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22:39 kados Mike Rylander's docs for the new as_xml_record method:
22:39 kados as_xml_record([$format])       Returns a MARC::Record object serialized in XML without a collection       wrapper.  You can pass an optional format parameter to tell       MARC::File::XML what type of record (USMARC, UNIMARC) you are serializ-       ing.           print $record->as_xml_record('UNIMARC');
23:31 kados chris: here's what's showing up in the log:
23:31 kados [Sat Apr 01 21:33:35 2006] [error] [client] QUERY : dc.title all /relevant "MARC Records Test" and Author all /relevant "Joshua Ferraro" at /home/koha/plugin/koha/intra​net/modules/C4/ line 250., referer:[…]mple/
23:31 kados [Sat Apr 01 21:33:35 2006] [error] [client] no records found, referer:[…]mple/
23:31 kados [Sat Apr 01 21:33:35 2006] [error] [client] sort failed at /home/koha/plugin/koha/intra​net/modules/C4/ line 286., referer:[…]mple/
23:31 kados [Sat Apr 01 21:33:35 2006] [error] [client] Can't call method "update" on an undefined value at /home/koha/plugin/koha/int​ranet/modules/C4/ line 1369., referer:[…]mple/
23:31 chris thats using the the 2.2 one eh?
23:32 kados nope, head one
23:32 kados with a few things added from rel_2_2 (just the visibility stuff)
23:32 chris weird
23:32 chris it was working
23:33 kados still working for you?
23:33 chris[…]imple/
23:33 chris working there
23:34 kados addbooks?
23:34 chris click on add without search
23:34 chris then try adding a book, my test one worked
23:34 chris ill do a diff and see whats different between that version and whats in head
23:35 kados wonder if it's the template
23:35 chris shouldnt be
23:35 chris but its possible
23:35 kados passing bibid instead of biblionumber or something
23:35 chris hmm i think i fixed it to catch both
23:35 kados ahh
23:36 chris weird
23:36 chris the only difference is
23:36 chris the eval bit
23:36 chris so it could be templates then
23:36 kados very weird
23:36 chris does it work if you change to default?
23:36 kados I'll try default templates
23:38 kados same error
23:38 kados so I must have something different
23:38 kados should MARC=0?
23:39 chris no marc should be on
23:39 kados hmm
23:39 chris hmm ok lets check then
23:39 kados $field->update($biblioitemnumbersubfield => "$biblioitemnumber");
23:40 chris nope no problem in there
23:40 chris my installed version is the same as head
23:40 kados must be on my end somewhere then ... sigh
23:40 chris hmmm
23:41 chris could be, cos my edit works too
23:41 chris we are setting record ids eh?
23:42 kados hmmm
23:42 kados how so?
23:42 chris i remember we had the error with deletes because of recordids
23:42 chris thats fixed eh?
23:42 kados ahh ... yea, indexed using them now
23:42 chris (trying to think what might be different)
23:43 kados when I dump out the XML I'm seeing <collection> wrappers
23:46 kados [Sat Apr 01 21:44:52 2006] [error] [client] Can't call method "update" on an undefined value at /home/koha/plugin/koha/int​ranet/modules/C4/ line 1369., referer:[…]mple/
23:46 chris so the is because $field doesnt exist
23:46 kados I dont' even see where $field is created in that sub
23:46 kados how could it exist?
23:46 chris lemme look
23:47 kados nevermind
23:47 kados my $record = MARC::File::USMARC::decode($biblioitem->{marc});
23:47 kados    my $field=$record->field($biblioitemnumberfield);
23:48 kados aahha! ... there isn't gonna be a value in biblioitem->marc is there?
