owen kados and kyle: Do we still have a bug where deleting an item will not delete the relevant entries in reserves? If the item is marked as waiting in the reserves table and is deleted you end up with "ghost" reserves
18:00 kyle owen: I've no idea, I haven't poked through that code.
18:02 kyle I'm looking at Biblio::_koha_delete_item and it doesn't look like there is any code deleteing the reserves.
18:06 kados owen: i think that's still a prob
18:07 kados someone should file a bug :-)
18:07 kados brb
18:07 owen No bug filed for that? Scandalous!
18:08 kados hehe
18:08 kados it used to count
18:08 kados but I ran out of ram :-)
18:08 owen :D
18:37 cm kados has a buffer overflow?
18:37 cm ;)
11:16 toins hi #koha

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