IRC log for #koha, 2005-11-16

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18:34 matthew Hello.
18:34 chris hi matthew
18:34 matthew Is this the place where I can ask questions about Koha configuration?
18:35 chris yep
18:36 matthew I'm glad to haer that. I've just set up Koha on an Ubuntu 5.10 (breezy) server. It seems to be working great, but I can't get the Z39.50 search to work.
18:36 matthew I've added servers via the Intranet parameters.
18:36 chris you managed to get the daemon up and running?
18:36 matthew but I don't know if they are the right ones
18:37 matthew Yes, I believe so. How do I test?
18:37 chris it should be logging to /wherever/you/put/koha/log/
18:37 matthew Okay. just a second. I will check that.
18:42 matthew I'm looking at the error and the access log. What am I looking for?
18:43 paul_away ps aux|grep z3950 should also give you some hints to see if the daemon is running. that's my gift before going to bed. really leaving now. good hunting
18:44 matthew thanks
18:46 matthew this was in the error log:
18:46 matthew [Mon Nov 14 15:05:23 2005] [error] [client] Q : select distinct m1.bibid from biblio,biblioitems,marc_biblio,marc_subfield_table as m1 where biblio.biblionumber=marc_biblio.biblionumber and biblio.biblionumber=biblioitems.biblionumber and m1.bibid=marc_biblio.bibid and (m1.subfieldvalue like '0395193958%' and concat(m1.tag,m1.subfieldcode) in ('020a')) order by biblio.title ASC at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/SearchMarc
18:47 matthew .pm line 290., referer: http://stam.library.admin/cgi-[…]imple/
18:48 chris yep, thats fine, thats just a debug message, is there a another log in there?
18:49 chris with z9350 in the name of it somewhere?
18:49 chris and does the ps aux show it running?
18:49 matthew I put everything in the default places. In /usr/local/koha/log there are koha-access_log  koha-error_log  opac-access_log  opac-error_log
18:49 matthew do I just type "ps aux" in the command line?
18:50 chris type ps aux|grep z3950
18:50 chris at the commandline
18:51 matthew thanks. Here's the result: ps aux|grep z3950
18:51 matthew root     15017  0.0  0.1   3208   864 pts/2    S+   15:50   0:00 grep z3950
18:51 chris ahh nope its not running
18:51 matthew how to I get it running?
18:51 chris in /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts
18:52 chris there should be a dir z350daemon
18:52 chris and in there
18:52 chris a script called
18:52 matthew I see the file
18:52 chris if you run that script as a user that has permissions to read /etc/koha.conf
18:53 chris it should start the daemon up
18:53 chris eg ./
18:53 matthew okay. Thanks. root or sudo should have those permissions, right?
18:53 chris yeah, sudo should be fine
18:55 matthew okay. I believe it is running. I'll go back to the Koha: intranet: catalog and see if I can search.
18:55 matthew All I have to do is put the isbn in the isbn field and click search Z39.50, right?
18:57 matthew It keeps refreshing saying "Still 1 requests to go", which is better because I don't think that it said that before.
18:57 matthew I have three z39.50 servers listed under perimeters, but I don't know if they are the right ones.
18:58 matthew I have to sign out. I thank you very much for your help. I will be back.
19:05 Rissa so that is the box that says norton ghost 2003? ghost basic?
19:11 chris wrong channel rissa :)
20:03 matthew hello.
20:03 chris hi
20:03 matthew Thanks for your help earlier.
20:03 chris did it work?
20:04 matthew the z3950 process seems to be working fine, but I'm not sure if I have the servers set up in Koha parameters
20:04 matthew I have three servers listed, but when I search for an isbn, I get nothing
20:05 matthew any suggestions
20:06 chris sorry not really, i havent worked on the z3950 stuff, so i only know whats its supposed to do, but not how its trying to do it
20:07 matthew okay. I think that i'm just looking for the correct servers to be searched. Library of congress doesn't seem to work because it is USMarc, which Koha doesn't seem to be able to read. If I'm not mistaken
20:08 chris no it can USMarc is MARC21 ... koha can handle that, LOC returns z3950 results not quite up to the standard, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt
20:09 matthew Okay, thanks that helps alot. Most z3650 servers are USMarc.
