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12:51 owen kados around?
14:17 kados owen: am now
14:21 hdl hi kados.
14:21 kados hey hdl
14:21 hdl how are you ?
14:21 kados hdl: I am warming to the idea of a DVS like git
14:22 hdl Did you try to install git ?
14:22 kados I can't find a debian package :-)
14:22 kados hw about you?
14:22 kados (I was about to try it now)
14:25 owen kados: http://search.athenscounty.lib[…]
14:25 owen I'm trying to figure out why the ISBN isn't coming through correctly to show the Amazon book cover
14:25 hdl I did.
14:25 hdl But had not time to play with it.
14:26 hdl + cannot find gitweb interface.
14:26 hdl It could be interesting.
14:27 hdl But it would be still good to have a central common source
14:27 hdl That we could refer to in case of crashes + major failures.
14:28 hdl ReleaseManager-based solution would not be good.
14:28 kados owen: I'll take a look
14:38 kyle hey all, I'm trying to commit all the stuff I've been modifying since savannah went down. When I try to commit my new moremember.tmpl I get this message:
14:39 kyle cvs [commit aborted]: could not find desired version in /sources/koha/koha/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl​/ccfls/en/members/Attic/moremember.tmpl,v
14:39 kyle any idea what's going on?
14:40 kados kyle: did you see my latest email about Savannah?
14:41 kados kyle: you will need to check out a fresh copy and merge the changes into that fresh copy
14:41 tumer kyle:see irc logs about 12 hours ago, kados managed it
14:41 kados then commit it
14:41 kados I know it's a real pain
14:41 kados sorry :/
14:42 kyle Hey, no big deal.
14:42 kyle thanks for the info
14:42 kados np
14:13 kyle Any opinion on what we should do when it comes to version control?
14:15 kados I'm leaning towards a DVS personally
14:15 kados I'm in the process of evaluating git
14:15 kados I'll report back to koha-devel soon
14:15 kyle git is used for the linux kernel, right?
14:15 kados yep
14:16 hdl Maybe storing the code in SouthAfrica, India, Uruguay or Brazil would be less one
14:16 hdl Sory
14:16 kyle cool, I await your results.
14:19 hdl git seems to allow ppl to import from cvs  quite easily.
14:19 kados yep
14:19 kyle yes, and I see that it has cvs compatibility, as mentioned on the devel list
14:19 hdl And export 1 commit from git to cvs is easy too.
14:20 hdl + full come and go with svn
14:20 kyle however, it seems to look at files like subversion does, rather than cvs
14:20 kyle It only cares about the state of the entire branch, rather than having versions for individual files.
14:24 kados kyle: *nod*
14:24 kados kyle: any feelings on that difference?
14:25 kyle Personally, I a slightly prefer the Subversion style, but in the end, there is very little difference. I'm using subversion for koha-tools.
14:27 kyle So, instead of thinking "I need to revert to version", I think "I need to revert to the version from revision 181"
14:28 kados yea
14:29 kyle In a way it is much better because I can know that revision 180 was completely stable, and can revert the whole tree to 180 if I'm having serious issues with revision 181. I don't have to think about which files I need to roll back.
14:29 kyle kados, have you used subversion on any projects?
14:29 kados yep, we use svn inhouse at LL
14:30 kados it's a huge improvement over CVS
14:30 kyle I have to agree with that, kados++
14:30 kados the real question I'm struggling with atm is whether we as a community have the resources to handle the DVS overhead
14:30 kados of something like git
14:30 kyle can you explain?
14:33 kados the overhead? I'm still trying to work it out in practical terms :-)
14:34 kyle do you mean overhead in manpower?
14:34 kados but basically we'd be relying on the RM to do all the merges
14:34 rch <blogquote>
14:34 kados into the official release
14:34 rch In short, one could say that Arch is centralized around a code integrator, and that Subversion (like CVS) is centralized around a repository.
14:34 rch </blogquote>
14:34 kados yea
14:34 kados s/ARch/git/
14:34 kados same model
14:35 kyle it definitely looks like we would need someone full-time just managing commits from the way I read Jerry Van Baren's post to koha-devel
14:35 kados yea
14:36 kados kyle: I'd be curious to see his reaction if you posted that as a reply :-)
14:37 kyle do you think he would disagree?
