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11:16 atol To Paul: Sorry, was away from the computer
11:16 atol You can mail me at danny.aerts [a] if you want to try such an import.
11:17 atol Thanks for the help!
11:46 cm morning all
11:46 cm i found some problems with that kept me from deleting repeatable holidays,
11:46 cm but I fixed it.
11:47 cm can I send somebody a diff?
11:59 hdl cm : yes please send me.
12:05 cm do you want it in the chat you just opened?
16:29 cm kados, do you have a moment?
16:29 kados cm: sure, what's up?
16:30 cm i have a question about how zebra is sorting by publication date
16:30 kados hehe
16:30 cm uh oh...  :)
16:30 kados well it's not zebra's fault
16:30 kados it's MARC :-)
16:30 cm is it looking at 008 or 260c or what?
16:30 kados my guess is that any weirdness you're seeing is because your dates are formatted like this:
16:30 cm yeah, i'm not suprised, given the state of our marc records.  :)
16:30 kados c2004
16:30 kados or
16:30 kados p1999
16:31 kados i think i wrote a blurb about this somewhere, lemme track it down
16:31 cm yeah, that's certainly a possible culprit.
16:31 cm i imported a record from NPL and it sorted properly, so I figured it was our data.
16:32 kados cm:[…]rchingdefinitions
16:32 kados cm: have a look at the "Dates" section there
16:32 cm okay, cool.
16:33 kados melm 008                ln:n:range(data,35,3),ctype:w:range(data,24,4),Da​te:n:range(data,0,5),Date:s:range(data,0,5),Date:​n:range(data,7,4),Date:s:range(data,7,4),Date:n:r​ange(data,11,4),Date:s:range(data,11,4),pubdate:n​:range(data,7,4),pubdate:s:range(data,7,4),datead​deddb:n:range(data,0,5),dateaddeddb:s:range(data,​0,5),pl:w:range(data,15,3),ta:w:range(data,22,1),​ff8-23:w:range(data,23,1),ff8-29:w:range(data,29,​1),lf:w:range(data,33,1),bio:w:range(data,34,1),
16:33 kados that's the 008 line
16:33 kados Date:s:range(data,11,4)
16:34 cm so it's indexing by what's in 008?
16:34 kados tells you there's a sort index (the s) on the range 11-14
16:34 kados that's one way
16:34 cm yes, i've been staring at the zebra documentation.  :)
16:34 kados melm 260$c              Date,Date:s,Date:y
16:34 kados there's another sort index on Date
16:34 kados looks like there isn't one for 362
16:34 kados yet
16:34 cm hmm, mine doesn't have Date:y.
16:35 cm what does the :y do?
16:35 kados that'd be the year index
16:35 kados think I was just experimenting with it
16:35 cm ok.
16:35 kados the marc data's not consistantly 4 chars long so it didn't work IIRC
16:35 kados so if you want to sort accurately by date
16:35 cm that makes sense.
16:35 kados you'll need to pick a field or fields to 'normalize'
16:36 kados let me know if you need more info
16:36 cm probably 260$c would be our most 'normal'.
16:36 kados yea
16:36 kados so you coul remove the sort index on 008
16:36 kados if you wanted to just have one place to deal with
16:36 cm okay, simple enough.
16:36 cm i'm fairly certain a lot of our dates in 008 are wrong.
16:37 cm thanks!
17:22 _paul hello russ
17:23 paul does NZ know that Matthieu Poulain is born on sunday, 11:26AM ?
17:23 russ i didn't
17:23 russ congrats paul
17:23 paul so now you know ;-)
17:24 russ :-)
17:24 russ mother and baby well?
17:24 paul 3.530kg, 52cm. The smallest of our 4 boys...
17:24 paul yep. They'll be back home tomorrow morning.
17:24 paul my wife mother is here to help us for almost 2 weeks.
17:26 russ so she can look after the boys while you work on koha? ;-)
17:27 paul right. Even if i'll work only a few in march probably (and not very efficiently)
17:35 chris congratulations paul
17:35 paul thx
17:35 chris ill be waiting to see photos :-)
17:35 paul you will have to wait 1-2 days.
17:38 chris paul: my sister had her son on thursday
17:38 chris so Kahurangi has his first cousin
17:39 paul how is Kahurangi ?
17:39 chris very good, 3 months and 1 week old now (time goes fast)
17:39 paul are your night sleepy ?
17:40 paul or does he still need some milk ?
17:40 chris last night he woke up quite a bit
17:40 paul (Jérémie, our 3rd boy, needed *
17:40 chris but usually he sleeps 6 or 7 hours
17:40 paul 9* months to do complete nights...)
