IRC log for #koha, 2006-04-05

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12:06 kados Tmr: hi there!
12:07 kados Tmr: welcome :-)
12:07 kados shedges: you too :-)
12:07 kados shedges: how's the new office? :-)
12:14 Tmr Hi everyone I am quite new to this IRC thing I hope I manage t'night
12:15 shedges hey kados!
12:15 shedges BUSY!
12:15 shedges (There's nothing like having a Board meeting 11 days after you start a new job.)
12:25 kados heh
13:33 kados welcome back tumer :-)
13:33 kados tumer: did you see my other email (public one) sent to you over the weekend?
13:34 kados tumer: I asked some additional questions and also asked about your timestamp export script
13:43 tumer kados: sorry I am trying to sort this mIRC thing
13:43 kados no problem :-)
13:43 kados I'm _very_ happy to see you here :-)
13:44 tumer Well i am missing my Tango milonga for this and hope doing the right thing
13:45 kados you have a Tango / Milonga class?
13:46 kados tumer: the mtg does not start until 20:00 ... what time is that for you?
13:46 kados[…]ur=20&min=0&sec=0
13:46 kados what timezone are you in?
13:46 tumer I am taking Tango lessons
13:46 tumer GMT +2
13:46 kados great! I was never very good at Tango
13:46 kados I liked to Rumba :-)
13:47 kados ouch, so it will be 10:00pm for you ...
13:48 tumer well I used to salsa but with age wine matures!
13:48 kados hehe
13:48 kados good point
13:48 kados I'm afraid I am turning to vinegar with regards to dancing :-)
13:49 tumer even quality vinegar is expensive:-)
13:49 kados tumer: good news is you are in the same timezone as Frenchies
13:49 tumer they are GMT+1 an hr early
13:49 kados really?
13:50 tumer I am in Cyprus
13:51 kados tumer: greece?
13:52 kados tumer: no kidding ... /me studied classical languages (greek and latin) as an undergrad
13:52 kados kaire!
13:52 kados :-)
13:52 kados even 'kados' is a greek word :-)
13:53 kados Paris seems to be GMT + 2 right now
13:53 kados[…]k/city.html?n=195
13:53 kados maybe due to daylight-savings?
13:54 tumer well not exactly a turkish cypriot!
13:54 tumer kados: Yep I forgot about daylight. Then I'm GMT+3
13:55 kados yikes, even worse, so the mtg is 11:00PM for you
13:56 tumer kados how do you write these special messages in different colours?
13:56 kados type:
13:56 kados /me does something
13:57 kados it looks like:
13:57 tumer type:/ tumer goes for coffee
13:57 kados no, just:
13:58 kados /tumer goes for coffee
13:58 tumer :/ tumer goes for coffee
13:58 kados start with the /
13:58 tumer :tumer goes for coffee
13:58 kados heh
13:58 kados no :
13:58 kados just /tumer goes for coffee
13:58 kados well, actually
13:58 kados /me goes for coffee
13:58 kados not /tumer
13:59 kados yay :-)
13:59 tumer great;-)
14:08 kados In fact, I hope our friends from France make it tonght
14:10 tumer kados: can you try with user=test pass=test2 whether you can connect?
14:12 kados I'll try
14:12 kados it's timing out or else very very slow
14:12 kados is there a firewall?
14:13 tumer our lines are very slow, I'll check firewall
14:15 tumer changed firewall, pls try again
14:15 kados ok
14:15 kados working
14:16 kados ok, I'm logged in
14:16 kados nice 'barcode' search
14:16 tumer when I discuss things I thought it will be better if I can get people to see what I mean
14:16 kados great!
14:17 kados I like the useZOOM syspref :-)
14:17 kados we have discussed having one for rel_2_2
14:17 tumer go to catalogue search
14:17 kados excellent!
14:17 kados boolean
14:18 kados very nice work Tumer
14:18 kados chris: you around?
14:18 tumer exept that everthing is PQF
14:18 kados ahh, not CQL, eh?
14:19 tumer nop I'am waiting you chaps for that -easy to upgrade
14:19 kados do you update Zebra with every checkout?
14:19 kados ie, holdingbranch/status?
14:19 tumer yes
14:19 kados very nice
14:19 kados we definitely need to get you involved in 3.0
14:19 kados :-)
14:19 kados we're very short handed
14:20 kados so development has been quite slow
14:20 kados tumer: did you see the echange about 'sort by relevance'?
14:20 kados tumer: it may be better for you than sort by title ...
14:21 tumer we can use this sort of screen in KohaCon to prove ZEBRA vs Mysql cause its just radio button selection
14:21 kados oooh ... great point!
14:21 tumer I am working on sort by relevance
14:22 kados you will find that CVS is quite easy to use
14:22 tumer I have just managed to have LC indexing sorted out
14:22 kados especially on Windows
14:22 kados I hear that TortoiseCVS is quite nice
14:22 kados
14:23 tumer I'll look into CVS thing
14:23 kados tumer: you also need to sign up at savannah:
14:23 tumer I've got universities in Turkey wanting to know more about KOHA coming to Cyprus to see us.
14:23 kados excellent!
14:24 kados tumer:
14:24 tumer And even may be the NAtional Library of Turkey is interested. I'm taking the director to Paris
14:24 kados wow, fantastic!
14:25 tumer that will mean 1.5M records on KOHA
14:25 kados right
14:25 kados tumer: are you an employee of a library or a contractor?
14:26 tumer I'll sign up on savannah
14:26 kados great, let me know your username and I'll add you to the project
14:27 tumer Yep I'm the director of university library, I do this just for fun!
14:27 kados excellent :-)
14:27 kados I began as the sys admin for Nelsonville
14:28 kados now I operate :-)
14:28 kados and NPL is one of our clients :-)
14:28 tumer very nice designs at liblime:-)
14:28 kados thx
14:29 tumer I am very confused with this utf8 problems you are all having!
14:32 griffjon I'm trying to implement Koha as a simple library check-in-check-out system for our office's resource books (~500 books, tapes, DVDs), but I'm finding Koha to be way more than I need, and a bit difficult to work with
14:33 griffjon is there a way to import book records without using MARC records?  I have titles and will have ISBNs, but don't have/want/need full MARC information
14:33 kados griffjon: Koha can be customized to make it much simpler for your needs
14:34 kados griffjon: you should be able to turn MARC off in the systempreferences
14:34 griffjon I've already set it to not worry about branches, etc., but for record import, the only information I've found is to go through a marc system
14:34 kados griffjon: that may work for you
14:34 griffjon hmmmm
14:34 griffjon I'll look at that
14:34 griffjon is there a database schema anywhere such that I could write an SQL query to move the data over?
