IRC log for #koha, 2006-09-02

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12:21 kados owen: got a sec?
12:21 owen Yup
12:21 kados I've got a meeting in about 10 minutes ... but wanted to just mention a few things
12:22 kados 1. have you seen the new availability indicators on the search results page?
12:23 kados 2. about 50% of the time, when I do a search, the facets column is either partly or fully shifted left beyond the visible browser border
12:23 kados I'll do a quick screen shot
12:24 kados width.png
12:25 kados
12:25 kados yet.png
12:25 kados as I re-size the browser, it drifts right and eventually is fully visible
12:26 kados it doesn't seem to be consistant ... there aren't searches that always cause the behavior
12:26 owen Weird. Never seen that before.
12:26 kados had a couple other people report it too
12:26 kados maybe it only happens at higher resolutions or something
12:29 owen I'll put that on my list for Tuesday
12:29 kados cool, thx
15:25 Burgwork kados, you around?
18:01 kados Burgwork: am now
01:57 hdl hi
02:09 btoumi hi all
02:20 toins hi all
02:30 alaurin join #france
02:30 paul perdu !
02:30 paul d'abord c'est #koha-fr, et ensuite faut mettre un / avant le join
02:30 paul bonjour quand même ;-)
02:31 alaurin lol, bonjour paul
02:31 alaurin pas bien reveill
04:08 paul hdl, tu viens sur koha-fr ?
04:08 hdl join #koha-fr

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