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19:30 thd kados: have you sorted all you commas and semicolons?
19:53 qiqo hi
19:54 qiqo anybody home?
21:20 qiqo helloo
21:33 thd hello qiqo
21:41 qiqo hi thd
21:41 thd hello
21:41 qiqo i was wondering why the labeling feature is not available in 2.2.6RC2
21:42 qiqo i always encounter a 500 error
21:42 thd qiqo: do you mean spine labels?
21:43 qiqo yes
21:43 qiqo i really dont know what the problem is
21:43 thd qiqo: do you mean you find it in rel_2_2 but it is not working?
21:44 thd qiqo: what does the error log show?
21:44 qiqo [Thu Aug 31 01:16:52 2006] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:
21:44 qiqo its in 2.2.6RC2
21:44 qiqo and also with the cvs
21:45 thd qiqo: do you have any errors before that?
21:45 qiqo nope. nothing
21:46 thd qiqo: that has too many possible sources of error
21:48 thd qiqo: try turning on use strict and warnings in the Perl file. They are most likely commented out.
21:51 qiqo er,,
21:52 qiqo how is that
21:52 qiqo the script only contains 55 linues
21:52 qiqo lines
21:52 qiqo then nothing is commented out
21:53 qiqo and it doesnt have notes
21:53 thd qiqo: where is it located in CVS?
21:53 thd what directory?
21:56 qiqo barcodes i think
21:57 qiqo yes its at the barcodes directory on cvs
22:01 thd qiqo: add a use warnings; line at line 4
22:04 thd qiqo: then run the script again and check the error log again for possible source of problems
22:05 qiqo [Thu Aug 31 03:05:13 2006] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:
22:05 qiqo still that erro
22:05 thd and nothing else?
22:06 qiqo yup
22:06 qiqo geez its a bit frustrating, there are no comments in the file, i just solved my barcode problem because i read the comments
22:07 thd qiqo: I had actually thought there was a problem with the labels but kados was planning to fix it after he had finished his current migration from 2.2X to 2.4
22:08 qiqo ermm ok.. so why does liblime's label-spine printing working?
22:08 qiqo 2.4 is available?
22:09 thd qiqo: no that is the problem
22:09 thd qiqo: kados is working on it
22:10 thd qiqo: maybe when you fixed barcode printing you created a problem for the labels
22:10 qiqo nope
22:10 qiqo before i fixed the barcode i already had this problem
22:11 thd qiqo: what version of koha is reported as running on the LibLime system where this is working?
22:12 qiqo 2.2.6
22:14 qiqo is 2.2.6 available?
22:14 qiqo i thought it was just 2.2.6RC2
22:15 thd qiqo: I do not believe the RC displays so that is likely what it is
22:17 qiqo ok
22:18 thd qiqo: you could uncomment use Data::Dumper; and try to trace the variables
22:19 qiqo ok
22:20 qiqo still the same nothing happens
22:21 thd qiqo: you need to actually dump some data values but I have never designed with that module
22:24 thd qiqo: maybe there is a problem if some values are empty
22:25 thd qiqo: the premature end of script headers could be a file permissions problem
22:27 thd qiqo: check that the Koha user or Apache user can read all needed files
22:39 thd qiqo: see if you can obtain the attention of kados enough to give you some direction for the code he wrote when he is awake
22:40 thd qiqo: I am missing values needed to test properly
22:40 thd qiqo: at least I have some useful error messages but that does not help you
22:41 qiqo sorry got dc
22:42 thd qiqo read the #koha log for the past few minutes
22:42 qiqo how?
22:42 qiqo !help
22:43 qiqo !Basics
22:44 thd qiqo:[…]saveas=&save=save
22:45 qiqo ok..
22:46 qiqo the templates for spine label printing only exists for npl
22:46 qiqo so i switched to npl..
22:46 qiqo i also had to install HTML::Template
22:47 thd qiqo: what boxes did you check in the label printing form?