17:40 chris :-)
17:41 paul did you hear 6nations cup results ?
17:41 paul france is the only country that won it's 3 matches.
17:41 paul only 2 and "grand chelem" is for us !
17:42 paul the biggest surprise coming from italy that had it's 1st victory outside of Italy since she is involved in the tournament
17:43 chris yeah that was pretty amazing
17:43 chris france plays england this week eh?
17:45 paul yep. and not in france, but in england.
18:00 chris hmm england will want to bounce back too ... vive la france :-)
20:49 tumer i am really here after 10 days  of international disturbance
20:50 russ hi tumer
20:50 tumer any real kohers around?
20:50 tumer hi russ
20:50 chris international disturbance?
20:51 tumer a conference on environment--nothing about koha
20:51 chris ahh right
20:52 tumer even new-zelandeders didnot know about koha to my suprise
20:53 tumer 108 countries 700 people only one frenech heard koha!
20:53 chris heh
20:54 chris any librarians?
20:55 tumer but at least 79 universitieies from turkey decided about a workshop on koha in september --To be environtenlally secure !!!!
20:55 chris wooo hoo :)
20:56 chris need a new zealander to come along? :)
20:56 tumer no all acacdemicians aboutt everthing
20:56 tumer but i managed to confirm that environementally KOHA is secure
20:57 chris :)
20:57 tumer i whish you were here
20:58 tumer the guy from new zealand did not not know know KOHA and poor guy felt out of plcae
20:59 tumer althought the conference were on environment. But KOHA is vevrything right?
20:59 chris hehe exactly
20:59 mason hiya tumer
20:59 tumer hiya mason
21:03 tumer chris: i am reading that Tery Rees wrote things not nice about KOHA and GPL licence software
21:03 chris oh yeah really?
21:03 chris who is Tery Rees?
21:04 tumer its a shame that he has one of the best MARC modules avalaible  on GPL for MARC
21:06 chris but he doesnt like GPL ?
21:06 tumer me just reading previous corresponce. TR from oregon university is Terry rEEs
21:06 chris ahhhh
21:06 chris yes
21:06 chris he doesnt really get it
21:06 chris its a bit of a shame
21:06 tumer are you with me ? about TR?
21:07 chris yep, i commented on his blog entry
21:07 chris i think joshua might see him at the code4lib conference, so maybe he can show him Koha in person
21:08 chris because i dont think he has actually looked
21:09 tumer yep and this person has the best Marc tool on GPL and keep recoomending him in all blogs
21:09 chris yep
21:10 chris I mention NEU in my last comment :)
21:11 tumer i will read everything next week
21:11 chris cool
21:14 tumer chris: btw are you a father now?
21:14 chris yes indeed, 3.5 months now
21:14 hdl paul is 4times father ;)
21:15 chris and paul had another son
21:15 chris hi hdl
21:15 hdl tumer any link to terry Ree
21:15 hdl hi chris.
21:15 tumer you should bring them to to cyprus for christening
21:15 chris
21:15 chris good idea tumer :)
21:15 tumer hdl:hi
21:16 tumer them:/he/she
21:17 chris mines a he :)
21:17 tumer good for for, less problems
21:17 tumer sorry rest????
21:18 chris[…]DSC02520.JPG.html  <-- theres a photo
21:20 tumer wow, a real KOHA'er and hansome
21:20 chris hehe
21:21 tumer i bet he was saying taking ne to Cyprus
21:22 tumer KOHA is better in spellenig then I am!!!
21:23 chris :)
21:23 tumer s/spelleing/spelling and so on
21:24 hdl solong
21:24 tumer any way nice to find you all.And see you here some time
21:25 tumer here /Cyprus
21:26 tumer with the handsome kid  i hope
21:26 chris yep definitely
05:00 toins hello all
05:07 chris hi toins
05:07 toins hi chris, how are you ?
05:16 chris good thanks, how are you?
05:22 toins fine too
08:51 Lea Hi! Anyone awake? :D
10:50 hdl lea hi
10:51 Lea hi hdl.
10:52 Lea i had a quick question: The data I've got exported from this windows system is MARC21, but it contains barcode information. Now I've got no issues with converting this data into a bibliography set, but what strategy should i employ on importing items
10:57 hdl Lea : You have to
10:58 hdl a) create a biblio
10:58 hdl b) create an item attached to this biblio
10:58 hdl You can use NEWnewbiblio and NEWnewitem.
10:59 hdl with the same record (It is OK).
10:59 hdl STOP
10:59 hdl you'll get a problem

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