23:48 chris hmmm
23:48 chris why does it work for me i wonder
23:48 chris but yes i think thats the problem
23:48 kados you must have some preexisting data or sth
23:48 chris hmm
23:49 chris maybe it uses both
23:49 chris $biblioitem->{marc} = $record->as_usmarc();                            
23:49 chris        $biblioitem->{marcxml} = $record->as_xml();
23:49 kados but those still rely on my $record = MARC::File::USMARC::decode($biblioitem->{marc});
23:49 chris yeah
23:49 chris so mine must have marc
23:50 chris i loaded them all by clearing the db
23:50 chris and bulkmarcimporting them
23:50 chris which must have made the marc and marcxml
23:50 kados unless I'm mistaken, Koha rel_2_2 doesn't have anything in biblioitems.marc
23:50 chris lemme check in the db
23:50 chris right
23:50 chris that might be the problem then
23:50 chris we might have to write a script to populate that
23:50 chris BUT
23:51 chris this should not stop an add
23:51 chris since all the fields will be empty
23:51 kados select count(*) from biblioitems where marc !='';
23:51 kados 0
23:51 kados hmmm
23:51 chris yeah id expect that
23:51 chris so that might break edits
23:51 chris but whatever calls REALnewbiblioitem
23:51 chris is making the biblioitem
23:51 chris and it should be making the marc
23:52 chris ie all this is doing is setting the biblioitemnumber and then resaving
23:52 kados yea ... but it must be doing it as a part of the save process for new marc records too
23:53 chris yeah so somewhere before this, it isnt making the marc
23:53 chris which means its cant edit it
23:53 kados select count(*) from biblioitems where marcxml !='';
23:53 kados 0
23:53 kados right
23:54 chris its Newnewbiblio
23:54 chris line 861
23:55 chris we might want to stick some warns in around there
23:55 chris to see whats going on
23:55 kados k
23:55 kados warn record->as_formatted();
23:56 chris $olddata->{marc} = $record->as_usmarc();                                
23:56 chris        $olddata->{marcxml} = $record->as_xml();                                
23:56 chris        # and create biblioitem, that's all folks !                            
23:56 chris    $biblioitemnumber = REALnewbiblioitem( $dbh, $olddata );
23:56 chris so it should make the marc
23:56 kados the record definitely has values
23:57 kados [Sat Apr 01 21:59:17 2006] [error] [client] LDR      nam a22     7a  4500, referer:[…]mple/
23:57 kados [Sat Apr 01 21:59:17 2006] [error] [client] 100    _aJoshua Ferraro, referer:[…]mple/
23:57 chris ah ha
23:57 chris can u check ur framework
23:57 chris what is biblioitemnumber mapped to
23:57 chris in biblioitems
23:57 kados checking
23:58 chris 090$d is what i have
23:58 kados 090$d
23:58 chris my $field=$record->field($biblioitemnumberfield);
23:58 kados interestingly, there is no 090$d field in the dump
23:58 chris im guessing thats what is failing
23:59 chris can we do
23:59 kados so why isn't 090$d getting populated on mine but it is on yours?
23:59 chris my $field=$record->field($biblioitemnumberfield) || die "cant get $biblioitemnumberfield" ;
23:59 kados (I have a 090$c)
23:59 chris well mine where all created from bulkmarcimport
00:00 kados (but that's biblionumber)
00:00 chris if we put that die in we can check its that line that is failing
00:00 chris which will mean that the update will fail
00:00 kados k
00:01 kados cant get 090 at /home/koha/plugin/koha/int​ranet/modules/C4/ line 1370.,
00:01 kados that's our line
00:02 chris sure is
00:02 kados so maybe MARCfind_marc_from_kohafield isn't setting biblioitemnumberfield for new records
00:02 kados huh ... no, it's not that
00:02 kados we're not getting a biblioitemnumber
00:03 kados Select max(biblioitemnumber) from biblioitems;
00:03 kados 169645 |
00:03 kados so that's working
00:04 chris yeah its back when the marc gets made
00:04 chris back up round line 862
00:04 kados hmmm ...
00:04 kados well when I dump it out as_formatted
00:04 kados it seems ok
00:05 kados though it's missing a 090$d (but that hasn't been added yet unless I'm mistaken)
00:05 chris well it should be added
00:05 kados (though there is a 090$c)
00:05 chris just blank
00:05 kados blank?
00:05 chris ah no
00:05 chris i lie
00:05 chris ther should be a 090
00:06 chris now
00:06 kados only 090 I've got is 090$c
00:07 chris right so for some reason my $field=$record->field($biblioitemnumberfield);
00:07 chris is failing
00:07 chris which should be just getting 090
00:07 kados because field is empty right?
