IRC log for #koha, 2006-07-21

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13:22 thd kados?
13:22 dewey kados is becoming a true Perl Monger...
13:27 thd dewy seen kados?
13:28 thd dewey seen kados?
13:28 dewey kados was last seen on #koha 1 days, 5 hours, 6 minutes and 9 seconds ago, saying: can't keep eyes open :-) [Wed Jul 19 01:22:49 2006]
13:30 thd ooh well kados ever tried gluing your eyes open?
18:51 chris dewey: seen kados?
18:51 dewey kados was last seen on #koha 1 days, 10 hours, 28 minutes and 49 seconds ago, saying: can't keep eyes open :-) [Wed Jul 19 01:22:49 2006]
20:29 mason kados: ping me when you're back on , and well have a look at setting up the new splibne label stuff
00:52 mason
00:52 Burgundavia mason: was that a mistype?
00:53 mason nah, just an irc ping, to see if i was still connected
00:53 mason sometimes my irc cleint disconnects without telling me
01:06 Burgundavia mason: ah
02:08 btoumi hi all
02:09 btoumi chris: are u around?
02:14 btoumi toins: salut ca va ? regler le probleme de config koha?
02:26 toins salut bruno. Oui ca commence a aller mieux...
02:27 btoumi toins: salut antoine ok c kool alors
04:38 btoumi hi paul
04:40 paul hello btoumi
04:41 btoumi how are u?
04:41 paul fine, although still without any dsl at my office...
04:41 paul (was in Nantes the last 2 days, with a new customer)
04:42 btoumi paul: kool for u!!
07:46 btoumi toins:are u around?
07:47 toins yep
07:47 toins i'm here
07:48 btoumi do u have work on fine module?
07:48 toins not already
07:49 btoumi toins: it was a question about this
07:49 btoumi i will se with chris tomorow
07:50 toins ok
07:50 btoumi ty
08:58 btoumi hi kados_
09:00 kados_ hi btoumi
09:01 btoumi ahow are u today?
09:05 btoumi kados can i ask u something?
09:08 btoumi kados: can i ask u something?
09:29 btoumi kados_: can i ask u something?
09:29 kados_ btoumi: sure
09:30 btoumi it 'a about template
09:31 btoumi what is the limit to modify menu?
09:32 btoumi kados_:what is the limit to modify menu?
09:41 btoumi kados_: just want to konw if i want to modify apparence of menu what can i do to modify (exemple intoduce call of css)
09:41 btoumi kados_: sorry difficult to explain , i hope u understand ;=)
09:44 kados_ which templates are you using and which version of Koh?
09:44 kados_ Koha even
09:44 btoumi kados_: i use prog template and koha head
09:44 kados_ for display prog templates aren't supposed to be modified
09:45 kados_ unless it's a new feature
09:45 kados_ it would be good to write a mail to koha-devel explaining your example of what you'd like to modify
09:45 kados_ and owen can perhaps advise you
09:47 btoumi ok kados_ i understand it's ok
09:49 btoumi i ask because tommorow i explain how koha works with template ,it's for futur when my libary work with koha
09:50 btoumi kados_:not for the moment
09:50 kados_ I see
09:51 btoumi kados_: ty for u answer
09:59 paul hello world
09:59 btoumi hi paul
10:00 paul (kados around ?)
10:21 kados_ paul: yep
10:21 kados_ squashing barcode bugs

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