22:47 qiqo i dont get into the label-home
22:48 qiqo therefore i cant see those boxes
22:48 thd qiqo: oh then I suspect you have a permissions problem for your Koha installation
22:49 qiqo huh?
22:49 qiqo hows that?
22:49 thd qiqo: on what operating system do you have Koha installed?
22:50 qiqo debian stable
22:53 thd qiqo: does the www-data group or whatever group you might otherwise have for your Apache user have read and execute permissions for every file in the barcodes directory?
22:55 thd ls -l /usr/local/koha/barcodes or whatever the directory is on your system
22:56 qiqo yes it does
22:58 thd qiqo: what URL does your browser show for label printing?
22:59 qiqo http://server:8080/cgi-bin/koh[…]des/
23:00 thd qiqo: try removing /barcodes from that
23:02 qiqo Not Found
23:05 thd qiqo: what URL does the LibLime demo have?
23:07 qiqo[…]oha/
23:10 qiqo hows that /koha/label-home?
23:11 thd qiqo: some magic
23:12 qiqo ermmm
23:14 qiqo tried to make a folder "koha" on the cgi-bin but i get a 404
23:14 thd qiqo: are you using the update Koha method from
23:14 qiqo 000000000116
23:14 qiqo aw sorry
23:14 qiqo yup
23:15 qiqo with the symlinks and stuff
23:16 thd qiqo: maybe there is still an error somewhere in the scripts given in that method for how to use the symlinks
23:17 qiqo actually im using 2.2.6RC2 right now
23:17 qiqo i had that problem with the cvs yesterday
23:17 qiqo so i gave up
23:19 thd qiqo: I had to make changes to where symlinks were placed for an earlier version of that method when applying it to 2.2.5
23:20 thd qiqo: the problem is that changes between versions confused where the base directory was located over time
23:21 qiqo ahh alright'
23:21 thd qiqo: pierrick updated the CVS update instructions and I assumed he fixed those problems
23:22 thd qiqo: maybe something is different about 2.2.6 directories
23:22 qiqo is the instruction found at kohadocs?
23:23 thd qiqo: yes
23:23 qiqo this is the one that i used yester day
23:24 thd qiqo: but the last changes there were for 2.2.5
23:25 qiqo uhuh
23:25 thd qiqo try installing 2.2.5 and applying the symlink instructions to a 2.2.5 installation
23:26 thd qiqo: then update from CVS
23:27 qiqo ok ill try
23:27 qiqo ohh.. btw, the cvs does not include the tmpl files refered by
23:28 qiqo only 2.2.6RC2 has thos
23:28 qiqo e
23:29 thd qiqo: it should but I do have a problem for missing data
23:29 thd qiqo: If you can see the form then at least you would have progress
23:29 qiqo so will i just copy those tmpl files to the cvs working folfer
23:30 qiqo 22251220
23:33 thd qiqo: do you have Options +FollowSymLinks for <Directory "/usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin"> in your koha-httpd.conf ?
23:34 qiqo yup
23:35 qiqo opac and intranet
23:36 thd you would have to I suppose if Koha was working at all after adding symlinks
23:38 qiqo ok
23:39 qiqo cvs is real huge
23:40 thd yes, with 4 versions being maintained
23:42 qiqo so checked out 2_2 am i doing the right thing?
23:43 qiqo finished installing 2.2.5
23:44 qiqo what time is it there?
23:54 thd qiqo: it is 12.55 AM
23:55 qiqo oohh
23:55 qiqo US?
23:56 thd yes
00:01 qiqo its 12:55 PM here
00:01 qiqo :)
00:02 thd qiqo: If you apply the symlinks creation script, do you have a the correct path to
00:02 qiqo wait ill check,, i am still downloading the cvs
00:06 thd qiqo: you should use the same database you had with 2.2.6 or a copy of that to avoid extra work
00:06 qiqo i only have 2.2.5 database///
00:07 qiqo so i need to run the updatedatabase script right?