20:09 matthew Is there another server that is fairly inclusive that might be better to use that LOC?
20:10 chris i dont know for the US sorry
20:10 chris the national library in nz server works for nz books :-)
20:10 chris ive heard mention of hte national library in canada being good
20:11 matthew thanks. I'll try to look that up.
20:11 matthew Actually, I just got it to work!!!!
20:11 matthew I changed a setting based on the info you gave me saying that USMac is Marc21
20:11 matthew Now LOC works and I am very happy!
20:12 chris :-)
20:12 matthew You've made my day!
20:13 matthew Thanks for your time and your help. I'll be signing off now.
20:23 Dan hey guys, may i ask a question?
20:23 chris sur
20:23 chris e
20:23 Dan what would stop my koha install being viewable via a browser on a machine that WASNT the koha machine.  
20:24 chris hmmm
20:24 chris lots of things potentially
20:24 Dan there is no firewall installed
20:24 chris how do you view it on your machine?
20:24 chris ie what url do you use?
20:24 Dan on the machine its installed on, in a browser, i use http://machinename:8000
20:25 Dan im currently reinstalling, cos i barfed something on the original install, and im at this point:
20:25 Dan Please provide the mysql server name. Unless the database is stored on
20:25 Dan another machine, this should be "localhost".
20:25 chris and from another machine what do you use?
20:25 Dan should i indeed use localhost, or put the actual machine name in there?
20:25 chris use localhost
20:25 Dan from another machine i use the same url, but it goes to the apache default "start" page
20:25 Dan it doesnt seem to see the virtual host
20:26 chris right, what do you have in your koha-httpd.conf file?
20:26 chris <VirtualHost machinename:8000>
20:26 Dan its stock standard, except i uncommented the 2 Listen lines
20:26 chris ServerName machinename
20:27 chris well, its different with every koha install, as it uses what you typed in during install
20:28 Dan ok, im just at the marc field definitions part, ill keep going with this install, and check out this one pans out..
20:28 Dan ill probably be in a better position to give more information once its installed, i was going off what i had prior to the format :p
20:33 Dan ok, the 2 urls and ports i have are:   and
20:33 Dan just about to do this:  NOTE: You need to add lines to your main httpd.conf to include
20:33 Dan /etc/koha-httpd.conf and to make sure it is listening on the right ports
20:33 Dan (using the Listen directive). Then, restart Apache.
20:34 chris ok,can you paste me the line from your koha-httpd.conf
20:34 Dan sure, which line?
20:34 chris looks like <VirtualHost>
20:34 chris and then there should be one
20:35 chris ServerName something
20:35 chris those 2 please
20:35 Dan <VirtualHost>
20:35 Dan ServerName
20:35 Dan theres 2 virtual hosts, one for port 8000, and one for port 8080
20:35 chris yep, either or both will do
20:36 Dan yep, thats them, pasted above ^^ :)
20:36 chris umm no
20:36 chris the line that starts with
20:36 chris Servername
20:36 chris can you paste that line in please?
20:37 Dan ServerName    <--- that one?
20:37 chris cool
20:37 chris and resolves for you right?
20:38 Dan k, lemme just move the /etc/koha-httpd.conf file into the include directory specified in my main httpd.conf file
20:38 Dan yes
20:38 Dan going to http;// brings up the apache default page
20:38 chris got an internal dns?
20:38 Dan yes
20:39 chris what does going to http;// bring up
20:40 Dan before or after i set up the koha-httpd.conf file as an include for the main httpd.conf file?
20:40 Dan before, i get connection refused
20:40 chris after
20:40 Dan just about to restart apache now..
