IRC log for #koha, 2006-04-02

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12:03 pierrick I can't commit my today modification right now, network is going to be shut down at INEO :-/ I'll commit on monday
17:09 slef Does anyone else here have UK HEI customers?
18:30 slef chris, or anyone with admin on, are you here?
18:44 kados slef: no, we're not going to kick Steve off the list :-)
18:46 thd slef: do you have any questions for the FSF lawyer, Eben Moglen?
20:44 slef kados: huh?
21:26 chris i am now slef
21:39 chris # dhclient iwi0
21:39 chris To kill the firmware and reset the adapter:
01:19 pate-away hiya chris
01:19 chris hiya pate
01:20 chris hows things?
01:20 pate-away pretty good.  yourself?
01:20 chris good, tired but good :)
01:21 pate-away why tired?  it's early in the weekend for you, isn't it?
01:22 chris yeah, i had a nap, and woke up feeling more tired :)
01:22 pate-away probably slept too long then
01:22 chris yeah i think so
01:23 pate-away well, I've not slept in too long, so I think I'll see about correcting that now
01:23 pate-away good to talk to you
01:23 pate-away congrats on all the cool looking stuff going on with koha
01:26 chris yeah there is some neat stuff going on
01:26 chris quite a few developers working hard
01:27 chris sleep well, good to talk to you too

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