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18:56 hdl kados ?
18:56 dewey kados is becoming a true Perl Monger...
19:39 thd Is kados here?
21:30 thd kados: are you there?
21:30 thd kados: I found a small bug
00:35 Strait good morning everyone
02:12 Strait strange...
02:12 Strait i can'
02:12 paul_away hello all
02:12 Strait t seem to find a place to define the itemtype of an item??
02:12 ToinS hi all !
02:12 Strait hello paul
02:18 hdl hi
02:21 mason strait: its in the script, from
02:22 Strait hmm, how do i get there from the user interface?
02:23 mason from here -> /cgi-bin/koha/
02:23 mason click the barcode of an item, which takes you to here
02:23 mason /cgi-bin/koha/​=&item=23020&bib=23740&bi=23740
02:24 mason then under the 'GROUP' record, click the 'modify' button
02:25 mason which takes you to here -> /cgi-bin/koha/
02:25 Strait hold on, i'll change the language ;)
02:25 mason lol :)
02:25 Strait i've been working on the finnish translation
02:25 Strait it's not quite finished yet
02:26 Strait so the system speaks gibberish
02:26 mason wow!
02:27 Strait i have Group Number: 1
02:27 Strait but no modify button
02:28 mason on ?
02:29 Strait yep
02:29 Strait i had npl template
02:29 mason ah, let me change to that
02:30 Strait i see the group record on default template
02:30 Strait but modify button does nothing :(
02:32 mason ok, ive got it
02:32 mason do a search...
02:32 mason /cgi-bin/koha/search.marc/
02:33 mason select an item, which takes you here -> /cgi-bin/koha/
02:34 Strait right
02:34 mason click 'edit items', which goes here  -> /cgi-bin/koha/acqui.simple​/
02:34 Strait yep
02:34 mason the click 'edit bib record',  which goes here -> /cgi-bin/koha/acqui.simple/addb​
02:35 mason the clck 'page 6'...
02:35 Strait tab 6
02:35 mason yup
02:35 Strait i don't have that :(
02:35 Strait 0-5
02:36 mason doh,
02:36 Strait what fields do i need there?
02:36 mason what ver of koha u got?
02:36 mason Page 6
02:36 Strait 2.2.5
02:36 mason 942  - Biblioitem information
02:36 mason  a Institution code
02:36 mason  c item type
02:36 mason  k dewey
02:36 Strait 942?
02:37 Strait is that marc21 or unimarc?
02:37 mason this koha is on 2.2.2
02:37 Strait or some koha-specific non-marc field?
02:37 mason no, i thinks its plain old marc21
02:38 Strait not according to
02:38 Strait marc21 doesn't have that
02:38 mason from sys pref's  -> 'marcflavour  MARC21'
02:38 Strait koha doesn though
02:39 Strait i am using marc21 already
02:39 Strait koha has that field i see
02:39 Strait managed on tab 5 XD
02:40 Strait ok, so it's tab 5 for me, not 6
02:40 Strait found it now
02:41 Strait thanks a lot :)
02:41 mason hee hee , great :)
02:41 Strait hmm, maybe 9xx fields are some library/systemspecfic things in marc21
02:42 Strait since the "official" marc21 doesn't seem to have them at all
02:42 Strait specific even...
02:44 mason yes, it could well be
03:25 slef mornings--
03:26 slef house mods--
05:39 Strait do you have somekind of recommendations on how to deal with shortcuts on translations?
05:39 Strait I'm translating NPL templates
05:39 Strait they have these handy shortcuts for the most commonly used functions
05:40 Strait the problem is that in different languages the shortcuts don't make any sense
05:40 Strait for example: Quick Search = Pikahaku
05:40 Strait in finnish
05:40 Strait no Q in that...
05:40 Strait so right now the ui shows QPikahaku :D
05:40 slef some sites I know use numbers and arbitrary letters for shortcuts
05:41 slef so I guess I'd label it as Pikahaku [Q]
05:41 slef or similar
05:41 slef like in a menu
05:41 Strait then the changes will have to be made to the templates?
05:41 slef or Q: Pikahaku
05:41 Strait that might be a good way
05:41 Strait the switching languages wouldn't change the shortcuts
05:42 slef I'd expect this would be a known problem in UI translation
05:42 Strait +n
05:42 slef but I've not really read up on it
05:42 slef I think I've done all of one and a half translations so far
05:42 slef and both of those were command line programs
05:42 slef where, sadly, the option flags don't change
05:42 slef so not all make sense
05:43 Strait in commandline programs it's good in my opinion that flags stay
05:43 Strait even if they don't make sense
05:43 slef stuff like  "--expire   mortigxu daton" in the help messages :-/
05:43 slef erm, igxi
05:44 slef help messages seem to always be infinitive
05:44 slef nfi why
05:45 Strait i'm not sure about dm-interfaces
05:45 Strait in them it would be reasonable to expect that shortcuts follow the language of the ui
05:45 Strait but then they would change from language version to another
05:46 slef dm?
05:46 Strait direct manipulation
05:46 Strait gui-like thingys
05:47 Strait which is what koha is
05:47 slef I'm just looking at a few other projects
05:47 Strait of course it has little to do with graphics ;)
05:48 slef The welsh KDE/Gnomers seem to keep the characters the same
05:48 slef
05:48 Strait in finland they have traditionally been translated in the menus
05:48 Strait but for example undo is always CTRL+Z
05:49 Strait save CTRL+S
05:49 Strait cut CTRL+X
05:49 Strait and so on
05:49 Strait but in the menus the underlined letter is language specifis
05:49 Strait s=c
05:52 Strait I could change the shortcuts directly the the templates
05:52 Strait to the
05:52 Strait (god i make so many mistakes in english :D)
05:52 slef KDE seems to have no policy on it
05:53 Strait i'll discuss it with the others in finnish koha-project
05:53 Strait we have default templates translated
05:53 Strait but npl seems better for out purposes
05:53 Strait our :D
05:54 Strait npl-templates are better at dealing with varying length of the words in translations
05:55 Strait we had big problems with that using the default templates
08:29 paul hello pierrick
08:29 pierrick hello paul ;-)
09:24 kyle has anyone seen this message in their koha-access_log:
09:24 kyle - - [24/Jun/2006:16:10:20 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 400 226
09:33 kados looks like a hacker attack attempt
09:33 kados or just some goofy bot :-)
10:25 owen kados: you around?
11:35 kados owen: am now
11:35 kados owen: what's shaking?
11:35 owen Hey, how's it going?
11:35 paul_away and i'm no more ;-)
11:35 kados not bad
11:35 kados hey paul_away
11:35 kados have a good evening
11:35 paul_away bye guys, i'll will be here tomorrow
11:36 paul_away IPT tested 2.2.6 today, reported me some minor problems.
11:36 kados cool
11:36 paul_away i plan to fix them tomorrow
11:36 kados with marc21
11:36 kados and found some probs with normal acquisitions
11:36 kados at least with npl tempaltes (maybe default too)
11:37 paul_away however, i will be away for 1 week for my personnal move (home move), from thursday to next tuesday
11:37 kados right
11:37 kados (have a good move :-))
11:41 owen so kados, what are you seeing with Acquisitions?
11:41 owen I noticed something this morning and I don't know if it's a bug or not

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