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12:27 cm rch, hi!  Your holidays update is working for me.  Thanks!
12:27 cm I found one small bug, though--if there's an apostrophe in the description, it doesn't write to the database.
12:28 paul hi cm.
12:33 cm hi paul.  How is Marseille?
12:33 paul very very very windy
12:33 paul although sunny.
12:34 paul Marseille wind is famous. It's called "le mistral"
12:34 cm ah, sunny would be nice.
15:17 rch hi cm
16:25 tnb chris: hi :)
16:25 tnb take good care of Josh :)
16:53 russ hi guys
16:54 rch hey russ  (and goodmorning, NZ)
16:55 russ hi rch
16:55 mason hey ryan
16:58 rch cool
16:58 rch just for curiosity\
16:58 rch when's the best time of year to visit NZ?
16:59 russ hmm
16:59 russ depends what you are into
16:59 russ if you want nice settled sunny weather anytime from now into April
16:59 russ if you want to go skiing and do winter stuff August/Sept
17:00 russ Feb is becoming the hottest month with the best weather
17:00 rch you have good skiing? (snowboarding for me)
17:01 russ the southern alps are bigger than the french, swiss and italian alps combined
17:02 mason i didnt know that !
17:02 rch hmm... looks like my visit will be in August :)
17:02 russ we dont get the really dry powder like utah
17:02 mason and less crowded too
17:02 russ think more like the mtns around seattle, and vancouver
17:03 russ the mountains are close to the see, so the snow can get quite heavy
17:03 russ mind you i ski and board on an active volcano most of the time
17:03 russ
17:05 rch nice!
17:24 rch cm: i've verified those bugs;
17:25 rch same prob on rel_3_0.
17:25 rch worse yet, a carriage return in description field pretty much breaks the whole thing!
17:32 waylon_ yay... cvs checking out koha using TortiseCVS.
17:50 rch hi mason
17:51 mason heya
17:52 rch you have a test instance with the holidays stuff up?>
17:53 mason yarsh
17:53 rch can you create a single holiday with a newline in the description?
17:53 mason ok...
17:54 rch (i haven't tested on the new rel_2 commits, but it's broken in dev_week)
17:54 rch and seemingly rel_3)
17:55 mason yes, it seems to be glitchy here too
17:55 mason the calndar doesnt display for that branch now
17:56 rch right
17:56 mason same with u?
17:56 rch a javascript problem.
17:56 rch yep.
17:56 rch i fixed the apostrophe problem, but that's a big one, too.
17:57 rch thx - just wanted to make sure it wasn't fixed elsewhere.
17:57 mason ah, i hadnt thought about input string checking for the descroiption
17:58 rch ( deleting offending line from mysql table fixes it, btw)
18:00 mason ah, so it does
18:18 cm hi rch.  sorry, I wasn't paying attention to the irc.   :)
18:18 si hmm
18:18 rch hey cm
18:18 cm hey.
18:20 rch I'll take a further look at the bugs later today.
18:20 cm wow, i just tried a holiday with a carriage return.
18:20 cm you weren't kidding!
18:20 rch (oops)
18:20 cm aah, bugs happen.
18:21 rch That one seems to be a javascript problem.
18:22 cm at least deleting it from the db brings it back.
18:22 mason or setting the description value to '', for that row too
18:23 rch cm: you have only one set of issuing rules, right?
18:23 cm you mean for one library?
18:24 cm we have a set for each library, if that's what you mean.
18:24 rch so do you have branches set up?  
18:25 cm yep.
18:25 rch have you tested fines against different branch issuingrules?
18:26 cm kyle's been working on a script to calculate them.  right now we're using Joshua's copy of
18:27 cm as far as I know they're working correctly, but we only have materials for one branch in there right now.
18:29 rch hm.  i think neither rel_2_2 nor the new rel_3 fines calculation really deals with branches properly.
18:30 cm right now the default is set to Meadville's, so I probably wouldn't notice if it wasn't dealing with them properly.
18:30 rch i have some commits to make tonight for calculation and display of fines,
18:30 cm I think Kyle's should, though.  
18:30 cm cool.
18:31 rch kyle is doing them outside Koha (with php)?
18:31 cm yeah.  he loves his php.  :)
18:32 rch :)
18:32 cm i pointed out the calendar perl modules to him, though.  he said it was possible to use those w/ php.
18:32 rch okay, so my stuff may not be so useful for you.
18:32 cm it might be.
18:36 waylon_ Hmm... cvs checkouts of koha take ages, on dialup.
18:37 rch cm: well, have a look; I don't think it should interfere with anything else you might do
18:38 cm okay, sounds good.
18:51 jbrice nicj /johnb
18:57 johnb Russ:  Iam back on main
18:58 russ cool - click on my name, it should highlight it
18:58 russ and then hit the op button
18:58 russ[…]versation10_2.png
18:58 russ[…]versation10_4.png
18:59 russ you might have to enable advanced window layout
18:59 johnb This version is not popping up the menu
18:59 johnb Ah give me a sec
19:01 russ kl
19:01 russ oops
19:05 johnb OK now I get the message that I am not channel operator
19:06 russ ah right
19:06 russ oh dear nevermind
19:06 johnb Russ:  Have a good day
19:06 russ you too
20:04 waylon_ huh? have i downloaded the wrong koha? wheres acqui.simple?
20:42 waylon_ russ.. know anything about my problem? The case of the missing acqui.simple?
20:43 russ nope sorry
20:44 mason what branch did you grab waylon?
20:44 waylon_ err... don't know.
20:44 mason you did a 'cvs co koha'  ?
20:44 waylon_ ya.
20:45 mason coz it seems to be there
20:45 mason[…]s/koha/?root=koha
20:45 waylon_ im there.. but all the old acqui.simple stuff is moved into the attics....
20:45 mason ah, files i the dir are moved
20:46 waylon_ but... 2.2.6 had acqui.simple still active..
20:46 mason sure
20:46 waylon_ root=koha is equiv to 3.0?
20:46 mason yep
20:47 waylon_ so.. how do i develop 2.2.7 instead?
20:47 mason 'cvs co -r rel_2_2 koha' should do it
20:47 mason that should get you the latest 2.2.x stuff, which is 2.2.7
20:48 mason hows that dial-up going :)
20:48 waylon_ after dling the wrong branch..... i hate it.
20:49 mason yep, get it ticking then get some lunch
20:50 waylon_ had lunch. hrm. okay.. im working with TortiseCVS..... my module line should be -r rel_2_2 koha ?
20:51 waylon_ ahh.. its a branch/tag name. got it.
20:51 mason cool, me doesnt know tortoiseCVS :(
20:52 waylon_ its a cool windows cvs app, that intergrates with explorer.
20:53 waylon_ yup.. got the right branch this time. koha's root dir has more files down.
20:55 waylon_ okay.. back to my paid work.
05:14 js hi
05:26 btoumi paul est tu la?
10:30 Tuxmouraille bonjour tout le monde. je cherche quelqu'un qui connaisse Koha en Lot et Garonne.
10:30 paul hello Tuxmouraille
10:31 Tuxmouraille pardon quelqu'un en Lot et Garonne qui connaisse Koha.
10:31 Tuxmouraille salut paul.
10:31 paul vous pouvez venir sur le chanel #koha-fr
10:51 Lea hi people :)

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