14:36 kados hmmm ... would be a good place to look
14:36 tumer griffon:what format do you have the records now?
14:36 kados but probably your best bet is writing a script based on MARC::Record
14:37 kados convert your data to minimal MARC data, then import using the script
14:37 kados that's what we do for our customers who don't need full MARC
14:39 griffjon they're just in an access db that a previous it  guy put together
14:39 griffjon it has title, author, and I'm intending on adding ISBN using a barcode scanner I have
14:41 tumer well as far as I know there are simple programs around like MARCEdit that lets you convert a text file to MARC. Simply export you db as tab delimited text and convert them to marc
14:43 tumer MarcEdit by Terry Reese is an example -freeware
14:44 kados yep, good idea
14:50 kados AGENDA:
14:51 tumer kados: I registerd with savannah
14:52 kados tumer: what's your username?
14:52 tumer tgarip1957
14:53 kados tumer: your account hasn't appeared yet
14:53 kados hiya slef
14:53 kados MEETING AGENDA:
14:53 kados slef: feel free to add stuff to the agenda if you have anything to discuss
14:54 tumer kados:just did
14:54 kados tumer: ok, you're added to the project :-)
14:55 kados tumer: now we just need to get you set up with a CVS client :-)
14:55 tumer thanks!
14:55 slef if you've the command line cvs client, just download emacs and use the menus ;-)
14:55 kados slef: tumer uses Windows
14:55 slef kados: emacs runs on Windows
14:56 kados ahh, good point
14:56 tumer and never used CVS !
14:56 kados I haven't used windows for so long I forget what works and doesn't :-)
14:56 slef not sure how well it does cvs, but emacs's cvs menus are quite friendly
14:56 kados ho z0rglub
14:58 pierrick good night #koha
14:58 tumer gnight
14:58 slef pierrick: not staying for the meeting?
14:59 pierrick slef: it's 10PM for me :-)
14:59 pierrick slef: I didn't say "good bye" :-)
14:59 tumer and 11pm for me :-(
14:59 slef pierrick: time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
15:00 pierrick slef: you don't have kids I suppose? time is everything
15:00 kados pierrick: in english, 'good night' usually means 'good bye', and is not normally a greeting
15:00 kados pierrick: though strangely, you can say 'good evening' as a greeting :-)
15:00 slef pierrick: we usually say "good night" at end of day, going home, off to sleep
15:01 kados pierrick: one instance where American and English agree :-)
15:01 kados and looks like no kiwis are here ...
15:01 kados chris or russ around yet?
15:02 slef j'ai cru que la francais dit le meme chose, mais je sais pas
15:02 chris i am
15:02 pierrick kados & slef: I know :-) it was some kind of a joke, I won't do it again, sorry ;-)
15:02 kados pierrick: do you know if paul will be here, or hdl?
15:02 slef pierrick: defense de rigoler en seance!
15:03 hdl hi there.
15:03 pierrick I have absolutely no idea about hdl and paul
15:03 pierrick (and antoine)
15:03 kados right
15:03 pierrick it seems hdl is here :-)
15:03 kados hi hdl :-)
15:03 kados nice crowd today
15:03 kados I think we should start early for the sake of our GMT+ folks
15:04 hdl hi
15:04 kados meeting agenda is here:
15:04 kados[…]ndAndNotes06apr03
15:04 kados so first up, a few announcements
15:04 thd I am here now
15:04 kados pierrick will be our new QA Manager ... he has had approval from INEO as I understand it
15:04 kados pierrick: that's correct, right?
15:05 pierrick correct
15:05 pierrick I'll answer more officialy on koha-devel
15:05 kados second, I've asked Tumer to become the 'Release Assistant' since he has shown so much initiative in developing perl-zoom
15:05 kados tumer: can you show everyone your test site?
15:05 pierrick yeah :-) welcome Tumer
15:06 tumer hi all. I dont even know a release assistant does
15:06 kados hehe, it's a title we're inventing for you :-)
15:07 pierrick helping kados I suppose
15:07 kados it basically means help me :-)
15:07 tumer yep. for the site go user:test pass:test2 superlibrarian privileges
15:07 thd tumer: if you are the release assistant, then a release assistant does whatever it is that you do :)
15:08 kados tumer's made some very impressive leaps forward in terms of zebra integration
15:08 tumer well than I'm releasing myself of all evil!
15:08 kados for instance, his installation updates zebra with each circulation of an item
15:08 kados he also provided us with the proper way to index zebra from the command line
15:09 kados and still be able to use Koha with that index
15:09 kados so ... welcome to Tumer
15:09 kados now, who added 'Main web editing'?
15:10 kados wait ... one more announcement
15:10 kados we've a new wiki:
15:10 slef me, but isn't wiki first?
15:10 kados
15:10 thd and what does main web editing mean?
15:10 kados the wiki is hosted in the US on one of liblime's sites
15:11 kados s/sites/servers/
15:11 kados we need to transfer data from the old wiki to the new one at some point
15:12 kados so if there are any volunteers for that let me know
15:12 kados I'll post a mail to koha-devel about it soon
15:12 pierrick I am
15:12 slef Will it look like before it's activated?
15:12 kados pierrick: you'll volunteer?
15:12 pierrick kados: yes
15:12 kados pierrick: great! thanks.
15:12 pierrick do we need to import history or is current state enough?
15:13 kados pierrick: current state is enough
15:13 thd kados: and presumably it will be open password protected against spam.
15:13 kados thd: nope, there's an internal spam tracker
15:13 kados thd: that filters by content
15:13 slef Is OK with the change?
15:13 kados thd: we'll try that for a while and if it doesn't work I can add user permissions
15:13 pierrick on dokuwiki?
15:14 pierrick spam tracker on dokuwiki ?
15:14 kados pierrick: yes
15:14 chris good point we should drop roger buck (who runs an email
15:14 kados right
15:14 kados there was a thread about this a while ago
15:14 slef chris: particularly if there will be much data downloaded.
15:14 chris yep
15:15 kados ok slef, you're up ... three items right?
