IRC log for #koha, 2006-07-20

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02:12 btoumi hi all
02:12 chris hi bruno
02:12 btoumi chris: hi
02:12 dewey hey, btoumi
02:12 btoumi chris: how are u today
02:12 btoumi dewey: hi
02:12 dewey hola, btoumi
02:13 btoumi chris: peraphs some question for u chris
02:13 chris ok
02:13 chris fire away
02:13 btoumi ;=)
02:14 btoumi do we contin,ue to use date::manip
02:14 btoumi ?
02:14 chris in places yes
02:14 chris but not for circulation
02:15 chris ie, we shouldnt use it unless we have to, its very powerful but very slow
02:16 chris so for things that arent super speed critical, then its fine ..but for things like issuing books, we want it to be fast, and we dont really need date::manip
02:16 btoumi i don't remove use of this module because i think i read something like that
02:18 btoumi ok i discuss with joshua yesterday and i tell him that i can use only function i need (syntax=>use Date::Calc qw/Day_of_Week/;)
02:18 chris cool
02:18 chris id like to see date::manip to not be used except for things that its really needed for
02:19 chris date::manip is good for things like this
02:19 btoumi ok i'm ok with this way
02:19 chris my $date=DateCalc($date,"+ 20 days");
02:19 chris but bot for just simple things like formatting a date
02:19 chris bot=not
02:20 btoumi yep
02:21 btoumi can we use localtime function with a date?
02:21 btoumi i explain
02:22 btoumi if u have a $date_due i want to recover the day of week and i can't use this syntax localtime($date_due)
02:24 chris right
02:25 btoumi what can i do to transform $date_due in format time?
02:26 chris what format is date_due in?
02:26 btoumi date format
02:27 btoumi if don't make mistake time is in second since 1970 or something like that
02:27 chris thats right
02:29 btoumi do u know a function who can make this transform
02:29 btoumi ?
02:29 chris date::manip can
02:29 chris but i dont know of another one
02:29 btoumi ok i try to search the good function
02:29 chris because it depends on what format the $date_due is in
02:29 chris ie is it iso YYYY-mm-dd or metric dd-mm-YYYY
02:30 btoumi YYYY-mm-dd
02:32 chris maybe Date::Simple ?
02:32 btoumi or unixdate
02:33 btoumi =>Used to return the number of seconds since 1/1/1970 in the current timezone
02:33 chris cool
02:35 btoumi my lybrary said me yesterday that the maxday (before  book lost) is 25 day (day worked)
02:35 chris ahh ok
02:35 btoumi that why i think that we must create a sytsempreference for this
02:35 chris yep
02:36 btoumi are u agree?
02:36 chris yes i think it should be a systempreference
02:36 btoumi like maxfine
02:36 chris yep
02:37 btoumi peraphs when i create this preference i must ask u for a name ;=)
02:37 chris :)
02:39 ToinS hi all
02:39 chris hi toins
02:39 btoumi hi Toins
02:41 btoumi chris: i begin to internal function in to calculate special and repeatable holydays
02:41 chris cool
02:42 btoumi what do u think about the name ;==)
02:42 btoumi GetSpecialHolydays
02:42 chris in english its Holidays
02:42 chris apart from that its good :)
02:42 btoumi lol
02:42 btoumi ok
02:47 btoumi don't work with unixdate
02:51 btoumi chris: sorry i forget option
02:51 chris ah
03:28 btoumi ok i find what is the probleme with unixdate
03:28 btoumi chris: the date format must be y-d-m
04:21 btoumi Toins: comment va la fee du logie
04:22 ToinS elle va bien ;)
04:22 btoumi ;=)
04:22 ToinS j'ai du mal a bosser avec  mon ordi... Il est trop lent...
04:22 btoumi Toins: apparement ca faisait logntemps que le menage n'avais pas ete fait ;=)
04:23 btoumi Toins: portable ou perso?
04:23 ToinS perso
04:23 ToinS il faut que je m'en rachete un
04:23 btoumi Toins: c clair que ca doit gonfler a force
04:24 btoumi Toins: profite tu dois en trouver des pas chere maintenant
04:24 ToinS ouaip
04:25 btoumi t tous seul a bosser ca fait logntemps que j'ai pas vu hdl
04:25 ToinS oui je seul. hdl bosse a montpellier
04:26 ToinS Paul en deplacement aujourd'hui.
04:26 btoumi il viens plus sur l'irc
04:28 ToinS salut toto ;) !
04:28 toto c moi btoumi
04:28 toto je sais c pas ce qu'il me fait la
04:33 btoumi1 Toins: g un probleme
04:33 btoumi1 avec irc
04:33 ToinS qu'est ce qu'il y a ?
04:34 btoumi1 il m'a deconnecte et en fait ma session btoumi existe toujours donc je peut pas utiliser le nick
04:34 btoumi1 t'as une idee?
04:34 ToinS dans 600 sec environ btoumi sera deconnecté
04:34 ToinS c'est normal
04:34 ToinS et tu pourras changer de nick
04:34 btoumi1 c la premiere fois que ca m'arrive
04:34 ToinS moi non
04:34 btoumi1 ah ok
04:35 btoumi1 ca surprend un peu
04:38 btoumi chris are u around?
04:38 btoumi chris: are u around?
06:41 Paolo hello!
06:41 Paolo is it the right place for asking something about koha?
06:54 btoumi yes
06:54 btoumi hello paolo
06:54 Paolo good!
06:55 Paolo i downloaded and installed koha, now i want to translate it in my own language
06:56 btoumi what version do u have?
06:57 btoumi 2.2.5
06:57 Paolo right, the last stable
06:58 btoumi there is a tools to translate but i 'm never use it
06:58 Paolo where can i find it?
06:58 btoumi i give u adress to find more information
06:59 Paolo ok! thanks
07:05 btoumi sorry the only url i have don't work
07:06 btoumi i try to ask with kados
07:06 btoumi kados: are u around?
07:08 btoumi someone can help paolo for tranlsate koha ?
07:09 Paolo :'-(
07:09 mason paolo: have a look in this file ->  /etc/koha-opus.conf
07:09 Paolo ok!
07:09 mason paolo: i have a linux koha
07:10 mason grep version  /etc/koha-opus.conf
07:10 mason kohaversion=2.2.3
07:10 mason oops
07:11 btoumi mason: there is no tools to translate ?
07:11 Paolo sorry, i had problems with connection...
07:12 Paolo what are u telling me, mason?
07:13 mason oh, sorry, i was telling you how to find your koha version number
07:13 Paolo ok
07:14 Paolo it's 2.2.5
07:15 Paolo i've just installed
07:15 Paolo it
07:19 btoumi Paolo: Sorry i can help u no more in translation part
07:19 btoumi because i don tt use it
07:19 btoumi paolo =>italiano
07:20 mason hmm, i have not done any translation work either :(
07:20 btoumi if ur italiano paolo congratulation for worl cup ;=)
07:20 mason
07:20 btoumi footbal
07:31 Paolo thanks :-)
07:32 Paolo I get a fast look at the link, i think this is what i am searching for. thanks!
07:33 btoumi good luck
07:52 Paolo have to go now,  thank you for the help
07:52 Paolo i will come back if i find other problems ;-)

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