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11:00 hdl (or may have one)
11:00 Lea ok, what is the preferred method for importing this data?
11:01 hdl First : get the fields that contains items and store them aside.
11:01 hdl Delete them from biblios
11:01 hdl 2nd : create biblios using NEWnewbiblio
11:02 Lea hdl: wait
11:02 hdl This will provide you with bibid
11:02 hdl or biblionumber
11:02 Lea I was going to clean up the data and import the biblios using the import perl script
11:02 Lea *provided in koha
11:03 Lea Will what you are suggesting work with that?
11:03 hdl 3rd : create new records which contains only the item field and create item linked to bibid.
11:04 Lea so would you suggest doing this on the database level?
11:04 hdl import perl script provide biblios in BREEDING farm, not in catalogue. Is that what you need ?
11:06 Lea well, i'm not too sure. I'm an amateur at library systems. I was thinking that I'd import all the data into the resovoir then somehow import the item data afterwards? I don't know what the best strategy would be. All i know is i have 1 MARC record per item currently. I can strip this down to unique items then strip out only the biblio data we need, export to marc then import into koha using bulkimport.
11:13 Lea it's then importing the item data that's tricky. Unless I'm missing something here
11:37 hdl Lea : holding information are supposedly (in Koha) in one field.
11:39 hdl If you can take those information apart with a foreach my $field($marc->field($tagitem)){push @items,$field; $marc->delete_field($field)}
11:39 hdl It should be a good way to do.
11:56 Lea cool. I'm not too sure I fully understand right now but I'm sure it'll get clearer
13:44 gwheeland anyone alive in here?
13:44 kados gwheeland: hi
13:44 dewey hello, kados
13:45 gwheeland anyone here good with koha and the recent release of debian?
13:45 kados gwheeland: you mean etch?
13:45 kados gwheeland: or sarge?
13:45 gwheeland sarge
13:45 kados gwheeland: I wrote the install manual for sarge
13:45 gwheeland well then you are the person i should talk to i guess
13:46 kados[…]Debian_sarge.html
13:46 gwheeland that is the site im looking at
13:46 gwheeland i can't get debian to use the 2.4 kernel
13:46 kados use 2.6
13:47 gwheeland oh
13:47 kados sorry
13:47 gwheeland not a problem at all
13:47 gwheeland i was having errors with the YAZ toolkit
13:47 kados yea, I need to update the install guide
13:48 gwheeland ok well thanks for the help, that was easy
13:48 kados np
13:48 kados good luck
13:49 gwheeland well i tried bf26 and it says could not find kernel image
13:49 kados are you using a netboot installer?
13:49 gwheeland i am using the netinstall iso
13:50 kados try some of the built in menus
13:50 kados F1 shoudl give you an overview
13:50 kados linux26
13:50 kados might be the way to do it now
13:50 kados I can't remmeber, it's been a while
13:51 gwheeland yea it was linux26
13:51 kados sweet
13:51 gwheeland anything else i should know about before i continue with the install?
13:52 kados don't think so
13:52 gwheeland i am, at best, O.K. with linux
13:52 kados bbl
13:52 gwheeland bye, thanks again
15:40 gwheeland hey kados you there?
15:42 gwheeland can anyone else help with the debian install of koha, specifically with the YAZ toolkit
15:43 rch hi gwheeland
15:43 rch what's up?
15:43 rch you have sarge installed?
15:45 gwheeland yes
15:46 gwheeland i am going through the steps on the install guide, and i am stuck at the yaz toolkit step
15:48 rch do you have the gpg keys for indexdata?
15:48 rch is that the error you get?
15:48 gwheeland i am getting the error"broken packages"
15:49 gwheeland and before that it says "the following packages have unmet dependencies
15:51 rch which packages?
15:52 gwheeland libyaz libxslt1-dev, and libwrap0-dev
15:53 gwheeland by the way my name is Greg and thanks for helping me out
15:53 rch hi greg - I'm Ryan
15:53 rch i like aptitude for managing dependency problems
15:53 gwheeland ok i think you just lost me
15:54 rch aptitude is a text gui for package management.
15:54 gwheeland is that the "apt" part of apt-get install ******
15:54 rch it'll show you broken packages and dependency problems.
