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13:10 owen kados, didn't you fix something recently related to URLs in records?
13:10 owen Was that on dev_week?
13:16 kados you having probs with something?
13:16 Burgwork hey paul
13:16 owen For records that catalogue web sites:[…]
13:17 kados yea ...
13:17 kados there is a MARCURLS loop
13:17 kados i remember now, yes that was on dev_week
13:17 owen Hm... I must have broken something in opac-detail
13:18 kados k ... lemme dig out the vars
13:18 kados the loop is called MARCURLS
13:18 owen Come to think of it, I guess MARCNOTES and MARCSUBJECTS aren't showing up either...
13:18 kados each URL is called MARCURL
13:18 owen Those aren't part of BIBLIO_RESULTS are they?
13:18 kados hmmm, lemme check
13:18 kados no
13:18 kados they're independent contractors :-)
13:19 kados wait ...
13:19 kados I lie
13:19 kados $results[0]->{MARCURLS} = $marcurlsarray;
13:19 kados my $resultsarray=\@results;
13:19 kados $template->param(BIBLIO_RESULTS => $resultsarray,
13:20 kados so they are
13:20 kados as are the MARCNOTES AND MARCSUBJCTS and
13:20 kados s/and$//
13:20 owen I must be remembering an older version
13:23 kados 'Related' is a bit strange in the context of Subjects and URLs for a record IMO
13:23 kados esp since many times the URL _is_ the item itself ...
13:24 kados maybe we could just have 'Subjects:' and 'URLs:'?
13:24 owen kados: true, but we don't have a good way to indicate that the record isn't /supposed/ to have any holdings...hence the ubiquitous "No copies available"
13:25 kados I don't see that for the Cassini-Huygens  record
13:25 owen Refresh
13:26 kados ahh
13:26 kados hmm ...
13:26 kados well here's an idea
13:26 owen I had it wired to show the Descriptions tab (which is also empty for this record)
13:26 kados if there are no holdings, maybe just hide the holdings tab
13:27 kados a tmpl_if on ITEM_RESULTS should acomplish that
13:27 owen It's a long-standing issue...
13:27 kados so the issue is that some records aren't supposed to have holdings
13:27 kados but if I understand correctly, we don't really want records that don't have holdings to appear in the OPAC unless they are the ones not supposed to have holdings, right?
13:28 owen I believe that's true
13:28 kados one solution would be to create an item record and have the branch be WEB or something
13:28 owen For NPL, a title with no copies is usually a mistake--something that should have been deleted along with the last copy
13:28 kados right
13:30 owen A WEB branch might be equally confusing, since it would be listed just like a regular branch
13:31 kados ok ... so is it only websites that have this problem?
13:32 owen Yes
13:32 kados what do you think about just hiding the holdings tab? woudl that be confusing too?
13:33 owen Is there a way to tell that the record is for a web resource? Some indicator in the MARC record?
13:33 kados yea ... a couple of them
13:33 kados and we also have an itemtype designation
13:33 owen If so, then you could populate the Holdings tab with the URL(s)
13:33 kados ahh ... good point
13:33 kados ok, I'll add that to the list
13:34 owen Are there instances where other formats might have URLs attached? I guess it's possible, isn't it?
13:34 kados yes
13:34 kados sometimes the URLs are tables of contents
13:34 owen So we need to accomodate both possibilities
13:34 kados yep
13:36 owen Should serials/subscription info have it's own tab (when present)?
13:37 owen I'm thinking yes, given the serials setup opac-detail has now
13:38 kados yea, good idea
13:39 kados I need to merge in the rel_2_2 subscription stuff too
13:40 owen I need a few variables added to in order to point to specific tabs. Right now I'm using showholdings, showdescriptions, showserials, and showreviews
13:41 owen For example: TMPL_IF showholdings> Display holdings tab</TMPL_IF>
13:41 owen So that I can link to ""
13:41 owen or something like that
13:44 kados gotcha
13:44 kados lets call it 'tab'
13:44 kados so tab=holdings
13:44 kados and tab=reviews
13:44 kados etc.
13:45 owen There's already a variable called "reviews"
13:45 kados ahh, right
13:45 kados but it's not tab=reviews
13:47 owen But I can't say <TMPL_IF NAME="reviews"> if there's already another <TMPL_VAR NAME="reviews">
13:48 thd kados: had you seen my message?
13:49 kados owen: good point
13:49 kados I should change the name of the amazon variable
13:50 kados I don't have time today ... maybe tonight
13:50 thd kados: does that answer also apply to my message?
13:51 kados thd: officially yes :-)
14:05 thd kados: if you name the variable amazonusreviews or something like that some interested party may more easily be able modify some code to show amazonukreviews, amazonfrreviews , amazondereviews , etc. on the same page.  Paul's libraries have many books only found in and many also only found in or having a different ISBN on when they are included.
14:11 owen thd: I think is hard-coded at the moment, so the issue is really how to change /that/ aspect. The variable name doesn't make much difference as long as you can configure the source.
14:11 owen What would be cool is if booksellers adopted a common API so that folks could choose which source to go with.
14:12 owen And as far as Paul's libraries go: I think most of them are prevented by law from displaying Amazon (or any commercial) content
14:12 owen kados: I got the tab-switching going in opac-detail.tmpl
14:17 thd owen: yes, I acknowledge that requires a code change.  I favour allowing even multiple national Amazon sites to be used with a suitable system preference.  If Paul does not pursue that because French libraries are nervous about legal issues over a link to Amazon's business then I will myself eventually.  The Amazon Web Services API is the same for all.
