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00:49 wizzyrea stupid windows.
00:50 wizzyrea actually, I was lamenting that you can't put a limit << Limit >> sql parameter in the saved reports, because the code adds quotes around all parameters.
00:50 wizzyrea and limits don't work with quotes around them, sql syntax-wise
00:51 wizzyrea well at that exact moment I was lamenting about the stupid error I was getting because it didn't make much sense.
00:51 wizzyrea the above which happened to be the cause of it.
00:51 dcook O_o
00:52 dcook I'm not sure what we're booing, but I want to get behind it :p
00:52 eythian it concerns me that we don't build parametric queries like is the law.
00:52 dcook I feel you on the << Limit >> thing though
00:53 dcook eythian: surely we must?
00:53 eythian dcook: if it's wrapping quotes around things, then we can't be
00:53 eythian well, it'd be dumb to do so, anyway
00:53 eythian like, extra dumb
00:55 dcook Well, the parameterized queries would wrap quotes around it. Hopefully that's how it's being done
00:55 wizzyrea tbh I'm afraid to look.
00:55 * dcook hasn't looked at the reports in a while
00:55 wizzyrea I'm afraid I might end up a bit like this
00:56 eythian dcook: no, parameterised queries don't wrap quotes
00:56 dcook lol
00:56 eythian they behave like that's happened, but they don't actually quote because that'd be silly
00:57 dcook Interesting. I suppose I meant more that's how it seems like they behave.
00:57 dcook As in, you can't add ? parameters to other places than the WHERE clause from what I've seen
00:57 eythian sure you can
00:57 eythian LIMIT, SET, etc.
00:57 eythian most places where a value is going
00:58 dcook Hmm, that's right
00:58 wahanui no it's not.
00:58 dcook What am I thinking of then?
00:58 dcook There's some place I wanted to put them but couldn't...
00:58 eythian you can't put them on the left hand side
00:58 eythian so, you can't supply a column name for example
00:58 dcook Hmm, maybe that's what I was thinking of
00:58 eythian basically you have to thing of the parameterised query as an input to the optimiser, and so everything needed to work out how to solve it must be in place.
00:59 wizzyrea supplying a column name seems vaguely dangerous
00:59 eythian it's not possible, too
00:59 dcook Makes sense
00:59 dcook In that case, sounds like the run-time parameters might be a bit dodgey?
00:59 wizzyrea good thing, because it seems dangerous (i.e. easy to screw up)
00:59 dcook yeah
01:00 eythian yeah, if they're making queries like blah='$var1', then they're totally dodgy
01:00 eythian (disclaimer: I don't know how they work really, just that if they are causing LIMIT <<something>> to be an error, then it's probably bad.
01:01 eythian hmm, actually
01:01 eythian oh, no, I'm still right:
01:01 eythian > Within prepared statements, LIMIT parameters can be specified using ? placeholder markers.
01:02 eythian this might be a recent change though, I see some things on the internet saying that you couldn't do that
01:03 eythian oh, you can't with stored procedures, but we don't use them
01:03 jcamins That's a recent feature.
01:03 jcamins Well... a couple years.
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01:04 eythian that was the 5.5 manual I quoted there
01:09 jcamins Yeah, that might've come out a couple years ago. I can't remember.
01:09 jcamins I was thrilled when they added that, though.
01:11 eythian yeah, it's a good thing to have
01:11 jcamins Oh, it was 5.0.7.
01:11 eythian that was a little while ago
01:12 jcamins Yeah.
01:13 jcamins Actually, I should've been able to figure out it was ten years ago... I was in college when I found out that feature existed.
01:16 wizzyrea rangi++ for remembering all of the features and general awesomeness.
01:18 eythian[…]1425045191-13.jpg <-- heh
01:18 wizzyrea hehehehe
01:18 * wizzyrea is not sure where en-NZ fits in that.
01:19 wizzyrea also, not qualified to even make a funny guess. :P
01:20 dcook hehe
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02:58 mtj hey rangi, got a tic re: 12954?