15:15 chris he may even be able to provide a mysql dump
15:15 kados ooh ... that'd be nice
15:15 chris which might make it easier
15:15 kados chris: can you get Roger's email to pierrick?
15:15 slef kados: Will it look like before it's activated?
15:15 kados slef: that's a good question
15:15 chris umm
15:15 kados slef: i wasn't intending to change the tempalte
15:15 chris ill have to look on the devel list and find it
15:16 slef kados: how css'able is it? Might be able to control it from
15:16 kados slef: I haven't checked, but if you want to work on that I'd be happy to upload any new css files
15:16 slef kados: can you ask what people would prefer, in your announcement email?
15:17 kados slef: prefer as far as look and feel?
15:17 slef kados: yes, whether it's easier to use as dokuwiki-look, or would be better looking like
15:17 pierrick slef: I know many Dokuwiki installation very "customized" so I suppose CSS is used to manage look&feel
15:18 slef or whether it matters at all to anyone :)
15:18 pierrick I customized my Dokuwiki a little, it was easy
15:18 kados chris: roger at is that it?
15:18 chris no
15:18 slef kados: no!
15:18 chris he is australian :)
15:18 chris
15:18 kados ahh
15:18 kados ok, cool, thanks
15:19 slef ok, I'm out of questions on wiki for now.
15:19 pierrick I'll ask him a dump :-)
15:19 kados slef: I'll ask that question in my email
15:19 kados slef: so over to you
15:19 thd I think it matters for giving a good impression of Koha to those who have not investigated enough to look past mere appearance
15:20 kados Main Web Editing
15:20 slef Main web editing - I have editor access to now. I don't know if I'm the first European, so if you want to discuss updates in English daytime, I'm here.
15:20 kados one thing to change:
15:20 kados Koha at Sourceforge
15:20 kados on the front page
15:20 slef Also, if you have suggestions to improve accessibility, let me know (spotted another one today)
15:20 kados should be Koha at Savannah
15:20 slef kados: OK, I'll get that. New URL?
15:21 kados
15:21 pierrick slef: are you joking ?
15:21 kados I think I have editor access but I've long forgotten the url/user/pass :-)
15:21 slef pierrick: not right now. Why?
15:22 kados ok, moving along ... New blogs plan?
15:22 chris ahh that sneaked on when russ did the koha conf bit
15:22 chris (sourceforge)
15:22 kados however, I'm planning on putting together a new blog shortly that will just be about libraries and open source
15:22 slef There will be an upgrade to "soon" which will make the koha blogs look like the main site
15:23 kados and will be hosted on
15:23 pierrick slef: I thought every Koha members knew Savannah Koha page :-/
15:23 kados excellent
15:23 slef Does anyone know where is pointing?
15:23 chris nowhere?
15:23 slef pierrick: there are two or three pages for each savannah project. I'd rather link to the RM's preferred one!
15:23 chris i look after the dns
15:23 chris where would you like it pointed slef?
15:24 slef chris: should the link be on
15:24 kados yea, as 'Blogs', definitely
15:24 chris to the blog aggregator? ... yeah i reckon so
15:24 slef I don't mind, but it seemed odd for it to have a link.
15:24 slef I'll just change the href URL, if that's OK.
15:24 chris thats fine
15:25 slef pierrick: is a bit empty, though :-D
15:25 kados yea, someone wanna spruce that up?
15:25 kados you can check out the web repo
15:25 kados in fact, that could be a mirror of the site
15:25 slef kados: can we revisit one meeting when russ is here to tell us how to mirror?
15:26 kados sure
15:26 slef ok, I'm done, if there are no more www or blogs questions/requests.
15:26 kados slef: all set on the blogs plan?
15:26 kados pierrick: wanna talk about the Extension Manager?
15:26 chris id probably just set up an rsync cron job to do the mirroring slef but we can cover that when russ is around
15:26 pierrick kados: right
15:27 pierrick I've proposed kados to help him preparing a Koha extension manager
15:27 pierrick the extension manager would be an online application where users would share their extensions
15:28 pierrick an extension can be a new template, a translation, an additional tool
15:28 kados we also need some way to 'install' and 'uninstall' extensions I bet
15:28 kados it would really be cool to have an extensions framework like Mambo or Wordpress
15:28 pierrick each extension would have a README explaining how to install and uninstall I suppose
15:28 slef like ?
15:29 pierrick slef: yeah, more like in fact ;-)
15:29 kados I'm guessing more like
15:30 pierrick kados: a plugin manager is a complicated task, very complicated
15:30 thd pierrick: what would distinguish extensions from base code?
15:30 russ hi everyone
15:30 pierrick hi russ
15:30 thd hello russ
15:30 chris i think we dont want to reach to far to start
15:30 kados pierrick: agreed,, but it would also help us narrow down a definition of the core functionality of an 'ILS'
15:30 kados hey russ
15:30 pierrick thd: for example a template is clearly an extension. Only 2 templates in standard : PROG and default
15:30 slef hi russ
15:31 chris if there was a place for people to upload their extensions and others to download .. and we left the installation/uninstallation documentation up to the extension writers
15:31 chris much like user contribs to oscommerce say
15:31 chris then thats a great first step
15:31 pierrick thd: plugin or MODs are other kind of extensions. They are features not officialy added
15:32 pierrick chris: I agree
15:32 chris if we try to aim on building a plugin handler, in a years time we still wont have an extensions site :-)
15:32 kados chris: good point
15:32 pierrick chris: that's what I do elsewhere and it works well
15:32 kados we've already got a lot on our plate with 3.0
15:32 chris yep
15:32 thd pierrick: what are MODs?
15:32 kados so maybe just a simple way to upload / download / document
15:32 kados thd: modifications
15:32 pierrick thd: code modifications
15:32 chris yeah, thats what pierrick was planning i think
15:33 pierrick kados: PEM is the PhpWebGallery Extension Manager, it is GPL software :-)
15:33 kados ok, sorry to have overstepped the scope, I've got visions you know :-)
15:33 chris and then we can build a fancy plugin handler if/when time permits or someone
15:33 thd MODs are mods. :)
15:33 chris has the desire
15:33 slef as someone whose work includes installing oscommerce contributions, I'd like to say FCOL NOOOooo...!
15:33 tumer do we expect these extensions to pour in? who else but us writing code?
15:33 chris quite a few people tumer
15:34 pierrick tumer: I think first of templates, not code
15:34 slef tumer: need to make them easy to install, easy to develop, easy to understand, well-documented, promoted, and so on.
