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12:41 vivek Hello
12:41 vivek paul: any luck on the savannah ?
12:41 vivek indradg: hello
12:44 paul hi vivek. Yes, what's next is moving mailing lists, but kados will ask you about this
12:44 kados hi vivek
12:44 vivek kados: Hi
12:45 kados is there any way to move over the archives as well as the user list in an automated fashion?
12:45 kados or are we stuck 'starting over'?
12:45 vivek kados: not that i can think of, we can keep the old mailing lists and point to them using savannah.
12:46 kados ok ... so I guess I'll need to add each list, then add all the members manually?
12:46 kados couple of other questions:
12:46 kados from the FAQ it looks like it's difficult to get a email for each commit
12:46 kados is that up to date?
12:47 kados koha-cvs is used to alert all of us whenever someone commits ... sends us a diff, etc.
12:48 kados morning owen
12:48 vivek kados: I'll take a break for supper.
12:49 owen Hi kados
12:49 vivek Will be back in say 20 mins or so.
12:49 kados vivek: great ... thanks!
12:49 kados vivek: I'd like to get the mailing list moved today
13:20 vivek I am back
13:27 kados vivek: looks like auto-creation of mailing lists doesn't work
13:27 kados vivek: what's involved in becoming a gnu project?
13:28 vivek kados: I don't think you have to add the members manually. You need to request the savannah administrators to add a link to the present Koha mailing lists at the URL[…]p=koha&add_list=1
13:29 vivek paul: Yes, Savannah sends mails on commits.
13:29 kados vivek: I'm confused ... I thought we were moving list hosting from sourceforge to savannah
13:29 vivek kados: you just want to move the lists and keep sourceforge as the cvs repository ?
13:30 kados vivek: I thought we were moving the lists AND the repository
13:30 kados paul: am I correct?
13:31 kados vivek: I'm getting: "Automatic mailing list creation is temporarily not available. "
13:31 vivek kados: At present i would suggest that you only move the repository and point to the present koha mailing list(s) via the project mailing list link on the savannh.
13:31 kados vivek: from the 'add new mailing list' screen
13:32 vivek kados: I know, *only* savannah admins can add new mailing lists for projects.
13:32 kados vivek: ok ... in that case, I guess we need to have the commits to savannah start mailing to
13:32 kados paul: or do you want to move the lists now too?
13:33 vivek kados: yep, that could be problem, how could savannah commits be recorded on the SF.Net mailing lists..
13:34 kados paul: so we need to decide what to do eh?
13:35 vivek kados: wont be a problem, just move the CVS to Savannah, ask a savannah admin to set up a developers mailing list and all new commits will be forwarded to the developers. Let us for the time keep the other mailing lists on SF.Net
13:35 vivek kados: All the old commits can be referred to the koha-devel on SF.Net.
13:35 kados ok ... that sounds like a good plan ... and we can add all the to
13:36 paul vivek/kados : the idea with moving is to have everything on savannah
13:36 paul - sf has many problems with mail delivery
13:36 paul - would be more complex for users.
13:37 paul so we had to ask savannah admins to create many mailing lists
13:37 paul (as we have 6 on sf iirc)
13:37 kados paul: did they already create them? or is that what I'm supposed to be doing? ;-
13:37 paul (koha-devel, koha-translate, koha-win32, koha-cvs ...)
13:38 paul <quote> just move the CVS to Savannah, ask a savannah admin to set up a developers mailing list and all new commits will be forwarded to the developers</quote> ?
13:38 paul (from vivek)
13:38 vivek kados: only savannah admins can create mailing lists on the savannah. You can only request them. Mailing list creation by the respective project admins are presently disab;ed.
13:38 kados ok ... I'll contact the admins
13:38 kados paul: who have you been dealing with?
13:39 kados paul: name/email?
13:39 paul you already know (mail nov, 5, from sylvain beuclair)
13:40 paul (beucler)
13:40 kados ok ... thx
13:40 vivek paul: Let me explain that quote, all the present koha-devel archives stay on the and we can do nothing about them or link them to savannah.
13:40 paul everything is writen here ;-)
13:41 paul that's how I understood things.
13:41 vivek paul: What can do is create a new koha-devel list ( by requesting a savannah admin to create one) and then use it for get all further commit info.
13:42 paul oups, no please !
13:42 paul koha-devel is to write mail
13:42 vivek paul: of course we will have to refer back to for all commit info before the savannah migration.
13:42 paul koha-cvs is for commit mails !
