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19:22 waylon hiya all.
19:22 waylon Chris, you awake?
19:30 tnb chris: ?
19:38 rch chris: you're a popular guy :)
19:41 tnb ha!
19:41 tnb hi rch
19:42 tnb i'm trying to figure out what we know about the south american koha users
19:42 tnb are their developers actively involved with the rest of the community?  
19:42 tnb do you know anything about that?  ;)
19:51 rch i think some brazilian developer(s) branched around 2.0 and have their own version ?
19:51 rch don't know any details.
19:51 waylon btw.... just love telling people..... i managed to get koha working on a totally free webhost, with no support from them. no virtual host editing... nothing.
19:53 rch waylon: impressive :)
19:53 waylon once i worked out what needed changing... the changes took 30 seconds, due to find and xarg.
19:55 waylon creating the database, and importing my mysql data took abit of time, due to my mysqldump being 5 mb.. and them only allowing a 2mb dump file at once.... that and my database wasn't set up quite right.... so i used koha.mysql to set up,, and got all the insert lines from my dump, for data.
19:55 waylon no shell access.. used phpmysql thing.....
19:56 rch waylon: feel free to write up a mini-howto for inclusion on kohadocs if it'd be useful for others :)
19:57 waylon will do. currently, writing a Koha V.s. Access IT Library comparison.
19:58 waylon is there a list of libaries using Koha somewhere?
19:59 rch
20:01 waylon know anything about Access IT Library software?
20:04 rch no... you're using it currently?
20:04 waylon Theosophical Society of New Zealand are proposing to use it, instead of Koha.
20:13 rch you'll be recommending Koha, I hope?  :)
20:13 waylon Im a Koha nut. Its a religion. Opensource vs. The box of propietary software.
20:13 tnb waylon: there is a much more comprehensive list of Koha users at http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]D=&auth=&code=lwc
20:14 tnb it is a long url, i know ;)
20:14 tnb but it is a U.S. technology guide and if you search under "current automation" Koha
20:14 waylon tnb: umm.... i think the previous link is convincing enough.
20:14 tnb you can pull a more comprehensive list
20:14 waylon think theres over a hunderd libraries eh?
20:14 tnb ok, then :)  never mind :)
20:15 tnb oh, yeah, and we are still finding them and adding them to the list
20:15 tnb soon, we will have a "Koha World Map" in place that will be more comprehensive than the wiki listing
20:19 waylon 126 libraries... cool.
20:20 waylon does it count branches of a library as one library?
20:22 waylon nope... it counts branches as a nother item.
20:22 tnb some branches are listed separately, others are not yet.  But yes, it will count the branches separately if they are listed
20:23 waylon do we have a developers list somewhere?
20:25 tnb the developers mailing list is a good place to start:
20:26 tnb also many of those contacts listed on the users wiki link
20:26 tnb that rch posted are regular developers
20:27 waylon could you highlight which ones are developers, and which ones are just users?
20:27 tnb I'm not a programmer myself ;) so there could be a secret list somewhere i don't know about ;)
20:27 tnb I think someone (like rch if he is still around or chris) would be better equipped to answer that  
20:30 waylon hiya paul!
20:30 tnb paul: hi :)
20:30 tnb i have a quick question for you :)
20:31 waylon 624 seconds to be exact.
20:31 tnb Was wondering what you know about the guys who implemented the South American Koha installationsn
20:31 tnb oh, yeah?  He's been having problems tonight huh?
20:31 tnb or, whatever time of the day it is there :)
20:35 waylon hes been having problems the last couple of days.. sad really. hes really good!
20:40 waylon noticed.... koha has alot of developers, any of which canbe contacted for advice. Access IT Library software, on the other hand, has one contact phone number per country.
20:53 tnb waylon :)  Yes, Koha has a strong community
02:10 manu hello
02:10 dewey niihau, manu
02:10 manu hello
02:10 manu how do u make
02:11 manu Koha windows Virgin not stand Alown
02:12 manu so i can make the intranet so i can use outside the Library
02:13 manu hello is anyone here
02:15 manu ello
02:16 manu hello
02:16 dewey hola, manu
02:16 manu can i have some help
02:16 manu please
06:25 chris hi bruno
06:32 Lea goodmorning #koha
06:37 btoumi hi all
07:16 chris hi lea and bruno
07:17 Lea hi
07:17 dewey privet, Lea
07:18 chris have we talked before lea?
07:18 Lea yes :)
07:18 chris ahh cool, (bad memory :))
07:18 Lea i was moaning about how i, a sysadmin, must know in detail about the marc21 format and how i had to fix vendors poorly exported data :D
07:19 chris ahhh right, that rings a bell
07:19 Lea Looks like we may indeed be going with Koha, although the senior librarian wants to try evergreen too
07:19 Lea my money is on Koha ;)
07:19 chris cool
07:19 chris evergreen is nice, but is designed for seriously huge libraries
07:20 Lea Looks like there may be a couple of features that aren't in koha tho
07:20 Lea stupid little things
07:20 chris be a good opportunity to get them in, thats how Koha grows, people want things that arent there
07:21 Lea yes, thing is, I want any effort to be co-ordinated as I dont want to tread on people's toes nor write something without fitting in to the long-term plan.
07:21 chris sounds good to me
07:22 Lea also, if I'm going to have to write perl again (argh!!!!), then I need to know the effort is going to make a difference
07:22 chris its pretty impossible to tread on our toes :) we are easygoing, but yes it makes sense to not duplicate effort
07:23 Lea the plugins is a good idea, shame i wont be able to hook in python mods :(
07:24 chris why not?
07:24 chris i have some ruby code that plays nice with koha
07:25 Lea ooh. How does the plugin stuff work?