15:34 chris slef: i see that as the extension writers problem
15:34 pierrick in PEM, each extension has several revision, and each each revision of an extension is compatible with a/some Koha releases
15:35 pierrick you can filter extensions compatible with you Koha 3.0.1 installation
15:35 kados pierrick: so you're suggesting we actually use PEM?
15:35 pierrick kados: of course
15:35 kados pierrick: got a url?
15:35 tumer who checks that a script extension does not really mess up customers installation
15:35 slef chris: having rankings and details of what's inside (patch files, and so on) would be a big big help. Almost no contribution author ever writes "here you go, but my work is crap".
15:35 slef russ: speedy.
15:36 pierrick the project page or a demo ?
15:36 chris slef: true, we could let users rank them
15:36 thd tumer: the QA manager would be pierrick
15:36 pierrick
15:37 tumer thd: so pierrick checks every extension?
15:37 slef chris: helping them with how to write good patches or mod scripts is probably essential too.
15:37 pierrick PEM requires improvement, I'm working on it
15:37 chris slef: yep they will require feedback
15:37 pierrick tumer: extensions are not official
15:38 kados pierrick: this is your project? :-)
15:38 slef chris: I'm thinking more of an extension framework a bit more than shove-it-in-a-zip
15:38 pierrick tumer: extensions are shared among users, we can't check every extension
15:38 kados hold on guys, pierrick is in fact the project admin for PEM
15:38 chris and that might be our end goal
15:38 tumer pierrick: extensions on official site messing up installations could be damaging
15:38 thd tumer: it should be easy to check until there are a nontrivial number of extensions and then I agree it would be a problem for checking
15:39 slef pierrick: is its manual GPL?
15:39 pierrick kados: a virtual friend wrote it for PhpWebGallery and we are working together to improve it and to make it generic
15:39 chris but id like to at least get somewhere people can put up their templates, and firefox extensions for now
15:39 kados chris: :-)
15:39 slef tumer: should we have ?
15:39 tumer something like that
15:39 pierrick slef: what do you mean "manual GPL" ? PEM is under GPL.
15:40 chris a nice disclaimer would be good too
15:40 slef pierrick: someone told me required you to use the adware FDL for manuals.
15:40 kados pierrick: here's my take
15:41 kados pierrick: we're very short-handed right now
15:41 kados pierrick: 3.0 development is going at a snails pace
15:41 kados pierrick: so if you have time to spend integrating a PEM framework into Koha, by all means do
15:41 pierrick slef: PEM is not a manual, it's an application (and I don't really understand what you mean with "adware FDL")
15:41 thd slef: FDL will be revised to correct that problem after GPL V3
15:42 slef chris: "Warning: We don't approve it. If it breaks then you get to keep both pieces."
15:42 kados pierrick: but I can tell you right now, I won't be able to spend any time on it other than seeing how ti works
15:42 chris yes slef
15:42 kados pierrick: unless I'm misreading what your suggestion is
15:42 pierrick kados: what do you mean "PEM framework integration into Koha" ? I had a mind a "PEM installation on"
15:42 slef pierrick: does it have no manuals?
15:43 kados pierrick: I see ...
15:43 kados pierrick: I missunderstood what PEM is
15:43 pierrick slef: no manual for now
15:43 kados pierrick: in that case, go for it
15:43 thd pierrick: I will explain the GNU Free Documentation License to you later
15:43 pierrick PEM is an online application, quite a simple one in fact, but I didn't find anything like it
15:43 slef thd: and LPI will release xamnet, Ubuntu will release Rosetta, and CC will release a version that is usable for free software, later. Vapourware. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.
15:44 kados pierrick: great, in that case, go for it
15:44 kados we should move on because tumer must be getting tired :-)
15:44 pierrick kados: OK
15:44 kados so Perl-ZOOM plugin
15:45 kados I just lost power
15:45 chris ok
15:45 kados so if my internet goes away, that's why
15:45 tumer so did i
15:45 kados (running off the UPS now)
15:46 chris basically i think between what tumer and joshua and I have done
15:46 thd slef it is true that even GPL V3 was vapourware for 4 years but it is promised to ship on time unlike Microsoft stuff next year
15:46 chris we are about there, i just need to see tumer's code
15:46 slef thd: later.
15:46 chris and then it will be merging/tidying and packagin
15:46 chris g
15:48 tumer I have no CQL running all PQF waiting for you chaps. but I had to have it working very quickly. i'll send all the code to chris
15:48 chris fantastic
15:49 kados s00t
15:49 kados w00t even :-)
15:49 slef What's PQF? ;-)
15:49 tumer waiting for me?
15:50 kados tumer: sure
15:50 tumer PQf or RPN whatever you wanna call it.
15:51 slef Reverse Polish Notation, I know
15:51 tumer Chris the code will be with you tomorrow its on the server that I cannot reach at the momemnt
15:51 kados excellent, thanks tumer!
15:51 chris no problemo
15:51 chris i have a bunch of marc data to fight with today anyway
15:51 kados final item is UNICODE status for head
15:52 kados which I added
15:52 kados I haven't had a chance to test pierrick's method yet
15:52 kados and in fact, pierrick, could we talk tomorrow about that?
15:52 pierrick kados: sure
15:52 kados ok ... great
15:52 tumer I wanna suggest some changes to zoom connectins and so on who do I do that?
15:52 kados tumer: koha-devel
15:52 thd slef: I believe RPN is used at a low level below CQL.
15:52 chris thats right
15:53 kados tumer: or right now you can suggest them
15:53 kados tumer: while we're all here
15:53 tumer RPN is very fast but not friendly
15:53 tumer I dont like anonymous acces with rw privileges
15:53 tumer have two connections
15:53 chris yeah that needs to be fixed
15:53 kados tumer: easy to fix
15:54 kados tumer: there's a passwdc: option
15:54 tumer have a password protected connection for updating
15:54 kados ahh, cool
15:54 tumer I already have  that on mine
15:54 kados so you've already done that :-)
15:54 chris cool
15:54 tumer yep
15:54 kados more code for us to steal :-)
15:54 kados yea, maybe you should be the release manager, I'll be the assiatant :-)
15:54 tumer I'll commit them if I learn this CVS
15:55 kados excellent!
15:55 tumer also have backup system
15:55 chris tumer: do you drink alcohol?