02:58 mtj bug 12954
02:58 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12954 is not accessible.
03:00 rangi yep, has the patch for 3.16 been released yet? if not we shouldnt discuss it in the logged channel until it has
03:00 mtj ahh, thanks for the reminder
03:42 eythian > If you write interfaces with more than 4 or 5 function arguments, it's possible that you and I cannot be friends.
03:44 * wizzyrea takes a note
03:51 wizzyrea ohhhh what are we gonna do about/with/for bibframe in Koha
03:51 wizzyrea that's mostly rhetorical.
03:51 wizzyrea you can answer if you want.
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04:08 eythian[…];utm_medium=Email <-- wizzyrea, mtj, cdickinson, rangi, any other NZers I'm forgetting that are in here.
04:08 wizzyrea oooo
04:09 eythian 'course, I'm not getting the GoT set until he gaddamn finishes them
04:09 wizzyrea lol.
04:10 cdickinson o.o?
04:11 cdickinson not be able to today, but that site will now live in my bookmarks forever
04:14 eythian yeah, they have a lot of junk and the occasional actually useful thing.
04:22 dcook "Sstory Continues Box Set" hehe
04:22 dcook Story*
04:22 wizzyrea cdickinson: I suppose you know of grabone and treatme?
04:22 wizzyrea also "one day deal" kind of sites
04:23 cdickinson ahh
04:24 cdickinson normally don't really buy stuff online unless I have to, but just never really knew NZ had sites like that
04:25 eythian we have piles of them
04:27 cdickinson good, competition
04:29 mtj computer stuff too ->
04:29 mtj ta eythian
04:33 cdickinson yeah, the computer stuff is what I'm most interested in
04:34 cdickinson usually use PriceSpy to get me the best prices for that
04:34 cdickinson but then again, everything there isn't USUALLY on special at a 1-day site...
04:34 dcook One of these days, I'll learn how to use the inventory tool and really remember...
04:40 wizzyrea ...what it's like to be a librarian?
04:40 wizzyrea I didn't know where that thought was going, sorry I couldn't just let it hang there.
04:40 dcook :p
04:40 cdickinson well, I was a library monitor for my school
04:40 dcook I figure inventory would be fairly useful
04:41 cdickinson shelf checking sucks
04:41 dcook That it does
04:41 cdickinson people never put ANYTHING in the right place, EVER
04:41 dcook hehe
04:41 dcook That's why my uni libraries had places designated where you put books
04:41 dcook Orange shelves or special carts/tables
04:41 dcook It made library life so much easier
04:42 dcook Only ever did inventories in small college or government libraries though..
04:42 cdickinson our library at my school was small and it annoyed me haha
04:42 cdickinson stock take was worse though
04:42 dcook I found it mostly just painful on my knees
04:43 * dcook was elated to graduate from circ staff/shelver to librarian
04:43 dcook Now I sit at a desk and never move. Oh wait...
04:43 dcook Damned if you do, damned if you don't, I guess
04:43 cdickinson I never had any drama manning the desk issuing and returning books
04:44 cdickinson apart from when whatever library software we didn't use that wasn't Koha crashed
04:44 cdickinson we used*
04:44 dcook I actually met a lot of girls when working the desk...
04:44 dcook Also once swapped a pen for a kitkat. Mmm chocolate.
04:44 cdickinson boy's only school, so nope
04:44 cdickinson boys*
04:45 dcook Ah, this was uni. My grade schools were too remote to really have a library.
04:45 dcook Well, we had a "resource room", but it was almost always locked
04:45 cdickinson yeah, that's fair enough
04:46 cdickinson my primary school only just had a library
04:46 cdickinson but I'm talking about my secondary school... even though that was small too, but it was a blessing because I won't have to post on Reddit about any disasters there :>
04:51 dcook That strangely reminds me... what brings you to Koha, cdickinson? I heard you're over at Catalyst?
04:53 cdickinson Yeah, I'm with Catalyst
04:54 cdickinson I'm an engineering student, and I'm going to be working on getting Koha ready for the cloud as part of my honours project
04:56 cdickinson things are only just getting started, but I'm looking forward to working with everyone here, really excited about this project
04:58 dcook Awesome. It's a pretty great group!
