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12:35 thd kados: are you there?
12:41 kados thd: hi there
12:41 thd hello: kados
12:41 kados thd: so what's the URL?
12:42 thd kados:
12:43 thd kados: there you will find many prices
12:43 paul_away sncf is our national company.
12:43 paul_away the only one for train & tgv.
12:44 thd kados: there is a special non-changeable type of ticket that has the best price but very limited availability
12:44 kados ahh
12:44 paul_away you can't get prices cheaper then from there.
12:44 paul billet prem's (prem's means "first") =>
12:44 kados paul: woudl it be good for finding a train from paris to Geneva and Geneva to Paris?
12:44 paul valid only on the train & the date it is delivered for.
12:44 kados right
12:44 paul but can be very very cheap.
12:45 kados should I get a train pass instead?
12:45 paul yes, you can use it.
12:45 thd kados: some flights within Europe are less than train fair
12:45 paul thd : right.
12:45 thd s/fair/fare/
12:45 kados thd: yes, but I would like to try the train as I've never been on one :-)
12:46 thd kados: I do not have all the plane information but I will tell you about the train
12:46 paul and are low cost companies
12:46 paul about the train : paris => geneve is not a train, it's a TGV !
12:46 kados ahh ... what is TGV?
12:46 thd kados: are there no trains in Ohio
12:46 paul 300km/h between paris & lyon (75% of the distance)
12:46 paul "Train à Grande Vitesse"
12:46 thd ?
12:46 paul => high speed train.
12:46 kados super train? :-)
12:47 paul the TGV is something really wonderful : 3hours from marseille center to paris center.
12:47 kados thd: there are trains in Ohio, but I've never been on one :-)
12:47 paul faster than plane !!!!
12:47 kados wow, sounds like that's what I want
12:47 kados paul: can I get a month pass on the TGV?
12:47 kados paul: (is it pan-european or just in france?)
12:47 paul 1st class is even better between paris & marseille : in almost all trains, you get a power supply for your computer !
12:48 kados
12:48 kados this seems like a good site for US travelers :-)
12:49 thd kados: yes that is good from the same national French rail company but but you seem to pay a bit extra
12:51 kados not too expensive though
12:51 kados $45 USD
12:51 kados $90 round trip
12:51 thd kados: "Using the voyages-sncf website, you can find some amazingly cheap 'prems' fares - for example, Paris to Marseille 25 euros, ... .  But please read the advice below first, and if you have any problems with this site, book by phone if necessary."  Man in seat sitxty-one. How to travel by train from London to Europe : a complete guide. .  That website has very useful information if the fare can be found.
12:51 paul[…]ow_pass_works.htm
12:51 paul Seat Reservations and Overnight Travel
12:51 paul A pass allows the boarding of a train, bus, plane, or boat, but does not guarantee a seat. Seat reservations are optional for most trains but are mandatory for all TGV, Thalys, Cisalpino, AVE, and Italian Day trains and selected EuroCity and InterCity trains and for all sleepers and couchettes. Couchettes. All tickets are sold including any necessary reservations whether selecting a seat or sleeper. If holding a railpass, reservations are sold as
12:51 paul passholder fares.
12:52 kados paul: thanks!
12:52 paul I confirm seat reservations ARE mandatory for TGV.
12:52 paul it's between 3 and 15 euros
12:52 thd kados: $90 round trip between Marseilles and Paris is a very good price
12:53 paul $90 means paris => marseille => paris ?
12:53 paul then yes, very good price.
12:53 kados paul: no, paris => geneva => paris
12:53 kados paul: so a very good price :-)
12:53 kados paul: but I think a pass would be easier
12:53 paul probably.
12:53 kados paul: because I have several days after geneva with nothing to do :-)
12:53 paul but don't forget the reservation.
12:53 kados paul: and I may want to explore a bit
12:53 paul (for TGV)
12:53 kados paul: right, I will need to make sure to remember that
12:54 kados paul: thanks
12:54 paul you should try Lyon (very close to Geneva)
12:54 paul what kind of things do you want to see ?
12:54 paul old cities ? sea ? hills ?
12:55 thd kados: I found that the lowest fare one way from Marseilles to Paris without prems was $88.
12:55 paul yep.
12:55 paul (EUR75)
12:55 paul but it's the basic price.
12:56 paul depending on your luck, you can get one for 20EUR !
12:56 paul (and depending on whether you reserve late or soon)
12:56 thd kados: so reserve soon
12:56 paul not necessary !
12:57 paul if the train is empty, the price may be very low 1 days before the trip !
12:57 hdl soon can be three months time ;)
12:58 thd paul: aeroplanes never have low prices one day before even if half empty
12:58 paul (mmm... some very low prices cant be achieved only from & with a ticket you pay yourself)
12:58 paul guys, I must leave now.
12:58 paul read you on monday.
