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16:24 Genjimoto okay.. im stuck. no matter what i do.. i can't seem to convert old db into marc db.
16:27 Genjimoto hiya paul.
16:27 Genjimoto okay.. im stuck. no matter what i do.. i can't seem to convert old db into marc db.
16:44 Genjimoto okay... koha2marcOnefield relies on a frameworkcode to be given to it.. but koha2marcbiblio doesn't give it any frameworkcode... and marcaddbiblio relies on having a frameworkcode passed to it, otherwise an insert that it does, complains of having a null framework code.
16:48 Genjimoto same problem exists with koha2marcitem.
16:49 Genjimoto koha2marcsubtitle.
16:55 Genjimoto bingo.. now processing koha2marc properly.
17:03 Genjimoto since when has branchcode been changed from a four letter code, to a one letter code?
23:42 waylon hiya.... okay... bugs found today. the default framework has no framework code.. but its not allowed to be null... and all the code assumes that it is null.. or ''.
23:43 waylon there is no code to select which framework you want to use.. that ive found anyway.
23:44 waylon showstops when it finds there is no framework code.
23:45 waylon koha2marcBiblio requires a value in biblioitemnumber... newbiblio doesn't give one.. which means things never got saved to marc.
23:49 waylon this is all 2.2.6 btw..
23:50 waylon hmm... newbiblio calls koha2marc.. which gives marc subtitle entries... but calls newbiblio first.
23:54 waylon however, modsubject gets called last in acqui.simple/ which recompiles the marc record. So, for one acqui.simple, the marc gets recompiled by koha2marcBiblio, twice.
23:56 waylon then modaddauthor is called... and koha2marcbiblio isn't run again... meaning... it doesn't put the additional authors into marc.
00:24 waylon hmm.. another bug... in additem-nomarc.tmpl... item notes are saved as itemnotes.. but in, itemnotes are saved into biblioitems.notes.
01:00 waylon how do i make my koha, accessible via internet rather than just localhost?
01:02 waylon think i got it..
01:05 waylon nope.
06:12 chris hi all
06:15 _paul hi chris
06:15 chris hi paul, has that bad weather hit marseille?
06:16 _paul not at all !
06:16 _paul sky 100% blue
06:16 _paul not even a single small white cloud
06:16 _paul (and almost no wind)
06:17 chris lucky you
06:17 chris i saw on the news bad storms in england, germany and the netherlands
06:17 chris france must have escaped :)
06:29 paul chris: nope, in the north of France, the bad storms arrived too. but we are in the south ;-)
06:29 paul (2 deads iirc in Roubaix, crushed by a falling tree)
06:31 chris :(
06:31 chris the weather is crazy
06:41 chris right the boy is awake thats all the bugfixing im going to get done tonight
06:41 paul bye bye chris
06:41 paul & sweet nights
10:19 slef hi all... anyone know if 'kohala' means anything rude or similar?
10:20 paul hi slef. good point for you to ask this
10:20 paul (although i'm afraid there won't be anyone here atm)
10:22 slef I don't IRC early enouugh :/
10:27 paul & I forgot to ask chris...
10:28 paul slef : ggl tells me kohala is the name of an ancient volcano.
10:28 paul & the name of a big island of Hawaii
10:29 paul[…]awaii/kohala.html
10:29 paul there are few kohala companies, that have a website withi this name, that are in kohala island
10:42 chris kahula doesnt mean anything in maori .. no l in maori
10:42 chris kohala either :)
10:44 chris indeed no words with a l in them, and now back to bed i go

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