04:59 dcook What sort of plans do you have so far?
04:59 cdickinson Yeah, even just idling here overnight I can see there's a healthy mix of real work getting done and silly banter going around :P
05:00 cdickinson The plan is kinda vague so far, it's just how these things start off
05:00 cdickinson But we will be using OpenStack to provide "Koha as a Service", if you get what I mean
05:01 cdickinson the details of how this will work are being ironed out as we speak ;)
05:04 cdickinson the key things we want are that OpenStack can automatically scale up and down the amount of compute power as needed, and do this automatically and quickly so new users can be deployed easily, and existing users won't notice any difference in quality of service
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05:09 dcook cdickinson: That sounds great :)
05:10 dcook yo magnuse
05:10 cdickinson dcook: I think so too haha
05:11 dcook Is this getting published anywhere? ;)
05:11 dcook We mostly host all of our Koha instances in house. I've been doing some work to replicate to AWS, but only for disaster recovery at the moment...
05:12 cdickinson ah, cool
05:12 cdickinson yeah, that's the plan AFAIK
05:12 dcook Cool :)
05:12 cdickinson going to be a busy boy writing up articles on the Koha Wiki
05:13 eythian dcook: our infrastructure is openstack, which looks a lot like AWS.
05:14 cdickinson might be looking into using Heat to help us with the automatic instance deployment stuff, which is similar to AWS CloudFormation.. so hopefully most of what I'm doing here transfers over
05:16 dcook Ah, after a bit of reading, I see what you mean, eythian
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05:18 * Francesca waves
05:18 cdickinson Hiya Francesca
05:19 dcook yo Francesca
05:19 Francesca yo
05:19 Francesca how goes it?
05:19 eythian hmm, koha not installable on debian jessie
05:19 dcook O_O
05:19 eythian has yui gone completely, anyone know?
05:19 dcook That doesn't sound good, eythian
05:19 dcook Ahh
05:19 eythian koha-common : Depends: libjs-yui but it is not installable
05:19 * magnuse waves
05:20 eythian it looks like debian has removed that.
05:20 * dcook has wondered about those libjs dependencies
05:20 dcook Francesca: excellent :)
05:20 cdickinson Just about to log off, actually
05:20 eythian for the best, but I don't know if we still need it or use it.
05:20 cdickinson going to see my friend in hospital
05:20 Francesca oh dear
05:20 dcook Hmm, I think I've seen it in use in 3.14.5?
05:20 Francesca is your friend ok?
05:20 dcook In the staff client, I think?
05:20 cdickinson Yes and no
05:20 cdickinson Cancer, lost his leg
05:21 Francesca oh no
05:21 Francesca poor guy
05:21 cdickinson but he's all goods, he's in there for his last two rounds of chemo and then he's a free man
05:21 Francesca not all bad then
05:22 cdickinson I'd like to stick around for the conversation, though... I really will set up an IRC bouncer this weekend
05:23 magnuse eythian: seen bug 13612? i think yui might still be used in the staff interface
05:23 wahanui bug was last seen on #koha 3 years, 222 days, 2 hours, 21 minutes and 58 seconds ago, saying: seneca: rangi is a man :P [Wed Aug 31 03:01:06 2011]
05:23 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13612 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Remove old YUI javacript libraries from opac-tmpl
05:23 eythian magnuse: hmm
05:23 cdickinson alright, I'll be back in a bit
05:23 dcook Yeah, I'm seeing it at least show up in ids and classes...
05:23 dcook Well, in 3.14.5...
05:23 eythian my other thought is that we might not actually use yui system libraries, and just carry our own copy
05:23 eythian checking that out now.
05:24 dcook I think we do carry our own copy, which is why I was always surprised that the system libraries got used..