14:37 kados honestly I dunno
14:37 kados but I'm curious to see
14:37 kados how he things that would work
14:37 kados thinks even
14:37 kados ultimately, we're a growing community
14:37 kyle I will, it just seems like it would require more work from *everyone*
14:38 kados and eventually we're gonna have to have full-time repository maintainers
14:38 kados I'm just not certain we're there yet
14:38 kados though I'm interested in the idea
14:38 kados paul: hi
14:38 paul we are not here yet ;-)
14:38 kados hehe
14:38 kados there are two issues at stake here as well:
14:39 kados 1. which VCS we use
14:39 kados 2. how we are coordinating as programmers on the same project
14:39 kados I think #2 is more important
14:39 kyle I agree, I don't think we are quite there yet, my opinion is switching to git would cost the community tons of development time that would have to be used for managing the git repository.
14:39 paul kyle: ++
14:40 paul and the community is really small...
14:40 kados yep
14:40 kyle thanks. You can also quote me as being pro-subversion.
14:40 paul LibLime + me/hdl mainly, with SAN-OP & ccfls
14:41 paul in France, 2 other companies made some announce to me that they are interested by Koha, but that's just announces atm
14:41 slef kados: the wiki is double-escaping the link of its rss feed.  For example[…]do=diff1174035260
14:42 slef hi all ;-)
14:44 kados dokuwiki--
14:45 kados paul_we: have a good weekend
14:45 paul_we thx.
14:45 slef bonne fin de semaine
14:45 paul_we I've read Jerry VB mail. sounds very interesting but ... really unaffordable for us...
14:46 paul_we bye & read you on monday
14:46 kados slef: so I'd like to have a frank talk about resources with you if you have a moment
14:46 kados slef: basically, what paul just said
14:46 slef kados: does this have to be logged?
14:46 kados hehe
14:48 owen Authorised?
14:49 slef diff sort of resources, I think... no worries about discussing this in-channel
14:49 slef sorry, I misunderstood
14:49 kados so Jerry's post is prime example of my fear
14:49 kados do we have the resources for all that extra overhead?
14:49 slef I think that's a "it would be good to do ..." rather than "we must do ..."
14:50 slef owen: I thought kados was touching me for money
14:51 kyle it's also something we can do later, it seems that switching from CVS to Subversion to Git is not very hard.
14:51 slef the git (scm) tool on debian is called git-core
14:51 slef kyle: apart from having to replace all cvs-using tools with svn ones, you mean?
14:52 kados slef: well that's quite simple
14:52 kados slef: all you ned to do is s/cvs/svn/ for almost every command
14:52 kados most of us use command line anyway
14:52 kados IMO, we should minimally move to SVN
14:52 slef No-one else uses an IDE?
14:52 kyle yes, I meant the vcs itself. I would say that many cvs tools have nearly identical svc equivilents.
14:52 kados we've outgrown CVS
14:52 rch how about svk?
14:53 rch best of both worlds?
14:53 kados the real question on the table is whether we should go with a DVS
14:53 slef rch: or worst of both?
14:53 rch slef: right :)
14:54 slef I'd expect there to be an Emacs plugin, but I've not got it (because I've been avoiding svn)
14:54 slef I doubt there's wily tools for it.
14:54 owen kyle: joe?
14:54 kados kyle: for committing too?
14:55 kados slef: the real question on the table is whether we should go with a DVS
14:55 dewey i already had it that way, kados.
14:55 kyle no, I was taught on joe, but I use it for *all* text editing.
14:55 kados slef: so you're the primary advocate of a DVS ... can you confirm/deny the fear that we'll lose time with increased overhead?
14:55 slef dewey: you're a nut.
14:55 dewey slef: i'm not following you...
14:56 slef kados: over CVS, we'll gain time.  Over SVN, I don't know (insufficient data).
14:57 kados slef: we may need a very well defined method for development to convince us that we won't lose time
14:57 kados ie, spell it out, how will this thing work
14:57 slef kados: to me, bottom line is that we should be able to keep the CVS running in parallel in git fairly easily, and possibly with other DVS.  Anyone know about SVN+CVS in parallel?
14:57 kados some real world examples, etc.
14:57 kados sure, so there can be a CVS plugin , that's cool
14:58 kados but I assume we'll want to actually develop with git
14:58 slef there's both git's cvsserver and it can pull from and feed to the current cvs server, AFAICT
14:58 kados otherwise we may as well stick with cvs
14:58 slef so people move when they're ready
15:00 kados so what repo would they be committing to?