15:54 rch aptitude is /sort of/ a front-end to apt-get
15:55 gwheeland oh
15:55 gwheeland should i install it?
15:55 rch or try apt-get install libxslt1-dev
15:55 rch and see what error you get.
15:56 gwheeland "package libxslt1-dev has no installation candidate"
15:57 rch hm.  you did an 'apt-get update' ?
15:57 gwheeland i did go into /etc/apt/sources.list and changed them to the indexdata ones
15:57 gwheeland yea i did
15:57 gwheeland oh wait, i think i just figured out the problem
15:58 rch and you still have the debian targets in source.list?
15:59 gwheeland no i think that is the problem
16:00 rch yep... that'll do it
16:01 gwheeland so ryan you do this for fun or is it you job?
16:02 rch I am full time at LibLime - doing primarily Koha installs and support
16:03 gwheeland oh wow, so you really know what you are doing then
16:03 gwheeland by the way it is dl'ing libyaz-dev right now
16:03 rch but i do it for fun too :)
16:03 rch great
16:03 gwheeland unix for fun... ughhhh
16:04 rch you are with a library?
16:04 gwheeland yes
16:05 rch in the US?  what type of lib?
16:06 gwheeland yes in the US, we are a public library in Delaware County Ohio
16:08 rch ah, not too far from us.  just north of columbus?
16:09 gwheeland yes
16:09 gwheeland where are you located?
16:10 rch we're in Athens
16:10 gwheeland oh are you part of nelsonville?
16:11 owen No, but they're contracted with us.
16:11 gwheeland oh
16:11 rch (hi, owen)
16:11 gwheeland so you guys work for liblime which is in athens?
16:12 owen The Nelsonville Public Library is a county-wide library system which includes the city of Athens.
16:12 owen Liblime does Koha support for us
16:13 gwheeland oh, so Owen you work for nelsonville?  and rch works for liblime?
16:13 owen Joshua Ferraro, the founder of Liblime, started out working for Nelsonville.
16:13 owen gwheeland, yes
16:13 gwheeland ok i have a stupid question now
16:14 gwheeland im on the "install MARC::Record module" part of this
16:14 gwheeland do i have to type in the cvs -z3 commands?
16:15 rch gwheeland: marc::record was very recently updated on cpan,
16:16 rch so you can just install from there... we'll need to update the install page.
16:16 gwheeland so what do i need to do to install the marc record module?
16:16 rch perl -MCPAN -e 'install MARC::Record'
16:18 gwheeland thank you again, that worked
16:19 gwheeland so ryan where are you located?
16:23 gwheeland nvm i see you already answered that
16:26 rch :)
16:26 gwheeland are you guys close to Ohio U?
16:26 rch about 200 yards or so :)
16:27 gwheeland haha
16:27 gwheeland i have a friend that goes there
16:27 gwheeland do you guys sell a turn key system for KOHA?
16:30 gwheeland do i still want to install mysql 4.1 or should i go with 5.0?
16:30 rch i'd stick with 4.1 atm
16:31 gwheeland ok cool
16:37 rch gwheeland: so what led you to koha?
16:38 gwheeland we are currently with III and nobody around here seems to like them, and it cost ALOT of money
16:39 gwheeland so i figured i would try out KOHA and see how it works
16:39 rch what's your collection size?
16:40 gwheeland haha, i don't know, i will have to go and ask one of the librarians
16:45 gwheeland ok so i got apache installed, now what, it says to install koha, but i have no clue on how to do that
16:46 gwheeland and i can't find any documation on that
16:47 rch ah yes- the install guide ends where you start installing koha :)
16:47 gwheeland haha
16:47 gwheeland is that where liblime comes in?
16:47 rch :)
16:48 rch when you download the koha package, you 'll follow instructions in the README file
16:48 gwheeland oh that's right, i forgot about the tar file
16:48 rch or INSTALL, actually
17:22 gwheeland is there a way to download koha using debian?  or is it just easier to download it on a windows computer and burn it to cd
17:28 rch wget http://download.savannah.nongn[…]koha-2.2.7.tar.gz
17:30 gwheeland thank
17:30 gwheeland s
18:09 gwheeland thanks again Ryan for all your help today
07:32 lea good morning/evening
08:21 lea see ya

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