05:24 dcook I think the packages do some magic to use the system ones instead though/
05:24 dcook ?*
05:24 eythian they did
05:24 eythian I can't remember if they still do
05:24 magnuse bug 13759
05:24 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13759 major, P3, ---, mirko, Pushed to Master , git-build-snapshot misses YUI and dies of sorrow during build
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05:25 eythian rm -r \
05:25 eythian $(TMP)/usr/share/koha/intranet/htd​ocs/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/yui
05:25 eythian ln -s /usr/share/javascript/yui \
05:25 eythian $(TMP)/usr/share/koha/intranet/htd​ocs/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/yui
05:26 eythian so we swap out the koha-contained library for a system one.
05:26 * eythian will not enjoy fixing this
05:26 eythian it might just be enough to remove those links
05:28 * dcook thought that sounded familiar
05:33 dcook It can't be Thursday already..
05:34 eythian monday off remember
05:35 magnuse yeah. sneaky
05:35 dcook Yeah, it was just too fast :p
05:36 dcook Hmm, just remembered DSpace's indexing scripts changed between versions.. that makes things tougher for me..
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06:21 dcook "use version;" ftw
06:21 dcook It seems like there's a Perl module for everything
06:32 ashimema there's not a perl module for RAML yet
06:33 dcook ?
06:33 ashimema wow.. almost half way there already
06:33 ashimema That's the one dcook..
06:34 ashimema I sorta prefer it to Swagger
06:34 dcook Looks sweet :)
06:34 ashimema feels nicer somehow..
06:34 ashimema but there's a tad less support for it out there so far.
06:34 dcook At a glance, I prefer it
06:34 dcook That makes a difference :/
06:34 ashimema there's still a huge amount of support though ;)
06:35 ashimema just not quiet as much as Swagger
06:35 ashimema I'm really tempted to write a Mojo plugin for it.. based loosly around the Swagger one.
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06:45 marcelr hi #koha
06:46 dcook hey marcelr
06:46 marcelr :)
06:47 dcook oh hey, did you have any more luck with Text::Bidi?
06:47 dcook I can't remember what bug that was now... but I was curious
06:47 dcook bug 12068 it seems
06:47 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12068 normal, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Pushed to Master , Add support for RTL languages
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07:01 andreashm morning
07:05 marcelr dcook: I left Text::Bidi for later
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07:07 cait davidnind++
07:07 dcook marcelr: Ah, right. I think I found your solution, so hopefully it works :)
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07:07 marcelr dcook++
07:08 fridolin bonjour tout le modne
07:08 cait fridolin: i haven't had time to research more yet - but i think the subtitle is used more widely in the non xslt views - and also not only for subtitle, you can put other fields in there too - hope i get to answer the ml mail, but in case i won't :)
07:09 dcook salut fridolin
07:09 dcook cait: I think you can add other things than subtitle, but I don't know if they're picked up anywhere
07:09 dcook We used to use that for customized templates though..
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07:11 cait i meant other fields than the subtitle field to the SUBTITLE keyword
07:11 cait we use it for 245$n
07:11 fridolin cait: thanks a lot
07:11 cait that's the volume title
07:11 cait otherwise that wouldn't dispaly in some places as $a only has the title of the work and is always the same
07:12 cait i'd just be careful before throwing it out
07:12 fridolin the thing is that in some places, the code gets marcxml only to get this subtitle
07:13 fridolin it creates a big query and creates a MARC::Record just to get 1 data
07:13 cait hm i understand
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08:22 rangi mveron++
08:22 nlegrand Bonjour #koha
08:22 rangi Joubu++
08:22 rangi fredericd++
08:22 rangi ashimema++
08:22 rangi andreashm++
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08:23 rangi eythian++
08:23 rangi mtj++
08:23 rangi there i think thats everyone i recognise and know nicks for :)
08:23 ashimema :)
08:24 ashimema it's nice to have such a warm community
08:24 ashimema rangi++
08:33 magnuse community++
08:35 rangi oh
08:35 rangi magnuse++
08:35 magnuse :-)
08:39 * cait waves
08:41 * magnuse waves back
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08:53 hasenbear hello. am in germany. suddenly having trouble gaining accesss through z39.50 to all datenbanks previously used. data sets are coming back either empty, full of gibberish, or we get the error that connection has failed.