15:00 slef up to us
15:00 slef I'd recommend git if everyone's ready to move
15:01 kados slef: I need a use case scenerio ... not just 'up to us' :-)
15:01 slef I'm trying to set this up on but it's not happening today
15:01 slef (as in, I'm trying and it's breaking on me for silly reasons)
15:02 slef I think I'd recommend that we start with a common 3.0 repo
15:02 slef not require paul to merge everything and then kados to merge it into the release
15:03 slef If we want tougher release engineering, we can change to that later.
15:03 slef But one change at a time, eh?
15:03 slef So everyone can push to the central repo and put their work into the release
15:03 kados well why git over SVN? can't we switch to git when we're ready?
15:03 kados (just asking)
15:04 kados (ie, if theres no immediate benefit, I'd just rather stick with a more widely understood VS)
15:05 slef 1/ SVN's a lot bigger than CVS; 2/ switching has a cost and will you really go for it twice in a short time frame; 3/ I've never switched an SVN repo to git, so I don't know how well or not it works.
15:05 kados ok, 2, 3 I grok
15:05 slef The immediate benefit is disconnected development with local source control.
15:05 kados 1 ... define bigger?
15:06 slef That's not a big benefit for the project, but it should be a big benefit for some developers
15:06 slef like, when the master repo vanishes.
15:06 kyle there does appear to be a git-svnimport program
15:06 kados right
15:06 slef kyle: yes.  No git-svnserver yet, though?
15:07 slef kyle: and I don't remember whether there's an svnexportcommit
15:07 kyle I see. I understand now. If we switched from cvs to git, would could use the same cvs tools. But if we switched from cvs to svn to git, we'd have to use git tools or go back to cvs tools.
15:08 kyle am I right?
15:08 slef kados: 1. bigger... the libs and binaries are bigger and the repo is more complicated AIUI (=harder to rescue manually)
15:08 slef kyle: Maybe.  I simply don't know because I've not done a svn->git move.
15:08 slef kyle: that's my worry, though.
15:09 kados slef: ok, more questions :-)
15:09 kyle slef: that is definitely and issue to think about. Are there plans for a get-svnserver?
15:09 slef I've got to go for a bit.  I should be online again around 2000z.
15:09 kados slef: how much energy will it take to maintain the repo itself? permissions on push, etc.?
15:09 slef kados: are they long ones?
15:10 slef kyle: not as far as I know, but I've not looked recently.
15:10 kados slef: sorry, I'm trying to comprehend everything here :-)
15:10 kados slef: this is an important decision
15:10 slef kados: I do very little maintenance.  I'll give to koha whatever extra admin is required.
15:10 kados slef: :-)
15:10 slef kados: yes, understood.
15:10 slef kados: I've been slacking, but I've now a very promising couple of koha projects again.
15:11 kados ok
15:11 kados lets set up
15:11 slef (the customer for one of my koha projects went into liquidation a while ago... not a happy time)
15:11 kados and do som tests
15:12 kados slef: you have some bandwidth to help me out setting that up?
15:12 slef kados: yes.  Do I have time to get my mirror of CVS up first?
15:12 kados sure
15:13 slef How long will it take?  #<undefined> sadly.
15:13 kados just use my rsync command
15:13 slef Right, I'd best go see to the person at the door before I get lynched.
15:13 kados it took about 3 minutes
15:14 slef see, evil and useful
15:14 kados hehe
15:14 kados wouldn't it be easier to just set up a git repo with whatever's in cvs co -P koha ?
15:14 slef I'll try to leave this client running (network permitting)
15:14 slef kados: yes, but I want the change history
15:14 kados ahh
15:14 slef I'm greedy
15:14 kados k, makes sense
15:15 kados if you document the procedure I'd be grateful
15:15 slef k willdo
15:15 slef chris probably has a less awkward server and will beat me to it while I sleep ;-)
15:20 kados kyle: you still a student?
15:20 kados kyle: if so, you should apply for GSoC
15:22 kyle I'll be done with my master's in IT as soon as sping break is over and I can schedule my thesis defense.
15:22 kyle I'm planning on getting a master's of phd in library science.
15:23 kyle what's gsoc? I'm getting gopher state one call from google
15:23 kados LibLime was accepted as a mentor for Google Summer of Code:
15:23 kyle or gainesville sports commission ; )
15:23 kados[…]summerofcodeideas
15:23 kyle cool.
