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16:10 tnb shedges: hey what's going on with you? :)
16:11 shedges hey tnb, how are you
16:12 shedges you don't get to go to NZ?
16:34 tnb well, i could have gone to NZ, but I don't think I could sit still for that long on a plane ;)  I'm working up to that long of a plane ride :)
16:35 shedges I quite agree
16:35 tnb josh just finished boothing at ALA Midwinter
16:35 shedges I wanted to drive to Code4Lib, but Cheryl made me buy a plane ticket
16:35 tnb apparently, the booth was packed and we could have easily handled a much larger space
16:36 tnb :)
16:36 shedges cool
16:36 tnb i don't like sitting in cars either :)  
16:36 tnb would probably take planes over cars :)
16:36 tnb ru going to Code4Lib this year?
16:36 shedges have you seen Micheal Stephen's blog where he predicts (for 2007) that Koha will buy Innovaive?
16:36 shedges Innovative
16:36 tnb what??!
16:36 shedges new product to be called Kove
16:36 tnb you are joking, i am sure
16:37 shedges I'll find the link,just a sec
16:37 tnb really?
16:37 kados hey shedges
16:37 shedges hey kados!
16:38 shedges BTW, I hear Owen has a new baby
16:38 kados wow, already!
16:38 shedges yesterday, I think
16:38 kados boy or girl?
16:38 shedges went home today, if I got it right
16:39 shedges boy -- Thatcher Felix
16:39 tnb that's creative, i like that name
16:40 kados very cool
16:40 shedges I'm guessing we get a web page of pics sometime tomorrow
16:41 kados yea, prolly
16:45 kados shedges: seen this?[…]d=07/01/10/167250
16:45 dewey I haven't seen 'this', kados
16:45 shedges very cool!!
16:46 kados there's also a new initiative that LibLime launched on Saturday (press release at ALA) called Koha with Class
16:46 kados[…]-koha-with-class/
16:46 shedges seen this?[…]photos/364168730/
16:46 dewey I haven't seen 'this', shedges
16:46 kados we're giving out free hosted koha systems to library school classrooms
16:46 kados hehe, no I hadn't
16:46 shedges ha!  Taking a page from the old Apple playbook!!
16:46 shedges I like it
16:46 kados hehe
16:47 kados Kove eh?
16:47 kados not a bad name :-)
16:47 kados well business has been good, but not _that_ good ;-)
16:48 shedges You'd have to be Fort Knox to buy Innovative
16:48 shedges assuming you'd want them...
16:48 kados yea, seriously
16:49 shedges Hey, you got IU involved in Koha-with-Class
16:49 shedges nice!!
16:50 kados yea, at least 5 others have signed up over the weekend
16:51 kados some big names too
16:51 shedges IU's pretty big!!
16:51 kados :-)
22:47 waylon hiya!
22:47 waylon hmm.. Rach isn't in...
22:48 waylon russ, you available?
22:49 russ ah for about 5, maybe 10 mins
22:50 russ how are you today waylon
22:50 russ ?
22:50 waylon thats all ill need.
22:50 waylon good good
22:50 waylon msg ok?
22:50 russ sure
23:30 waylon Gone for a bit. Time to call the opposition.
23:44 waylon_ okay, back.... hrm... havta email Access IT with details, to get a quote....
00:07 waylon_ quote request awwwaaaaayyyy.
05:12 waylon_ heya y'all
07:16 waylon_ paul? you alive?
07:16 _paul yep
07:16 _paul but a lot of wind, my connexion is very very unstable...
07:16 waylon_ welcome back! you've been having trouble.. yup.
07:16 waylon_ Wind?
07:16 waylon_ where?
07:16 _paul in Marseille
07:17 waylon_ your on wireless?
07:17 paul nope.
07:17 waylon_ how does wind effect your connection then?
07:17 paul but i'm in a old & rich part of Marseille, with external (not underground) phone cables.
07:18 waylon_ oh!
07:18 paul thus, unstable when windy !
07:18 waylon_ Right.. not good.
07:18 paul (rich => large houses)
07:18 waylon_ one would of imagined that the rich would have underground cables.
07:18 paul (thus i'm almost 4km from the france Telecom hub. unstable AND poor)
07:18 paul nope, because it has been one of the 1st area in Marseille with phone
07:19 paul and ythus, it's old installation.
07:22 waylon_ anyway, been tryingto get TortiseCVS to work.... im going to be getting into committing updates.

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