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11:07 kados hdl: paul just sent through his OpenTags doc :-)
11:07 kados hdl: do you have a copy?
12:20 paul_ kados: yes, he has
12:20 paul_ as he as full access to my hard disk ;-)
12:20 paul_ (/me away, i'm a bot :-D )
12:44 kados paul_: still there?
12:44 dewey there is a minor diff in <div>s, that I missed
13:22 owen dewey: forget there
13:22 dewey owen: I forgot there
13:22 owen dewey: there is no spoon
13:22 dewey OK, owen.
13:22 owen dewey: there?
13:22 dewey i heard there was no spoon
13:22 owen dewey: good boy
13:22 dewey :)
13:26 kados hehe
15:00 hdl Sorry all.
15:00 kados hi hdl
15:00 hdl hi
15:00 dewey hey, hdl
15:00 hdl tried to get some stuff done today.
15:00 kados it's hard to work with savannah down :(
15:01 hdl toins is around only on mondays.
15:01 hdl I have 3 migrations to cope with.
15:01 kados wow
15:01 kados that's a lot of work
15:01 hdl 1 to 3.0
15:01 dewey 10
15:01 hdl 1 to 2.2
15:01 dewey 12
15:01 hdl and a third to 22 or 3.0 :D
15:02 hdl awaiting.
15:02 hdl + many fixes for libraries.
15:07 owen dewey: your math leaves something to be desired.
15:07 dewey owen: huh?
21:35 tumer anyone around but dewey? sorry dewey!
21:35 chris hi tumer
21:35 tumer hi chris
21:35 tumer i was away for a few weeks
21:35 tumer and tried commits abroad
21:36 tumer hell seems loose
21:36 chris ahh savannah has been down for a few days
21:36 chris its back up now
21:36 tumer now meaning seconds ago?
21:36 chris hmm couple of hours now i think
21:37 tumer cause nothing seems  to have committed since last week and it does not now either
21:38 tumer i am on the move and could not follow up since pauls last mail abut me having to commit to rel_TG
21:39 chris hmm i havent tried a commit but the website is at least back
21:41 tumer well its probably temporary, but can you tell me how to remove a directory(folder) since i want to reorginise my folder structure?
21:42 chris in cvs?
21:42 rch tumer: if you committed anything after Sunday evening (gmt -5), you'll be out of sync
21:42 chris you cant
21:42 rch and have to mess around with a fresh export, i think
21:42 chris its one of the major reasons we want to shift to another versioning system
21:42 tumer rch:och, chris:sugar
21:43 kados hey tumer
21:43 kados tumer: best wait a bit to do any commiting
21:43 tumer hi kados long time
21:43 kados tumer: we're gonna be switching revision control systems
21:45 tumer oh sugar i have been committing all NEU full set since monday and thinking that sever timeout errors was just me being on slow lines abroad
21:46 tumer anything more interesting then?
21:46 kados well savannah died
21:46 kados and we lost three days of commits
21:47 kados or thereabout
21:47 tumer god bless
21:47 kados still need to pick up the pieces and decide how to move forward
21:48 tumer well at leat for rel_TG can you please leave everything blank, since its best for me?
21:48 kados yep
21:48 kados I'll try
21:50 tumer the windows installer of koha places folders in a certain way and i want to keep the cvs in the same order so that it is actually working on my server
21:51 tumer i have intranet and opac main foders
21:51 tumer each containing cgi-bin and htdocs folders and so on
21:51 tumer is that OK with you?
21:52 kados you should see if you can setup a symlink instead
21:52 kados don't wanna go changing around how CVS organizes things too much
21:53 tumer not with windows its not that easy and also the installer of KOHA places the like that anyway
21:54 tumer BTW i have KOHA working under ISS as well now
21:54 tumer ISS/IIS
21:54 tumer rather than apache for windows users
21:55 kados wow, cool
21:55 kados chris: got any suggestions around this issue?
21:55 kados chris: tumer's dealing with the 'cvs stores things differently than the install' prob
21:56 chris nope
21:56 chris the time to change it would be with a new versioning system
21:56 kados tumer: we definitely don't want to change how CVS is organized
21:56 kados tumer: esp in HEAD
21:56 kados tumer: because we finally have it mostly the way we want it
21:57 tumer OK not that i understood why?
21:58 kados the question I have is, why does the installer break up the CVS organization?
21:58 tumer 'cvs organizes things differnetly than installer' is where i am
21:59 tumer that way i can not run my cvs version online
21:59 kados well you don't need to use the installer
21:59 kados I never do :-)
21:59 chris the installer sets it up more sanely
21:59 chris and more securely
22:00 kados yea, that's true
22:01 kados why do we have a /cgi-bin/koha/ in the first place?
22:01 kados why not just have /
22:01 tumer security?
22:01 kados or /search for that matter
22:01 chris cos
22:01 chris it might not be your whole website
22:02 chris that way you can have cgi-bin to have non koha stuff in
22:02 kados we could replace /cgi-bin/koha/ with a <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="CGIDir" -->
22:02 chris yep
22:03 chris but it wouldnt hurt to in future fix up the layout in the version system
22:05 tumer well I found cgi-bin/koha as a non existing directory but an alias to be helphfull about some hackers
22:06 kados tumer: so you can alias it directly to the cvs dir
22:06 kados tumer: so lets say you have the following:
22:06 kados C:\tumer\koha
22:06 kados as your CVS repo
22:07 kados you could alias /cgi-bin/koha directly to C:\tumer\koha
22:07 kados and in the OPAC, same thing
22:07 kados you'd alias it to C:\tumer\koha\opac
22:07 kados make sense?
22:07 kados and then just make the 'root' dir for the virtualhost C:\tumer\koha\koha-tmpl
22:07 kados that should fix your prob
22:07 tumer yes but that includes all the tmpl and includes as well as wella s all my php
22:07 kados without having to change CVS install dirs
22:08 kados yep, it does
22:08 kados chris: gonna attempt a re-commit
22:08 kados chris: check my method:
22:08 kados koha.precrash is the pre-crash version
22:08 kados cvs -z3 co -P koha
22:09 kados find koha.precrash -type d -name "CVS" -exec rm -v {} \;
22:09 kados copy koha.precrash/* koha
22:09 kados cp -r koha.precrash/* koha/
22:10 kados cd koha && cvs commit
22:10 chris might work
22:21 rch what's the worst that could happen ?
22:21 rch :)
22:22 tumer well for me i just tried a cvs update an re-commit but did not work so bets of luck
22:23 kados ok, here goes
22:25 kados ok, done
22:29 tumer done! finito or succesivo?
22:29 kados I dunno yet, I think so
22:30 kados I didn't add any new dirs
22:30 kados and it was just HEAD
22:30 chris i got cvs mail
22:30 chris looks like it worked ok
22:31 tumer so you are not changing any cvs then?
22:31 kados tumer: right, I didn't have a copy of your tag
22:32 tumer can you at least just erase it? clean?
22:33 kados have you tried checking it out?
22:33 tumer yes it says it cannot find some versions?
22:33 kados hmmm
22:34 kados what was the tag again?
22:34 tumer rel_TG
22:35 kados tumer: a fresh check out worked for me
22:35 kados tumer: you can't commit your old working copy back
22:35 kados tumer: it won't work
22:37 tumer you mean try and get a copy from cvs whatever there is?
22:38 kados what I mean is, you will have to check out a fresh copy of CVS
22:38 tumer OK
22:43 tumer coming in now
22:44 tumer ok see you guys i may have better things to say in a few days
22:44 chris cya tumer
00:45 chris ummm
00:45 chris dont think so
00:45 chris but we might :)

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