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11:34 kados hdl: sorry, new doesn't work for me
11:34 kados hdl: using searchresult.tmpl from default templates
11:34 kados hdl: I get 'Nothing found'
11:35 kados congrats to paul!
11:35 kados k
11:35 hdl Should work soon
11:35 kados thanks
11:40 owen Hey kados, I just saw your SMFPL press release in my aggregator. Their OPAC looks good--I like what they've done with opac-main
12:06 hdl kados : z3950 search works for me now.
12:06 kados hdl: I'll test
12:06 kados owen: yea, pretty nifty, eh? :-)
12:06 kados owen: those sysprefs sure leave a lot of room for customization
12:07 owen yeah, I think we made a good choice to leave the opac main page completely open
12:07 kados hdl: cvs update
12:07 kados P
12:07 kados hdl: same prob as before, no results found
12:08 hdl what is your query (logs)
12:09 hdl kados ?
12:09 dewey kados is, like, helping us LibLime folk with something at the moment
12:09 kados hdl: wait ...
12:09 kados hdl: it's taking a long time
12:09 owen kados: I'm getting a javascript error on their site, though. They need to take NPL's custom javascript out of their  opacuserjs system preference
12:09 kados hdl: maybe it will return results?
12:09 hdl It should.
12:09 hdl the first 80 ones.
12:10 kados hdl:
12:11 kados still waiting
12:12 kados hdl: finally returned
12:12 kados hdl: maybe loc is super slow?
12:12 hdl could be.
12:12 kados that's a long long time to wait :-)
12:12 hdl Yea.
12:13 hdl I could not have the same code as Tumer's one taht displayed partial results.
12:13 hdl + he only got 5 results.
12:14 kados hmmm
12:14 kados so it must not be asynchronous
12:14 hdl Yes it is.
12:14 kados because I added NPL's zserver which is very fast
12:14 kados and it's not returning results from it
12:14 kados waiting and waiting
12:14 hdl But I am waiting all the connections end before returing results.
12:15 kados still waiting
12:15 kados hdl: that's the prob I'm afraid
12:15 kados hdl: if one z-target is slow, they all apear slow
12:15 kados hdl: z-servers are too fickle to wait IMO
12:15 kados hdl: many times they are simply unavailable
12:23 hdl Committing a new one
12:24 hdl committed.
12:24 hdl Should be more reactive.
12:24 hdl print when elements are received.
12:50 kados hdl: it's still not asynchronous
12:50 kados hdl: results aren't printed as they are retrieved
12:50 kados hdl: but it's getting better :-)
13:20 hdl kados : Code is asynchronous.
13:20 hdl kados : that is make asynch search.
13:25 hdl try this one.
13:28 kados hdl: just updated, and searchlooksgood but when I click on 'import' it doesn't load the record
13:29 Lea hi, anyone know if the amazon devkey costs money?
13:29 kados Lea: it's free
13:29 Lea ok. I'm just seeing that searches cost $0.0003 per search
13:30 kados er?
13:30 hdl :|
13:31 Lea[…]me=A36L942TSJ2AJA
13:31 kados Lea: that's alexa
13:32 kados Lea: check your system preferences for the right links to the dev key and associates code
13:32 Lea er..ok, that's different? i feel like a noob
13:39 Lea working! Excellent!
13:48 hdl kados : I committed a fix.
14:20 kados hdl: much better, thanks!
18:02 cm rch, are you here?
18:03 rch hi cm
18:10 cm hi.  i just discovered that our due dates aren't calculating.
18:10 cm it's just defaulting to the hardcoded 21 days.
18:11 kados cm: hardcoded where?
18:11 cm i suspect it might have something to do with the changes to for holidays.
18:11 cm let me look.  I think it's in  hang on...
18:12 cm yep,, line 1001.
18:12 cm if it can't figure out a date it defaults to that.
18:12 cm renewing works fine, but it doesn't go through the holiday stuff.
18:14 cm hi kados.
18:14 kados hi :-)
18:15 rch so if you issue that query in mysql, does it return?
18:15 cm which query?
18:15 rch select issuelength from issuingrules where categorycode=? and itemtype=? and branchcode=?
18:15 kados have to fill in some of those ?s
18:15 kados rch: I wonder if it's categorycode
18:18 cm i get a result from this:
18:18 cm select issuelength from issuingrules where categorycode="A" and itemtype="FIC" and branchcode="MPL";
18:19 cm is branchcode available or is it just looking at default?