00:07 kados ahh
00:07 chris then we add the d
00:08 kados I'll warn biblioitemnumberfield
00:08 chris we did in the die
00:08 chris its 090
00:08 kados ahh yes
00:08 chris so thats ok
00:08 chris so lets check
00:08 chris my $record = MARC::File::USMARC::decode($biblioitem->{marc});
00:08 chris after thsi
00:08 chris can we check the record?
00:09 chris and see if we still have an 090
00:09 chris (even a c)
00:10 chris if we do, then i dont know why its failing
00:10 chris i wonder if we have different MARC::Record versions
00:10 kados wow, we're really missing a lot with that
00:10 kados we've got LDR
00:10 kados bunch of 000s
00:10 kados a 400
00:10 kados yea, record's totally mucked up
00:11 kados it's got the author in the 400$a
00:11 kados no 090
00:11 chris so that gets created line 861
00:11 kados I've got the latest cvs of MARC::Record
00:11 kados 2.0RCsomething
00:11 kados same with MARC::File::XML
00:12 chris right so its Newnewbiblio
00:12 chris do you have a warn olddata->{marc} = $record->as_usmarc();
00:12 chris just before that?
00:13 kados before what?
00:13 chris line 861
00:13 chris ie does the record look fine at that point
00:13 chris is it the encode and then decode thats buggering it up
00:13 chris is what im tryig to spot
00:14 kados my warn is right before  $olddata->{marc} = $record->as_usmarc();
00:14 chris right so it looks ok then
00:14 kados yep
00:14 chris but then after we decode it again
00:14 chris its busted
00:14 chris so all we do is record->as_usmarc()
00:15 chris then my $record = MARC::File::USMARC::decode($biblioitem->{marc});
00:15 chris and we end up with a screwed up record
00:15 kados maybe it is MARC::Record versions
00:16 chris lemme see what im running
00:16 chris 1.38
00:17 kados could you cd C4
00:17 kados cvs -z3 co -P marc-record
00:17 kados then cp -r marc-record/lib/MARC ../C4/
00:18 chris ill give it a go
00:18 kados so the 2.0 is first in your path
00:18 chris will do
00:19 chris it could be the MARC::File::USMARC too i guess
00:19 chris cmon sourceforge
00:20 kados :-)
00:20 kados isn't MARC::File in MARC::Record?
00:20 chris could be
00:20 chris ill know if it ever lets me check it out
00:20 kados ls /usr/local/installed/marc-record/lib/MARC/
00:20 kados  CVS  Doc  File
00:21 chris right
00:21 kados ls /usr/local/installed/marc-record/lib/MARC/File/
00:21 kados CVS
00:21 kados maybe decode is deprecated
00:21 chris can u quickly check
00:21 chris is it 357 lines long?
00:22 kados 348
00:22 chris so thats different then
00:23 kados decode's not deprecated
00:23 kados I can tar up and mailx you marc-record dir
00:24 chris it seems very odd that all we do is is encode, the decode and it busts it
00:24 chris i wonder
00:24 chris yeah it timed out
00:24 chris can you do that
00:24 kados done
00:26 kados I sure would love to blame it on the new MARC::Record
00:26 kados but I've a sneaking suspicion it's not the prob :-)
00:26 chris well that appears to be all it does
00:27 chris it does the as_usmarc
00:27 chris then calls realnwbiblioitem
00:27 chris and decodes
00:27 chris it
00:28 chris and its gone from a nice record to a messed up one
00:29 kados just noticed some bugs in the leader plugin
00:29 chris could be a utf8 thing?
00:29 kados but I don't think that would affect this
00:30 kados well, it's utf-8 on the interface
00:30 kados I'm not using any chars outside of ascii range
00:30 kados so I doubt it
00:30 chris do we need to do as_usmarc utf8 ?
00:30 chris just clutching at straws
00:30 kados don't _need_ to
00:30 kados ie, it runs without it
00:31 kados the encoding should have nothing to do with it
00:31 chris right
00:31 kados did you try the 2.0 MARC::Record?
00:31 chris waiting for it to get thru the spam filter
00:31 kados hehe
00:31 chris it'll take a while cos it will be coming from a new address
00:31 kados must not like my server :-)
00:32 kados arrg ... and we're sooo close :-)
00:32 chris it does greylisting
00:32 chris if it sees an email from a user:server combo it hasnt seen
00:32 kados ah
00:32 chris it greylists it,and tells the mailer to send it again
00:32 chris and if the mailer follows the rfc
00:32 chris it does it, and it gets let through
00:33 kados hmm, not sure mine will
00:33 chris most spaming bots/zombies dont
00:33 chris what is ur mta?