15:24 kados there's our list of ideas, but we're not limited to those, if you have any other things you'd like to work on
15:24 kados but you should definitely do it
15:24 kados really good on a resume too
15:25 kyle I might do that.
15:30 kyle I don't think I'll be eligable for GSoC, as I'm graduating within weeks of now.
15:31 kyle doesn't hurt to give it a shot, though.
15:33 kyle I definitely have the experience to write a CDS/ISIS migration tool
15:51 kados kyle++
16:31 rch Git allows you to specify scripts called "hooks" to be run at certain points. You can use these, for example, to send all commits to the shared repository to a mailing list
16:32 kados that's good
16:56 slef I keep misreading gsoc as gsoh and wondering why USians have to apply for one.
16:57 owen What's gsoh?
16:57 slef Good Sense Of Humour... often seen in personal ads in the UK
17:00 owen Homeland security now has strict rules on senses of humor. The application process is very rigorous
17:07 slef I think if they had a time machine, the current board would go back and slap some past treasurer's silly
17:08 slef s/er's/ers/
17:19 slef hello pecisk
17:19 pecisk hello
17:19 dewey salut, pecisk
17:20 kados hi pecisk
17:20 pecisk hello dewey, kados :)
17:34 kados slef: so wanna walk me through the process here?
17:35 slef kados: OK.  Buy me a stable router?
17:35 kados hehe
17:35 kados so I just got a rsync of koha repo
17:35 slef kados: I've not set up a net-facing read/write repo for a while
17:36 kados rsync -avzru ./
17:39 slef What do you want to do with it?
17:40 kados I want to create a git repo now
17:40 kados using git-cvsimport
17:40 slef always a good start
17:41 slef my other two main references are and[…]ocs/everyday.html
17:43 slef IIRC how one starts this: you make an empty dir, cd into it, git init, then do the git cvsimport with various options from the man page
17:46 kados i find it annoying that while I can find git-cvsimport documentation I cant' find a package or source for it
17:53 slef git-cvs in debian I think
17:53 kados yay
17:53 slef and that should install cvsps
17:54 kados any real advantage for us of running a version later than 1.4.4 which ships with etch?
17:54 slef I know the git packages moderately well because of the git vs git-core thing.
17:54 kados yea, that threw me :-)
17:55 slef I doubt it, as if there was a serious problem, the new one would have been allowed in through the freeze
17:55 kados k
17:57 kados git-cvsimport -o HEAD -d koha_repo -C koha-git
17:57 kados giving me a Usage report :-)
17:57 kados sigh
17:57 slef koha_repo should be :local:... or similar
17:57 slef phone brb
17:59 kados git-cvsimport -C koha-git
17:59 kados still reports usage
18:01 slef have you cd'd into the git dir?
18:02 slef do so and don't give the -C
18:02 kados nope
18:02 kados ok
18:02 kados same deal
18:02 kados just prints Usage
18:03 slef -v it?
18:03 slef add -v even
18:03 kados same deal
18:07 slef git cvsimport -d -o HEAD .
18:07 slef s/slef/kados
18:07 kados k
18:07 slef nope
18:07 slef man page is out of date
18:07 kados hehe
18:07 kados looks like pubkey probs
18:09 slef damn, got to go out... want to figure out why this won't work on a clean copy
18:12 slef bah... commit a dummy file (touch this_is_git && git add this_is_git && git commit -m init) and then run git cvsimport -d -o master .
18:12 slef biab
18:21 kados slef: git-cvsimport -d -o master .
19:27 slef love this network
19:29 slef so before I left, I got the cvsimport command wrong :)  I need to write this down and step through it myself
19:32 kados k
19:32 kados this what I tried unsuccessfully:
19:32 kados git-cvsimport -d -o master .
19:33 slef what's in your current working dir and how does it fail?
19:34 kados it just hangs
19:34 kados my cwd is koha-git
19:34 kados which is empty
19:34 kados I let it run for about an hour
19:35 kados nothing happened
19:35 slef odd
19:35 slef add a -v and see what it's calling?
19:36 kados intereating
19:36 kados Branch 'master' does not exist.
19:36 kados Either use the correct '-o branch' option,
19:36 kados or import to a new repository.