08:54 hasenbear connections have been working up till now (used sporatically) and there have been no known changes to the access info.  help?
08:54 cait did you update koha? or change something else?
08:55 hasenbear not that i am aware of.
08:56 cait when did it start? can you give an example for a connection you use?
08:57 cait hm and make sure the system preferences z3950NormalizeAuthor is set to 'kopiere keine'
08:58 hasenbear started on tuesday this week.  example: BIBLIOTHEKZENTRALE BW 20081013d2008 |||y0gerb0103 ba 0-521-61291-8 | 0-521-84843-1 | 978-0-521-61291-3 | 978-0-521-84843-5 MARC Karte Import
08:59 cait hmmm interesting
08:59 wahanui i guess interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
08:59 cait that#s ours
08:59 cait which connection data did you configure?
09:00 hasenbear all the otehr servers except  that one are coming back aas "connection failed"
09:00 cait i just tested - it works ok forme
09:01 cait connection failed sometiems can happen because of changes in the firewall - as the ports are often different
09:01 cait but the gibberish is weird - would be intersting to see how you configured it
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09:05 drojf hi #koha
09:12 magnuse moin drojf
09:12 magnuse[…]bug_squashing_day
09:13 drojf hei magnuse
09:13 magnuse oh and
09:20 magnuse wiki, mailing lists, twitter - done
09:22 drojf magnuse++
09:26 Joubu magnuse: you forgot fb and linkedin!
09:28 fridolin what the ...
09:28 magnuse Joubu: oh noes!
09:29 fridolin a programmer needs a laptop
09:29 drojf that must have been the most quiet day in koha history
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09:30 magnuse Joubu: fb is done now, please share :-)
09:30 magnuse i'm skipping linkedin, though
09:30 Joubu magnuse: it was a joke, I don't have a fb account :)
09:33 magnuse :-)
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09:42 oli Hey - I was wondering if someone could help me with some Koha API stuff?
09:44 magnuse oli: chances are noone will say yes until they know a bit more :-)
09:45 oli Fair point! I'm trying to find a list of endpoints or some more concrete documentation about what is available around getting loans for a specific user
09:45 oli I'm quite new to Koha so I my not be using the correct terminology - but I need to get a list of current loans, holds, and fines for a given user
09:46 oli I can't find documentation anywhere
09:46 magnuse have you looked at the ils-di api?
09:47 magnuse it is self-documented at <opac>/cgi-bin/koha/
09:48 magnuse you probably have to enable it
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09:48 oli Ahh, awesome - thanks. I had a look at their site but thought it was for sharing information between libraries
09:49 magnuse it can also be used to build opac substitutes
09:49 magnuse there is also a rest api:[…]ha_/svc/_HTTP_API this is in the process of being replaced with a more consistent api
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09:51 oli Is there anywhere I can get a listing of the methods available in the REST API?
09:52 Joubu oli: you should have a look at[…]PI_RFC#Background
09:54 Joubu The most complete is koha-restful, but ils-di could be enough
09:54 oli Is that what's currently implemented or the plan for the new version?
09:57 Joubu oli: this page is the plan for the new version. The "background" section describes the existing solutions
09:57 hasenbear cait: sorry, was called away. thanks, will check with the admin again to see if changes have been made and report back with detailed config if need be.  cheers!
09:59 oli Awesome - thanks for the info Joubu and magnuse. That's really helpful, I was totally lost before!
10:03 oli Regarding authentication for ILS-DI; is that simply based on the requesters IP address?
10:04 cait that and sending the login for theuser i think
10:05 cait hm not entirely sure tho
10:06 oli It seems to be returning data even when I don't have a session
10:06 cait ah, good to know
10:08 oli Getting data from Azure so I'll have to setup a proxy to keep things secure
10:18 Joubu oli: yes there is a pref to set the IP addresses to authorise
10:18 Joubu ILS-DI:AuthorizedIPs
10:18 Joubu ooops
10:19 cait wow, 1155$ now :)
10:26 Joubu Shouldn't OpacPrivacy be set by default??