00:33 kados probably exim
00:33 chris that'll work fine
00:33 kados yea, exim4
00:33 chris all the REAL mta's work
00:33 kados gotcha
00:34 chris it just takes a while the first time
00:34 chris ive got a plan
00:34 chris just to test
00:34 chris what we do
00:34 kados ok
00:34 chris is is encode a record, then decode it
00:35 chris what if we go $olddata->{marc}=$record;
00:35 chris up round line 861
00:35 chris and then down at 1369ish
00:35 chris my $record = MARC::File::USMARC::decode($biblioitem->{marc});
00:36 chris do my $record=$biblioitem->{marc};
00:36 chris so instead of encoding it, then decoding, we just pass it
00:36 chris (so comment out the other lines)
00:36 kados second one with a 'my' or just $record?
00:37 chris comment out the first one
00:37 chris and the second with a my
00:37 chris ie, it looks like
00:37 kados gotcha
00:37 chris #my $record = MARC::File::USMARC::decode($biblioitem->{marc});
00:37 chris my $record=$biblioitem->{marc};
00:37 kados ha!
00:37 kados seems to have worked
00:37 chris right
00:37 kados lemme check the record
00:38 chris so something in that encode/decode is doing something mental
00:38 kados yep
00:38 chris right
00:38 kados record's fine
00:38 chris so at least we have narrowed it down
00:38 kados yea
00:38 chris its either that encode, or the decode
00:39 kados and those are both in MARC::Record eh?
00:39 chris yeah
00:39 kados :-)
00:39 kados why do we need them in the first place?
00:40 chris hmm im not sure we do
00:40 kados I don't see an 'encode' in
00:40 chris encode is the $record->as_usmarc();
00:41 kados ahh
00:41 chris its taking a MARC::Record object
00:41 chris and making it marc
00:41 chris then we take the marc
00:41 chris and make a MARC::Record object
00:41 chris and one of those isnt working
00:41 chris right
00:41 kados huh
00:41 chris so what i just got you to do
00:42 chris is just pass the record
00:42 chris rather than making it marc, then back to a record, then back to marc to store it
00:43 chris so we could commit that change, as i see no point in converting it, then converting it back, to edit, then converting it to marc again
00:43 chris does that make sense?
00:43 kados absolutely
00:43 kados only question I have is
00:43 chris but, i wonder were else we have a decode
00:43 kados what about all the other instances of using marc
00:43 chris and will it break in other places?
00:43 kados exactly
00:44 chris and does seem to be a marc::record
00:44 chris thing
00:44 kados yea
00:44 kados might very well be my busted leader prob
00:44 chris mind you, we are getting it from cvs
00:44 kados yep
00:44 chris ... if someone tried to run koha from cvs at the mo ... :-)
00:44 kados hehe
00:44 kados so maybe a mail to perl4lib is in order
00:45 chris well, it might not be a release
00:45 chris ie, we really should try the latest stable release
00:45 kados ahh
00:45 kados duh!
00:45 kados what was I thinking?
00:45 kados I'll try that right now
00:45 chris cool
00:45 kados wow, we could ahve just wasted hours :-)
00:45 kados I'm such a dumbass
00:45 chris should be able to uncomment the changes back in
00:45 chris and try that
00:46 chris hehe, its all learning
00:51 kados same error
00:51 kados arrrg
00:51 kados well I'm mad tired
00:52 kados so maybe some more testing tomorrow
00:52 kados when I'm awake
00:52 kados and if it looks like MARC::Record's the culprit
00:52 kados I'll email perl4lib
00:52 kados cause we really need 2.0
00:52 kados for the utf-8 stuff
00:53 kados 1.x doesn't calculate directory offsets correctly
00:54 kados chris: thanks for all the help
00:54 kados chris: read you tomorrow
00:57 chris night
07:04 thd kados: record is truncated on import if quotations are included in the MARC record
09:02 kados thd: which import? bulkmarcimport?
09:02 kados thd: addbiblio?

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