00:07 thd qiqo: yes
00:08 thd qiqo: did you have a 2.2.6 database previously?
00:08 qiqo yup but i didnt manage to back it up
00:09 thd qiqo: so you dropped it?
00:11 qiqo yes
00:11 qiqo i only have my 2.2.5 bakcup here
00:12 qiqo done. with the symlinks, apache and db update
00:12 thd qiqo: did you have 2.2.5 configured and populated with some data?
00:13 qiqo yes i do have some data
00:14 qiqo the barcode interface is there
00:15 thd qiqo: so can you connect to label printing?
00:15 qiqo yes
00:15 thd well that is an improvement
00:15 qiqo however. i still get error 500 when clicking the add item or create PDF
00:16 qiqo Premature end of script headers:, referer: http://server:8080/cgi-bin/koh[…]ox=1&op=save_conf
00:17 thd qiqo: what boxes did you check before adding an item?
00:19 qiqo item call no,.. classification
00:20 thd qiqo did you have values in those fields?
00:20 qiqo yes
00:21 qiqo however, it resulted to: Labels to be Printed, Printing will start on row 1, printing will use 0 sheets, currently 0 rows spare on sheet 0
00:22 thd did you try labels only
00:22 qiqo yup
00:24 thd qiqo try ISBN only
00:24 qiqo Premature end of script headers:, referer: http://server:8080/cgi-bin/koh[…]/
00:24 qiqo ok
00:26 qiqo i could see my items
00:28 qiqo ok ill try to install Date::Calc apache is searching for that module
00:30 thd qiqo: if you can see your items you have an advantage
00:32 qiqo geez i really cant
00:33 qiqo but i can now search for the catalogue
00:33 qiqo hurrah
00:34 thd qiqo: can get the results to appear?
00:34 thd qiqo: can you get the results to appear?
00:34 qiqo yes
00:34 qiqo then i add the items
00:35 qiqo however when i click preview,, i still get 500.. well ill consult the logs again
00:35 thd qiqo: I think I need to add some holdings information to my items
00:36 qiqo Premature end of script headers:, referer: http://server:8080/cgi-bin/koh[…]add&itemnumber=20
00:36 qiqo thd: qiqo: I think I need to add some holdings information to my items <-- what does this means?
00:37 thd qiqo: I cannot even add items because I think I do not have any holdings fields in many of my test records
00:39 qiqo my database consists of 114 biblio records
00:40 qiqo and here are my results when i add those i searched: Label Number         Summary         Item Type         Delete                             1                                     Asian Development Bank annual report 1999 : :                 : 53                                                                      Delete                                      2                                     Gender indicators of developing asian and pacific countries /: :      
00:41 qiqo oops
00:43 qiqo ill try to install required  perl modules in the header of
00:46 thd qiqo: now I have a 500 error for preview
00:47 qiqo uhuh,,,
00:47 qiqo ok,, have you installed GD::Barcode
00:48 thd not yet, I just read the error
00:49 qiqo ok
00:56 qiqo im loosing hope...
00:58 thd qiqo: well you are much closer
00:59 mason qiqo: i can give you a hand to set it up
00:59 qiqo ok..
00:59 mason but, i am flying to australa tomorrow :(
00:59 qiqo so.. i saw the database,, and the items are at the labels table
01:00 mason so it may have to be on monday
01:00 qiqo ok...
01:00 mason for the spine labels
01:01 mason do you have the 2 labels tables in your koha DB?
01:01 qiqo yup
01:01 mason cool
01:02 mason qiqo: the other thing is...
01:02 mason at the moment the spine labels have only been written for 2 types of paper
01:03 qiqo what type of paper?
01:03 mason just googling...
01:03 mason gaylord 8511
01:05 mason[…]r&search_for=8511
01:05 mason and...
