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11:57 kados hey jbrice
11:57 kados jbrice: are you at ala?
14:47 tnb alaurin: where is ouestprovence catalog located? (url)
14:47 tnb I am putting together a list of Koha opacs for a technology guide
14:48 tnb and would like to include it
14:48 tnb :)
14:48 alaurin hi tnb
14:48 alaurin at this time our koha is not accessible on internet ...
14:48 alaurin only in intranet ....
14:50 alaurin so,tnb,  if you want , i'll can send u an url, in march or april,
14:55 tnb oh, ok.  sounds good :)  Does the library itself have a url (library website) ?
15:01 alaurin not yet, ;-) , it will be in the same period ....
15:02 alaurin so u'll have both in the same time ....
15:03 alaurin see u later
15:25 johnb Kados:  No I did not go to midwinter
16:58 waylon hey all
18:43 waylon hey there thd.
18:43 thd hello waylon
18:44 thd waylon: what happened to gengi?
19:51 waylon thd: eh? figured..everyone elseis using their names.. why not me?
19:52 waylon we still on 60+ developers?
19:52 thd I am not using mine :)
19:54 thd waylon: do you mean in the whole history of time having committed at least one line of code?
19:55 waylon hrm... i suppose so. ones that if contacted, might say they might have time to do something.
19:57 waylon how many do you think that would be?
20:09 waylon hrmm.. damn kol.
20:47 waylon hiya rach. got a minute for some katipo/koha questions?
21:00 russ hi waylon - rach is at lunch
21:00 waylon ahh okay. Russ, you able to answer katipo questions?
21:00 russ possibly - but not in #koha
21:02 russ sure
21:03 russ sure waylon that is fine
22:52 waylon paul.. you okay?
23:13 thd waylon: in the most liberal terms the number of people who might do something if they had time may be 60 but I think that there are seldom more than 3-4 people working on Koha code at any one time and often there is only 1 or 2 people.  I have most recently been working on Python code for some possible future version of Koha with Zope extensions.
23:14 chris hmmm id go a bit higher than that
23:14 chris theres 3 of us at katipo who work on koha code regularly
23:15 thd chris: you were the source of my original understanding that Koha had 1.5 full time developers.
23:15 chris that was quite a long time ago
23:15 chris there are now paul, antione and hdl
23:15 chris bruno and arnaud
23:16 chris ryan joshua, and whoever else at liblime
23:16 chris ryan,joshua
23:16 russ tumer et al
23:16 chris and bob, mason and I
23:16 chris plus tumer
23:16 chris its hard to pin down,... id guess 5-10 at any given time
23:17 thd chris: except for brief stints paul and Joshua claim not to have time to work on Koha code
23:18 chris i see work from them at regular intervals
23:20 thd chris: my presumption was that most developer activity was devoted to user migrations and bug fix requests which only occasionally led to new features.
23:20 chris nope
23:21 chris most is actually new features
23:21 chris its harder to get ppl to work on bugfixing than new features :)
23:22 thd chris: I ma pleased to know that much more is being done now.  I have too much influence of my perspective from kados complaining that he never has enough time to work on new and improved features.
23:23 chris no one ever has enough time
23:23 chris but there are tons and tons of new features in both dev_week and rel_3_0
23:23 chris plus a few in rel_2_2 (serials, and holidays module)
23:24 thd chris: maybe kados would still complain about not having enough time even if he did not have to support his user base :)
23:24 chris theres so many possibilities, that having the time to do them all will always be a problem :)
23:24 chris thats why 7 years ago i started writing
23:26 thd chis: I thought that was one of Damian Conway's secret Perl modules
23:27 waylon Chris.. got time for some katipo/koha questions?
23:27 chris i can answer koha ones here, not katipo ones tho :)
23:28 chris sure
01:38 waylon_ okay... how do I join the savvannah koha group? there seems no apparent "Join this group" button.
02:18 thd waylon: do you have a Savannah account?
02:19 thd waylon_: do you have a Savannah account?
02:32 waylon_ yes
02:32 waylon_ genji is my username
02:33 waylon_ im logged in.. and theres no 'join this group' button.
02:34 waylon_ ahh.. 'request for inclusion' sent.
05:12 js hi
06:37 Lea hi
06:37 dewey hola, Lea
06:38 Lea hi dewey! :)

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