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13:27 kados hey owen
13:27 owen Hi, what's up?
13:28 kados owen: it's been a very busy weekend
13:28 kados I'm re-importing the data, but I'm doing it in such a way that I can still work on stuff for the bulk of it
13:29 kados I figured out how to do the itemtype stuff
13:29 kados store the old itemtypes as authorized values
13:29 kados and the new itemtypes are used for circ rules
13:29 kados once the data imports it should 'just work'
13:29 kados and you can still search on the old itemtypes
13:30 kados we'll need to talk about how your icons work
13:30 kados on the results page
13:30 kados I created a new items column called ccode (for collection code)
13:31 kados when the import is done, that's the field that the old itemtypes will be mapped to
13:33 kados also fixed quite a few data import bugs
13:34 kados and found some more :-)
13:36 kados cleaned up
13:36 kados removed the dependency on Date::Manip, so now it's super fast
13:37 kados (well, it was before I broke it by changing the mapping for itemtypes ... :-))
13:37 kados lets see ...
13:37 kados I also wrote a script that updates the zebra index
13:37 kados with status info, etc.
13:37 kados and hey, statuse work almost the way we want now
13:38 kados and we have a new way to sort, by popularity, which sorts according to how many times a book has been checked out
13:38 kados we could also search by it if that's useful
13:38 kados I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff ... it's been a very busy weekend :-)
13:40 owen Do you ever get to take a weekend off? :)
13:41 kados I haven't for a while
13:41 kados but I plan too :-)
13:41 kados once NPL is migrated, and the 2.4 series is stable, I will be under a lot less pressure
13:42 kados the popularity thing is pretty slick
13:42 owen Sounds like it
13:42 kados we didn't even know this, but all this time, we've been keeping track of how many times an item has been checked out
13:42 kados it was a hidden feature of Koha :-)
13:42 kados the statuses thing works pretty well too
13:43 kados if you check in a book at Chauncey, that's on reserve for someone in Athens, it marks it 'in transit'
13:43 kados and on the OPAC it says 'in transit from Chanucey to Athens'
13:43 kados when it is checked in at Athens, it marks it 'waiting in Athens'
13:44 kados still a couple minor bugs with it though
13:44 kados doesn't work for pulling books off the shelf at the branch itself
13:44 kados but it will ;-)
13:46 kados how's your weekend going?
13:48 kados brb ... need a mocca
13:55 kados mocha even
13:55 kados back
13:55 owen I had some free time so I thought I'd look at opac-detail
13:55 kados sweet
13:56 owen Trying to resurrect the tabs we had going for the advanced search page
13:56 kados how's it going?
13:56 owen What do you think our tab list is? Holdings? Reviews? Description? Subjects?
13:56 kados hmmm
13:57 kados should it be user-configurable?
13:57 kados or would you rather just hard-code it into the template?
13:59 owen If it was user-configurable, you'd have to figure out how to make the javascript tab-switcher dynamic as well
13:59 owen Unless it's just a choice of turning options on and off...
14:00 owen I guess we'd have to do that with reviews, anyway
14:03 owen And I guess MARC view and/or ISBD view are tabs now too
14:10 kados_ owen: got kicked off the net and now my screen session is temporarly forzen :-)
14:10 kados_ frozen even
14:10 kados_ so if you said anything I missed it
14:11 owen <kados>should it be user-configurable?
14:11 owen <kados>or would you rather just hard-code it into the template?
14:11 owen <owen>If it was user-configurable, you'd have to figure out how to make the javascript tab-switcher dynamic as well
14:11 owen <owen>Unless it's just a choice of turning options on and off...
14:11 owen <owen>I guess we'd have to do that with reviews, anyway
14:11 owen <owen>And I guess MARC view and/or ISBD view are tabs now too
14:12 kados_ right
14:12 kados_ ok, we hardcode until we can think of a way to not
14:12 kados_ Holdings | Descriptions | Reviews | Shelf Browser | MARC | ISBD
14:13 kados_ Shelf Browser doesn't exist yet, but it'll look like Evergreen's
14:13 kados_ we could even have a tab for 'Excerpt'
14:13 kados_ if the 'read it now' exists on amazon
14:13 owen We'll end up with too many tabs!
14:13 kados_ and open it in an iframe :-)
14:14 kados_ yea ...
14:14 kados_ we don't need one for subjects I think
14:15 kados_ so if we have Holdings | Descriptions | Reviews | Shelf Browser | MARC | ISBD
14:15 kados_ that's only one more than worldcat
14:15 kados_ take away shelf browser for now
14:15 owen So, subjects is part of the common header that doesn't change?
14:15 kados_ yea, I think so
14:15 kados_ I like how worldcat separates them with a |
14:16 kados_ but keeps them inline
14:16 kados yay, I'm back
14:16 kados kados_: get lost
14:16 kados_ k
14:28 jmf and again
14:28 kados_ did I miss anything?
14:29 owen Nope
14:29 kados_ `it's pourint outside but the sun is shining
14:29 kados_ pouring even
14:30 kados_ pretty cool weather
14:30 owen Over here it's overcast but dry
14:32 owen Do you want to keep the "Search for this title in..." links?
14:32 kados_ yea
14:34 kados_ sometimes, the facets drift off the left side of the page
14:34 kados_ can't seem to find a pattern for it
14:35 owen With particular searches?
14:35 kados_ no
14:35 kados_ seems almost random
14:35 kados_ and if I increase the width, it drifts further
14:35 kados_ proportional to the width increase
14:40 jferraro nick kados_
02:10 hdl hi
02:28 toins hi #koha
02:52 hdl hi toins
02:52 toins salut hdl
03:03 toins hi alaurin
03:03 alaurin hi
03:03 dewey what's up, alaurin
04:48 paul hello world !
04:48 paul i'm back from holidays...
04:50 hdl hello paul. Hope it was GREAT.
04:51 paul yes, it was. except i came back yesterday, after a full day of car, so i'm a little bit tired today.
04:51 paul (the good news being i have nothing urgent in my mailbox ;-) )
07:51 owen kados: are you there?
07:52 kados owen: sure am
07:52 kados owen: I have an appointment at 9 though, so I'll be leaving pretty soon ... what's up?
07:52 owen Hi. I'm wondering if I should wait to work on opac-detail.tmpl. Will you be doing clean-up on it?
07:53 owen Combining MARC and non-MARC stuff, for instance?
07:53 kados well ... I wasn't going to put the MARC view into opac-detail.tmpl
07:53 kados or ISBD
07:53 kados if that's what you mean
07:53 owen I just mean how the current opac-detail has MARC and non-MARC routines for displaying data
07:54 kados ahh
07:54 kados right
07:54 kados I guess I was hoping you'd clean it up ;-)
07:54 kados I got confused last time I looked at it
07:55 kados If I was gonna clean it up I'd start with the script
07:55 owen If we're sticking with the tmpl_loops etc that are there, I can do what I can
07:56 kados I think at least initially we'll be using what's there
07:56 owen Okay, that's what I needed to know
07:56 kados cool
07:56 owen I'll be tinkering with it slowly over the next couple of days
07:56 kados sounds like a plan
07:57 kados the migration process went more smoothly than usual this weekend
07:57 kados about 95% done
08:41 paul hello owen/kados
08:57 thd kados: are you there?
11:09 paul hi corey / Burgwork

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