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11:29 Lea anyone awake? :)
11:30 paul Lea: in france, yes
11:32 Lea hi paul.
11:32 Lea Do you know if addingbooks to koha can be made simpler? MARC21 editing is very daunting for people coming from a simple (rubbish) windows system.
11:33 paul HideMarc=On in sytempreferences + a small framework is a good 1st start
11:33 Lea small framework?
11:33 paul HideMarc will hide MARC specific code & features like reordering
11:33 paul then, in cataloguing framework, you can define only 10-20 fields that you want to use
11:34 paul you don't have to use the complete marc21 framework !
11:34 paul (fortunatly)
11:41 Lea right, let me get this right, you tell koha which fields you want to use?
11:41 Lea (BTW: Thanks for your time :)
11:42 paul which MARC field you want to use, yes
11:42 paul 83
12:03 Lea excellent, sounds like just what i need. Tried setting up evergreen. What a nightmare. I'm giving up on it and now it's koha all the way!
12:04 paul evergeen is for very large consortiums, not for single branch libraries
12:04 paul (or small consortiums)
12:06 Lea well, we have 5 branches spread out geographically
12:06 Lea i need to restart gaim. Bbiab
12:07 paul koha largest libraries have 10 branches
12:52 Lea paul, I've set the hide mark flag. Is there any documentation on how to build up a small framework?
12:54 paul Lea: don't use the "hide" flag, use the "Ignore" in tab list
12:54 paul hide means you manage the marc field, but you don't show it
12:54 paul ignore in the tab list means you completly ignore the field
12:55 paul I have some libraries that have frameworks for website that contains just 3 fields :
12:55 paul - site name
12:55 paul - url
12:55 paul - keywords
13:32 Lea paul: thanks
13:33 Lea which tab list is that paul? soory :)
13:34 paul when you edit a subfield, you can choose in which tab the subfield appear
13:34 paul (between 0 and 10, 10 being writte 'items')
13:35 paul you also have the value "ignore".
13:35 paul meaning you ignore this subfield in this framework.
13:57 thd Lea: have you seen the context sensitive help in the frameworks editor?
13:57 Lea oh ok. i didn't see that
13:57 Lea thd: no i didnt! is it there?
13:57 paul do you use default or npl theme ?
13:58 paul default => HELP button, on top right
13:58 paul NPL => [?] on top right too
13:59 thd Lea: each screen has a different help file or none at all.
14:07 thd paul: I assume the code which pierrick intended to write to capture updated help files from a special help file location in the wiki was never written.
14:07 paul thd+++
14:08 Lea ah just seen it. how stupid of me. :) I've been trying the z39.50 searches. Looks good, hover I'm getting: Premature end of script headers: Any ideas? Thanks guys...
14:08 Lea *however
14:10 Lea hmm.. that's interesting... there are z39.50 options files in both the cgi-bin directory and intranet/scripts/z3950
14:10 paul which version do you use ?
14:10 thd paul: do you remember about pierrick's scheme to have the help file updating from the wiki?
14:12 Lea 2.2.7
14:15 paul so, the scripts in scripts/z3950 are now useless
14:15 thd paul: are they still part of a new installation?
14:16 Lea ok, so i concentrate on the cgi-bin directory?
14:16 paul thd : i thought no, but maybe some things remains
14:16 paul Lea: yep
14:19 thd Lea: you have the easier version for Z39.50 access but I have no practical experience debugging Zoom connections in the new version.
14:20 Lea is there a doc on how to setup this? i'm kinda guessing atm
14:21 thd Lea: i assume that you configured a known good target database for the connection
14:23 Lea yes i have
14:24 thd Lea what errors are reported in the error log?
14:25 Lea premeture end of script headers
14:25 Lea i have a feeling its a broken server
14:25 Lea is there a known one you guys use for testing?
14:26 Lea there is one on the docs screenshot :)
14:27 thd Lea: the testing installations of Koha do not have Z39.50 services enabled unless you are considering contracting support services and have your own special testing installation.
14:28 Lea heh, guess not
14:29 thd Lea: Are there any error messages appearing before the premature end of script headers message?
14:32 Lea nope - there was about a css file, but i fixed that (intranet-main.css needs to be intranet.css - i made a softlink)
14:33 Lea i have an idea
14:41 Lea strace no help :(
14:42 Lea Connect failed (10000)
14:42 Lea that'll be it
14:48 Lea it's a routing problem. Ok, i have to go. Thanks for your time once again! :)
15:00 tumer hdl:around?
16:13 cm hi, rch
16:13 cm i just tested your fixes for apostrophes & carriage returns..nice!
16:16 rch hey cm
16:16 rch so it should be working as expected for return date calculation
16:17 rch i didn't get a chance to finish up the fines stuff.
16:18 cm yep.  
16:18 rch the rel_3_0 fines calculation does take holidays into consideration... but i'm not sure it's what most would want.
16:18 cm interesting.
16:18 rch if a library is closed one day per week, and an item is three weeks overdue,
16:18 rch how many days should they be charged?
16:19 rch (for you)?
