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13:02 slef hi all... anyone alive?
16:41 chris i am now too
16:55 thd is slef alive?
17:47 kados hi all
17:47 kados thd: now would be a good time to chat
17:48 kados thd: I'll be around most of the evening working on zoomopac :-)
17:48 thd kados: on phone
17:49 kados k
17:52 chris howd the boothing go?
17:52 kados not bad
17:52 kados had some great chats with folks
17:52 kados we're boothing with Index Data this time
17:52 kados so it's been great to connect with Sebastian
17:52 kados lots of good ideas floated and such
17:54 chris cool
17:54 chris much interest in koha?
17:55 kados yea, quite a few leads
17:55 chris sweet
17:57 chris lots of booths?
18:06 thd kados: I am off phone now
18:06 kados chris: yea, loads of them ... 800 vendors I think
18:07 thd kados: how does your experience this year compare to last?
18:07 kados it's very similar, though I'm a lot less nervous ;-)
18:07 kados the new zoom search has really impressed people
18:07 thd kados: in terms of the degree of serious interest in Koha?
18:08 kados well ... I'm not really sure a conference is about generating serious leads
18:08 kados it seems more about getting the word out there
18:08 thd conferences are merely advertising
18:08 kados trying to introduce people to this new business model
18:09 thd kados: you mean old business model
18:09 kados heh
18:09 kados for libraries this is a new business model ;-)
18:10 thd kados: proprietary systems will one day be a historical anachronism
18:11 kados we'll see :-)
18:11 kados I certainly hope you're right :-)
18:11 kados but a lot of it falls on the libraries
18:11 thd which were once popular at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century
18:12 thd kados: what is the it that falls?
18:12 kados well ... it falls to libraries to support the open source development model
18:12 kados to take responsibility for developing the technologies that run their institutions
18:12 thd yes I guessed that you meant that
18:14 thd kados: there are other possibilities with a foundation, etc., yet ultimately libraries have to embrace the model or the software from it for it to work
18:14 kados yep
18:22 chris i really do think its becoming a matter of adapt or die
18:23 chris and the libraries that are forward thinking and realise that they need to be in control of the features they offer
18:23 chris will survive
18:24 johnb I agree with you on that one Chris
18:25 chris hi john :-) hows things?
18:28 johnb Pretty Good.  Beautiful night here in Northwest PA
18:29 chris excellent
18:30 chris my parents are heading over that way in september
18:30 chris well to pittsburgh and eerie
18:30 johnb Good time to come.  Shouuldn't run into too much snow!
18:31 slef slef no longer alive bb tomoz
18:31 kados johnb: seen the new zoomopac?
18:31 dewey I haven't seen 'the', kados
18:31 kados johnb:
18:31 dewey is working now wher do i look
18:32 kados dewey: is the new zoom opac
18:32 dewey ...but is working now wher do i look...
18:32 kados dewey: no, is the new zoom opac
18:32 dewey ...but is working now wher do i look...
18:32 kados dewey: no is the new zoom opac
18:32 dewey OK, kados.
18:32 kados heh
18:32 kados silly bot
18:32 johnb Haven't checked it out, give me a minute.
18:35 johnb Looks good Kados!
18:35 johnb How big is the test database?
18:35 kados it's 300K records
18:35 kados quite fast :-)
18:35 chris yep
18:36 kados it would be just as fast with 5 million records
18:36 johnb Good size.  Very fast results.
18:36 kados because of the way the indexes are built
18:36 johnb Size doesn't Matter?!
18:36 kados nope
18:36 kados basically, there are only so many words in the language :-)
18:36 chris the slowest bit is fetching the images
18:36 kados once you index them all, you're pretty much done
18:37 chris itd be even faster with amazon images turned off :-)
18:37 kados so the db can scale out to something like 50 million records
18:37 kados before there's any noticable speed degredation
18:37 chris unless you add lots of other languages i guess?
18:37 johnb Yeah the pictures slow you down, but they are very sexy to us librarians.
18:37 kados hehe
18:41 johnb Just been playing with the advanced search and power search.
18:42 johnb Welldone, you can get very specfic results very quickly
18:42 kados yep ... it's quite powerful
18:42 kados try an 'exact title' search for 'it'
18:43 kados that's available in the advanced search
18:43 kados try that in another ILS :-)
18:43 chris one little suggestion, purely cosmetic
18:43 kados sure
18:43 chris with the sort dropdown
18:43 chris we could put some javascript to submit onchange
18:43 kados right
18:43 kados that'd be nice
18:44 chris so you dont have to hit sort if you have javascript
18:44 kados yea ... there's quite a bit of stuff we could do to pretty it up
18:44 chris its looking really tight
18:45 thd proximity should be part of advanced and/or power search
18:45 kados I spent some time looking at some of the other vendor search products today
18:45 johnb "it" took less than two seconds to look up 17,000 plus records, very very nice.