15:55 chris if so, i figure we owe you a few beers at the koha conference :)
15:55 tumer More than youy know
15:55 kados hehe
15:55 kados yea, beers are on me too :-)
15:56 kados tumer garip rocks ! :-)
15:56 kados ok, I've got another meeting to go
15:56 pierrick tumer: if you have problems with CVS, you can ask me on #koha
15:56 kados slef: no kidding, it's crazy in france right now :-)
15:56 chris still strikes on slef?
15:56 slef Mayday<fx:mumbles />
15:56 kados so meeting's closed :-)
15:56 tumer Should I come to Paris or Marseilles?
15:57 chris slef, russ and I will be transiting heathrow on the 30th .. can u fit i a suitcase?
15:57 slef chris: Mayday tends to be a pretty popular strike time, what with Labour day then too
15:57 chris marseilles would be the most useful i think tumer
15:57 slef chris: I try to avoid flying and dumping CO2 in the atmosphere, when there are usually cool trains to use.
15:58 chris fair enough
15:58 pierrick tomorrow is another big strikes day but I think the movement is "decreasing"
15:58 slef I def can't make Marseilles, as I booked a trip the following weekend, like 3 days before I read about kohacon.
15:59 chris paris will be good too
15:59 hdl agress.
15:59 slef pierrick: wait a few days and Sarkozy will say something stupid to start it again
15:59 chris but Marseilles is where we will be concentrating on the development side
15:59 chris if that helps you decide tumer?
15:59 hdl thanks for all the information everybody.
16:00 hdl Time to go to bed.
16:00 slef give me an AV or SIP or even IRC feed! ;-)
16:00 chris yeah, well sort something out :)
16:00 pierrick slef: Sarkozy does not say things stupid, it's Chirac and Villepin job :-) Sarkozy plays with media and barely make mistakes
16:00 chris we'll
16:01 chris ohh french politics .. this meeting could go on for hours :-)
16:01 slef pierrick: so all those suburb youths a few months ago shouting his name while throwing firebombs wasn't Sarkozy's fault? ;-)
16:01 slef chris: I think the meeting was closed up there ^^ wasn't it?
16:01 slef <kados> so meeting's closed :-)
16:01 chris yep, i was joking
16:01 slef had me worried
16:01 chris ok, thanks from me as well, i better go get some coffee and start work
16:01 pierrick slef: well you're right, I had forgotten what he had said a few month ago :-)
16:02 tumer I am also a bit pushed as I want to bring the National library director with me. It may have to be Paris
16:02 chris ahhh
16:02 chris that would be best for the director
16:02 chris we can have a meeting after the conference on one of the nights
16:02 chris and talk development issues
16:03 chris i know there are great cafe's in paris :-)
16:03 tumer chris:yep, and beers!
16:03 chris :)
16:03 thd tumer do you mean the director of BNF?
16:03 chris i doubt it thd
16:03 tumer Director of National Library of Turkey
16:04 tumer They are about to be converted to KOHa
16:04 chris rock on
16:04 chris thats awesome
16:04 thd tumer: I had not yet discovered where you were
16:04 russ woo that is good news
16:05 tumer with some development money. turkish translations the lot:)
16:05 chris great
16:06 thd tumer:will they be converting wholly to Koha or just in part?
16:06 tumer Thats why I have to get the system ready for 1.5M records soon
16:06 tumer From Aleph to KOHA everything
16:07 tumer On the line 2 universities converting from Millenium to KOHA
16:07 thd tumer: I guess that answers my question if the total size is 1.5 million records.
16:07 tumer Thats the first amount of  records they are giving us
16:08 thd tumer: what is the total size of the collection for the Turkish national library
16:08 thd ?
16:09 tumer About 2.5million but they said they will put other archive on it up to 4M
16:11 thd tumer: what distinguishes the content of the 1.5 M from 2.5 M and then 4 M?
16:11 tumer 1.5M books 1M manuscripts rest maps and photos
16:12 thd tumer: do they use LC classification for the whole collection?
16:13 tumer Dewey
16:13 tumer We use LC
16:13 tumer By sept we'll have 300K records on ours
16:14 thd tumer: who is we?
16:14 tumer Near East University Library-Cyprus
16:15 tumer I have to go. G'night and bon nuit!
16:15 thd good night tumer
18:19 rach wow - that's pretty cool
18:20 rach I wonder if we could do a release about the turky national library?
03:08 hdl hello ToinS and paul
03:08 ToinS hello !
03:08 paul hello aussi
03:08 paul très mauvaise nuit qui explique mon absence d'hier soir : bébé jérémie a fait des siennes...
03:08 paul (et madame n'était pas là !)
03:09 paul j'ai lu les logs du meeting.
03:09 paul pas mal de choses. j'espère qu'on pourra embarquer Tümer...
03:09 paul il me semble être un bonne recrue !
03:09 chris evening
03:09 paul hi chris.
03:10 paul you can tell russ that registrations for KohaCon grow quite rapidly.
03:10 chris excellent
03:10 paul an announcement has been done on the largest mailing list (biblio-fr).
03:10 chris i heard today that Irma is considering coming as well
03:10 paul great.
03:11 paul (for which meeting ?)
03:12 chris the Paris one
03:12 chris Un café, s'il vous plaît
03:12 paul you've never been in France chris ?
03:13 chris yep ive been to Paris before
03:13 chris for 1 week, in 1999
03:13 paul so you already know how smiling "garcons de café" are...
03:13 paul in Marseille, ppl are smiling much much more.
03:14 chris :)
03:14 chris this is a useful phrase
03:14 chris Pardon, mais je ne parle pas français
03:15 chris i found that if I tried to order in French, people were nice
03:15 chris i think they appreciate you are trying
03:18 paul everyone is right ;-)
03:18 chris :)
03:21 chris did you see Tumer say that the Director of the National Library of Turkey is coming?
03:22 paul yep. Although I did not realize it was sure
03:24 chris some very interesting news from him at the meeting
03:25 chris maybe we can do some press releases about it from the conference
04:40 paul pierrick :
04:40 paul
04:40 paul est un lien qui pourrait t'intéresser.
04:41 paul plg est 25°, en forte progression. On surveille son activité, mais il pourrait rentrer rapidement dans le top 10 des développeurs...
04:54 pierrick paul, erreur 404
04:55 paul et ca :
04:55 paul[…]builder_koha.html
04:55 paul ?