14:18 thd s/legal/legal and ethical public service/
03:05 hdl hi all
03:05 paul hello hdl
03:06 hdl (Noane fait sa première matinée à l'école.)
03:08 paul super pour elle !
03:08 paul Sandrine est à la clinique pour le RdV du 3e mois ;-)
04:52 toins kados around ?
07:14 btoumi hi all
07:17 kados toins: hi
07:17 kados toins: I'm here not
07:17 toins hi kados
07:17 kados toins: s/not/now/
07:18 kados toins: i have a question for you if you have a moment
07:19 toins kados, in 10 minutes if it's possible...
07:19 kados sure
07:23 paul hi kados.
07:23 paul toins is available now ;-)
07:23 kados hey paul
07:23 toins kados, let's go
07:23 kados cool
07:24 kados I need a good idea for how to have multiple translations for values in the database
07:25 paul I have one !!!
07:25 kados please share :-)
07:25 paul (I thought I sended you a mail about this, but I probably forgot...
07:25 paul you could just create a .po file for each of your specific translations.
07:26 paul and consider them as a "foreign" language
07:26 paul cd misc/translation/
07:26 paul ./ for help
07:26 kados hmmm
07:27 kados but then it would replace the values in the database?
07:27 paul ???
07:27 kados ok, let me explain my problem
07:27 kados my $indexes = [
07:27 kados    { value => '', label => 'Keyword' },
07:27 kados    { value => 'au', label => 'Author' },
07:27 kados ];
07:28 kados this is a sample data object that is used in the new API for creating the advanced search indexes
07:28 kados (it can also have a visibility flag, but I ignore that for now for simplicity
07:29 paul this object being "untranslatable" for instance. so we will have to solve the problem for french & other languages as well
07:29 kados I want to store this in the database and call a get_indexes() sub that pulls it out
07:29 kados and also have multi-language options for get_indexes()
07:29 kados and I need an idea for how to proceed
07:30 paul why not a systempref with '','keyword';'au','author','ti','title'
07:30 kados because that is a very simple case
07:30 paul the rebuild the $indexes from a split /;/ and split /,/
07:30 paul ?
07:30 kados how about this one:
07:30 kados {label => "Reference",    id => "mc-ref",
07:30 kados    name => "limit",
07:30 kados    value => "mc-collection:REF",
07:30 kados    icon => "REF.gif",
07:30 kados    title => "Reference",},
07:31 paul the only/best solution maybe to have an external small "script" that just contains $label definition and is imported where needed
07:32 kados hmmm
07:33 kados I still haven't explained it well I think
07:33 kados in 2.4, the librarian will be able to specify from the admin section, which search points appear on advanced search, in which order, what they should be called, and how they should behave
07:33 kados (and what icons to use, etc.)
07:34 kados
07:34 kados all of the information on that page will be stored in the db
07:34 kados it's critical for many of my clients to be able to configure the search themselves without editing any html
07:35 kados so I need an idea for how to allow translations of the search points as well ...
07:36 kados I hope that explains it
07:38 paul I'm not sure. you need translation from english to french (for example), or translation from english to english (like "bookbag / basket" ) ?
07:39 kados both
07:39 kados because some libraries want. for instance, 'Advanced Search' to be called 'WIPO Search' or something
07:40 paul mmm... I don't see a solution to this problem... maybe a title_en_EN => "Reference", title_fr_FR => "Référence" ...
07:43 kados paul: what about soemthing like this in the database:
07:43 kados lang_code       term            translation
07:43 kados en_EN           Search          WIPO Search
07:45 paul where in the DB ?
07:45 paul in a new table ?
07:45 kados yep
07:47 paul mmm... that would give us 3 places to have translations (database marc_*_structure, .po & this new table. Not too good I think
07:48 paul + why can't the library edit HTML ?
07:48 paul because it would "light" editing
07:48 paul another note : the is the most used page in Koha I bet, so the less mysql query, the best
07:49 kados marc_*_structure should use this new table as well
07:49 kados libraries hate to edit html
07:49 kados most library systems don't require this
07:50 kados they allow a user to have a web-based way to configure things
07:50 kados or interface-based anyway ...
07:50 kados paul: btw: did you ever commit your web-based tmpl_process ?
07:50 paul ???
07:51 kados paul: the tool used for translating Koha from your website
07:51 paul it's not mine, it's kartouche, a GPL software ;-)
07:51 kados ahh
07:51 paul (a dead project i'm afraid, but the version I have works correctly
07:51 paul )
07:51 kados what version?
07:51 paul ok, this new table could be a solution, but I think we will need a "compiler" to apply the changes to opac-search.tmpl only once.
07:51 paul 0.2
07:52 paul (with a few hacks)
07:53 paul (the most important one being the one to search for a term to reach it direcly. something like 10 lines of code. I proposed the dev to send my hack, but got no answer at all)
07:55 kados paul: could kartouche be packaged with Koha to acomplish the same thing?
07:55 paul mmm, probably yes.
07:55 paul although it will be a rocket bomb to kill a fly
07:55 paul (direct translation from french ;-) )
07:55 kados hehe
08:43 btoumi toins:are u around?
08:43 toins yep
09:11 kados paul and toins have you seen the mysql 5.0 compatibility issues discussed on the list?
09:11 kados some solutions were offered, can any of them be implemented for 2.2.6?
09:12 paul seen but not read carefully.
09:12 dewey I haven't seen 'but', paul
09:12 kados toins: thanks for your 'useful tools' section
09:13 toins kados, your welcome !
09:13 toins hi hdl
09:13 hdl BACK at last
09:20 paul hello back hdl
11:11 paul hdl ?
11:11 dewey rumour has it hdl is here

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