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12:21 tumer paul:I have an answer and a question?
12:21 paul hi tumer.
12:22 tumer hi
12:22 paul throw them.
12:22 tumer regarding your zebra question
12:22 tumer use @attr 4=6 and your search should work
12:22 paul anyway : the SANOP has found no issuing problem in their DB i've been told.
12:22 paul which question ?
12:23 tumer regarding issuing with Registry it does not show the overdues or fimnes
12:23 tumer question at zebralist regarding 3 search terms
12:24 paul tumer : the question is CCL, so there is something wrong in ?
12:24 tumer yes but with ccl you shouldbe able to define @attr 4=6 as well
12:25 tumer @attr 4=6 is definition for Word-List
12:26 tumer during a search you define whether phrase word wordlist date or number. wherever you are doing that
12:27 tumer my mod_perl in circulation does not show Overdues or Fines with Registry and i donnot why
12:28 paul mmm... in rel_3_0, we have fixed many problems with global variables.
12:28 paul things works fine now.
12:28 paul (we fixed some problems with virtual shelves as well)
12:29 tumer i checked your code in but could not find much differnce anywhere else
12:29 paul maybe ?
12:30 tumer I'll check
12:30 tumer was the answer to your zebra question satisfactory?
12:31 paul i'll try ;-)
12:32 tumer i have a similar situation where you can search for 'computer business forkner' in title and get $245Computerized business bla bla.$cN. Forkner
12:34 tumer if you want to try choose Title and All Words at
18:04 waylon hello all... any katipo people active right now?
00:23 waylon Okay.. so ive signed up with a free perl/mysql host, with no access to root.. just standard user... so inside every .pl file.. i have to add 'use lib '/www/wayrob' '.... gah!
00:57 chris cant you just ask them to put the export line in the apache config
03:51 waylon hiya chris.. in response to " cant you just ask them to put the export line in the apache config" ya.. well.. asked them that.. they said no.
03:55 waylon incredible.. that instead of them writing one line.. i have to write a line into every pl file... probably into every pm file too.
04:57 chris what about in a .htaccess file
05:00 waylon tried that.
05:00 waylon no success either.

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