04:55 pierrick paul, ce stats sont basées sur le nombre de commit, or j'ai l'habitude de faire plutôt peu de commits, mais gros, donc je risque d'être mal classé, mais je m'en remettrai :-)
04:56 pierrick toujours pas
04:56 paul c'est clair que acli commitait 5x par jour.
04:56 paul ce qui explique son classement !
04:56 paul alors que proportionnellement, il a fait peu de choses (mais très précieuses)
04:56 paul (les outils d'internationalisation principalement)
04:56 pierrick là par exemple, je vais faire un gros commit
04:57 paul does someone know how to have a smaller or larger cursor with CSS ?
04:57 paul kados uses se-resize in MARC editor, but it's tricky to select what you want to resize
04:57 paul (as the cursor is large, and the link small)
04:58 paul http://i8.bureau.paulpoulain.c[…]mple/
04:58 paul (login test/test)
04:58 paul (the small abz just below 020 for example)
05:00 pierrick my cursor is different over abz
05:00 pierrick some kind of reversed arrow
05:00 paul it's the se-resize
05:00 paul (south-east resize)
05:00 pierrick OK, is that Javascript ?
05:01 paul yep.
05:01 paul (javascript is mandatory in librarian interface)
05:01 pierrick I'm not Javascript expert at all, newbie in reality
05:01 paul my problem is not a js one I think, but a css one.
05:02 pierrick paul, I'm not sure you can modify cursor appearance with CSS
05:08 pierrick huge commit done :-)
05:08 slef
05:08 pierrick I'm going to send a mail on koha-devel to explain what pagination_bar function is and how it simplifies tempaltes
05:09 pierrick slef, interesting
05:12 paul writing :
05:12 paul +            $pagination_bar.=
05:12 paul +                "\n".'&nbsp;'
05:12 paul +                .'<a href="'
05:12 paul +                .$url.$previous
05:12 paul +                .'" rel="prev">'
05:12 paul +                .'&lt;'
05:12 paul +                .'</a>'
05:12 paul +                ;
05:13 paul for sure you'll become the 1st commiter in term of lines soon ;-)
05:13 paul (just a joke, i'm OK with this syntax, it's easy to read)
05:14 slef &lt; is the only link text? Hope the font's large!
05:15 pierrick paul, my lines will never exceed 8 chars, but you're right on this example, I cut very early
05:15 paul 8 chars ?
05:15 paul quite small :-D
05:15 pierrick slef, I had to find a non language dependent string
05:16 pierrick s{8(?:[^\d])}{80}
07:24 hdl bonjour pierrick_ :D
07:28 pierrick_ salut hdl
08:34 paul hi shedges.
08:35 paul (did I read correctly : you have a new job ?)
08:35 paul yesterday : [19:15:59] <shedges> (There's nothing like having a Board meeting 11 days after you start a new job.)
08:37 shedges yep.  Executive Director of OPLIN, Ohio Public Library Information Network:
08:38 paul position added to director of NPL ? or you have left NPL ?
08:38 shedges I've left NPL.
08:38 paul is down.
08:38 paul the new director is known ?
08:39 shedges I have to drive about 100 KM each day to get to this new job.
08:39 shedges Yes, new director is the former assistant director
08:39 paul bad. You plan to move ?
08:39 shedges no, I don't plan to move.
08:39 paul who was ... ?
08:39 shedges (The roads are good, it's an easy drive)
08:39 paul (did we meet him last year ?)
08:39 shedges Assistant Director --> Director Lauren Miller (her)
08:40 shedges No, she says we didn't let her meet you folks!!
08:40 paul as director, she now can decide it'si mportant to come to France in May ;-)
08:41 shedges right!
08:41 shedges working fine here
08:42 paul "no anwser from the server" in France
08:43 kados working here as well
08:43 kados morning guys
08:43 paul hi kados.
08:43 paul commiting some improvements to MARC editors in the next minutes.
08:43 kados paul: great!
08:44 paul ( the + on a field works as on a subfield : without server call, only javascript. Was very easy once + on a subfield has been written ;-) )
08:44 kados paul: i got a start at re-writing the opencataloger spec
08:44 kados paul: wow, great news!
08:44 kados[…]catalogingproject
08:44 paul ToinS is learning XUL & xmlHTTPrequest.
08:44 kados great!
08:44 paul seems to learn quite fast
08:44 kados good news
08:45 paul (& I won't say he don't, as he is reading the channel ;-) )
08:45 kados hehe
08:45 kados hi ToinS
08:45 paul we spoke a little of our yesterday meeting.
08:46 kados shedges: you might find the 'unapi' specification :
08:46 kados shedges: it was created by techno-librarians
08:46 kados paul: yes?
08:46 paul It seems to me that the client side should be unique, whatever we want to edit
08:46 paul we will have 2 or maybe 3 webservices that will be different depending on sources
08:47 paul (koha, Pines, something elst)
08:47 ToinS hi kados
08:47 paul and destination (koha, pines, a ftp server where you put iso2709 biblios...)
08:48 paul a question : do we want to be able to edit something that is not MARCXML ?
08:49 paul (like dublin core)
08:50 kados yes
08:50 paul if yes, then we need to build an abstraction layer.
08:50 kados well, i think that's what miker had in mind
08:50 paul something like an XSL to transform the input format in something generic for us.
08:50 paul that's what I thought too.
08:50 kados
08:50 kados yes, XSLT might work well for that
08:51 paul the question being : can such a stylesheet be written ?
08:52 kados I think one probably already exists
08:52 kados pines uses xslt for some things I think
08:52 paul
08:52 paul
08:53 kados and also, the previous class's code uses a marc xslt stylesheet (probably the ones you link to above)
08:53 paul pines uses DC internally ?
08:53 kados no
08:53 kados they use MODS
08:53 kados kind of
08:53 kados actually, they create their own 'meta records'
08:54 kados
08:54 kados you'll have to ask miker for the particulars
09:04 paul kados : addbiblio.tmpl commited.
09:04 paul look for cloneTag
09:04 paul (default templates)
09:18 slef whoops, left myself idle here
09:19 slef sorry all
09:25 kados paul: I'll check
09:25 kados paul: I have something to add as well
09:25 kados paul: in the NPL template, there is a new feature for 'auto-renew' a member
09:25 kados paul: it needs to be adjusted to set the date to the one specified in sysprefs
09:26 kados paul: also, note that the AdvancedMarcEditor syspref breaks the marc editor (at least it did for me) and I haven't h ad a chance to fix it yet
09:27 kados paul: and I thought it was going to be Koha 2.2.6, not Koha 2.4 ...