18:20 kados cm: try adding a warn in getLoanLength
18:20 kados right after:
18:20 kados my ($borrowertype,$itemtype,$branchcode) = @_;
18:20 kados add:
18:20 kados warn "incoming vars:".$borrowertype." ".$itemtype." ".$branchcode;
18:23 cm is this what you're looking for?
18:24 cm incoming vars:ST PB MPL at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mod​ules/C4/Circulation/ line 964.,
18:24 kados yuppers
18:24 kados so go ahead and plug those into the sql query
18:25 cm I get 14, which is right.
18:25 chris there is a bug in bugzilla about this i think
18:25 chris chris at USP in fiji reported someting similair with 2.2.7
18:25 kados huh
18:25 kados cm: so the query is working
18:26 cm yep.
18:26 chris yeah i think its the perl logic is busted
18:26 kados lets see if it's returning the value correctly
18:26 kados to the calling sub
18:26 cm cm has seen enough of perl logic lately.  ;)
18:29 kados cm: do you know where getLoanLength is getting called from?
18:30 kados (morning chris)
18:30 kados issuebook calls it
18:30 kados cm: add a warn to around line 918 after:
18:31 kados my $loanlength = getLoanLength($borrower->{'categorycode'},$iteminf​ormation->{'itemtype'},$borrower->{'branchcode'});
18:31 kados add:
18:31 cm it's on line 1737 in
18:31 chris morning all
18:31 kados warn "LOANLENGTH:".$loanlength;
18:31 kados cm: or wherever it's called, lets make sure it's actually being returned correctly
18:33 chris this one
18:33 chris[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1040
18:33 cm it seems to be there:
18:33 cm LOANLENGTH:14 at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mod​ules/C4/Circulation/ line 919.,
18:44 kados chris: I think that bug just refers to the fact that default doesn't work
18:44 chris that wasnt what chris was experiencing
18:44 kados chris: what cm is experiencing seems to be more serious, the rules aren't getting applied at all, even though the function is working
18:44 kados ie, getLoanLength is returning the right value
18:44 chris right thats what he was getting
18:45 kados hmmm
18:45 kados really?
18:45 chris ie it looked like the last match was always being met
18:45 chris not the first
18:45 kados my $datedue=time+($loanlength)*86400;
18:45 rch cm: are you sure you're not calling issuebook with a date?
18:46 kados ahh, yea, check the dropdown menu for specifying dates
18:46 kados rch: good thinking
18:46 chris ahh sorry, looking at the logs his was to do with the toomany bit
18:46 kados chris: I think that bug 1040 is the one where 'unless the whole matrix is filled it, issuing rules don't work'
18:47 chris its worse than that
18:47 chris if the whole matrix is filled out, the * * rules are applied
18:47 kados wow, what a fix!
18:47 cm i don't think i am.  i don't have a dropdown. must not be in our template.
18:47 kados cm: check to make sure your template doesn't have hardcoded values for those maybe?
18:47 chris if one leaves both the * row and the * column blank, this problem does not surface, OR if your set your default number of books as high as your highest borrower category
18:48 cm pretty sure it doesn' used to work.
18:48 rch cm: time to throw warns liberally around where the calendar code is called.
18:48 kados chris: yikes
18:48 kados chris: wonder if this is fixed in rel_3
18:48 rch (i'm getting correct loan lengths)
18:49 chris somethign to check
18:49 rch i think this is not the same as chris's bug
18:49 chris naw, his is the too many one
18:49 cm what about the calendar stuff below, ~line 925?
18:49 cm my motto is, if something quits working, look to see what's changed recently.  :)
18:50 rch warn $date
18:50 rch warn $dateduef
18:50 rch @929
18:50 cm i'll do that.
18:51 rch & 937
18:53 cm hmm, there is no $date:
18:54 cm DATEDUEF:2007-03-27 at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mod​ules/C4/Circulation/ line 930.
18:54 cm DATE: at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mod​ules/C4/Circulation/ line 931
18:54 rch no date is good.
18:54 cm good to know.
18:55 cm that due date is wrong, though.
18:55 cm should be 3-12.
18:55 rch but it's not 21, either
18:56 cm where on earth is it getting 27?
