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14:44 owen Hey shaun
14:46 shaun hi owen
16:10 russ hi shaun
16:11 shaun hi russ
16:11 shaun homepage:
16:11 shaun content page (faq used as sample):
16:14 russ cool
16:14 russ having a look now
16:16 russ shaum - i am just going to have a look on a windows machine
16:17 chris looks nice in my firefox
16:18 shaun much to my surprise, it renders just as well in IE6 - but i haven't had a chance to test in konqueror or safari
16:18 russ looks great in ie on rach's computer
16:18 shaun is rach looking?
16:18 genji hello russ! Rach, welcome back!
16:18 russ on my firefox the text is a little small, but i think i have something up with my default font sizes
16:18 chris you can check it in konqueror eh russ?
16:18 russ hi genji
16:19 genji russ: you were going to get me to do some Kea CMS plugging?
16:20 russ we are going to use mambo for the koha site, and i think we have it covered at the moment
16:20 russ we will need help with proofing
16:21 russ shaun - looks good in konqueror to me
16:21 genji ah. okay.
16:21 russ still small fonts on my puter, but i get that with a number of sites
16:21 chris linux can do weird things with fonts, theres often a trick to sorting that out
16:22 russ it is looking really good though shaun
16:22 russ great job
16:22 shaun thanks :-)
16:22 shaun is rach around to give an opinion?
16:23 shaun genji:, Ryan from liblime will be here, he's a mambo expert
16:23 russ i hear her coming
16:30 genji kados, you awake?
16:31 shaun russ: i still haven't had a real look at the third row on the homepage - have you started compiling case studies?
16:32 russ slowly getting that stuff together
16:32 russ rach and i are having a look now
16:32 russ there are a few things we have noticed
16:33 russ do you want them in irc now
16:33 shaun yes, please
16:33 russ compiled in a email, or in a new bugzilla component?
16:34 shaun i would say irc is the best (allows discussion)
16:34 russ
16:34 russ the blue box
16:34 russ[…]ha/feature-bg.png
16:34 russ is all one big image
16:34 russ which will make it hard to change the photo and the text
16:35 russ by text i mean the heading
16:35 russ koha v2.2
16:35 genji when your free rach, would like a chat.
16:36 genji ah. okay. can wait then.
16:37 shaun that's a point - although i had assumed that the maintainer of the homepage would have access to photoshop or similar, which it's all layered in
16:38 russ i dont think they will
16:38 russ is it possible to do them as layers on that image?
16:39 shaun what d'you mean? split it into the background, an <h2> and an <img>?
16:39 owen Sounds worth a try to me
16:39 russ yep
16:40 shaun ok, i'll have a go at that
16:41 shaun anything else for the homepage?
16:42 russ umm i still think the case study box is a little narrow
16:42 russ maybe if it was as wide as the image above it that would look better
16:44 russ on the content page shaun - looking at the navigation
16:44 russ
16:44 shaun yep
16:44 russ would the features section always be expanded? or is that just to show what the navigation would look like for a section with subpages?
16:45 shaun (btw i've fixed up the case study box on the hp)
16:45 russ yeah case study box look much better now
16:45 shaun always expanded, but if you would suggest otherwise i'm just as happy for that
16:46 russ well i just think that if we get more pages under some of the other sections
16:46 russ then the precedent has been set for all pages to be seen in the nav
16:46 russ i think it would be better
16:46 russ just to show the nav expanded for the section you are in
16:46 russ so if you are in features
16:47 russ you see the other pages
16:47 russ but if you are on faq
16:47 russ you just see the features link
16:47 shaun i'm not sure about how feasible that is with mambo
16:47 russ like with case studies, we would end up with quite a number of seperate pages in that section
16:48 russ hmm yeah - i was looking at that
16:48 russ would require lots of different navigation menus items or what ever they are called
16:48 russ must say that was one thing i though was a bit poor with it
16:49 russ it will be one of the first things i ask ryan :-)
16:51 shaun have you picked up anything else on the content page?