10:39 cait hm thought it was
10:39 cait where do you look, in borrowers? or the pref?
10:45 Joubu cait: the pref
10:45 wahanui well, the pref is "dateformat" and it's under I18n/L10N preferences
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11:41 magnuse wahanui: forget the pref
11:41 wahanui magnuse: I forgot pref
11:41 magnuse pref?
11:41 magnuse the pref?
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12:55 tcohen morning
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13:05 fridolin good morning tcohen
13:05 tcohen hi frido
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13:32 khall mornin all!
13:32 tcohen morning khall
13:33 khall mornin tcohen!
13:36 cait morning tcohen :)
13:37 tcohen hi cait
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13:38 magnuse \o/
13:48 druthb \o/
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15:03 talljoy good morning #koha
15:09 barton Hey, I just had a brainstorm (tempest in a teacup) ... how 'bout we set up a very low-friction testing environment specifically for signoff of trivial bugs? Set up a secondary dashboard that only shows tickets that need sign off and have severity of 'Trivial' ... this would be a good entry point for people who might not otherwise do signoffs.
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15:11 tcohen #koha: what was the bug # for the broken checkin ?
15:15 fridolin see u
15:15 fridolin left #koha
16:09 Joubu tcohen: what is the broken checkin?
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17:38 tcohen Joubu:
17:38 tcohen Joubu: then
17:39 magnuse bless you
17:40 wnickc heh
17:45 tcohen hi kivilahtio
17:46 tcohen kivilahtio: is there always an enumchron on serials? otherwise you might be introducing a warning on 13611
17:48 tcohen any QA member: 13934
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17:52 magnuse bug 13611
17:52 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13611 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, olli-antti.kivilahti, Passed QA , Serial enumeration not visible in the when browsing own holds.
17:52 magnuse bug 13934
17:52 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13934 critical, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Check in fails on master "Can't bless non-reference at .../ Line 64"
17:53 * magnuse is curious
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17:54 tcohen the latter breaks checkin
17:54 tcohen *critical*
17:54 tcohen *it fixes it
17:56 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 8796 - patron cards not starting on designated card <[…]3c0c98ec42766b8df> / Bug 13349 [QA Followup] <[…]6951251f7d738a5eb> / Bug 13349 - Allow library code to display against users pending changes -update screen <
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18:17 misilot Does anyone use the oclc connexion gateway tool with their ILS on an internal ip? The reason I ask, is I am wondering if OCLC is trying to talk to Koha directly, or if it's going through the Connexion Client. Trying to determine if it's the firewall blocking access or something else.
18:22 tcohen bye #koha
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19:02 cait hi #koha
19:13 bag hi cait
19:20 bag anybody have an idea of what the nozebra table does?
19:23 wnickc stores index info if not using zebra?[…]zebranozebra.html
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19:24 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
19:29 cait wnickc: correct
19:29 cait bag: it's obsolete
19:30 cait hm don't have it n my newer database
19:34 mtompset obsolete? What's obsolete? :)
19:35 talljoy joined #koha
19:35 cait nozebradb table
19:39 mtompset Ah.
19:41 bag right it was added -
19:45 andreashm joined #koha
19:46 andreashm evening
19:47 pianohacker joined #koha
19:48 pianohacker yo
19:48 * cait waves
19:49 bag happy birthday pianohacker
19:49 cait Happy birthday pianohacker!
19:50 magnuse happy birthday pianohacker!
19:50 * magnuse knuckles bag
19:50 bag knuckles magnuse
19:50 pianohacker thank you ladies and gents :)
19:51 magnuse hiya andreashm
19:51 magnuse pianohacker: getting very close to the end of school now too?