01:06 qiqo but i should not have any problem since i will print these to sticker paper
01:06 qiqo then i will manually cut
01:06 mason oh, ok
01:06 qiqo i only need to generate the spine labels
01:06 mason ahhh, not the barcodes.
01:07 qiqo nope
01:07 qiqo labels only
01:07 qiqo i fixed the barcode issue
01:07 mason ok, thats good
01:07 qiqo hdl,, what shall i do next. i consulted the logs, but they dont give me anything
01:09 mason you are getting no error in your /usr/local/koha/log/koha-error_log ?
01:09 qiqo yup
01:10 qiqo but i get an error 500 when i preview my labels
01:10 mason ah, ok
01:10 chris apache 2 or 1.3?
01:10 mason could be the sneaky 'barcode' directory
01:11 qiqo 2
01:11 chris if its 2 check /var/log/apache2/error.log (or whatever its called)
01:11 qiqo already checked that
01:11 chris yeah might be that dir eh mason
01:11 qiqo its blank
01:12 qiqo what about that dir?
01:12 mason qiqo, the script that makes the pdf file is called ''
01:12 qiqo yup
01:13 mason '' writes to a dir called '/usr/local/koha/intranet/ht​docs/intranet-tmpl/barcodes'
01:13 mason you might need to make that dir
01:15 qiqo then?
01:16 mason check the permissions onthe dir
01:16 mason check the permissions on the dir
01:16 qiqo www-data
01:17 mason let me check...
01:19 mason yes
01:19 mason drwxr-xr-x  2 www-data www-data 72 Aug 31 18:18 ./barcodes/
01:19 qiqo
01:19 mason do you want me to log in?
01:20 qiqo yup
01:20 qiqo kohaadmin 112485
01:20 mason ah thanks ;)
01:22 mason[…]des/
01:22 qiqo yup
01:23 mason ok, give me a moment...
01:25 mason u can test the '' script from your linux shell too
01:25 mason cd /usr/local/hlt/intranet/cgi-bin/barcodes
01:25 mason .
01:25 mason oops
01:26 mason cd /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/barcodes
01:26 mason sudo perl ./
01:27 qiqo ok
01:28 qiqo Can't locate C4/
01:28 mason oops
01:30 chris sudo perl -I /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules
01:31 mason yep
01:31 qiqo PDF/
01:31 mason but then this :(
01:31 mason DBI connect(':','',...) failed: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: NO) at /usr/local/hlt/intranet/modules/C4/ line 411
01:31 mason Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at /usr/local/hlt/intranet/modules/C4/ line 59.
01:31 chris running as sudo?
01:31 mason yep,
01:32 mason and ive ' export KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha-hlt.conf'
01:32 chris right that wont work
01:32 chris for you mason
01:32 chris do sudo bash
01:32 chris then export ...
01:32 chris then perl -I
01:32 chris so qiqo, you are missing ?
01:32 qiqo i think so
01:33 qiqo im currently install thru MCPAN
01:33 chris id take a look at all the modules in at the top
01:33 chris and make sure you have them all
01:33 mason cool , thats where i got it from too :)
01:33 qiqo alright
01:33 chris (ignoring the C4:: ones
01:33 chris )
01:34 mason chris: what does sudo bash do?
01:34 mason ah, click
01:35 chris remember to ctrl-d when u finish mason
01:35 mason when sudo runs as root, it doesnt get my export vars?
01:35 mason ctrl-d or 'exit'
01:35 mason ?
01:35 chris yes
01:35 mason ta
01:35 chris cos u exported it as mason
01:35 chris then with sudo ran as root
01:36 chris so it cant see it
01:36 chris make sense?
