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12:25 owen kados: you around?
12:34 kados owen: am now
12:35 owen Hey, do you have time to talk about the new collection/itemtype stuff? I see some new info is appearing on opac-detail
12:35 kados sure
12:35 kados it's pretty simple really
12:35 kados there is an authorized value set up for the old itemtypes
12:36 kados and they are stored in items.ccode (or will be next time I run the migration script)
12:36 kados items.itemtype has the new itemtypes which are based on the list you posted to the wiki
12:38 kados make sense?
12:38 owen Yeah
12:39 kados really, the names are backwards I think
12:39 kados collection codes should be used for circulation rules
12:39 kados or maybe not ... I'm not sure
12:39 kados but anyway, it works :-)
12:41 owen I'm not sure this is related, but say we have a book which one branch wants to classify as "EASY" and one wants to classify as "JF" Is that doable now?
12:42 kados interesting
12:43 kados no ...
12:43 kados it's not items.itemtype ... it's biblioitems.itemtype
12:43 kados and biblioitems.ccode
12:43 kados but I suppose we could make it items.ccode
12:43 owen Oh, I thought you said it was items.ccode
12:44 kados I haven't looked at the item-level reserves yet, which may also bear weight on the issue
12:44 kados yea, I was mistaken
12:44 kados it's biblioitems.ccode
12:44 kados how is it useful to the branch to classify things differently ... strictly a collection code thing (ie, where it's shelved?)
12:44 kados or would it have a bearing on circ rules too?
12:45 owen So what this gets us primarily is issuing rules for groups of item types
12:45 kados yea, though the relationships aren't dependent ...
12:45 kados ie, there's no system of checks and balances in place to enforce them
12:46 owen Branches /sometimes/ have differing opinions on how stuff should be classified. Cataloging might put something in EASY and a branch wants it in JF. The more problematic situation is when you've got one branch putting a title in reference and another wants to circulate it.
12:47 kados yea, I need to check HEAD for that
12:47 kados I think SAN has something like that working
12:47 kados right now the only way to do it is to have two separate records
12:47 kados which is less than idea obviously
12:48 owen That's not something that I'd rush into dev_week, certainly. I'm just trying to take stock of where we are.
12:48 kados yep
12:48 kados i think we'd need to do a lot of testing before we moved on that...but it will appear for sure this year at least
12:48 owen I think our old item type icons were helpful. How do those fit into things now?
12:49 kados yea, they will still show up ...
12:49 kados instead of 'itemtype' they are now 'ccode'
12:49 kados they are exposed to the template
12:49 kados though I'm pretty sure they won't show up right now
12:49 kados I'm re-running the migration script so check on that tomorrow sometime
12:55 owen I saw that "circulating" was appearing now where it wasn't yesterday
12:55 kados yea ... I was still working on it yesterday
13:01 owen I'm not sure how we can hide the 'descriptions' tab when there are no descriptions
13:01 owen We've got three different possibilities for descriptions data
13:01 kados :-)
13:01 owen Koha table notes, MARC notes, and Amazon
13:02 kados koha table notes shouldn't be used
13:02 kados so now we're down to two
13:03 kados you can do it but it's ugly :-)
13:04 kados if (amazon) { description } else if (marcnotes) { description}
13:04 kados eventually it'd be good to store them in the same loop
13:04 kados but I probably won't have a chance to do that before we go live :(
13:05 owen HTML::Template forces us to do some ugly things sometimes
13:05 kados true
13:09 owen Whoa, what just happened?
13:10 kados dunno, what's happening?
13:10 kados ahh
13:10 owen Stylesheets are gone from the OPAC
13:10 kados yea, the migration just reached the next stage :-)
13:10 kados wow, faster than I expected
13:11 kados mysql tuning actually works :-)
13:11 kados sorry owen ... this next bit may take a while
13:11 owen No problem
13:11 owen I'm sure the internets have something for me to do
13:11 kados :-)
18:47 thd kados: awake ?
18:49 thd rise kados , you have forgotten you are sleepy
00:07 qiqo can somebody enlighten me about the provision of barcode numbers?