20:40 Dan ive also uncommented the two Listen lines again
20:42 Dan restarting apache failed.. i need to do the chcon <context> /usr/local/koha/<subdirectory>  stuff, one sec
20:44 Dan chcon system_u:object_r:httpd_sys_content_t /usr/local/koha/intranet/   <--- correct? :)
20:44 Dan done for intranet, log and opac
20:45 Dan ok, apache has started
20:45 Dan going to that url you suggested, flashed up  "Welcome to Koha" for a second, then goes to an internal server error
20:46 Dan the url, where i see the error page, is[…]koha/
20:46 chris right
20:47 Dan in the error log, koha-error_log, i get:
20:47 chris what does /usr/local/koha/log/opac-error_log saw
20:47 Dan [Mon Nov 14 23:44:52 2005] [error] [client] (13)Permission denied: exec of '/usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/' failed
20:47 Dan [Mon Nov 14 23:44:52 2005] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:
20:47 Dan oh, ill check opac-error_log
20:47 Dan same thing
20:47 Dan also has this;
20:47 Dan [Mon Nov 14 23:45:13 2005] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/local/koha/opac/htdocs/favicon.ico
20:47 chris right looks like your permissions are wrong
20:47 Dan i installed koha as root user, would that be part of the problem?
20:48 chris could be
20:48 Dan can i change permissions on certain files now, to fix it?
20:48 chris what are the permissions of the files in /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin ?
20:48 chris yeah should be able to
20:49 Dan -rwxr-xr-x  1 apache apache
20:49 Dan permissions on all files in the directory you requested
20:49 chris and does you webserver run as apache?
20:49 Dan i would love to know how to find out...
20:49 chris in the conf
20:49 Dan ok, one sec
20:49 chris the main httpd.conf or apache.conf (whatever its named)
20:49 chris there is a bit that says
20:50 chris User www-data
20:50 chris or in your case
20:50 chris hopefully
20:50 Dan User apache
20:50 Dan Group apache
20:50 chris User apache
20:50 chris right
20:50 Dan yep, does indeed
20:50 chris what happens if you run that script from the commandline
20:51 chris eg /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/
20:51 Dan the one its complaining about in the log file?  one sec
20:51 Dan long string of error, last line says:
20:51 Dan BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/ line 7
20:52 Dan line 7 of that script is;     use C4::Auth;       # get_template_and_user
20:52 chris right
20:53 chris thats cool its not grizzling about permissions, just that it cant find the modules
20:53 Dan interesting.. during the install where it checked for modules, it said it found them all :)
20:53 chris no the koha modules
20:53 chris not the 3rd party ones
20:53 chris if you do
20:53 Dan oh i see
20:54 chris perl -I /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/
20:54 chris that tells it where to find the modules
20:54 chris then it should grizzle it doesnt have permission to read /etc/koha.conf
20:54 chris as it should
20:55 chris so for some reason, its executable from the command line, but apache doesnt think it has permissions
20:55 Dan when i ran that command, it "catted" a html looking page
20:55 chris cool
20:56 Dan which i guess is that script :)
20:56 chris apache isnt running suexec by any chance?
20:56 Dan (running as it should)
20:56 Dan hehe, how do you tell if its running suexec?
20:56 chris umm, id look in /var/log/apache
20:56 Dan i think i might recall seeing soemthing like that during the OS install
20:57 chris or where apache stores it logs by default
20:57 Dan [Mon Nov 14 23:44:41 2005] [notice] suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper: /usr/sbin/suexec)
20:57 chris there we go
20:57 Dan how do i kill that, httpd.conf? :)
20:57 chris in that directory is there a suexec_log ... or something like that?
20:57 chris why might not need to, we just need to find out what suexec doesnt like about it
20:58 Dan all i have in that dir is:    access_log  error_log  ssl_access_log  ssl_error_log  ssl_request_log
20:59 Dan terribly sorry about that...
21:00 Dan when i was alt tabbing, with finger on the q button to close a "less filename", i hit alt Q on irc... which quit..
21:00 chris no worries
21:00 Dan so, i need to track down this suexec log file
21:00 chris yep
21:01 chris would be worth just tailing the error_log to make sure its not logging there
21:01 chris oh is this apache 2 or apache 1.3 ?