01:36 mason ye
01:36 mason s
01:38 qiqo alright mine is running
01:38 chris yay
01:38 qiqo i just have to adjust my database
01:38 mason[…]
01:38 qiqo because i couldnt print anything
01:38 mason so it is :)
01:38 chris those modules should get tested by the installer .. so we'll have to fix
01:38 chris that
01:38 qiqo i mean, the pdf is blank
01:40 mason better,[…]/barcodes/new.pdf
01:43 mason good work qiqo :)
01:44 mason ok, ive got to head off for a bit
01:49 qiqo ei gtg folk
01:49 qiqo mason:  chris hdl i really appreciate your help
01:49 qiqo god bless us all and koha
02:03 mason amen
03:43 btoumi toins: are u around
03:43 btoumi ?
03:43 toins btoumi: i'm here
03:55 toins Broadcast Message to french : there is #koha-fr channel on this server... ;-)
03:58 paul join /#koha-fr
07:05 hdl paul
07:06 kados shaekspeare spoke french? :-)
07:06 kados hi all
07:06 kados paul: why can't you just speak french in #koha?
07:08 hdl He may have.... French was quite widespread in Europe at that time. But I wonder if he was upper-class enough to learn it.
07:09 hdl hi kados
07:09 kados hi hdl
07:09 kados how goes it?
07:09 hdl busy.
07:57 paul hello kados.
07:58 paul could you explain a little bit more what are googleMapsKoha & GoogleSpellCheckKoha ???
07:59 paul kados : koha-fr channel is interesting because some ppl (like SAN) prefer to speak french & speak english with pains.
07:59 paul and, as they don't want to speak french on this channel when there is a lot of english speaking ppl, they speak on a private channel, which is the worst solution I think
07:59 paul thus, a public, french channel.
08:00 paul (but I agree I could have spoken of it before creating it, shame on me)
08:17 kados paul: they are two projects that Ohio Students may work on this year
08:17 kados paul: I am writing descriptions for them right now as the classes start next week
08:17 paul ok, fine.
08:18 paul I install 2.2.6RC2 to IPT in 2 hours. and if in 2-3 days everything is fine, I release official 2.2.6
08:18 kados hmmm ... even with outstanding bugs?
08:18 kados RC2 has many bugs IIRC
08:19 paul (I hope with a last minute hack from hdl : when clicking on + to duplicate a field, a number of duplicate to do will popup)
08:19 paul RC3 i mean. Most bugs are fixed or am I wrong somewhere ?
08:20 kados several blockers still
08:20 kados some may be obsolete
08:20 kados 1128 is not fixed I think
08:21 kados 1159 needs to be investigated
08:21 kados 1146 too
08:22 kados (I will 1146)
08:23 kados 984 should probably be fixed before release also as it can cause some very frustrating problems
08:25 kados 1118, 1117 need to be fixed too
08:25 kados or else hidden in the template
08:25 kados before the release
08:25 kados IMO
08:26 paul i'll take care of what I can, but I think libraries waited too much for this release.
08:26 kados 1140 needs to be tested as well
08:26 paul and with we can't solve all of them, then, release 2.2.6 and 2.2.7 2 weeks after if needed.
08:27 kados ok, as long as they are acknowledged in the release notes I'm OK with it
08:27 kados ie, a list of known bugs should be listed in release notes IMO
08:27 paul ok, and what about changing the count of libraries using Koha as I suggested in koha-devel ?
08:28 kados sounds good
08:30 kados
08:30 kados OOSS (Organization for Open Source Software) Study
08:56 thd I think the answer is too have the English people learn French
08:56 paul lol
08:57 thd paul: I often write to people in English and ask them to write me back in French if that is better for them
09:00 thd kados: which language do you prefer for writing?
09:00 paul kados : about 1128 (add authority) : it seems to work for default templates, but not for npl one. I let you & owen investigate
09:01 thd paul: I often have trouble communicating with kados in any language
09:01 paul lol
09:02 thd I should try telepathy
09:15 thd paul: Before you release, 2.2.6, I have a one line fix for MARC-8 conversion code in from an undocumented behaviour of MARC::Charset.
