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02:11 btoumi hi all
02:11 btoumi chris: are u around?
02:12 chris yes
02:12 btoumi hi chris how are u today?
02:12 chris good thanks, and u?
02:12 btoumi same
02:13 btoumi do u have some time for me?
02:13 chris yep
02:14 btoumi i want to understand all the way from fines
02:14 btoumi that why i have a lot of question ;=)
02:15 chris :-) thats fine
02:15 btoumi ok my first question is about ReplacementCost and replacementprice
02:16 btoumi field
02:16 chris right
02:17 chris replacementprice is on items right?
02:17 btoumi yes
02:18 chris thats the value ive always used for the charging a borrower the cost to replace an item
02:18 chris where is ReplacementCost?
02:19 btoumi in it's a function
02:19 chris ah ha
02:21 btoumi my problem that is i don't know where u insert data with Replacementprice value
02:21 chris ahh thats in full acquisitions
02:22 chris hmm i think if you linked it to a marc field ... you could add it in the marc editor too
02:22 chris but im not sure what field it should be in MARC
02:22 btoumi is it the cost of a book?
02:22 chris yes
02:23 btoumi ok i understand
02:23 btoumi i take some note because i forget all that u say if i don't i'm to much old :=)
02:24 chris hehe
02:24 btoumi replacementprice=>cost of book
02:25 chris yep, the cost it would take to replace it
02:27 btoumi and this price is configured in aquisition module isn't it?
02:27 chris yes
02:27 btoumi ok
02:27 Burgundavia sorry, to but in, but from a UI point of view, what is ReplacementCost then?
02:27 chris but if you set up the link in koha2marc links, you could manage it with the marc editor too
02:28 btoumi ok
02:28 chris replacementcost is a function in the Fines perl module that fetches the replacementprice from the database
02:28 btoumi not now because i work only in fine
02:29 chris burgundavia: its an internal function
02:29 Burgundavia chris: ah, ok
02:29 Burgundavia chris: it is exposed to the user at all?
02:29 chris nope
02:30 btoumi another question for u chris what is $DEBUG is it a system variable?
02:30 chris yes
02:30 chris if the programmer has been good
02:30 chris in the module, or script
02:30 btoumi not for me lol
02:30 chris they will have things like
02:30 Burgundavia chris: ok, then
02:31 chris if ($DEBUG) { warn "DEBUG: the query is $query"; }
02:31 chris then at the top of the module
02:31 chris if you go
02:31 chris $DEBUG=1;
02:31 chris you get debugging statements in your error log
02:31 chris and $DEBUG=0;
02:31 chris turns it off again
02:32 chris saves having to go thru commenting warn's out ... etc
02:32 chris does that make sense bruno?
02:32 btoumi ok if i understand this variable use to debug code
02:32 chris thats right
02:33 chris it could even be
02:33 btoumi but u use in this file because u use it in command line not across koha
02:33 chris yep
02:34 btoumi ok i understand
02:34 chris you could use it across koha, and set the debug as an environment variable .. so you could switch it on or off in the apache config
02:34 btoumi ok
02:35 btoumi now i look for other question in code
02:35 chris :)
02:38 btoumi i think i create 2 function that they return
02:39 btoumi for the first : how much special days between due date and date of day
02:39 chris right
02:39 btoumi the second return how much day close between due date and date of day
02:39 chris right
02:40 btoumi i do it in
02:40 chris sounds good to me
02:40 btoumi ok
02:40 btoumi another question ;=)
02:41 chris you could make one that calls those 2 .. that gives you the number of open days between due date and date of day
02:41 chris so you could go $days_to_charge = DaysOpen($datedue,$datenow);
02:42 chris then $fine = $days_to_charge * $fine_amount;
02:42 chris maybe
02:42 btoumi yes i think so
02:42 btoumi just one function to calculate
02:42 btoumi is more optimized
02:43 chris yeah, maybe 2 internal functions .. and one exported one for the to use
02:45 btoumi can u explain?
02:46 chris have your 2 functions you said before just be internal ones, ie ones inside .. that dont get called by other scripts .. and have the other function DaysOpen ... that is exported, that uses the 2 internal ones ... that way ive we ever need to we could just export the other 2 as well
02:46 chris its hard to explain
02:47 btoumi its hard to understand ;=)
02:48 chris :) i just meant write three subroutines in
02:48 chris but only one, DaysOpen, is exported
02:50 btoumi ok
02:50 btoumi if i understand u have two function to calculate the special holydays and repeatable holydays
02:51 chris yep
02:51 btoumi and the third join data from the two function and export where it was called
02:51 chris yes thats right
02:51 btoumi yesssssssssssssss
02:52 chris :)
02:53 btoumi another question if u are ok?
02:53 chris yep
02:56 btoumi the itemlost=2 is insert on table when u date day -date due>28
02:56 chris thats right
02:57 btoumi but where do u insert itemlost=1?
02:57 chris ahh
02:57 chris in the catalogue
02:57 btoumi ok
02:57 btoumi itemlost=2 => lost book by borrowers
02:58 btoumi itemlost=1 =>?
02:58 chris marked lost by librarian
02:59 chris so maybe the borrower rings up, and says i lost the book
02:59 chris the librarian can mark it lost
02:59 chris before waiting the 28 days for koha to do it
02:59 btoumi ok it understand
03:00 btoumi u can change state of book  in borrower interface?