21:02 Dan apache 2
21:02 chris for apache 1.3.x its usually called suexec.log
21:02 chris not sure where it logs for apache2
21:02 chris it must log somewhere .. well you would imagine so anyway :)
21:03 Dan id hope so.. ive done a locate for suexec, nothing..  theres nothing in the end of the error_log for http either
21:03 Dan lemme updatedb, and locate again
21:03 chris right
21:04 chris if we get stuck, what we can do is look in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled
21:04 chris and see if suexec.load is in there
21:04 chris and move it out if it is, and restart apache
21:04 Dan its in there, ill move it out, one sec
21:04 chris and then it shouldnt be using suexec anymore .. it should work with suexec tho, but suexec is picking about permissions (its what its designed to be)
21:05 chris so that seperate virtual hosts can run scripts as different users
21:05 Dan oh i see
21:05 Dan starting httpd has an error, which i expected.. i need to remove the load module for suexec from httpd.conf..
21:05 chris right
21:06 Dan right, its started, checking http://url:8000
21:06 Dan same thing, checking error log
21:07 Dan same thing in the log file
21:07 Dan [Tue Nov 15 00:06:36 2005] [error] [client] (13)Permission denied: exec of '/usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/' failed
21:07 Dan [Tue Nov 15 00:06:36 2005] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:
21:08 chris weird
21:09 Dan im going to take a short smoke break, ill be back in 5-10 mins... maybe you might have someone there you can ask while im gone? :)
21:09 chris theres gotta be something in the apache conf somewhere stopping it
21:09 Dan and i must thank you again Chris, for your assistance, i really appreciate the time
21:09 chris no worries
21:09 Dan ok, ill check it out when i get back.. maybe i need to allow the "/usr/local/koha/" as a directory in httpd.conf
21:09 Dan as an "executable" directory
21:10 Dan ill be back soon
21:23 Dan how about setting 777 permissions on the scripts that are failing, for a test?
21:26 chris ohh i found something
21:26 chris[…]ed:+exec+of&hl=en
21:27 Dan reading
21:27 chris is there anything in /var/log/messages
21:27 Dan sec, ill check
21:27 Dan as a side note, iw as thinking maybe i need to set a directory for /usr/local/koha/ like;
21:27 Dan <Directory />
21:27 Dan    Options FollowSymLinks
21:27 Dan    AllowOverride None
21:27 Dan </Directory>
21:27 Dan check /var/log/messages/
21:27 Dan check /var/log/messages
21:28 Dan Nov 15 00:06:36 beauford kernel: audit(1132013196.197:0): avc:  denied  { execute } for  pid=10716 exe=/usr/sbin/httpd dev=dm-0 ino=175
21:28 Dan 2274 scontext=root:system_r:httpd_t tcontext=root:object_r:usr_t tclass=file
21:28 Dan thats in /var/log/messages
21:28 chris ah ha
21:29 chris there we go
21:29 Dan youve found something?  im still reading the page you linked
21:29 chris well thats selinux blocking the script executing
21:29 chris so nothing we do in apache would fix that
21:29 Dan oh right
21:30 Dan any idea how to disable the policy? :)
21:30 chris umm nope
21:31 chris
21:32 Dan [root@beauford log]# rpm -qa | grep selinux
21:32 Dan libselinux-1.19.1-7
21:32 Dan selinux-policy-targeted-1.17.30-2.52.1
21:32 Dan libselinux-devel-1.19.1-7
21:32 chris i know pretty much nothing about selinux but i know who does
21:33 chris kados .. im not sure hes around today tho
21:34 chris you read this bit eh?
21:34 chris[…]ha_on_Fedora.html
21:34 chris[…]edora.html#d0e602 even
21:34 Dan this sounds like an OS issue, perhaps may be avoided by using FC2 instead
21:34 Dan sec, ill check the url out
21:34 chris ls -Z /var/www/
21:35 Dan yeah, i did the chcon stuff earlier
21:35 chris and then ls -Z /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin
21:35 Dan sec, ill recheck
21:35 chris are they the same?