07:25 chris its quite easy for koha 3
07:25 Lea svn?
07:25 chris and the dev_week koha
07:25 chris the contribs site?
07:26 Lea no i mean, is Koha 3 right now the same as koha svn
07:26 chris rel_3 yep (cvs, not svn yet until savannah supports svn)
07:27 Lea ie, is it worth me installing svn rather than 2.2.7
07:27 chris not sure how hard that would be, but you could check out the dev_week cvs branch
07:27 chris it works with zebra
07:27 Lea ok. Are you saying that extending 2.2.7 with python will be very hard but not with the cvs version?
07:28 chris and is production in a couple of libraries, what will become 3.0 is in production in bruno's library
07:28 Lea ah ok, it's that stable? Excellent
07:28 chris what makes it easier
07:28 chris is zebra
07:29 chris so koha use Net::Zoom
07:29 chris you could you ruby_zoom
07:29 Lea ah, i see, is zebra like a backend that koha sits on, so plugins talk to zebra rather than koha?
07:29 chris or if there is python zoom (z3950) module
07:29 chris thats right
07:30 Lea excellent! But what about things like holidays, general prefs, extending the UI?
07:30 Lea that doesn't go through zebra right?
07:30 chris nope
07:30 chris but any language that can talk to a rdbms
07:30 chris can do that :)
07:30 chris its all in mysql (or whatever db)
07:31 Lea right, ok, I appologise for the noob questions, but am I right in thinking that the perl code is just front end stuff, hooking in to mysql to save prefs and hooking into zebra for searches? Perl is just a presentation layer?
07:32 chris well it does a bunch of logic too, but most of that logic is formulating sql queries and/or (from 2.4 onwards) zebra calls
07:32 chris and then handling the results
07:32 Lea of course.
07:32 Lea so how do the plugins fit in?
07:33 chris the only plugins we have now, are for use in the MARC editor
07:33 chris i thought you were talking about
07:33 Lea i mean, how (technically) do they fit in?
07:34 Lea yeah, i am :)
07:34 chris however you want them to
07:34 chris ie, contribs is for user contributed code
07:34 chris it can interface with Koha in whatever way the author sees fit
07:35 chris so ull see there, there is some perl, some php
07:35 chris a whooping pile of javascript
07:35 chris (the libx toolbar down the bottom(
07:35 Lea ok, so these extensions are simply isolated bits of code that somehow get called from Koha?
07:36 Lea it's that hooking in that eludes me
07:36 chris <a href="some bit of code"> :)
07:37 chris its just a big web site really
07:37 chris (Koha that is)
07:37 Lea right ok, so scripts would be run via http.
07:37 chris yep
07:37 Lea so, you'd need mod_<yourlang> installed
07:37 chris hmm not if you ran them as a cgi
07:38 Lea weird, I'd never even thought of that. mod_* must have benefits. Speed?
07:38 chris yep, persistance and speed
07:39 chris ie you can use persistent database caching etc
07:39 Lea hmm.. forking an interpreter can't be nice :)
07:39 chris but you can just do it the old fashioned way
07:39 chris as cgi
07:39 Lea ok, sounds good
07:39 chris the other thing people might want to write
07:40 chris is a nicer script (more exstensible) for calculating overdues/fines
07:40 Lea presumably, in perl, can you call the cgi and capture the output, so you can format the results inside the webpage, rather than have the script generate the html?
07:40 chris yeah
07:40 Lea good :)
07:40 chris we use HTML::Template
07:41 Lea ok. Something I need to write is an easy way to add random closed days so they dont affect lates
07:41 chris ahh been done :)
07:41 Lea really?
07:41 Lea damnit, where can i get this info? :)
07:41 chris yep, mason is in the process of committing it to rel_2_2
07:42 chris but its in rel_3_0
07:42 chris 2 secs
07:42 Lea ok, cool! :) I'm waiting for the senior librarian to send me a report on what appears to be missing from Koha or what needs changing, so once i get that i can get to work.
07:43 Lea afk
07:44 chris ok, i have to go to bed nearly midnight here
07:45 chris ill catch ya later
07:47 Lea whoah!
07:47 Lea ok, thanks Chris! :)
07:54 waylon hello all!
08:13 Lea hi!
08:13 waylon ah.. a new developer?
08:13 Lea am i the only one who gets apache hassles? :(
08:14 waylon whatsyour hassles?
08:14 Lea ho waylon, er... kinda. Just testing the system right now but I'll be coding some stuff for sure if we go for it
08:14 Lea *hi :/
08:14 Lea hassles is that apache doesn't seem to like the /cgi-bin/koha script alias
08:15 waylon got the alias module loaded?
08:16 Lea good point ;) not only is it not loaded, doesn't look like it's installed!
08:17 Lea hey! It's before my 4th coffee, what do you expect? ;)
08:17 Lea I'd love if koha used the same perl module that webmin did
08:18 waylon Had to deal with a free webhost who couldn't be bothered adding a few lines to httpd.conf.
08:18 Lea heh
08:18 waylon did a find - xarg line to add use lib's, and had a real cgi-bin/koha directory... intranet works so far..
08:19 Lea cool
08:19 waylon should be in the apache2/modules directory.
08:20 waylon never installed alias module under linux yet.
08:21 Lea nope nothing. However, checking some apache2 tutorials (WRT ubuntu) don't mention installing mod_alias
08:22 waylon[…]od/mod_alias.html
08:24 waylon[…]installapache.htm
08:28 Lea yes, mod_alias is compiled in on the ubuntu version, so it's not that... hm...
08:29 Lea apache2 -l is my friend :)
08:30 waylon okay. im a fraid i gotta go to sleep. goodto have ya around, Lea.
08:31 Lea take care
08:31 Lea tthanks

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