18:56 chris heh
18:57 cm i'm not well known for my math skills.  ;)
18:57 rch :)
18:57 rch i'd throw a warn before getloanlength - check your bortype & branchcodes
18:58 chris getloanlength seems to be returning hte right thing rch .. they did some warns before
18:58 chris and its returning 14
18:58 rch ah, right
18:59 cm yeah, i thought i already did that.
18:59 rch so the date is correct before the calendar adddate?
19:00 rch and wrong after?
19:00 chris thats what looks to be happening
19:00 chris <cm> LOANLENGTH:14 at
19:00 chris             /usr/local/koha/intranet/mod​ules/C4/Circulation/ line
19:00 chris             919.,
19:00 chris hmm can you do me a quick favour cm?
19:01 cm sure.
19:01 chris just type date on the commandline
19:01 cm he he .
19:01 chris :-)
19:01 cm Mon Feb 26 17:01:16 EST 2007
19:01 chris cool
19:02 chris ive had a server who's clock was way wrong before, caused no end of problems before i spotted it
19:02 cm never hurts to check.  :)
19:06 chris hmmm
19:06 chris rch: you about?
19:06 rch yep
19:06 chris looking at addDate
19:06 rch yeah, me too.
19:07 chris it appears to just take the date you pass it, and add the offset to it right?
19:07 rch we seem to be adding a loanlength to the due date.
19:07 chris yep
19:07 rch youch
19:07 chris i think it might have to be called with todays date
19:07 chris and it makes the due date?
19:07 rch right.  14 * 2 = 27
19:07 rch (plus 1)
19:07 dewey 1
19:08 chris - 1
19:08 rch weird.
19:08 chris :)
19:08 chris so if its normal, it jsut adds the loanlength -1
19:09 chris if its not, it works it out checking for holidays
19:09 chris so i reckon we dont pass it it the due date, we just pass it the loan length
19:09 chris and todays date
19:09 rch yes
19:10 chris which is cleaner than doing the *86400 stuff anyway
19:11 chris i wonder how it ever worked though :)
19:13 rch hm.  apparently it didn't :(
19:13 cm i think it's been doing that for a while before I noticed it.  :(
19:13 kados and this is the new holidays stuff that SAN added?
19:13 chris the holiday stuff is fine
19:14 chris its how its being called from
19:14 chris thats wrong
19:14 chris probably a misread/typo when backporting from 3_0
19:14 kados ahh
19:14 rch looks like rel3 code doesn't use holidays for issue length.
19:15 chris ah sorry from head
19:16 chris yeah thats it
19:17 chris my @datearr = localtime();                                                                                    
19:17 chris                $dateduef = (1900+$datearr[5])."-".($datearr[4]+1)."-". $datearr[3];                                          
19:17 chris                                                                                                                              
19:17 chris                my $calendar = C4::Calendar::Calendar->new(branchcode => $borrower->{'branchcode'});                          
19:17 chris                my ($yeardue, $monthdue, $daydue) = split /-/, $dateduef;                                                      
19:17 chris                ($daydue, $monthdue, $yeardue) = $calendar->addDate($daydue, $monthdue, $yeardue, $loanlength);
19:17 chris i think the addDate bit got added, but it wasnt noticed that the *86400 bit was no longer done
19:19 chris yep, needs to get fixed there too
19:20 chris just 2 lines my $datedue=time+($loanlength)*86400; is no longer needed
19:20 chris and my @datearr = localtime($datedue); becomes my @datearr = localtime();
19:20 chris want me to fix em?
19:21 rch sure
19:21 rch thx chris
19:21 cm yeah, thanks!
19:22 rch cm: btw, SMFPL near Cleveland went live with dev_week today
19:22 cm nice.  :)  What does SMF stand for?
19:22 rch (they don't have calendar )  - Stow Munroe Falls
19:26 rch but they're running at 10 minute zebra updates with a heavy circ load today
19:27 rch i think we'll be able to get zebra updated on 5-6 min intervals
19:28 chris ok, fixes committed
19:28 chris if you could test it would be great cm
19:28 kados chris++
19:29 cm just did.  Looks like it worked.
19:30 cm my due date was 3-13, but we probably have a fake holiday in there throwing it off.
19:30 cm ++, guys.  :)
19:31 cm okay, now I'm going home.  have a good day/night, everybody!