09:27 kados paul: I will have stephen change my documentation on
09:27 paul look at my commit, it seems to work for me (advMARCeditor)
09:27 kados shedges: did you catch that? :-)
09:27 kados paul: I will check it out
09:27 paul mmm... I thought we all agree to call it 2.4.0
09:28 kados sure, fine with me
09:28 paul & it seems a good idea to me.
09:28 kados yep
09:28 kados so 2.2 is no longer maintained then?
09:28 paul right. I consider 2.4.0 as 2.2.x improvement.
09:28 kados ok, good
09:28 paul (no change in the DB)
09:28 kados right
09:29 paul + easier to explain to customers that it's an important upgrade, with many new things.
09:29 kados yep
09:29 paul (I will have a bunch of questions to ask to most of them "did you see XXX. I think you'll be interested, do you want me to explain deeper the feature & set it up ?"
09:32 kados right
09:49 slef what tag is 2.4? savannah's webcvs doesn't work for me
09:52 paul 2.4.0 is still rel_2_2
09:52 paul I'll create a rel_2_4 after the release.
09:53 slef thanks
09:56 slef "The installer is *wrong* on languages available" -- why not mention that to me, instead of putting an "up yours" in the release notes?
09:56 slef then I can fix it before release
09:56 slef grmbl
09:59 slef "Everything is previous versions" -- that means what?
10:00 paul on which line ?
10:00 paul found
10:00 paul everything is compatible with previous versions
10:01 paul 2 words missing :-(
10:02 kados paul: i'll edit the release notes this afternoon
10:02 kados paul: it's on my list for today :-)
10:02 paul kados : note that slef does it too.
10:03 kados ahh, in that case ...
10:03 kados slef: are you reading through/editing all of the release notes?
10:03 kados slef: or just certain sections?
10:03 kados slef: I'll leave it to you if you're already working on it
10:03 kados hey owen
10:04 owen Hi
10:04 slef kados: I'm going through it all, checking for language, not content
10:05 kados slef: excellent
10:05 slef apart from where I can't understand the language as a result! ;-)
10:05 kados slef: I'll leave that to you then :-)
10:05 slef currently 51% done
10:05 paul hi owen.
10:06 slef paul: neither English has spaces before ! and ? on end of sentences. I know that's hard, as I do the wrong thing in French again and again and again.
10:06 paul thanks. I knew the rule for :, but not for ? or !
10:06 paul is there something that has a space before ?
10:07 paul is there something that has a space before?
10:07 paul ;-)
10:07 slef I think : can be done either way, depending on situation, but not ?!
10:08 slef I'm editing content: changing amazon bit "it's not legal" to "it may not be legal" and similar in line 101. I think claims of legality need more research and references than we want to put in the release notes.
10:09 paul right. good suggestion.
10:10 kados ahhh
10:10 kados hang on
10:11 kados I emailed several months back
10:11 kados it's 100% legal
10:11 kados you can referece their terms of use
10:11 paul in France, librarians tells me it's not legal without explicit permission from each editor.
10:12 kados maybe we're talking about two different sides of 'legal'
10:12 paul seems to be really a problem : nobody tried, so nobody really knows, but everybody has an opinion !
10:12 paul (in France I mean)
10:12 kados is it legal for amazon to offer content to libraries? yes!
10:12 kados is it legal for libraries to use the content, in france we don't know
10:13 paul is it legal in france to show the cover page : NO.
10:13 kados ahh ... a separate issue altogether
10:13 slef kados: France has author's rights laws, a bit different to copyright law. So, I'd be cautious about this whole area :)
10:13 kados does show the cover page?
10:13 kados I see they do
10:13 paul in france, you can show the cover pages, but only if you ask for permission to the editor.
10:14 paul (each editor I mean)
10:14 slef kados: do they have agreements with the producers and/or willing to test it in court? possibly.
10:14 slef Contador wins!
10:14 kados :-)
10:14 paul I think a bookseller will never have problems with cover pages, as they ... sell the book !
10:14 kados right
10:15 paul but libraries don't sell books. And a few years ago, editors wanted a fee from libraries each time the book was issued
10:15 kados ok, but please don't frame it in a way that will scare folks away from usnig it :-)
10:15 paul (something like 1F, 0,15¤)
10:15 kados wow, that's crazy
10:15 paul french government said "it's a cultur problem, not a seller one. so => no"
10:16 paul but editors are still hidden in the dark, waiting for their prey...
10:16 slef submarines :-(
10:16 paul for example, libraries can issue DVD & VHS, but they have to pay a specific fee.
10:17 slef checkin
10:18 slef hrm, 1. Sanchez 2. Contador... guess that
10:18 slef 's the stage. I don't speak Euskal
10:18 slef Euskara even
10:18 slef Basque :)
10:19 slef must annoy them that English uses the French name.
10:24 slef kados: argh! don't top-post whole-quote, please!
10:24 pierrick migration to Dokuwiki is well advanced, but there are still some syntax really hard to migrate
10:25 slef pierrick: does/can Dokuwiki use ?
10:25 kados slef: argh! don't tell me not to do that, please! some people like top-posting
10:27 pierrick slef, Dokuwiki is not compatible with the rules you gave me. You show me rules of the current wiki
10:37 slef kados: some people like suiciding. Doesn't mean I must like it.
10:37 kados slef: what a comparison
10:37 slef pierrick: so Dokuwiki can't use wiki text?
10:37 kados slef: that extra 200 bytes really makes a difference ;-)
10:38 pierrick paul, slef does not like top-posting
10:38 paul what is top-posting ?
10:38 pierrick I don't either
10:38 pierrick answering before the question
10:38 slef paul: when the email says something like:
10:39 paul ah, ok
10:39 pierrick (is the logical reading order)
10:39 slef A. Because he went there.
10:39 slef > Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?
10:39 paul answering before the question
10:39 paul I hate it too ;-)
10:39 slef I scroll to end of quote and wonder why someone sent a message that only quoted.
10:40 pierrick slef, you have to accept it. It's impossible to make everybody use logical rules
10:40 paul I also hate 250 lines quoted for just 1 line "OK, thanks" at the end !
10:40 slef paul: that's called AOLing
10:40 kados hehe
10:40 pierrick the most important is to avoid mixing top posting and bottom posting
10:40 paul lol !