16:19 cm btw,  i found that you can delete special holidays but not repeatable holidays.
16:19 rch ah, i forgot to look at the deletion.
16:19 cm they should be charged for every open day since the due date, minus the grace period.
16:21 rch ah, okay- good for you.
16:21 cm cool.  :)
16:22 rch the library I'm working on only wants to not charge if the item was returned on a closed day.
16:22 rch otherwise, they get charged.
16:23 cm hmm...more complicated!
17:02 rch cm: btw, I will commit the holidays-aware fines code this weekend.
18:13 cm rch: great, I'm looking forward to trying it. :)
18:29 tnb chris?
18:29 dewey chris is now too
18:30 chris heya tina
18:30 tnb hi chris
18:30 kados hi all
18:30 kados :-)
18:31 tnb chris: i'm gonna private message ;you, this will be boring for the rest
18:31 tnb kados: hi :)
18:31 tnb i sent you some emails :)
19:10 waylon_ hiya all
19:11 mason heya waylon
19:14 waylon_ err... is it necessary to cvs -z3 update -d cvsroot -r rel_2_2 or does it already know that its rel_2_2?
19:20 waylon_ whats the XXX mean in
19:20 mason nah it already knows
19:20 waylon_ huh? how?
19:20 waylon_ wait... your talking about cvs? ya..
19:20 waylon_ foundthat out.
19:20 mason yep
19:21 waylon_ but what about and
19:22 waylon_ paul... and what do they do, and why is got lines commented out? (rel_2_2)
19:23 mason pass
19:24 waylon_ hmm... interesting new makefile..
19:24 mason i guess the installer fills in the needed values...
19:26 mason hasnt been updated in 4 years, its poss. not used anymore
19:27 waylon_ k, im just going to point my current installation towards the cvs dir.
19:27 mason yep
19:28 waylon_ after i do my dishes. :)
19:28 waylon_ else they'll never get done.
19:28 mason just symlink yr cgi-bin, htdocs and modules/c4 dirs to yr CVS checkout
19:29 waylon_ could also edit the koha.conf in my /etc to point to it as well.
19:30 mason ha, yes thats alot easier, ive been doing it the symlink way
20:36 waylon_ okay.. back in a bit. gotta get a mic. Boss wants to skype.
22:44 waylon_ hiya all
22:44 waylon_ microphone brought... skype works well over dialup.. im impresseed.
23:30 waylon_ okay.. 2.2.7 cvs dl... items.barcode searching doesn't seem to be working.
23:32 waylon_ no such tagsubfield as 'items.barcode' yet, its looking for it.
23:33 waylon_ wait... am i using the right ... oh... hmm... one moment.
02:13 waylon hmm..... still getting that "different ip" problem in 2.2.7... and still can't search for barcodes.
02:14 waylon hrm.. error in mysql syntax...
02:49 waylon was linked to my different ip problem.
02:49 waylon but SearchMarc is searching for barcodes in marc_word, using tagsubfield of 'items.barcode'....
03:28 mason nice spotting
03:29 waylon okay.. is there somewhere in code, where a frameworkcode is stored in parameters as THE framework code to use for everything?
03:31 waylon idea, use Marc_find_marc_from_kohafield ... to find the marc for items.barcode ... but of course, I have a frameworkcode of 1 for all my marc.
03:31 waylon so i can use, and other migration code.
03:31 waylon since frameworkcode is a 'not null' field.
03:32 waylon '' eq null ya?
03:47 waylon mason, you working on the items.barcode problem?
03:58 waylon okay.... seems to be no way to select a framework as the framework for things.. some code even triggers other code, with '' as the framework number, instead of $frameworkcode.
04:08 waylon Love the easy parameter setting of System preferences.
04:14 waylon thats curious...
04:15 waylon all the search fields in search.marc return old-db fields...
04:17 waylon probably because default/en is old?
04:19 waylon nope... npl template has the same problem....
04:19 waylon hmmm....
04:24 waylon for some reason, 245a - Title returned the entire 245 series, 246 series and 242 series.... wierd.
05:03 waylon hey btoumi
05:03 btoumi hi waylon
05:09 waylon err.... found an inconsistancy..... in rel_2_2, NEWmodbiblio calls MARCmodbiblio, with a $delete of 0.... in MARCmodbiblio.. there is no usage of $delete, other than defining it. in other words... things get deleted...
05:15 _paul hi rch
05:15 _paul (or sleeping & you're an autologin ?)
05:16 rch hi paul
05:16 _paul so you're not sleeping...
05:16 rch no, i'm the real thing :)
05:16 waylon_ paul! calm day?
05:16 _paul yep, no more wind & sunny
05:16 waylon_ err.... found an inconsistancy..... in rel_2_2, NEWmodbiblio calls MARCmodbiblio, with a $delete of 0.... in MARCmodbiblio.. there is no usage of $delete, other than defining it. in other words... things get deleted...
05:17 waylon_ your comment, paul?
05:17 paul my comment is : maybe you're right, could you fill a bug (BLO probably) on bugzilla ?