09:56 kados paul: do you have a rel_2_2 OPAC somewhere you can test something ?
09:57 paul http://o5.bureau.paulpoulain.c[…]koha/
09:57 paul yes ;-)
09:57 kados what is a good search term that has several thousand results?
09:57 kados (more than 15 pages)
09:58 paul main >> itemtype=livre
09:58 paul 9000 results
09:59 kados hmmm ... I get no results
09:59 paul you select "livre" in the itemtype list ?
09:59 kados advanced search ... ahh
09:59 kados now click on page 15
09:59 paul sorry, yes, adv search
09:59 paul done.
10:00 paul and the 16 don't appear
10:00 kados now click on next
10:00 kados exactly
10:00 kados shall I write a bug?
10:00 paul you get the page, but stay with 1-15.
10:00 paul yes, pls.
10:00 kados yep
10:00 kados ok, I"ll write it now
10:00 paul (if you don't classify it as blo ;-) )
10:01 kados no not blo, but definitely critical
10:01 kados as it makes Koha seem silly
10:02 paul every library in France (i'm 100% sure) will classify it as "minor"
10:02 kados and every library in US and NZ and Switzerland will classify it as blocker  :-)
10:02 kados I'm 100% sure :-)
10:03 kados I have received two bug reports almost at the same time from two separate libraries
10:03 paul but it appears only in a specific situation, that very rarely happends and does not block anything
10:03 kados after announcing that 2.2.6 will be release soon
10:03 kados (this morning)
10:03 paul (+ I bet it's here since 3 years or so !)
10:03 kados I don't think so ... but maybe
10:05 paul maybe you could ask them how many times the problem can occur in real life.
10:05 kados they don't care
10:05 paul Honnestly, it's very very rare.
10:05 paul but classifying a bug needs this information !
10:06 kados US libraries don't care how often a problem occurs, just that it's a problem and that the software they use represents their organization
10:06 paul - a blo is something that prevents the user from using the software whatever he does. and there is a risk of loss of datas.
10:06 kados so if someone sees that the software seems silly they think the organization is silly
10:06 kados I notice that US companies place more importance on a web presense than French, so perhaps this is part of the difference
10:07 kados to a US organization, a website is a core part of the organization
10:07 kados and if something on the website seems silly, people perceive the organization to be silly
10:08 kados I agree it's not a blocker
10:08 kados but it is still critical (the fact that I received two separate bug reports in minutes about this proves it)
11:10 paul hello owen
11:10 owen Hi paul, how are you?
11:11 paul fine, except that kados don't stop harassing me with koha bugs ;-)
11:11 paul (not sure of the word harassing)
11:11 owen Sounds accurate to me :)
11:12 owen Tell him you like Koha better when it's broken ;)
11:12 paul hey, kados, I prefer Koha when it's broken, because then I can sell more services to my customers to fix the problems.
11:13 paul (do you think he will believe me ?)
11:13 owen Now you're sounding like a /real/ businessman!
11:13 paul lol
11:14 kados hey owen
11:14 owen hi kados, what's new?
11:15 kados some things I'm sure ...
11:15 kados I've been doing a lot of import procedure testing
11:16 kados and work on making sure that items,biblioitems.marc, and zebra can easily stay in synch
11:16 kados which as it turns out is very challanging
11:34 paul owen & kados : i'm reviweing a lot bugs, & see many times kados saying "owen, can you check..." but the bug owner is still not owen. do you agree if I change the Assigned to to owen, when he has to answer a question ?
11:34 kados ok with me
11:34 owen Fine with me
11:35 paul bye, i'll leave in 15mn
11:35 kados bye paul ... thanks for attending to bugs
11:36 paul thanks for reminding me so many of them were still waiting.
11:36 paul i must admit i don't take enough attention to bugzilla
11:36 paul (probably due to overwhelming # of bugs declared...)
11:36 kados (I understand, it is overwhelming)

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