10:40 pierrick (in the same mail)
10:40 slef pierrick: aye, but kados usually emails prettily, so seemed worth a 1-line IRC shriek
10:41 kados slef: :-)
10:41 slef if anyone hasn't seen it before
10:41 pierrick (slef, I already read your site)
10:41 kados slef: I top-posted due to time constraints today ... and only time constraints :-)
10:41 kados slef: but now I've spent more time talking about top-posting than if I had just not top-posted
10:42 slef ah, reciprocality wins again!
10:42 kados heh
10:42 pierrick slef, Dokuwiki supporta another wiki syntax, and it works good. I've personnaly never seen two wiki systems using the same syntax, do you?
10:42 slef s/ality/ity/
10:43 slef pierrick: TextFormattingRules, markdown and there's another one whose name forget
10:43 slef pierrick: one-off syntaxes annoy the hell out of me, as I can't remember N similar-but-different ones
10:44 slef "You are in a maze of twisty wiki-like markups, all different. Exits are DIE, DIE, DIE."
10:44 pierrick slef, I understand, my blog system and my wiki system don't use the same wiki syntax, I always forget the one goes where
10:45 pierrick anyway... dokuwiki is 95% ready
10:45 slef pierrick: OK if I open a low-priority bug for this?
10:45 pierrick slef, what are you talking about ??
10:45 pierrick a bug where ?
10:45 slef pierrick: a bug on saying " should use a more common syntax"
10:46 pierrick what would be the purpose? this bug will never be corrected? Why not concentrating on real problems ?
10:47 pierrick owen, did you see the pagination_bar I commited today ?
10:47 slef pierrick: to remind me and to suggest to any casual newcomer; it might be fixed, unless you'll refuse to apply any fix; I think wiki being painful to edit is a problem.
10:47 pierrick I have to write a mail explaning
10:48 pierrick slef, Koha is not a wiki system. We won't rewrite a wiki system to make it compliant with an unexisting "common wiki formatting rules"
10:49 pierrick I don't know why Dokuwiki was chosen (maybe because it's the best GPL wiki system at the moment)
10:50 paul reading my release notes, I think they are complete, but not very sexy
10:50 paul I think something should be added at the beginning
10:50 owen pierrick, I saw the CVS log message about pagination_bar, and I like the sound of it even though I don't know what it is :)
10:50 slef pierrick: koha is using a wiki; you can't stop other developers working on things (but you can be an obstruction); and I mentioned more common wiki syntaxes already.
10:51 paul like "libraries said suggested some improvements. As usual, the Koha team listen carefully and we added features that rocks to your preffered ILS"
10:51 paul i'll add something like that in french release notes at least !
10:51 slef paul: I guess the opening needs to cover Who What Where When How and Why.
10:51 paul I let native english write something better
10:53 pierrick slef, excuse me if you understood my saying as aggressive, I don't understand the point you make about formatting rules :-/ that's all
10:53 pierrick s{excuse me}{sorry}
10:54 kados slef:>VewCVS link is wrong, should be:
10:54 pierrick do I continue working on Dokuwiki migration or do we stay with "more common formatting rules" of the existing wiki?
10:55 slef pierrick: the point is having a one-off syntax makes the wiki harder for users to edit than it could be.
10:55 pierrick slef, this syntax exists?
10:56 slef Dokuwiki has plugins for Markdown and Textile at[…]ns#markup_schemes
10:57 pierrick concerning Dokuwiki migration, I have difficulties with the existing links syntax. There are many ways to make a link, some are not easy to match :-/
10:57 slef could one of those be installed on ?
10:58 kados slef: tell me which ones you eant
10:58 slef I don't know bbcode, but I understand that's fairly common too
10:58 kados want even
10:58 slef pierrick: do either of those look easier/harder to migrate?
10:59 pierrick slef, I suppose I don't need to migrate syntax if Markdown syntax is supported.
10:59 kados k, I'll install that plugin
10:59 kados two secs
11:01 slef might be usemod from the looks of it
11:01 slef no, it says php
11:01 slef hrmph
11:03 kados pierrick: markdown installed
11:03 kados wait
11:03 kados one more step
11:03 pierrick kados, I'm going to install it too to check
11:08 kados pierrick: ok, it's installed on
11:08 kados pierrick: let me know if it doesn't work
11:14 pierrick kados, markdown doesn't seem to work :-/ I don't know if it's because the plugin doesn't work or because the syntax is not Markdown
11:14 kados pierrick: I think you have to enclose it in <markdown></markdown> tags
11:16 pierrick kados, :-) I did
11:17 pierrick (I always read the documentation before trying something)
11:18 shedges kados:  just reading back -- I'll change 2.2.6 to 2.4 in your docs.
11:19 kados shedges: thanks!
11:19 kados pierrick: strange ...
11:20 kados pierrick: I don't even know what 'markup' is :-)
11:20 kados pierrick: does it work on your local install of dokuwiki?
11:20 pierrick markdown plugin seems to work because page rendering is different with and without <markdown>
11:21 pierrick my migration to Dokuwiki syntax works 95%
11:21 kados where, or you local install?
11:21 kados pierrick: it's up to you how you want to do it
11:21 pierrick just a problem with some LinksLikeThat
11:21 kados pierrick: enable CamelCase in dokuwiki conf
11:21 pierrick slef will open 24 bugs on Bugzilla...
11:22 kados pierrick: that should make migration 100% :-)
11:22 kados pierrick: when is our first BSM (btw)
11:23 kados pierrick: if paul will release 2.4 on the 18th, maybe we could hold at least one BSM before that (hopefully two)
11:24 paul kados/pierrick : next week hdl & me will mostly be away
11:24 pierrick kados, camelcase is fine :-)
11:25 kados paul: ahh, ok
11:25 kados paul: so no bug squashing then :-)
11:27 pierrick kados, do you want to receive a dokuwiki.tar.gz ?
11:32 kados pierrick: sure
11:34 kados pierrick: email it to me and I will put it on right away
11:34 paul reading you tomorrow folks
11:36 kados night paul_away
11:36 pierrick too big file for mail
11:37 pierrick[…]006-03-09.tar.bz2
11:38 pierrick I'm not sure it's the last mysql dump of the wiki. But I can rerun the script I wrote on the last mysql dump if needed
11:42 pierrick read you tomorrow, I really have to send a mail to koha-devel explaining how pagination_bar works...

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