IRC log for #koha, 2007-03-19

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08:16 qiqo hi guys
08:16 qiqo i just want to ask
08:16 qiqo im installing koha on a suse machine
08:17 qiqo however im having problem wiht apache
08:20 qiqo errm
08:59 qiqo hello
08:59 qiqo anybody home?
09:49 qiqo hello
09:49 dewey hola, qiqo
09:49 qiqo bonjour
09:49 qiqo hehee
09:50 qiqo dewey, i am havingtrouble with my apache server
09:50 dewey ...but qiqo is having these errors on qiqo's z3950 module: Bareword "Net::Z3950::RecordSyntax::USMARC" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at /usr/local/koha/intranet/script​s/z3950daemon/processz3950queue line 260....
09:50 qiqo wow.. that was a long time ago
09:50 qiqo hehehe
09:50 qiqo yeah,, im using suse 10.2
09:51 qiqo ive already installed koha
09:51 qiqo but the problem it does not load on the web browser
09:51 qiqo i think suse has its own specialized httpd-apache configuration
10:00 qiqo hello
10:03 qiqo hmm
10:41 qiqo hi anybody there yet
10:56 rch hi qiqo
10:56 qiqo hi rch
10:56 rch what's up?
10:56 qiqo im having problem with my suse machine
10:56 qiqo my first time to try koha on suse
10:56 qiqo apache is giving me a hard time on the virtual host
10:57 rch do you get an error?
10:57 qiqo nope
10:57 qiqo nothing on the logs
10:58 qiqo when i load the page its only "It works" page (default) which i am seeing
10:58 qiqo ofcourse i included koha-httpd.conf on the httpd.conf file
11:00 rch hmm
11:00 rch this is 2.2?
11:00 qiqo 2.2.8
11:03 rch you have virtualhosts or ports ?
11:03 qiqo ports actually
11:03 qiqo ill run this locally
11:04 rch i don't know about suse
11:05 rch but my guess is it is reading a default config after it reads your koha-httpd.conf
11:05 rch is your include at the very end of httpd.conf?
11:05 qiqo yeah i think that too
11:07 rch does suse do the sites-enabled/ symlinks?
11:07 rch in /etc/apache2/ ?
11:07 qiqo what do you mean
11:08 rch debian has a sites-enabled directory in /etc/apache2/ .
11:09 rch in that dir are symbolic links to conf files.
11:09 qiqo i dont think so
11:14 qiqo wait im trying my lucj
11:14 qiqo luck
11:15 qiqo i have an apache gui for the settings
11:35 qiqo hi
11:36 qiqo ive run the guo
11:36 qiqo youre right.. it first loads the "default server.conf"

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