21:36 Dan no, they are different... however, the top level directory, /usr/local/koha/opac has been set to the same as /var/www/
21:36 chris ahh
21:36 chris i think you might have to do it for all the directories
21:36 Dan alright, lemme have a go :)
21:36 chris try chcon for the cgi-bin one .. see if that makes it not error
21:38 Dan same thing.. i set the chcon for the directory, but not for the files in the directory...
21:38 Dan i wonder if there is a recursive type thing?
21:39 chris ud think so
21:39 chris -r maybe
21:39 Dan man chcon... brb :)
21:39 Dan -R... ill try that on the two cgi-bin dirs first
21:40 chris cool
21:40 Dan works!
21:40 chris sweet
21:41 chris now hopefully it can be seen from other machines :)
21:41 Dan even :8080 works
21:41 Dan yeah, it can, im looking at it from my machine
21:41 chris (metservice upgrading their koha?)
21:41 Dan well, we were using an older version
21:41 Dan which i recently upgrded to latest (with your help)
21:41 russ hi dan, small world - my wife is a forcaster up at metservice
21:41 Dan and this error started happen after the upgrad
21:41 chris yep i came in once to help set up the old version
21:42 Dan least now i know what caused the other version to break
21:42 Dan hi Russ, whats her name? :)
21:42 chris must have been 2 or 3 years ago
21:42 Dan chris: yeah, Peter kreft told me about that :)
21:42 russ Sarah
21:42 Dan and what we are doing now, is moving the koha install to a new machine
21:42 chris cool
21:42 Dan Sarah who? :)
21:42 chris glad to hear you guys are still finding it useful
21:42 Dan (which is why i asked you a week or so ago how to backup and restore a database)
21:43 chris right
21:43 Dan ah right, yeah, i play netball with her occasionally :)
21:43 russ do you play in the indoor cricket team?
21:44 Dan i used to... they stopped playing some time ago tho
21:44 Dan did you come along to one of the social games one time?
21:44 chris i played one game
21:44 russ yeah so did Chris
21:44 Dan oh cool, small world :p
21:44 russ heh
21:44 Dan i was probably there
21:44 chris we went to someone's house after for a bbq/dinner thing
21:44 Dan i played in one of those social games where i was bowling to Adrian and Chris from work here, and got 4 wickets in one over
21:44 Dan were you guys there for that one?
21:45 russ i think so
21:45 Dan haha
21:45 russ i think you bowled me a couple of times :-)
21:45 Dan yeah, that was me.. tall duder, dark hair
21:45 Dan oh, sorry bout that :)
21:45 chris heh
21:45 Dan wow, small world indeed.. crazy.. haha
21:45 russ :-)
21:45 chris russ's alter ego is the webmaster for the website .. we are both keen cricket fans
21:46 Dan oh my :)
21:47 Dan id assume you both enjoyed the ashes series this year then?
21:47 chris certainly more than the series in south africa :)
21:47 Dan hahah, yeah, /agreed
21:47 Dan you guys rugby fans too?
21:47 Dan how good are the all blacks?
21:47 Dan to have enough depth to have 2 compeltely seperate winning teams :p
21:48 chris ill let you know on sunday morning how good :)
21:48 Dan yeah, who is up next, england or scotland?
21:48 chris england
21:48 Dan heh, no sweat...
21:49 Dan how embarrasing for northern hemisphere rugby tho
21:49 Dan come down here with 50 players, lose, complain about playing too many games in a short period of time
21:49 chris heh yeah
21:49 Dan if we complete a grand slam, in 4 weeks
21:49 Dan they pretty much dont have anything to say
21:49 chris it'll only be england to worry about, scotland will be a breeze
21:50 chris and only englands forwards .. in fact only englands front row
21:50 Dan oh. oh... what about mr wilkinson and his game winning drop goals... /rollseyes
21:51 chris im not sure he will even play
21:51 chris hodgson played ok against aussie
21:51 Dan what, shoulder still sore from running into the tackle of Carter?
21:51 Dan :p
21:51 chris heh
21:52 Dan million dollar rugby player is just as soft as an amatuer one ;p
21:52 Dan hehe, i love how england hailed johnny as a game breaker
21:52 Dan and he pretty much got shut down..