09:37 atol hi everyone
09:38 atol I'm kinda new to koha. I have installed it before on a laptop running WinXP.
09:40 atol But now I need to install it on a (shared) webserver. I can't really find a manual for this. Most manuals seem to be written for installing koha on a (dedicated) internal server with Linux.
09:41 atol Does anyone has any experience with this? Maybe our webserver doesn't meet the minimum requirements, but it's hard for me to find out. I have been able to install PMB on it, though.
09:47 kados hi atol
09:47 paul hi kados & atol
09:47 kados paul!
09:47 paul just here for a few min
09:47 kados paul: congratulations on the new addition to family :-)
09:47 atol hi paul & kados
09:47 paul (going to the hospital to see Matthieu ;-) )
09:47 kados paul: say hello to wife and kids for me :-)
09:47 paul i won't miss it.
09:48 kados atol: I'm not sure we have a guide specifically for installing Koha on a shared webserver
09:48 kados atol: is it running windows or linux?
09:49 atol it's running linux
09:49 atol It's just that things like mysql, perl and php are running already
09:49 kados atol: which distro?
09:50 kados atol: php shouldn't matter, and neither should perl version
09:50 kados atol: you'll want to make sure you're running at least mysql 4.1
09:50 kados atol: apache version doesn't matter either
09:51 atol I found some info about the distro the other day through a website. I'm pretty sure it's Fedora, don't know the version
09:52 kados ahh, ok
09:52 atol I went ahead and tried some stuff explained in the manuals.
09:52 kados hmmm
09:52 atol I started with MCPan, but after answering all the questions, I get:
09:52 atol Perl v5.8.1 required--this is only v5.6.0, stopped at Makefile.PL line 2.
09:52 atol Running make test
09:52 atol Make had some problems, maybe interrupted? Won't test
09:53 atol Running make install
09:53 atol Make had some problems, maybe interrupted? Won't install
09:53 atol ---
09:53 atol So it seems that the perl veersion does matter, then?
09:54 kados so it seems
09:54 kados which module were you installing?
09:54 paul Perl 5.6 is quite old...
09:54 kados yea
09:54 atol the first one mentioned:: marc::record
09:54 kados atol: you're probably running fedora core 1
09:54 kados or maybe even redhat version 7/8 or sth
09:55 atol And those are too old?
09:55 kados yep
09:55 atol okay
09:56 atol guess there are no free webspace providers I can use to test an installation? I did a search, but that wasn't quite helpful. I gues you need SSH access, right?
09:57 kados atol: some of the koha companies offer hosting
09:57 kados atol:
09:58 atol Thank you. But it really is for a first testing phase. I wanna find out how well I can migrate the data from our current application to koha
09:58 kados atol: what's your current application?
09:59 atol Bibliobase (a portuguese application built on top of Isis databases)
09:59 kados ahh, cool
09:59 paul move from isis to koha has been done dozen of times.
10:00 kados yep
10:00 kados atol: <- moved from isis to koha
10:00 atol I have downloaded the manual
10:01 kados atol: WIPO is World Intellectual Property Organization
10:01 kados paul: you have migrated some libraries from isis, right?
10:01 paul yep.
10:02 atol But I want to make sure that it works here, before I go and spend money on things like hosting (which I'd like to prevent anyway if possible)
10:02 paul the main difficulty is to transform Isis export into iso2709.
10:02 paul but there are some tools that do it for you.
10:03 paul[…]nISIS-ISO2709.htm
10:03 paul in french, sorry ;-)
10:03 paul atol : unlike PMB, you'll find that Koha community is large & responsive ;-)
10:03 atol It's good for my french
10:03 atol I see that now already
10:04 paul (kados : pmb being a french ILS, under GPL too, designed for smaller libraries, but supported almost only by a single french company)
10:04 atol I have been working with that tool, but could not import the iso-format into PMB
10:04 kados (right)
10:04 atol So my problems are:
10:04 paul ok, I have to leave now. see you later.
10:04 atol 1) I can install PMB but cannot import data
10:05 atol 2) I can't install KOHA, which would import my data on the fly
10:05 atol ;-)
10:05 kados hehe
10:06 paul_away if you could export an iso2709 data file, I could import it to one of our koha space for testing. (at least for a few x000 biblios)
10:06 paul_away although I can't do that immediatly...
10:06 paul_away now really away...

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