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13:40 thd kados:
13:42 kados thd: can you send me an example of a record where that happens?
13:42 thd yes
13:42 kados thd: i doubt I'll have time today (working hard on getting the plugin finished)
13:43 thd kados: plugin?
13:43 thd kados: what plugin?
13:45 kados thd: the perl-zoom plugin
13:58 thd kados: Failure to assume the data might include quotations is an almost universal mistake in the world.
13:58 kados thd: no time right now :-)
13:59 thd kados: no problem, if you have an idea of where to look when you have time that will be plenty of time
14:00 thd kados: meanwhile, I will not look but start working again on automated download of MARC records full of quotations
14:05 thd kados: sorry, nevermind my application is the first culprit :)
14:06 thd kados: I had only fixed one aspect of the problem on my Z39.50 client
14:07 thd kados: I did say that it was an almost universal mistake :)
14:07 kados thd: so Koha handles it fine then?
14:07 kados thd: (I think it does)
14:07 thd kados: we do not know yet
14:08 thd kados: I have not supplied correct data yet
14:08 thd kados: although, you may know that does and I may remember that it does from other records
14:10 kados I'm pretty sure it does ;-)
14:11 thd kados: yes, koha does at least that without bugs :)
16:22 mason .
16:22 chris wrong channel mason?
21:21 Jo Hey Russ
02:33 hdl helo
03:52 osmoze hello
03:53 osmoze paul ? are you here ?
03:53 paul yep
03:53 paul (mais bien occupé avec mon stagiaire qui vient d'arriver ce matin)
03:53 osmoze bon, je te laisse alors, je te contact demain ou dans l aprem
03:53 osmoze :)
03:53 paul oki
03:53 osmoze et bonjour au stagiaire ^^
04:00 paul welcome to my student :
04:00 paul antoine
04:01 pierrick hello antoine :-)
04:01 ToinS hello !
04:02 osmoze hello from tarn & garonne antoine :)
04:05 paul hdl around ?
04:16 paul pierrick : seems we are back to links instead of forms ;-)
04:41 pierrick paul, yes, that's a satisfying direction :-)
04:49 paul pierrick : vu ton commit. Merci pour ce boulot pas bien rigolo mais fort utile !!!
04:54 pierrick paul, je continue sur ce type de boulot aujourd'hui, tu as une préférence sur une page en particulier avant qu'hdl ait corrigé le bug de aqbookfund ?
04:54 paul non, pas de préférence
04:54 pierrick (je souhaite reprendre cette page pour la simplifier et la rendre plus puissante)
04:55 paul (tjs pas de consigne de ta direction ?)
04:55 pierrick (pour le moment, ils sont très occupés ailleurs, donc non)
04:55 paul bon, profitons en pour faire du travail de fond alors, c'est très bien comme ca !
04:56 paul (et en plus, ca te plonge dans le code. du coup, le jour ou tu devras ajouter des features, ca sera plus rapide !)
04:58 pierrick (oui, c'est pas si inintéressant qu'il n'y paraît ;-)
05:24 pierrick paul, les authorités n'ont pas été faites en PROG, je m'en occupe ou c'est volontairement laissé de côté ?
05:24 paul c'est un oubli.
05:24 paul tu peux les faire.
05:24 pierrick OK, je m'en occupe dans ce cas
07:53 paul hdl :
07:53 hdl yes
07:54 paul jette un oeil sur les commits d'owen sur rel_2_2 autour du 9 mars dernier.
07:54 paul il a fait 2-3 trucs autour de "branchname" justement
07:56 hdl paul : Il a aussi commité les possibilité de photos de lecteurs.
07:56 paul yes, j'ai déjà validé ca pour les templates defauls
07:56 paul (commit il y a quelques minutes)
07:57 paul je suis en train d'écluser les 80 commits que j'avais en retard sur la 2.2 !
07:57 paul (reste encore 40...)
07:58 hdl Bon courage.
09:01 kados morning all
09:01 paul hello kados.
09:01 kados paul: can you /mode +o kados
09:01 ToinS hello
09:01 paul we were waiting for you
09:02 kados excellent
09:02 pierrick hi kados
09:02 kados paul: Mar 28 Bruno Marmol    ( 264) [Koha] patches for opac-searc  
09:02 kados paul: have you looked at Bruno's patch?
09:02 kados paul: (I'm cleaning out my inbox :-))
09:02 paul where can I find it's patch ?
09:02 kados pierrick: morning
09:02 kados paul: attached to that email
09:03 kados w00t
09:03 paul on koha-devel ?
09:03 paul no, on koha
09:03 paul gotcha (I must admit I don't read koha ml...)
09:05 kados I was planning to announce the Koha Zebra Plugin is ready today:
09:05 kados[…]Zebra_plugin.html
09:05 kados unfortunately, chris and I had many many problems getting it working, most of which are due to re-naming of variables in HEAD
09:06 kados yes ... I suspect so
09:06 paul + ToinS is the student that will work with me on new MARC editor.