05:17 rch paul: we'd be interested in seeing the list (even if it's in french)
05:18 paul which mail address rch ?
05:18 rch
05:18 rch paul: have a moment for an acqui question?
05:18 paul yep
05:19 rch I haven't updated dev_week with any recent rel_3 commits...
05:19 rch but I am able to add parts of an order to multiple parcels.
05:19 rch which changes 'booksellerid' (iirc) for the parcel
05:20 paul since 2 days, I work on rel_3 with Opera : i didn't notice any problem yet...
05:20 waylon_ instead of $frameworkcode = '' unless $frameworkcode;
05:20 rch so you don't see any orders showing up in 'the wrong parcels'?
05:21 paul did you noticed that i fixed MANY things in acquisitions since 2 days ?
05:21 rch i saw a bunch of commits, but no comments looked relevant to this particular problem
05:22 paul let me rewrite what you try :
05:22 paul - you have a basket with 2 lines
05:22 paul - you receive 1 line incompletly in parcel B
05:22 waylon_ huh.... in bugzilla... the version field doesn't have the words "rel_2_2" ... what do i set it as?
05:22 paul - you receive the end of the line in parcel A
05:23 paul - and ???
05:23 rch correct
05:23 rch i have reports that things get funny then.
05:24 waylon_ paul?
05:24 dewey paul is preparing to issue a release while the NPL templates are not working for the record editor now.
05:24 paul rch : and what happends ? all the line is affected to parcel A ?
05:24 rch since the parcel seems to want to be associated with an order.
05:24 rch yes, i believe so.
05:24 rch waylon_: branch2.2
05:25 rch paul: i can test some more tomorrow
05:26 paul mmm... that would be a weird bug. since koha 1.x, there is a limit to partial recieves, that makes all the recieve affected to the last parcel, (if you recieve 1 item in parcel B, then the 2nd one in parcel C, you see 2in parcel C and nothing in B, but that's not what you describe)
05:26 waylon_ is MARCmodbiblio a MARC thing, or a Database thing?
05:26 paul waylon_: it's a DB thing
05:27 rch paul: ah, i see, so there is a known discrepancy from what one would expect?
05:28 paul yes, this is due to a DB schema limitation : a given order has one (and only 1) parcel code attached
05:28 paul thus, impossible to have 2 ;-)
05:28 rch right, that's what i thought from looking at the db.
05:28 rch so i'm not going crazy :)
05:28 waylon_ bug submitted.
05:29 rch okay, this must be the problem.... I'll just have to convince the user to not be surprised :)
05:31 waylon_ do you know how difficult that is? users always want it their way.
05:32 waylon_ .. and so they should have it... since, they're going to be data entering.. and not me. :)
05:33 rch yes, i'd call you lucky :)
05:33 rch thanks, paul
05:33 paul your welcome.
05:34 paul how were things for joshua at ALA ?
05:34 waylon_ uhh.. ive been a data enterer... and its probably because i was too slow, that the library's ex-president has lost interest in koha.
05:34 rch I hear they went very well.
05:34 rch lots of activity at our booth
05:37 waylon_ in rel_2_2 now has currentframework implemented.
05:39 waylon_ is there any reason why a library would use two frameworks at the same time?
05:39 paul for the same biblio ? no
05:39 paul otherwise yes.
05:39 paul I have libraries that have 8 frameworks !
05:40 paul one for monographies, one for serials, 1 for articles, 1 for websites,...
05:41 paul the default ('') one contains them. Even with different frameworks, the title is always in the same MARC subfield.
05:42 paul (in fact, there is a DB schema mistake here too -and i'm responsible for this one-) : the link koha <=> MARC could/should not have been at framework level
05:44 waylon_ k... why am i implementing a default framework pref again?
05:45 paul ??? (don't understand what you mean)
05:46 waylon_ complained that it wasn't allowed to addbiblio with a null frameworkcode.
05:46 paul NULL is <> ''
05:46 waylon_ oh? ...........
05:47 paul yep, in mySQL (and most SQL DB afaik), NULL means "nothing" where '' means "empty"
05:47 paul which are different
05:48 waylon_ how is it that the '' framework contains all frameworks?
06:01 waylon_ why does each quicksearch field search so many marc subfields?
06:02 waylon_ searching for title searches marc subfields ' ('245a','245b','245f','245g','245k','24​5n','245p','245s','245h','246i','246a',​'246b','246f','246g','246n','246p','246​h','242a','242b','242n','242p','242h'
06:05 waylon_ haha... my barcode search problem was caused by me...
06:05 waylon_ but... if i didn't do all of this... i wouldn't understand marc as much as i do now.
06:06 waylon_ This is a happy mistake.
06:32 waylon_ wierdness... kohafield in subfield_structure only has 245a, yet it adds all those other tags.
06:36 waylon_ ah.
06:36 waylon_ Seealso..
06:37 waylon_ not sure if some ofthem make sense....
06:40 waylon_ okay.. im done for the day. tired.
06:40 paul bye waylon_
06:41 paul sweet night
06:41 waylon yup.

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