19:36 kados tried MAIN and HEAD
19:36 kados without -o
19:36 kados same message
19:36 slef let's try this by the book
19:37 slef touch this_is_git
19:37 slef git add this_is_git
19:37 slef git commit -m 'dummy initialisation'
19:37 slef git branch origin
19:37 slef git-cvsimport -d .
19:37 kados git commit -m 'dummy initialisation'
19:38 kados Committing initial tree 115a9d25388ac903298dc91cb906670245d5306d
19:38 kados *** Environment problem:
19:38 kados *** Your name cannot be determined from your system services (gecos).
19:38 kados *** You would need to set GIT_AUTHOR_NAME and GIT_COMMITTER_NAME
19:38 kados *** environment variables; otherwise you won't be able to perform
19:38 kados *** certain operations because of "empty ident" errors.
19:38 kados *** Alternatively, you can use configuration variable.
19:38 kados fatal: empty ident  <> not allowed
19:38 kados hmmm
19:38 slef erm - do you have a gecos field set in your system user database?
19:38 slef (usually /etc/passwd)
19:38 kados I've no idea what that means
19:39 slef the gecos field contains info about the user
19:39 slef man 5 passwd
19:39 slef I think you can set it with chfn
19:39 kados phone .. sec
19:40 slef ok... command to run is: chfn
19:40 slef might need to as root: chfn jmf
19:40 slef as in: if you type "finger jmf" does it show your name?
19:51 slef once the above commit and branch is done, then the import command seems to be:
19:51 slef git-cvsimport -v koha
19:55 slef this is actually a bit mean to the remote server AFAICT
19:55 slef maybe should wait until I get my copy online and then clone it?
19:56 slef biab
20:10 kados sorry, got a phone call
20:11 kados slef: this is a VPS system, might that have something to do with it?
20:12 kados git-cvsimport -v koha
20:12 kados Branch 'origin' does not exist.
20:12 kados Either use the correct '-o branch' option,
20:12 kados or import to a new repository.
20:16 kados just added one for Name
20:16 kados same error
20:18 kados ok, I tried:
20:18 kados git commit -m 'dummy initialisation'
20:18 kados Committing initial tree 115a9d25388ac903298dc91cb906670245d5306d
20:18 kados git branch origin
20:18 kados now seems to be working
20:19 kados hmmm, some warnings
20:20 kados this may take a while
20:20 kados :-)
20:47 kados hey thd__
21:06 slef kados: which VPS?
21:06 kados dunno
21:07 slef heh
21:07 slef more likely, whoever added your account didn't fill in all the info
21:07 slef sadly common and can be a PITA if the sysadmin needs to phone you
21:07 kados that woudl be me
21:07 kados I hate filling in that info
21:07 kados and this is the first time it's mattered :-)
21:08 slef oh well... if it's a private server, often doesn't matter
21:08 kados anyway, I hopped over to #git on
21:08 slef I think reportbug and some debian email tools will sulk
21:08 kados and they say we should upgrade to 1.5
21:08 slef any showstopper?
21:08 kados naw, it's just 'better' :-)
21:08 kados[…]elNotes-1.5.0.txt
21:09 slef cool... I'll be back in 15
21:09 slef then I should be about for 40 or 50
21:09 slef then it's too late and I'll be asleep ;-)
21:09 kados the tutorials unfortunately don't work with 1.5
21:09 kados I mean 1.4
21:10 slef can 1.4 and 1.5 use the same repos?
21:10 kados think so
21:10 kados As of git v1.5.0 there are some optional features that changes
21:10 kados the repository to allow data to be stored and transferred more
21:10 kados efficiently.  These features are not enabled by default, as they
21:10 kados will make the repository unusable with older versions of git.
21:10 kados Specifically, the available options are:
21:10 kados <snip>
21:11 slef cool
21:11 slef is there a dsc for 1.5, have you found?
21:12 kados dsc?
21:12 slef[…]ore_1.5.0.3-1.dsc
21:12 kados ahh, yea
21:12 kados it's in unstable
21:12 slef time to stress the mipsel again
21:12 slef as that runs sarge
21:13 kados speaking of dscs, what ever became of the one for Koha?
21:13 slef backportsRme
21:13 slef kados: need the web and sysadmin install split, really
21:13 kados it is in 3.0
21:13 kados have you seen the new web installer?
