IRC log for #koha, 2005-11-18

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11:44 Sylvain hi
11:47 Sylvain can I still update on sf cvs ?
13:01 kados Sylvain: please don't
13:01 Sylvain arg :(
13:01 kados Sylvain: i can add you to savannah if you sign up
13:01 Sylvain I'd like please
13:02 kados Sylvain: ok what's your username?
13:02 Sylvain let's say sylvain
13:02 Sylvain but I'm not registered on savannah (what is savanah ? Like sf ? )
13:03 Sylvain I'm on the site, I'm going to create my account
13:03 kados Sylvain: sign up here:
13:03 kados great
13:03 kados soon as you do let me know and I'll add you
13:04 kados |hdl|: you around?
13:04 kados |hdl|: I see laurenthdl needs approval for savannah ... but you already have 'hdl' ... do you need both?
13:05 kados owen: morning
13:05 Sylvain sylvain17 please kados
13:05 kados owen: have you signed up at savannah yet?
13:05 kados Sylvain: k
13:05 owen no I haven't, kados
13:05 kados Sylvain: ok ... you're official ;-)
13:05 Sylvain great :)
13:11 kados owen: let me know your username and I'll ad dyou
13:13 owen oleonard.  Should I file a request to join, or can you just add me?
13:16 kados I can add you
13:16 kados gotcha ;-Z)
13:16 kados you're oleonard and I've added you ;-)
13:22 owen http://www.theshiftedlibrarian[…]rary_catalog.html
13:25 kados who would have thought Great Britian and Electronic Books would rank highest? ;-)
20:05 jamesa can anyone tell me what "russ is now known as russlunch" means ?
20:05 chris it means that russ is going to lunch
20:05 kados jamesa: you can try it yourself
20:05 kados jamesa: type:
20:06 kados /nick jamesalunch
20:06 kados mornin chris
20:06 kados new mailing lists are created on savannah
20:06 kados what's the status on koha mailing list?
20:06 kados had someone ask me about that today in an email
20:07 kados I told her it was down for maintenance ;-)
20:07 chris well its mostly back, some issues with the mail daemon that we are working on, that it should be back
20:08 chris had a horrible disk failure coupled with failed backups
20:08 chris but we have managed to reconstitute the archives and all the subscriptions up to march 2005
20:15 jamesa how did you reconstitute the archives chris 'add boiling water' ;-)
20:19 chris close :)
20:23 russ they were always disappointing
20:35 kados russ++
20:36 kados chris: would you prefer to have koha mailing list managed on savannah too?
20:36 kados chris: (then you won't have to deal with it?)
20:36 kados chris: just a thought ...
20:37 chris i dont mind dealing with it
20:38 chris i dont plan to have complete unsalvagable disk failure without a working recent backup ever again, so it shouldnt be a problem
20:38 chris :)
21:07 kados hehe
21:07 kados yea, that can ruin your whole month
07:16 Vivek Hello everybody
10:57 kados morning all

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