19:52 pianohacker magnuse: so close... about a month
19:53 magnuse ah hang in there then :-)
19:54 mtompset What no embarrassing topic change telling us that it is pianohacker's birthday?! :P
20:00 andreashm hi magnuse
20:01 andreashm and others
20:02 * andreashm is slow at reading tonight, apparently
20:02 andreashm happy b-day pianohacker
20:02 pianohacker thanks andreashm  :)
20:13 rangi morning
20:13 magnuse evening
20:14 cait morning
20:16 rangi happy birthday pianohacker, what are you like 16 now? :)
20:16 pianohacker rangi: oh yeah, getting on in years
20:16 pianohacker will have a driver's license before you know it
20:18 rangi heh
20:39 rocio joined #koha
20:44 rangi where in the world is carmen today?
20:44 carmen Why hello rangi  :)
20:45 carmen in the cold cold state of NJ , USA  bleh lol
20:45 rangi heh
20:45 rangi @wunder nzwn
20:45 huginn` rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 17.0°C (8:30 AM NZST on April 10, 2015). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006 hPa (Steady).
20:45 rangi its not that pleasant here today either
20:46 cdickinson sure doesn't feel 17°C on Cuba Street
20:46 rocio joined #koha
20:48 Dyrcona @wunder 01845
20:48 huginn` Dyrcona: The current temperature in WB1CHU, Lawrence, Massachusetts is 2.8°C (4:47 PM EDT on April 09, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.39 in 1029 hPa (Steady).
20:53 Dyrcona Still yesterday here...
21:11 rocio joined #koha
21:20 wizzyrea hm, to me it seems warm but humid and it's raining. The wind's out of the north, which is an improvement on yesterday imo.
22:10 eythian hi
22:10 eythian wizzyrea: expect it to change later today, I think
22:12 wizzyrea that's fine, I have a jacket ^.^
22:31 rocio joined #koha
22:37 rocio1 joined #koha
22:38 oa10712 joined #koha
22:40 rocio1 joined #koha
22:43 JoshB joined #koha
22:46 oa10712 Does anyone know where the information is stored for auto-incrementation of barcodes? I turned the feature on, but the numbering started at 85391773728. I want to reset the count, but am unable to locate it in the SQL database.
22:47 wizzyrea it looks at the highest barcode and adds one
22:48 rangi it gets messed up if you have barcodes that contain things other than just digits
22:48 oa10712 I don't have any copies in the system yet, so it still seems a bit odd.
22:49 cait oa10712: it normally looks at the highest existing barcode
22:49 cait select max(barcode) from items or so
22:50 oa10712 Ok, thanks. I'l try messing around with a test system and see if I can get it to work
22:51 cait left #koha
22:53 wizzyrea what's not working about it?
23:12 dcook Oh the joys of barcoding
23:12 eythian It beats bardcoding.
23:12 eythian I assume
23:12 eythian I don't actually know what that is
23:12 dcook hehe
23:12 dcook Oh, that reminds me..
23:12 dcook pianohacker: are you still around?
23:16 wizzyrea i heard pianohacker was having a pretty stressful few weeks, don't know why exactly but maybe has to do with the end of school
23:16 dcook Nah, that can't be it
23:16 dcook Actually, as much as I occasionally miss the flexibility of student life, the lack of student stress is pretty awesome
23:17 dcook Mind you, the relief high you get when the term is over is also pretty awesome
23:20 eythian so is the drunk you get when you hand in your thesis.
23:20 dcook hehe
23:20 dcook Student booze was great
23:22 dcook Ahhh, I think I just discovered my indexing problem
23:22 dcook Yay Java...
23:23 dcook Nope, no solution. Still not working..
23:34 JoshB joined #koha
23:37 papa joined #koha
23:37 papa joined #koha
23:38 chrisvella joined #koha
23:38 cdickinson joined #koha
23:41 TGoat Koha can you help? - Question from a curious Pakistani Koha user. I know Koha has supported right-to-left languages for a while, but I'm wondering what experience the community has with programming anything for these languages.  We sometimes encounter a problem with Farsi titles not displaying correctly or something like that.  Has the community had experiences with making fixes with R-L languages?
23:42 wizzyrea TGoat: talk to druthb about that
23:42 TGoat thanks wizzyrea :D

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