21:13 slef an early version
21:13 kados it's still kinda early IMO, but it works
21:14 slef right biab
21:14 kados k
21:25 kados ok, upgraded to
21:25 kados and starting over with the git-cvsimport
21:29 slef there's a but it's not debianised
21:29 kados yea
21:29 slef reportbug git-core with severity wishlist, asking for the new version, if you have time
21:30 slef it'll be about 17 days before my dev system is in a state for that :-D
21:31 kados the cvsimport process looks like it's gonna take a while
21:31 slef actually
21:31 kados and the guys on #git dont think it's any faster if you use :local:
21:31 slef try pointing it at :local:/your/mirror
21:32 kados see above ^^
21:32 kados :-)
21:32 slef wow, really?  should be a bit quicker than hammering a server that everyone else is hammering, trying to repair their repos ;-)
21:32 kados hehe
21:32 kados we could race ...
21:33 kados I've got a head start though
21:33 kados so say we build this thing
21:33 kados well hang on
21:33 kados say I build one and you build one
21:33 kados can they interoperate? :-)
21:33 kados or does one need to be a parent of the other?
21:34 slef interesting question... I think it's simpler if one is started from the other
21:35 slef if they both come from cvs (so the origin branch will be the same), I'd expect them to interop...
21:38 slef kyle: message for you when you return: it is possible to revert one file. If nothing else, you could feed the output of a git diff command back to patch, but I expect there's a better way.
21:40 kados slef: I suspect all of us in the koha-devel could use some refresher courses on being efficient diff and patch ers
21:40 kados slef: I know I hardly every use those tools
21:41 slef kados: I used to have a good Larry Wall (I think) doc bookmarked
21:41 slef I'll see if I can find it and mail it to koha-devel
21:41 kados woot
21:41 slef I also really like the emacs diff modes, but they won't be to everyone's taste
21:41 kados yea, I'm a vim guy muself
21:42 slef I think I heard vimdiff can do merges.
21:42 slef I think I prefer ed to vi.  Am I ill?
21:43 kados hehe
21:43 slef I think my editor prefs are roughly: wily or emacs > jed > ed > vi > nano
21:43 kados yea, I just only have ever used vi since I started on linux
21:43 slef with joe in amongst them, depending on what it's emulating
21:43 kados I tried emacs for  couple of days
21:44 kados but culdn't get used to the key bindings
21:44 slef so use the menus until you do
21:44 kados *shrug*
21:44 kados no real incentive
21:44 slef emacs does reward the time on the tutorial... it probably also helps if you're a lisp fam
21:44 slef fan
21:45 kados I've got so much muscle memory invested in vi, no sense switching :-)
21:45 slef but there's something loveable about a text editor that can run your instant messenger and your spreadsheet
21:45 kados it's like switching from qwerty
21:45 slef to dvorak?
21:46 kados yea
21:47 thd slef: if it can run your everything does it not mean that it is doing too much to be best at what is most important?
21:48 kados hey thd
21:48 kados thd: how's it going?
21:48 slef thd: heh, maybe that's why I use wily for straight graphical editing.
21:49 thd hello I back in from the storm
21:50 slef it's windying up here but not too bad... what windspeeds there?
21:50 thd kados: whit can be done to correct vi like behaviour of the backspace key in the OS X terminal?
21:51 thd s/whit/what/
21:51 kados hmmm
21:51 kados yea, I can't remmeber
21:51 kados lemme see if there's something in my .screenrc
21:51 slef something like setterm backspace?
21:51 thd kados: it deletes to the right of the cursor not the left
21:51 kados yea, I know
21:51 slef thd: tried ctrl-h?
21:52 kados thd: nothing in .screenrc
21:52 kados thd: I suspect if you start screen it will go away
21:52 kados thd: or what slef said, i dunno
21:53 thd my friend is back from Columbia so I ma not using that machine anymore
21:53 thd kados: it did go away in screen maybe , it went away somewhere
22:17 thd slef: are you still up?
22:22 slef thd: no ;)
22:26 slef thd: it would be silly to still be awake here now.
22:28 slef yikes!  message from a dev on another project:
22:28 slef I'm having problems with my macbook.  It won't power on.  Until I
22:28 slef resolve this I don't have access to the scripts.  Heck, I'm writing
22:28 slef this on my cellphone.
23:08 slef may interest you
23:24 slef bye
23:24 chris cya slef
10:45 slef hi all

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