03:00 chris in the librarian catalogue interface
03:00 btoumi ok
03:00 chris ill just find the page
03:02 chris http://koha.rangitikei.katipo.[…]pe=&submit=modify
03:03 btoumi ok thanks
03:03 btoumi i understand
03:03 chris im not sure where you do it in the marc one tho, id have to ask paul
03:05 btoumi but perahps there is a problem in in line 143 because u want to insert replacecost value in date field
03:07 chris yes i think that is perhaps broken
03:07 btoumi ok
03:08 btoumi can u tell me all the possible value for accountype if u are ok
03:08 chris you can really set up whatever you want there
03:09 chris ill query one of the libraries database
03:09 chris and see all the ones they are using
03:10 btoumi ok thanks chris
03:10 chris here what Rangitikei library uses
03:10 chris Rent = Rental cost (they charge money to borrow DVD's)
03:10 chris Pay = A payment
03:11 chris W = write off (when the library decides to wipe off a charge)
03:11 chris C = Credit
03:12 chris F = Fine (overdue charge)
03:12 chris L = Lost item
03:12 chris Res = Charge for a reserve
03:12 chris thats what they are using
03:13 chris does that help?
03:13 btoumi is it configured or only configured in code?
03:13 btoumi yes
03:13 chris only in code
03:14 chris its not very good, maybe one day we will fix it so it is configured better
03:14 btoumi right i think so
03:14 btoumi ok i understand all the things
03:15 btoumi big thank u for u chris
03:15 btoumi i can begin to work
03:15 chris excellent
03:16 btoumi i think that can be use by another library who use the same functionnement
03:17 chris cool
03:17 btoumi perahps name  will change in future if it use by another library
03:17 chris yeah maybe we can think up a better name
03:17 chris but i dont have a good idea :)
03:17 btoumi and all library can switch between and
03:18 chris yeah
03:18 btoumi for the name i have no idea but perahps later ;=)
04:03 btoumi chris: are u always around?
04:04 chris not always .. but too much as my wife would tell me :)
04:05 btoumi lol ;=) i don't want to have a problem with ur wife ;=)
04:05 btoumi just for a point
04:06 btoumi when u insert a line in accountline u use accounttype=>L (lost ) but for the functionnement of my library i think i must use F before 28 and L after
04:08 chris that sounds fine
04:08 btoumi ok ty and good night chris
04:09 chris night
07:23 btoumi Toins: are u around?
07:24 ToinS yep
07:25 btoumi est ce que tu sais lequel de ces deux module ne sera plus utilise sur koha
07:26 btoumi date::manip ou date::calc
07:26 ToinS ah non ca je ne sais pas
07:26 ToinS désolé
07:26 btoumi c pas grave
07:26 btoumi je vais voir si kados est la
07:27 btoumi kados: are u around?
07:27 ToinS normalement les americains arrivent un peu plus tard
07:27 btoumi voui avec le decalage horaire
08:08 kados btoumi: still around?
08:09 kados btoumi: date::manip is a very slow module
08:09 btoumi yes i'm around
08:09 kados btoumi: if you are working on circulation I would suggest not working with date::manip
08:09 btoumi i work on fines
08:09 kados btoumi: I don't know anything about date::calc
08:09 kados ahh ... fines are calculated nightly then? or on return? or what?
08:10 kados (can you use C4::Date ?)
08:10 btoumi in to calculate all fines
08:10 kados (if you use the existing API it will be easier to maintain)
08:10 kados ok, runs nightly
08:10 btoumi yes
08:10 kados so speed is not that important
08:11 kados but for maintainability I would look at C4/
08:11 kados I bet the subs in there would be useful to you
08:11 btoumi but this file use date::manip module
08:11 kados yep
08:11 kados but ... we can easily replace it with something else
08:11 kados but never change the API
08:12 kados so everything will still work
08:12 kados (does that make sense?)
08:12 btoumi yes it's right but if we will decide that don't use date::manip peraphs i try to find some function in date::calc
08:14 kados btoumi: do you mean you will work on
08:14 kados btoumi: and move it from date::manip to date::calc?
08:16 btoumi move function from date::manip to date::calc
08:18 btoumi kados: it's solution for some function useful
08:18 kados btoumi: if you have a new date function it should go in C4/
08:20 btoumi is it possible to take a function from a module (for example today() form date::calc) and copy to C4/
08:21 kados you don't need to copy it
08:21 kados you can simply have, in
08:21 kados use Date::Calc;
08:21 kados sub today {
08:21 btoumi ok sorry i'm very tired
08:21 kados today();
08:21 kados }
08:22 kados or
08:22 kados return today();
08:22 kados }
08:22 kados I think
08:22 btoumi kados:ok sorry i'm very tired
08:22 kados I slept in today :(
08:22 btoumi i understand what what u explain
08:22 kados can't keep eyes open :-)
08:23 btoumi lol i understand but it's only 15 pm in france
08:23 btoumi 3pm
08:26 btoumi kados: in use u can do like this => use Date::Calc qw/Today/;
08:27 btoumi use only function i need
08:29 kados gotcha

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