21:52 Dan what, you dont think all blacks management know how good he is (was) ?
21:52 Dan :)
21:53 chris hehe yeah, you cant depend on 1 player
21:55 russ jonny is not playing this weekend
21:55 russ even though he is fit
21:56 Dan heh, yeah, true, save him for the teams england can actually beat... cough
21:56 russ :-)
21:57 Dan well, thanks alot for the help with this problem Chris, i wasnt aware (and the documentation doesnt state) that you have to apply the chcon command to the files inside the directories, only the directories themselves
21:57 Dan and i assume you guys werent either.. so perhaps all of us have learnt something today? :)
22:00 Dan I need to go do some other stuff, but if you wouldnt mind, ill just idle here till 4pm or so
22:00 Dan thanks again guys, awesome support
22:00 chris no worries
22:26 Dan-idle Another question.. heh.. trying to export database from old machine, and import to new... ill show commands i type, and the response
22:26 Dan-idle mysqldump --add-drop-table -ukohaadmin -p(password) Koha > 2005_15_11_koha.sql      <--- on old machine, works fine
22:27 Dan-idle ftpd file to new machine, using binary
22:27 Dan-idle mysql -uroot -p(password) Koha < 2005_15_11_koha.sql
22:27 Dan-idle (on new machine)
22:27 chris ahh dont do it as binary
22:27 Dan-idle ahhh
22:27 chris its just a text file
22:27 Dan-idle right, forget that, ill try again
22:31 Dan-idle does the database need to be dumped as root?
22:31 Dan-idle when trying to import (after transferring using ascii) i get;
22:31 Dan-idle ERROR 1062 (23000) at line 7022: Duplicate entry '7023' for key 1
22:31 chris ahhh
22:31 chris when you dump it
22:31 chris do
22:32 chris hang you did --add-drop-table eh?
22:32 Dan-idle yeah
22:32 Dan-idle commands i typed are just up a few lines ^^
22:33 Dan-idle subsequently when i try to do anything on the new machine and install of koha, it looks like the database is empty...
22:34 Dan-idle sorry, i know nothing about sql, is there anyway i can check the database on new server.. what do you type after you log in with mysql
22:34 chris if you got that error importing
22:34 chris it will have stopped
22:34 Dan-idle right, ok
22:34 chris so you will only have partial data
22:34 chris show tables
22:35 Dan-idle no database selected..
22:35 chris use Koha
22:35 chris then show tables;
22:35 Dan-idle :)
22:36 Dan-idle oh, has a bunch of tables there..
22:36 Dan-idle which when i do the same on the old machine, they look similar
22:37 chris right
22:37 chris you could grep "7023" your sql file
22:37 chris and find out if there are actually duplicate lines
22:39 Dan-idle dont know how to explain what i see :)
22:39 Dan-idle INSERT INTO additionalauthors VALUES ('NEW ZEALAND. OFFICIAL INFORMATION UNIT\r',7023);
22:39 Dan-idle INSERT INTO additionalauthors VALUES ('NEW ZEALAND. STATE SERVICES COMMISSION\r',7023);
22:39 Dan-idle INSERT INTO additionalauthors VALUES ('NEW ZEALAND. MINISTRY OF JUSTICE',7023);
22:39 Dan-idle INSERT INTO items VALUES (41454,7014,NULL,7023,'7012','2003-11-25',N​ULL,'Main',NULL,0.00,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NU​LL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,​NULL,'','Main',NULL,20031125100728,NULL);
22:39 Dan-idle INSERT INTO items VALUES (41463,7023,NULL,7032,'7021','2003-12-15',N​ULL,'Main',NULL,0.00,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NU​LL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,​NULL,'','Main',NULL,20031215092717,NULL);
22:39 Dan-idle INSERT INTO items VALUES (41465,7025,NULL,7034,'7023','2003-12-19',N​ULL,'Main',NULL,0.00,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NU​LL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,​NULL,'','Main',NULL,20031219113823,NULL);
22:40 chris those look ok
22:40 Dan-idle would the "binary transferred" database being there, before i imported the ascii transferred one, be a problem?