13:43 paul yes, but no commits on head since some days, and i'll take care of 2.2 where applicable
13:43 vivek sorry by koha-devel i meant koha-cvs ( my mistake).
13:43 paul ;-)
14:08 paul_away back on the chanel
14:09 paul nick paul
16:44 russ kados: are you still around?
16:45 kados russ: yep
16:46 russ hiya - with this move to savannah - would you be able to do a short write up for the news
16:46 kados yep ... planning to do that
16:46 russ cool - i'll also need to change some links etc
16:50 kados me too ;-)
16:51 paul and me too too
16:51 kados hehe
16:51 chris heya lads
16:52 paul 'morning chris
16:52 chris quick question ... who is cindy murdock?
16:52 paul (russ too)
16:52 kados hey there
16:52 kados chris: she's Meadville PL ... who's sponsoring Perl-ZOOM
16:52 chris ahh excellent :-)
16:52 chris yay for her
16:52 paul yay !
16:53 paul is it official joshua ?
16:53 kados yes ... official
16:53 kados contract signed, first check sent, etc. ;-)
16:53 paul announced somewhere ?
16:53 kados no announcement yet
16:53 chris should we do a news release about that too?
16:53 paul wow, congrats for you.
16:53 kados yea ... news release about Koha 3.0 moving ahead would be good
16:54 paul + move to savannah
16:54 paul + 2.2.5 that should arrive for the end of the year (nothing important in there, just to announce)
16:54 kados I'm gonna try to work on the roadmap this afternoon
16:55 kados is the wiki the best place to host the roadmap? Does anyone have any other ideas for how to organize it?
16:55 chris i like the wiki
16:56 kados ok ... wiki it is then ;-)
16:56 russ dang my vote is late but i would have voted wiki too
16:56 kados hehe
16:56 rach howdy
16:57 kados hey rach
16:57 paul hello.
16:57 kados so ... I guess I should mention ... MEadville PL is just one PL in a system ... the Crawford County Federated Library System
16:57 kados legally it's CCFLS that is sponsoring Perl-ZOOM, etc.
16:58 chris ahh right
16:58 rach are you able to send me the gist of it joshua
16:58 kados gist of what?
16:58 kados the roadmap?
16:58 rach oh no - stuff for a news release
16:58 kados ahh
16:58 kados sure ... I'll do that now
16:59 rach so I get all the names etc right :-)
17:04 kados rach: mike taylor will be releasing Perl-ZOOm publically next week sometime ... should we just wait until then?
17:04 rach yep that's fine
17:04 kados rach: it might be easier to say, Perl-ZOOM is finished, thanks to contributions from Crawford County, etc.
17:05 rach hopefully today we'll be doing a "the  mailing list is back" news today
17:11 kados cool
17:15 indradg hi... asking a very off-topic question... anyone here has used JasperReports?
17:16 chris not me
17:16 chris but now i want to know what it is
17:17 paul It is entirely written in Java and can be used in a variety of Java enabled applications, including J2EE or Web applications, to generate dynamic content.
17:17 paul Its main purpose is to help creating page oriented, ready to print documents in a simple and flexible manner.
17:17 chris sounds interesting
17:18 indradg mostly used for embedding rich reports invokeable from webpages
17:19 indradg or rather web apps... for example i need to embed it within PHP based intranet
17:19 chris ahh right
17:50 paul kados : i've no time, but feel free to bug |hdl| for completion of your roadmap, as I have some other ideas that are already on work
17:51 paul (including "opac ala yahoo")
17:51 kados great!
17:51 kados |hdl|: you around? ;-)
17:51 paul another question :
17:51 kados sure
17:51 paul (10PM here, probably with wife & daughter)
17:51 kados ahh ... tomorrow then
17:51 paul (mine is not here today ;-) )
17:51 kados :-)
17:51 paul we spoke of a z3950 client in OPAC
17:52 paul to query multiple catalogue at once.
17:52 kados yep
17:52 paul is it no more on the roadmap ?
17:52 kados it should be
17:52 paul ok.
17:52 paul about "AN" sponsor. Does it include SAN for some features ?
17:52 kados I have not decided yet whether the new OPAC will be _just a Z39.50 client_ or whether that will be separate
17:52 kados yes
17:53 kados (maybe refresh page, I just added some stuff)
17:53 kados all of the badly translated features ;-)
18:00 paul bye bye everybody, have a nice time hacking Koha. I go to bed & won't be there until friday.

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