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06:09 Lea hi
06:09 dewey what's up, Lea
06:09 Lea oh hi Dewey. Not bad. Just got in after the weekend
06:09 Lea monday mornings :(
06:10 Lea I popped on because I realised that this data mapping is a little bit os a nightmare and was after info regarding Z39 servers
06:11 Lea I'm going to be losing a lot of data with this migration and I'm thinking z39 might help with that. I tried unsuccessfully to connect to a server. I'm wondering if the server opens up a port back on your machine or if it uses an open connection (like http)
06:12 Lea guess i'm just wondering if i need to change my firewall policies
06:16 chris open connection like http
06:16 chris easiest test is to use yaz-client
06:17 chris ie
06:18 chris yaz-client
06:18 chris if that works on the koha server .. then the z3950 client in koha oughta work
06:19 chris or for one closer to you  ... yaz-client
06:22 Lea ok thanks chris
06:23 Lea is it like DNS where unknown books will be forwarded on or is it a case of "not in outr library. computer says no"
06:25 chris computer says no ..... *cough*
06:25 Lea so is it of limited use then?
06:26 chris but koha lets you specify lots of servers
06:26 Lea ah ok
06:26 chris and it can try them all
06:26 Lea i guess you just need to put in some BIG libraries
06:26 chris yeah, british national library
06:26 chris library of congress etc
06:26 Lea hey chris, thanks for the pointers. I'm going to try it. It searches on ISBN right?
06:26 chris they carry catalogue records even if they dont carry the actual items
06:27 chris yeah thats the easiest
06:27 Lea ah cool
06:27 chris title works too
06:27 chris but you get lots of false positives with the title
06:27 Lea is there a way i can automate this? I mean, i have a lot of ISBN numbers
06:27 chris yeah im sure you could shell script it
06:28 Lea ok, what are the scripts I should look at?
06:28 chris youd probably have to do it from scratch
06:28 chris basically what you want is to just grab marc records
06:29 chris and then you can use to load them into koha
06:29 chris so some kinda script that reads a file of isbn's
06:29 Lea yes, ok. How should i make the z39 call or do i need to write a library to do that? :)
06:29 chris querys some z3950 server(s) and writes the marc to another file
06:29 chris id use ZOOM
06:30 Lea actually, yes this is slightly more complicated
06:30 Lea because I'll have to get the MARC file, copy only those fields I want to keep, then write out the "localised" version
06:30 chris yep
06:31 Lea otherwise it wont import into the framework
06:31 chris yep
06:31 Lea ok, cool man. Looks like I have a busy day :D
06:31 chris :)
06:31 Lea i wonder if there is a zoom library port to python
06:31 chris bound to be
06:31 chris theres one for ruby
06:32 Lea oh, there was one other unrelated question going though my head: I wondered if anyone had integrated koha into Joomla! or any other CMS?
06:32 chris if you like python, you'd like ruby :)
06:32 chris integrated in what way?
06:32 Lea yeah, it's something I'm meaning to look at but I'm in LOVE with python :D
06:32 chris using a cms to publish digital documents then catalogue them with koha?
06:32 Lea yeah
06:32 chris in that case, yep
06:33 chris katipo have done that with our cms
06:33 Lea it's just that for library staff, a CMS is way easier to manage
06:33 Lea ok, did they do integration magic or simply have the koha pages in an iframe?
06:34 chris magic
06:34 chris (i did it :))
06:35 chris basically you add the document n the cms and then it redirects to koha, passing over info like the url, size, author, title etc
06:35 Lea oh right! do you mind if i ask you what CMS?
06:35 chris one we wrote ourselves years ago
06:35 chris kea
06:35 Lea oh ok
06:35 chris its backended with cvs
06:35 Lea cool!
06:36 Lea so was it a fire and forget from the CMS->Koha or did you get the koha pages to talk back to the CMS?
06:36 chris yep
06:36 Lea :D :D :D
06:36 chris when you deleted it from koha you could delete it from the cms too
06:36 Lea ok
06:38 chris wouldnt be hard to do with something like drupal or joomla
06:38 Lea ok
06:38 chris its all a matter of time
06:38 Lea can you simply call the perl scripts independantly? thus making your own front end?
06:38 chris yep
06:39 Lea I just think Joomla would be an easy way for the library staff to manage notices, opening times, etc
06:39 chris oh that
06:39 chris thats even easier
06:39 chris i was meaning using koha to handle docs and pdf's etc
06:39 Lea no no
06:40 chris all you need to do then
06:40 Lea just using a CMS as an intranet type thing, then integrating koha into that
06:40 Lea but i didn't want EVERYTHING to do with koha inside an iframe
06:40 chris is let the cms control the templates
06:40 chris or at least some files which the templates include
06:40 Lea yeah, that's what I'm asking really. Is there some docs on the input/output params of the perl scripts?
06:41 chris its html
06:41 chris html::template
06:41 Lea ah ok, so with GET/POST variables?
06:41 chris yep
06:42 Lea great stuff. Is there docs on that or am i "using the source"? :D
06:42 chris or just use the cms to edit the templates, dont touch koha
06:42 Lea yeah, i wouldn't
06:43 Lea hey chris, thanks mate. much appreciated.
06:43 chris no worries
06:43 chris now its time for me to go to sleep
06:43 Lea where are you?