18:45 kados and was really suprised how lousy their stuff works in comparison
18:45 chris yeah
18:45 chris i bet it was ugly too
18:45 kados yea, really bad ... and near impossible to customize
18:46 chris this is what i find so hard to believe
18:46 kados basically, most of these companies have stopped development
18:46 kados theyv'e got mostly marketing people
18:46 chris yeah 20 years ago
18:46 kados sales reps, etc.
18:46 thd kados: what was the most sophisticated other search interface that you saw?
18:46 kados and they sell 10 year old software :-)
18:46 chris snap
18:46 kados thd: i haven't seen a more sophisticated search than Koha
18:47 kados thd: or at least, i haven't seen anything they are doing that I couldn't do in 3 minutes using the zoom framework i built for searching
18:47 chris :-)
18:47 thd kados: who had the next most sophisticated?
18:47 kados by merely changing some html in the template :-)
18:47 kados no coding at all :-)
18:47 kados probably sirsi/dynix
18:48 thd kados: can you describe what it had or did not have that was distinctive?
18:48 kados thd: no :-)
18:48 kados thd: I plan to make some lists tomorrow
18:49 kados thd: today I was just kinda browsing
18:49 kados thd: but the idea is ... get a list of everything everyone's doing
18:49 kados thd: then implement it over the next few evenings :-)
18:49 thd kados: how does the current SIRSI/Dynix system compare with Open WorldCat?
18:49 thd s/Open//
18:50 kados thd: I'll have to compare it tomorrow in more detail
18:50 thd s/Open/OCLC/
18:52 chris what are they giveaways this year?
18:52 chris they=the
18:52 kados hehe ... there are loads of them
18:53 kados librarians walking around with bags and bags of trinkets
18:53 kados really funny to watch
18:53 chris anyone beat a free entire ILS ?
18:53 chris :-)
18:53 kados kinda like a carnival
18:53 kados hehe
18:53 chris yeah i always come home with a bag of swag
18:53 johnb Chris you can always tell the rookies at ALA because they pick up all the swag then can't fit in their bags to bring home!
18:53 chris hehe
18:54 kados hehe
18:55 chris ok im off to watch nz vs argentina in rugby, catch up with you later
18:55 kados ciao
18:57 johnb See you guys later, going to the movies.
19:03 thd kados: Bug 1104 may occur in other instances
19:03 thd kados: I have only extensively tested adding an additional repeated field
19:04 kados thd: it's fixed now :-)
19:05 kados thd: just a missing encoding declaration
19:05 thd yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay kados
19:06 kados :-)
19:06 kados I can't commit the change because it would create conflicts with pauls' changes
19:06 kados but at least the system you'll be working on is fixed :-)
19:07 thd kados: my own system does not work :)
19:07 kados do you have 'TemplateEncoding' defined as 'UTF-8'?
19:08 kados in your system preferences?
19:08 thd kados: yes
19:09 kados for a temporary fix
19:09 kados look for all instances of 'new_from_xml' in
19:09 kados and make sure they look like this:
19:09 kados my $record=MARC::Record->new_from_xml($xml, 'UTF-8');
19:10 thd kados: there is one very scary bug though
19:10 kados which?
19:10 dewey i think which is really annoying
19:10 kados heh
19:11 thd kados: the one where the record is deleted if your IP address changes while editing
19:11 kados heh
19:11 kados nothing I can do about that
19:11 thd kados: what is the cause of that?
19:11 kados without re-writing all the stuff
19:11 kados it's not really a bug
19:11 kados it has to do with session management
19:11 thd kados: all of it really!!??
19:11 kados it's actually a security feature
19:12 kados so that someone can't steal your session
19:12 thd kados: In case you record was captured by the enemy we will prevent it from talking :)
19:12 kados if you want to dispable it
19:12 kados disable even
19:12 kados you can just set auth=0
19:13 kados when defining the template
19:13 thd \kados: yes i would like to disable it on my own system
19:13 kados sorry
19:13 kados this ...
19:13 kados authnotrequired => 0,
19:13 kados change it to:
19:13 dewey kados: that doesn't look right
19:13 kados authnotrequired => 1,
19:13 kados that should fix the problem
19:14 thd \kados: where do I make that change or do I just turn off authentication in the system preferences?
19:15 thd kados:  Is the effect to turn off all authentication?
19:15 kados for addbiblio, yes :)
19:16 thd kados: so the change would be made in
19:16 kados there are two paths
19:16 kados you can change
19:16 kados which will only affect that script
19:16 kados or you can alter the system preference
19:16 kados which in theory will turn off authentication for the whole intranet
19:17 kados I say in theory because I've never tested it to see if turning it off actually does anything ;-)
19:17 thd kados: altering the system preference would seem unwise for this problem if it can be done on addbiblio alone
19:18 kados yep, I agree
19:18 kados ok ... I'm gonna get busy coding
19:18 thd thank you kados
11:56 johnb nick johnb away

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