00:07 qiqo i really dont understand,. i manually assigned barcode numbers but when i print the barcode sheets on pdf, the codes are changed
00:08 qiqo for example i gave 0001 to a book at the cataloguing module, then when i print the codes it is translated into 84000000017
00:08 qiqo how is this happening?
00:13 rach hi
00:14 qiqo hi rach
00:14 rach sorry I don't know why it's appending 84 to the begining - I have a thought that with other libraries we deal with they put something like that in for a check sum or similar
00:15 rach but why specifically 84  - and how you would change it I don't know -
00:23 qiqo the problem is when i printed the barcodes on paper and test the circulation module.,, the barcode is not recognized
00:23 qiqo what i mean is the book which pertains to that barcode has a different barcode number
00:23 qiqo ive already used 2.2.5
00:24 qiqo they said that 2.2.5 has a bad reputation when it comes to barcodes
00:24 qiqo so they advised me to go for 2.2.6RC2
00:25 rach did you get that advice off the list?
00:26 rach so that's the barcode that you say up there - it's a different number
00:26 rach ie has an 84 appended to the front
00:26 qiqo ermm if im not mistaken it was kados who urged me to try 2.2.6RC2
00:26 rach what happens if you put in a number like 00000000017
00:26 qiqo yes.. and the last digits are different from the ones in the database
00:26 rach so you put in one with the same number of digits as the barcode maker is wanting?
00:27 rach does it still add some more to the front?
00:27 qiqo e.g . i have a book which has the barcode number 1, then when i print the barcodes on pdf it will be 840000000017
00:28 rach yep - but what happens if you put in a barcode that is 00000000001 - ie you put all the 0's in yourself?
00:28 rach or if you put in one that is qi000000017
00:29 rach ie - do you think it might be that there aren't enough digits in your barcodes?
00:29 qiqo ok ill try to put 0000000000000000
00:30 rach the barcodes will be in a particular format - which I think you choose
00:30 rach so it may be that your numbers will all need to be in the format 840000000xx (where x = your digitis)
00:30 rach I don't know how many barcode formats there are to choose from
00:32 qiqo so i have to choose
00:32 qiqo from the formats?
00:33 rach I would think so
00:33 rach the barcodes will be conforming to a standard I think - so you'll need to choose the one that is most what you want
00:33 qiqo so how will i choose
00:35 rach erm that I'm not sure about - sorry I'm not much help, it's after 5.30pm here in NZ, so there aren't many people about
00:41 qiqo ahh ok
00:41 qiqo hmm..
00:42 qiqo ei youre a big help really, i think i have to experiment with the scripts
00:44 rach ok - you could try a mail to the koha-devel list as well for someone who might actually know about different barcode formats :-)
00:44 qiqo actually i was searching on the archives and i couldnt find any solution
01:04 qiqo so we still have older koha released at sourceforge?
02:11 hdl qiqo : are you there ?
02:12 btoumi hi all
02:12 qiqo yes
02:12 qiqo hi hdl
02:13 qiqo how are you?
02:13 hdl good what 'bout you ?
02:13 qiqo im good, but my koha is not hehe
02:13 hdl I found the source of your problem, I think.
02:14 hdl It is hidden in
02:15 hdl comment out : lin 163 my $codeC = &checksum($code);
02:16 hdl and change line 167 $codeC to $code
02:16 dewey hdl: that doesn't look right
02:17 hdl o dewey, pls shut up.
02:17 hdl qiqo : tell me what happens.
02:18 toins hi #koha
02:18 hdl maybe comment -extn line
02:18 hdl hi toins
02:18 toins salut hdl
04:38 qiqo hdl you there?
04:39 hdl yes
04:39 qiqo sorry we had a brownout here
04:39 qiqo so i missed your messages
04:39 hdl [09:13:56] <hdl> I found the source of your problem, I think.