22:40 Dan-idle probably not, as the error occured both times when i imported
22:41 chris shouldnt be, cos the add-drop-table should make it drop all the tables
22:41 Dan-idle right
22:42 chris those 6 the only results of the grep?
22:42 Dan-idle there was more, but i dont wanna spam the channel
22:42 chris we are looking for ones
22:43 chris ahh lets try
22:43 chris grep "VALUES(7023"
22:43 Dan-idle [root@beauford tmp]# grep "VALUES(7023" 2005_15_11_koha.sql
22:43 Dan-idle [root@beauford tmp]#
22:44 chris damn
22:44 chris ok, i wonder what line 7022 of the file says
22:44 Dan-idle ill have a look :)
22:46 Dan-idle these are lines 7020-7023
22:46 Dan-idle INSERT INTO biblio VALUES (7020,'','Weather reporting = Messages meteorologiques (WMO no. 9): Volume C1: Catalogue of meteorological bulletins',NULL,'','0','WMO no. 9$
22:46 Dan-idle INSERT INTO biblio VALUES (7021,'30th Weather Squadron, U.S. Air Force','[ Climate of southeast asia ]',NULL,'','0','','1965',NULL,NULL);
22:46 Dan-idle INSERT INTO biblio VALUES (7023,'','Directory of official information',NULL,'','0','','1983',NULL,NULL);
22:46 Dan-idle INSERT INTO biblio VALUES (7024,'','University of Otago research highlights = He Kitenga',NULL,'','0','','',NULL,NULL);
22:46 chris right
22:46 chris if you jump into mysql
22:46 chris type
22:46 chris use Koha
22:46 chris then
22:47 chris select * from biblio where biblionumber=7023;
22:47 chris what do you get?
22:47 Dan-idle 7023 | Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute | Swedish  Meteorological and Hydrological Institute management report | NULL     |
22:47 chris ah ha
22:47 Dan-idle which is different from the one above, isnt it ;)
22:48 chris yep
22:48 chris so somehow we have 2 books with the same biblionumber
22:49 Dan-idle strange that one shows up when i grep, and a diff one shows up when im inside the database.. wheres the one that i grepped, when i run the database command?
22:49 Dan-idle heh
22:49 chris it doesnt get added
22:49 chris because mysql says, hey this has the same key, i cant add it
22:49 Dan-idle oh ok
22:50 chris what we can do is edit the file and renumber the 2nd one out of the way
22:50 chris pick some high number like 100000
22:50 Dan-idle sure, ok.. so edit the file, and change
22:50 Dan-idle INSERT INTO biblio VALUES (7023,'','Directory of official information',NULL,'','0','','1983',NULL,NULL);
22:50 Dan-idle the 7023 to 100000?
22:50 chris yep
22:51 Dan-idle ok
22:51 chris and then run the import again, and see how far we get
22:51 Dan-idle i dont need to move the line, in the file, to the bottom?  just change the number?
22:52 chris nope, just change the number is fine
22:53 Dan-idle imported with no errors
22:53 Dan-idle just did a search on the new machine for "NEW" and it returned results.. looking good!
22:53 Dan-idle looks like your work here is done Chris :)
22:54 chris sweet
22:54 Dan-idle you sir are a genius
22:55 Dan-idle well, you know your job... hehe
22:55 chris well scarily koha is only a small part of my job (paid job that is)
22:55 Dan-idle yeah, i admit, that is scary..
22:56 Dan-idle you must be a valuable resource to katipo :p
22:56 chris heh
22:56 Dan-idle alright, thanks again, gonna go semi afk again :)
22:56 Dan-idle I owe you lunch, i think
22:57 chris i might take you up on that, perhaps lunch at the test match next year
22:57 Dan-idle what, hotdog and chips? :)_
22:57 Dan-idle sure, sounds good :)
23:42 Dan-idle thanks again guys, have a great afternoon!
10:11 kados bbiab
10:11 paul hi kados
10:51 kados morning
10:51 kados or afternoon ... depending on context ;-)

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