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12:12 owen-away Whassup dewey?
12:13 thd paul: I committed my one line fix for
12:14 thd paul: please add that to 2.2.6
15:28 Burgwork kados, ping
15:29 kados Burgwork: hey, just got in
15:30 kados Burgwork: what's up?
15:30 Burgwork just wanted to see if you got the email
15:30 kados yup, thanks
16:47 chris yikes
16:48 chris
16:48 chris this is pretty much all wrong
16:49 chris just to start, katipo isnt a consulting firm .. new zealand is a group of islands ... the list goes on
16:51 kados heh
16:52 kados who wrote it?
16:52 chris askress2009 put it up
16:52 chris it looks to be screen scraped from somewhere else
16:53 chris Open Source Integrated Library Systems: An Overview/ Eric Anctil, Jamshid Beheshti.-2003
16:53 chris hmm how to deal with it
16:53 kados looks to be pretty old
16:53 kados 2003
16:53 chris and wrong :)
16:53 kados well ... one way to deal would be to place italicized comments in between each paragraph, explaining where it's wrong
16:54 chris yeah ill do that
16:55 kados Last modified: 2006/09/01 12:21 by askress2009
16:55 kados so whoever askress2009 is ...
16:55 chris yep
16:55 chris they did the arabic version too
16:56 chris so ill fix the english one, and hopefully they will fix the arabic one
16:56 kados well they probably subscribe to the rss feed, so I'm sure they'll update it
16:56 chris cool
16:56 Burgwork can I ask an inflamatory question: why are you guys stuck on doku? why not mediawiki or moinmoin?
16:56 chris it works
16:56 kados yea, mainly it works and is super simple to install
16:56 chris hasnt annoyed us, the end
16:56 kados yea
16:56 Burgwork ok, just wondering
16:56 kados I did try media wiki
16:56 kados for the record
16:57 Burgwork moin is probably more applicable
16:57 kados but basically, I would be the only one who could manage it :-)
16:57 kados haven't seen that one
16:57 chris i wonder why my password got sent hmm
16:57 kados would it have any advantages over doku?
16:58 Burgwork and all use moin
16:58 Burgwork more features, nicer to use
16:58 Burgwork active development. python
16:58 Burgwork <-- redoing this interests me
16:58 Burgwork no using googles API, however
17:01 kados what features do they have, how are they nicer? :_)
17:01 kados why not google api? :-)
17:01 Burgwork visual look, mostly
17:01 Burgwork the google maps look like google maps
17:02 Burgwork that old map has a very nice style to it
17:02 Burgwork very simple
17:03 kados well the class working on this has previous experience with google, so that's part of the reason it was chosen
17:03 chris it has a nice interface for placing things too .. but the big thing it misses why we stopped using it was a zoom in/out feature
17:03 kados sec, phone
17:03 Burgwork is there an implementation being worked on?
17:04 Burgwork if you did some fancy javascript stuff, you could preload the images/divs, which would speed up the process
17:05 Burgwork be a bit more work todo initially, but it would be pretty easy to maintain
17:05 chris naw, it does what its designed to do (and that wasnt koha maps :-))
17:06 Burgwork very nice
17:06 kados this quarter it's the Koha world map
17:06 kados and the google api is ideal because it's so easy to learn
17:06 kados and 10 wks isn't long enough for a class to do much more
17:06 Burgwork well, here is another solution: use one of the open source mapping solutions, like kaMaps and add the basic outline to it
17:06 Burgwork then you get your mapping with your zoom
17:07 kados we're sorta already committed at this point to google ... but I hear you :-)
17:07 Burgwork yep, no worries
17:07 Burgwork something is better than nothing
17:07 kados yea, that's just it mainly
17:08 kados right ... well I've gotta jet
17:08 kados meeting and all
17:08 kados talk to you chaps later
17:08 chris cya later
17:08 Burgwork cya

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