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16:39 waylon Okay.. need to make a script doing: for each file *.pl and *.pm, on the second line (first line being shebang), insert 'use lib' line.
16:41 waylon or i could find a global file editing tool. :)
16:49 waylon or, one can use find + xargs....
16:49 waylon http://www.healyourchurchwebsi[…]chives/000080.php
16:49 waylon Time to boot up my linux box.
17:44 waylon ah...
17:44 waylon find -name "*.pl" | xargs perl -pi -e "s/(bin\/perl)/bin\/perl\nuse lib \'\/home\/www\/wayrob.freeho​\/modules\'\;\n/gi";
17:44 waylon it was all over in a second.
17:45 waylon All modules have the 'use strict' line?
18:03 waylon modules done. now, on to editing the templates, to fit a scriptalias'less enviroment.
20:19 tnb paul: what is the url for SAN-OP's catalog?  (hi, BTW :)
20:58 waylon Okay. uploading template files now.... seems to be going well. will know if this one virtual host system will work, soon.
21:49 waylon well.... uploaded and that works.
02:00 waylon Well.. i did it.
02:00 waylon having used a free website host... Apache, mysql and perl, running on linux.... but that doesn't really matter.
02:01 waylon having no superuser access, just a normal user.
02:01 waylon no scriptalias.
02:01 waylon no virtual hosts.. so only one address.
02:01 waylon no PERL5LIB set, so i had to edit the .pl's and the .pm's using find and xarg..
02:02 waylon no shell access, so all mysql was imported via phpmysql.
02:02 waylon despite all these limitations.. koha is working!
02:11 waylon chris.. check your private messages on irc.
02:12 waylon and now that ive set up a free host, im going out for dinner... shutting down my computer. ah.. cool.
02:47 kados hehe
02:50 chris heya kados, how was today at ala?
02:52 kados really great
02:52 chris excellent
02:52 kados loads of really solid leads
02:52 chris thats cool
02:52 chris you going to the non-meeting thing tomorrow?
02:52 kados in fact, so much activity we were losing leads
02:52 kados yea, definitely
02:52 chris ahh, you need more ppl on the stand eh?
02:52 kados yea, and a bigger booth
02:52 chris right
02:53 kados I'm curious about the non meeting :-)
02:53 kados so yea, I'm gonna show up, see how it goes
02:53 chris yeah, it'd be interesting
02:53 kados I forgot how much I love seattle
02:53 chris its a nice place
02:54 kados and I saw the bodies exhibit
02:54 kados have you seen that advertised?
02:55 chris hmm dont think so
02:55 kados well, I'm not going to try to explain it cuz it's just weird ... let me find a linke
02:56 kados
02:56 chris ohh cool
02:56 chris thatd be really interesting
02:56 kados yea, it was ... kinda crepy though
02:56 kados makes you think
02:58 kados they have this incredible process for exhibiting the vascular system
02:58 kados where they fill the veins and arteries with a polymer that's acid resistant
02:58 chris ohh
02:58 kados and then pour acid in
02:59 kados all you're left with is the polymer
02:59 kados it's amazing
02:59 chris very tricky
02:59 kados anyway ... I'm sure it'll make it to NZ eventually
02:59 kados or will be somewhere you visit :-)
02:59 chris yep, bound to, ill keep an eye out
03:00 kados we got our first koha with class application today
03:00 chris sweet, that didnt take long :)
03:00 kados MARA University of Technology
03:00 kados Scool of Information Management
03:00 kados so that's myanmar I think
03:01 kados .my ?
03:01 chris malaysia
03:01 kados ahh
03:01 kados right
03:01 kados hehe
03:01 kados that's in your woods :-0
03:02 chris yep, closish :)
03:02 kados pretty cool anyway
03:02 chris apart from you guys, and ID .. any other open source outfits?
03:02 kados nope
03:02 chris just the traditional vendors? what left of them anyway :)
03:02 kados yea
03:03 kados they are huge
03:03 chris yep
03:03 kados I spent friday afternoon talking to the guys setting up the huge booths
03:03 kados most of them were contractors that designed the booths and set them up as a full time job
03:03 kados as contractors
03:03 chris right
03:04 kados they get between 150 and 200K to build one
03:04 chris thats why they have to charge so much for the software
03:04 kados plus 15K per show to set them up abd break them down
03:04 kados yea
03:06 chris and the fulltime salary of conference booth people :)
03:06 kados yea
03:07 chris one of the main comments we always get
03:07 chris is how refreshing it is to be able to talk to people who actually work on the software
03:07 kados yea, normally they are so insulated
03:07 kados we had a developer from serials solutions stop by and essentially say the same thing
03:08 kados apparantly this is the first time in like 2 years he's even spoken to users
03:08 chris right
03:08 chris normally there is about 3 of 4 layers
03:08 chris and i find ppl manning booths actually know very little about their products
03:09 chris they basically read what is on their brochures to you :)
03:10 kados :-)
03:12 chris heh
03:12 kados hey rach
03:12 rach hi ya
03:12 kados hehe
03:12 kados been seriously busy :-)
03:13 kados hehe
03:13 kados do they call the kiwifruit in NZ?
03:13 rach yep
03:13 kados s/the/them/
03:13 kados wow, that's interesting
03:13 rach later
03:14 kados cheers
03:14 kados see you soon actually!
03:15 rach is it thurs or friday?
03:16 kados I think it's the 25th
03:16 kados that I arrive
03:16 chris thursday then
03:16 kados I'll try to send off an email tomorrow with iteniry (sp?)
03:17 kados itinerary
03:17 kados well ... anyway
03:17 chris :)
03:17 kados time for bed apparantly :-)
03:17 chris sleep well

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