06:43 chris new zealand
06:43 Lea ah, yes. I may be moving to Australia soon
06:44 chris bah ... australia :)
06:44 Lea hehe
06:44 Lea i do want to visit NZ though. It's more like home to me
06:44 Lea People say it's a lot like Wales
06:45 chris yep, a little more temperate
06:45 Lea sounds good to me :D
06:45 Lea it would also give me the chance to support a decent rugby team :D :D :D
06:45 chris heh
06:45 chris just dont support australia
06:46 Lea ok, i promise :D
06:46 chris i support 2 teams, nz and anyone playing australia
06:46 Lea ah
06:46 Lea i support 2 teams to
06:46 chris wales and anyone playing england?
06:46 Lea Wales and anyone playing the saxons
06:46 Lea :D
06:47 Lea i really know where you're coming from. Just think if you had to abide by Oz laws and use Oz money!
06:47 Lea them rugby games take on a whole new dimension!
06:47 chris hehe
06:48 chris lots of scots or descendants of scots in nz
06:48 Lea ah right
06:49 chris so they say the same thing :)
06:49 Lea yeah, i can imagine. Them lucky gits got their own money and law making powers though :(
06:49 chris yeah only took what 300 years ? :)
06:50 Lea anyway, i'm aware this is OT and I don't _generally_ have any hard feelings.
06:50 Lea (Believe that you'll believe anything!)
06:50 chris heh
06:50 Lea have a good sleep man :D
06:50 chris thanks, good luck
06:50 chris with the marc/z3950
06:50 Lea i have to sort out a routing issue :(
06:51 Lea i can ping servers but wget is failing on routing :(
06:51 Lea madness
06:51 Lea nn
09:44 Lea if anyone is awake: can i add biblios via the z39 servers?
10:00 kados Lea: morning
10:00 kados Lea: you can use the Z39.50 search integrated into the MARC editor to find records and import them into the editor
10:01 hdl hi kados.
10:01 kados hi hld
10:01 kados hdl even :-)
10:03 Lea hi kados
10:04 Lea I'll give it a go
10:04 Lea Under biblio framework?
10:06 Lea kados: are you saying you need to have the marc record already? i'm confused
10:07 kados Lea: there's an integrated MARC editor in koha, haven't you seen that?
10:09 Lea yes, however you need the marc record to exist first. What I'm looking for is pulling in records via the z39 server. I can script this with books as they have a unique ISBN, but video/music items will have to be searched on title, producing lots of results. I wondered if there was an "online importer" in koha
10:09 kados Lea: you don't need the marc record to exist first to use the marc editor
10:10 kados Lea: -> click on 'MARC Editor' -> type something in the ISBN and click 'Z39.50 Search' at the top
10:10 Lea ah ok. I'll try it
10:10 Lea i didn't notice the editor in the menus
10:11 Lea ie, it's not there. I can only access after a search
10:11 kados ?
10:11 Lea ah, superb!
10:12 Lea add biblio->empty biblio gets me ther
10:13 Lea i wonder if there is a z39 server for media
10:14 Lea ah, amazon :D
10:28 kados hdl: now I'm having strange cvs probs
10:28 kados hdl: I reverted but it won' let me commit :(
10:31 kados hdl: yea, it doesn't let me commit, exits with no error
10:31 kados I did:
10:31 kados cvs update -j -j
10:32 kados which reverted the version
10:32 kados then I did:
10:32 kados mv /new/repo/koha/z3950/
10:32 kados cd /new/repo/koha/z3950
10:32 kados cvs commit
10:32 kados hdl: any ideas?
10:34 hdl Changing forge again ? :D
10:34 kados ok, this time it worked
10:34 hdl Good.
10:34 kados I'll document how I did it on koha-devel
10:40 kados hdl: it still works strangely for me
10:40 kados hdl: now I'm using the reverted and searchresult.tmpl from default
10:40 kados hdl: a title search on tom sawyer returns strange results
10:40 hdl Can you give some more information ?
10:41 kados sure
10:41 kados target is LOC
10:41 kados results I get back are:
10:41 kados 10 days to a more powerful vocabulary /
10:41 kados 10 minute guide to selling (just about) anything /
10:41 kados 10 minute guide to time management /
10:41 kados etc
10:41 kados hmmm
10:42 kados title is reported as 'tom' with awarn
10:42 kados when I warn I mean
10:42 kados so both terms aren't captured
10:42 hdl only the firs term is taken ?
10:42 kados yep
10:42 hdl Should have been corrected.
10:44 kados strange
10:45 kados cvs seems to have a prob
10:45 kados hdl: do you see my commit message?
10:45 kados hdl: it's not linked to rel_2_2 tag!
10:46 hdl yes :(
10:46 kados savannah--
10:46 kados unless I committed wrong
10:46 kados perhaps my cvs -A changed the branch to HEAD
10:47 kados Entries has no tag
10:47 kados :(
10:47 kados wtf!
10:50 kados hdl: I need to go to the office (still at home)
10:50 hdl be careful on the roads.
10:50 kados hdl: I tried manually copying the reverted into my install and it still has the same prob
10:50 kados hdl: so I'm not sure cvs update -j -j actually worked
10:51 hdl I shall revert the file.
10:51 kados hdl: thx, and sorry
10:51 hdl No problem
10:51 kados hdl: can you tell koha-devel how you did it ?
10:51 hdl ok
10:56 hdl paul is 4 times' DADDY
10:57 hdl Matthieu was borne yesterday morning at 11 am (Church Time in France :D )
10:57 hdl He weighted 3kg500

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