04:39 hdl [09:14:14] <hdl> It is hidden in
04:39 hdl [09:14:18] alaurin [~alaurin@] a rejoint #koha
04:39 qiqo yey
04:39 hdl [09:15:39] <hdl> comment out : lin 163 my $codeC = &checksum($code);
04:39 hdl [09:15:39] <hdl>
04:39 hdl [09:16:32] <hdl> and change line 167 $codeC to $code
04:39 hdl [09:1
04:40 qiqo ahhhh
04:40 qiqo okie
04:40 qiqo let me try that
04:40 hdl [09:18:32] <hdl> maybe comment -extn line
04:40 qiqo ermm so ill be using 2.2.6RC now?
05:06 qiqo hdl
05:07 qiqo i think it didnt solve the problem with barcodes
05:07 qiqo now, instead of 84, i get 31 gege
05:07 qiqo *hehe
05:08 hdl Sorry. Still, it is a closer "guess" than the first number you had.
05:08 qiqo hehe
05:08 hdl I hacked this code once for one of our customer. But can't get the code.
05:09 hdl I will try and mail it to you If I can reach it
06:58 qiqo ei, my barcode generator i working now
06:58 qiqo what i did was, i downloaded koha via cvs
06:59 qiqo then i copied the barcode module and pasted it to my koha directory
06:59 qiqo then i updated the database
08:17 hdl back
08:40 hdl have someone recently committed on rel_2_2 ?
08:40 hdl I have a problem with
08:40 paul what kind of problem ?
08:40 hdl Due to lack of a function getpatroninformation
08:42 kados yikes
08:42 kados looks like tumer did
08:43 kados we'd better rever those changes quick
08:43 kados and post to the koha-devel list
08:43 paul (hello kados)
08:43 kados and make sure he didn't commit any other HEAD stuff to rel_2_2
08:43 kados hi btw :-)
08:44 kados hdl: revert to version
08:44 kados hmmm, wait
08:44 hdl hi kados
08:45 kados hi hdl :-)
08:45 kados[…]2.20&r1=
08:45 kados not too much was changed
08:45 kados but enough to break getpatroninformation
08:47 kados[…]2.20&r1=
08:49 paul I bet something went wrong, because the commit of 21:07 was for head, not for 2.2 (afaics)
08:49 kados yea ...
08:49 kados I"ve had problems with savannah cvs that look like this too
08:49 kados nothing shows up on mailing list
08:49 kados and I _swear_ I committed it ...
08:49 paul yes, alas
08:50 kados but it's not in cvs :-)
08:50 kados other times it's in cvs, but I didn't commit it :-)
08:50 kados (to that branch)
08:50 kados anyway ... simple to revert this one file
08:50 kados hdl: revert to, and it will fix the prob I bet
09:00 hdl kados: done ok.
09:06 kados did it work?
09:17 kados for some reason, this query is wrong:
09:17 kados Update biblioitems set
09:17 kados itemtype        = 'CIRC',
09:17 kados url             = NULL,
09:17 kados isbn            = '0440459516',
09:17 kados issn            = NULL,
09:17 kados publishercode   = NULL,
09:17 kados publicationyear = NULL,
09:17 kados classification  = 'J Byars',
09:17 kados dewey           = NULL,
09:17 dewey kados: sorry...
09:17 kados subclass        = NULL,
09:17 kados illus           = NULL,
09:18 kados pages           = NULL,
09:18 kados volumeddesc     = NULL,
09:18 kados notes           = NULL,
09:18 kados size            = NULL,
09:18 kados place           = NULL,
09:18 kados ccode           = JF,
09:18 kados where biblionumber = 2
09:18 kados can anyone tell me what is wrong with it? (driving me nuts)
09:20 kados nevermind ... trailing comma
09:20 paul ccode = JF with comma
09:20 kados snap :-)
09:20 paul ok, you won ;-)
09:47 qiqo hi everyone
09:47 qiqo i have fixed my barcode problem
09:48 qiqo hdl are you there?
10:05 hdl yes.
10:05 hdl I am glad for you.
10:13 qiqo i had to modify this $sum = $sum + ( 3 * substr($code, $i, 1) );  to $sum = $sum + ( 1 * substr($code, $i, 1) );
10:14 qiqo i will then have a 12 digit barcode with alot of zeros and the last digits are my assigned number

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