12:58 thd thanks paul
13:05 thd kados: If you were going to be travelling a bit between other than just Paris to Marseille, Marseille to Genevre then a Eurail pass may help
13:11 thd kados: otherwise a Eurail pass does not seem to function as a pass for substituted pass fare instead of standard fare.  It seems to offer discounted fare after paying the premium which could only be worth the price if there were several trips within the period
13:13 thd kados: however, there are many different types of Eurail passes.  The least expensive Eurail pass did not seem to help me because the pass would cost more than my total fares without the pass.
13:14 thd kados: If you are under 26 when paying for fares, however, you may have a discount.
13:17 kados thd: unfortunately I'm not under 26 anymore :-)
13:17 thd kados: how ancient are you now?
13:17 kados 27 :-)
13:18 thd kados: there is an English language option with a flag well hidden at the bottom of .
13:20 thd essential navigation at the bottom only is very poor design unless there is a link to change language or something at the top of the page
13:21 thd please remember that template designers of the world
13:25 kados hdl: does the TGV pass cover local trains too? or just the TGV?
13:26 hdl TGV trains often hav correspondancies with local trains.
13:27 hdl But some TGV have special fees.
13:28 kados hdl: I can get a 21 day pass for about $800 USD
13:28 kados hdl: and I must travel from Paris->Geneva->Paris->marseille->Paris (at least, with no extra trips)
13:28 kados hdl: do you think it's worth it to get the 21 day pass?
13:29 kados hdl: how can I tell which trains will be coverd by the TGV pass?
13:30 hdl seems you should ask raileurope.
13:31 hdl If you want to travel around. Sure it is worth.
13:31 thd kados: there are many useful telephone numbers etc. at
13:31 hdl But watch out for how many journey days it is worth.
13:32 hdl I saw 4  days on raileurope for an international pass.
13:33 kados hmmm
13:33 kados it seems Eurostar is not included in the railpass
13:34 thd kados: approach the passes with some caution to avoid paying more than you would otherwise
13:35 thd kados: check what the regular fares for you excursions would be against what is covered by the pass
13:36 thd kados: I had expected that a pass was automatically the best advantage but that does not seem to be true.
13:37 kados thd: I think it depends on how much travelling you're going to do and where you're going
13:38 thd kados: exactly, but check carefully to see what applies in the case of EuroStar etc.
13:39 kados thd: yep
13:48 thd kados: there are also inter-rail passes but you would not be eligible if you are from outside Europe
03:17 hdl_away hi pierrick.
03:17 osmoze hello :)
03:17 hdl hello
03:20 pierrick hello everybody :-)
05:47 chris evening all
05:51 pierrick good evening chris
06:34 pierrick anybody here ?
06:34 chris just me
06:38 pierrick sorry, I go to lunch, I'll ask my question after :-)
08:20 pierrick is anybody here ?
08:25 hdl yes.
08:25 hdl pierrick:
08:27 pierrick In circulation page, I don't understand what "previous" issues means
08:27 pierrick in the code, I read that circulation is only displaying current issues
08:28 pierrick Why are issues started or renewed the current day supposed to be separated ? (they aren't there is a bug)
08:31 pierrick (I've corrected the small bug)
08:51 hdl pierrick: writing ppl you are talking to name before speaking buz him. I had overlooked your problem.
08:58 pierrick hdl, sorry
08:59 hdl no pb.
08:59 hdl pierrick: It is I who was sorry not to have watched out your text.
09:06 pierrick hdl, do you have answers to my questions ?
10:06 owen pierrick, are you there?
10:13 pierrick owen, here I am
10:14 owen Hi, I was just composing an email in response to your posts about the templates
10:14 owen I think you raise some good points
10:14 pierrick :-)
10:14 owen Fieldsets are a great idea
10:14 owen And I agree that form buttons aren't always necessary
10:15 owen Often I was using them for the sake of consistency
10:16 owen visual consistency, that is
10:17 pierrick[…]ncy_head_menu.png
10:17 pierrick prettier menu for PROG
10:17 owen With prog, we're not concerned about pretty.
10:17 owen The prog templates are for programmers only
10:18 owen Never to be used for the public
10:18 pierrick Well, there is not pretty and ugly...
10:18 owen :)
10:19 owen anyway, it should be a stylesheet issue. The only places where we need to come to a consensus are things like form buttons vs. links
10:25 pierrick (menu was just for me, I didn't want to commit my 10 lines of CSS ;-)
10:33 kados morning guys
10:35 pierrick good morning joshua
11:19 hdl moring guys
11:20 thd hdl good morning
11:46 thd hdl: Is there no inexpensive way to travel from Marsielle to Madrid without returning to Paris and departing from Paris.  Would you know?
11:49 hdl try Thalys.
11:50 hdl I know it goes to Spain... maybe Madrid.

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