09:06 paul http://i8.bureau.paulpoulain.c[…]mple/
09:06 paul (test/test as login should work)
09:07 paul it's with npl templates, but seems to fail
09:07 kados access denied
09:07 kados paul: you must run latest versions of MARC::Record (from SF), MARC::File::XML, MARC::Charset
09:08 paul I know, I have them, for sure.
09:08 kados paul: (also, have you tried the latest MARC::File::XML with UNIMARC support? )
09:08 paul my problem are on some of the new features :
09:08 kados paul: Mike Rylander asked me to follow up and see if they worked for you
09:08 paul strange that you get a access denied...
09:08 kados test test
09:09 paul works perfectly for me from my server (with lynx)
09:09 kados strange
09:09 paul ah, ok.
09:10 paul not an apache error, but a permission one.
09:11 kados right
09:12 paul should be fixed
09:12 kados ok, I see
09:12 kados so what isn't working?
09:13 kados ahh ... subfield repeatability looks broken
09:13 kados reordering seems to work
09:13 paul a little bit :
09:13 paul what is strange is that the subfield is empty sometimes.
09:13 kados very strange
09:13 paul look in 200
09:14 kados in 200 all subfields are visible
09:14 paul if you + on 200$d, you get a new 200$d, but without the d
09:14 kados right
09:14 kados that is very strange
09:14 paul the 200$e is "closed", but to get this, you must put 1 into hidden. not 2, as explained
09:14 paul in marc_subfield_structure
09:14 kados hmmm ... in the help file you mean?
09:15 paul no, the text in the template
09:15 kados the description is probably incorrect
09:15 kados use the help file
09:15 kados I 100% agree we need a new system in 3.0
09:15 paul ah, right. So the description is false in the template itself
09:15 paul (it speaks only of 0,1,2,3)
09:15 kados this was just a way to temporarily fix 2.2 so the editor could be both standard marc and usable
09:16 kados yes, description is false, it should refer to the help file
09:16 paul i'll fix this for default immediatly.
09:17 paul I don't understand what Editor & Collapsed are used for
09:17 paul aren't they the same thing ?
09:17 kados no
09:17 kados Editor says 'does it appear by default in the editor'
09:17 kados Collapsed says _how_ it appears in the editor
09:18 paul does not appear => is it different from "in tab ignore" ?
09:18 kados yes
09:18 kados because if it exists in a record you're opening it will appear
09:18 kados the visibility settings mainly apply to creating new records
09:19 kados with the 2.2.6 record editor my goal was:
09:19 kados 1. no data loss
09:19 kados 2. abilitity to create standard MARC records
09:19 kados 3. fast enough to actually use with standard MARC framework
09:19 paul (description ok, fixed in both npl & default templates)
09:19 kados (thx)
09:20 paul OK, I understand now.
09:20 kados so we need to figure out why your subfield codes don't appear
09:20 paul I'll investigate.
09:20 kados the 'cloneSubfield' function handles that
09:21 paul could we speak a little with ToinS of the 3.0 expert marc editor ?
09:21 kados sure
09:21 kados hi ToinS
09:21 ToinS hi
09:21 paul he is 2m far from me.
09:21 paul discovering XUL today.
09:21 kados excellent :-)
09:22 paul on wednesday you told me he could DL ouoss projects ?
09:22 paul do you confirm ?
09:22 kados yes, check the wiki for exact links
09:22 paul and do you think we should open a "KohaMarcEditor" project on koha-gnu cvs.
09:22 kados it's been updated
09:22 paul (I've them)
09:22 paul do you think it will be a good start for him ?
09:22 kados I have registered the domain ''
09:23 paul let's go for opencataloger project on koha cvs, even if I think it could be a good idea to have KohaSomething as it's public name.
09:23 kados ok
09:23 paul (shame that KopenCataloger could refer on a KDE project...)
09:24 kados but Evergreen is also interested in opencataloger
09:24 kados PINES guys
09:24 kados and they have one XUL expert
09:24 kados (their entire staff client is in XUL, it's very impressive)
09:24 paul so, back to the strategy : how should ToinS start it's work ?
09:24 paul * from scratch ?
09:24 kados well, first step is understanding what our goal is
09:24 kados
09:25 kados that should provide some basic functions
09:25 kados search, retrieve, edit
09:25 kados and the XML framework it uses is quite nice
09:25 kados XML + XSLT
09:25 kados uses XMLHttpRequest to grab the data
09:25 kados it could use an XUL interface
09:26 paul from a user point of view, opencataloger should :
09:26 paul * let the user search in various z3950 servers
09:26 kados paul: pause
09:26 paul * pick results and store them somewhere
09:26 paul ok
09:26 kados paul: can you and ToinS join #gapines ?
09:26 paul ok
09:27 ToinS ok
11:59 Tom Hi tseting IRC

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