IRC log for #koha, 2007-03-27

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03:23 hdl helo
03:34 paul hello
04:14 Lea hi ppl
04:29 hdl hi Lea
04:38 Lea I'm really getting there with my migration. I may have to update the wiki with what I've done. I've written some handy scripts for data migration from this particular system.
10:17 Lea everyone asleep?
10:18 paul frenchies don't sleep atm...
10:18 paul it's 4PM in france ;-)
10:18 Lea frenchies lol!
10:18 Lea hi paul :D
10:18 paul hi lea
10:19 Lea i've pretty much got my data migration sorted, apart from creating subjects (This can wait). I'll be looking at creating a custom intranet/opac. I was thinking of doing this via Joomla! CMS. Have you had any experince with creating custom front ends?
10:20 paul hehe... we were just speaking, hdl & me of this question...
10:20 Lea oh right :D
10:20 hdl yes.
10:20 paul Lea ask : I was thinking of doing this via Joomla! CMS. Have you had any experince with creating custom front ends?
10:20 Lea well, I'll be creating a joomla component or something so maybe I can help?
10:21 hdl Good.
10:22 hdl I find joomla more difficult to add bots than Drupal.
10:22 hdl And Drupal **seems** more active from a module development point of view.
10:22 Lea tbh, i dont really mind. But last time i looked at drupal, it seemed only good for blogs
10:23 hdl tbh ?
10:23 Lea to be honest
10:24 Lea i did setup a drupal site and I got to a point where i could allow people to comment on my news and there didn't seem to be anything else i could do
10:24 owen Like what, Lea?
10:25 owen I'm re-doing my library's site in Drupal, and find it works well to handle our fairly static content
10:25 hdl There are now Plenty of modules.
10:26 paul hi owen
10:26 hdl hi owen.
10:26 Lea hi owen
10:26 owen (Hi everyone :) )
10:26 Lea :)
10:26 hdl owen : Drupal 5 or 4.7 ?
10:26 owen 5
10:27 Lea i just found drupal to be too basic. Maybe i had a bad experience.
10:27 hdl Is joomla more sophisticated ?
10:28 Lea it seemed to be
10:28 hdl and is it "userfriendly" ?
10:28 Lea like it's really easy to have multiplingual sites
10:28 Lea yeah, seemed to be
10:28 owen I found Joomla to be too "CMS-like" I didn't feel I could customize it very well to go with our site and its content
10:29 hdl It seems to. (I am testing it)
10:29 Lea ah, i think that's what i was looking for.
10:29 paul what do you mean by "CMS-like" ?
10:29 owen But that doesn't have anything to do with whether it's a good system
10:29 owen I mean that it seemed like Joomla sites always looked like Joomla. Same blocks here, same blocks there
10:29 paul ah, ok
10:29 Lea yeah, this is true
10:30 hdl The fact is that library would really appreciate to have a blog-like site.
10:30 hdl Becaus most of the time, they will present with events in the library ?
10:30 owen I think it would be great to be able to incorporate Koha into a CMS. I think it would really expand its appeal
10:30 Lea yeah, it would
10:30 hdl owen do you agree with me ?
10:30 Lea well, I have no CMS bias so I'm happy to develop for either
10:31 owen If you ask kados, he'll tell you it should be Plone
10:31 owen hdl: about a blog-like site?
10:31 hdl yes.
10:31 owen I think it's not necessarily true.
10:31 owen We have an active events calendar, but a blog-like presentation wouldn't work for our needs.
10:32 Lea ah, I know what annoyed me about Drupal: We have 3 libraries and i couldn't find an easy way to split the content.
10:32 owen Split it how?
10:33 Lea well, ideally, i'd like to allow the librarian on each site to edit their own "subcontent" area
10:33 Lea so the front end is an overall library page, but people can go into "mini-sites"
10:35 owen I've heard others say that they were dissatisfied wtih Drupal's user-role/permissions management. I haven't run into it because of the limited number of people who will contribute content for our site
10:35 Lea maybe I'll give it another shot. I did find joomla! to be somewhat "cluttered"
10:35 Lea heh, it's kinda like Gnome VS KDE
10:36 owen I don't know anything about CMS module development, but I know lots of the "big" PHP apps have been ported to multiple CMSes
10:36 owen I wonder how hard incorporating Koha will be given it's not PHP?
10:37 paul owen : I may know the answer ...
10:37 paul I have integrated Koha with a PHP software (not a public one)
10:37 Lea if you are just calling cgi scripts with GET/POST vars then no at all
10:38 paul (and not a CMS, but it was PHP & I think I've meet some/most of the problems )
10:38 Lea *not at all
10:38 paul the main problem is authentification !
10:38 paul you need to create the koha cookie as well as the mySQL DB entry.
10:38 paul it's not a big problem, but has to be done carefully
10:38 paul (mainly to manage user branch for example)
10:39 paul (as the user branch may not exist out of Koha)
11:01 Lea ok, so how can i help with drupal/koha integration?
11:03 hdl Everything has to be done. We are at the begining.
11:06 hdl I wanted to look  at Gallery2 module
11:06 hdl To see how it was integrated with gallery.
11:06 hdl And use it as a base for Koha module development.
11:10 Lea ok, well for now I'll develop some custom static pages and see about just displaying them in drupal
11:10 Lea i think proper integration is much harder, IE, user logging in to drupal = logging in to koha etc

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