16:52 russ the breadcrumbs are in a position that i have seen used before
16:52 russ not that i think that is a bad thing
16:52 russ just thinking about it
16:53 shaun they seemed to get in the way on the left
16:54 russ yeah good point
16:54 russ they can detract from the page heading sometimes which is not good
16:55 russ i think the major one is the image on the homepage
16:56 russ otherwise it is looking all good
16:56 russ i get no errors or warnings from my firefox HTML Validator plugin
16:56 russ so that is all good
16:57 shaun hehe, i've been there ;-)
16:58 russ yeah i can see
16:58 russ the content page looks great in lynx
17:00 shaun not often you can say that about any page in lynx :p
17:00 russ :-)
17:00 russ sorry shaun i have to go
17:00 russ wee problem on another site that needs my attention
17:01 shaun ok, thanks for coming
17:01 russ i'll catch you tomorrow for the mambo discussion
17:04 genji hrm... says thursday on my timeanddate thing....
17:04 genji when is this mambo discussion, russ?
17:04 shaun thursday for me as well - where abouts are you, genji?
17:05 genji New Zealand.
17:05 russ
17:05 genji its tuesday today..
17:05 russ ah right
17:05 genji its on at thursday 11am, russ?
17:06 genji that isn't tomorrow...
17:06 russ kiwi time - yep
17:06 russ so thursday - sorry my mistake
17:06 shaun so it's 49 hours' time (decimals, they make my brain work numerically)
17:06 genji k.
17:09 genji hmm.... why Mambo over Kea? hrm... ill wait till thursday.
17:12 shaun genji: the original plan was to use opencms - to quote rach:
17:12 shaun ok - we don't have anything particularly against mambo, I'm sure it's a fine piece of software, but we've identified open CMS as a good candidate for doing large info websites - which is something we're into, and wanting to find a good product for
17:13 shaun so what we want to *get* out of this project other than a fab new koha site is something we can do a proper test of open cms with
17:14 shaun then to quote russ: "We are going with Mambo for - openCMS is too steep a learning curve."
17:14 genji ahh.. okay.
20:30 genji available, rach?
20:57 russ sorry genji - she is in a meeting most of this afternoon
20:58 genji hrm.. she said she'd be free... oh well. k.. ill wait.
21:20 jo hey Simon
21:23 genji hello jo.
21:24 jo hi Beth here Jo will be back down in two minutes
21:24 genji eh, prehaps its better to say, hello levin, then.
21:24 jo and I'm picking your not Simon
21:25 genji nope.
21:25 russ hi beth
21:25 russ i think you are after #hlt
21:25 jo yep
21:25 genji heheh.
21:25 genji they always venture this way. hmm.
00:22 rach sorry genji - i'll be around with more time tommorrow i think
00:23 genji oh. okay. don't have time now eh?
00:23 rach no just got in, am eating pie, then dog class at 6pm
00:23 genji mmmm.. pie.....
00:23 genji okay, tomorrow then.
02:38 osmoze hello
02:38 paul hello aussi
02:40 genji hello paul. hey, you a programmer right?
02:41 genji read kados idea of borrower categories inherited permissions?
02:45 hdl hello
02:47 genji paul? you there?
02:48 paul (on phone)
04:56 paul genji, to answer( late) your question :
04:56 paul we spoke of this & Koha DB scheme is not at all organized to do such things.
04:56 paul so, we think we can't do it yet.
06:14 genji paul, still here?
06:41 paul genji : i'm here (back from lunch)
06:41 genji heu
06:42 genji k. umm. whats wrong with the idea of borrower category inherit?
06:43 paul nothing.
06:43 paul it's just that it seems to be a too big stuff
06:43 genji ahh.
06:43 paul maybe in the future the idea could come back
06:44 genji well.. i think we have the permissions inheriting just for the initial borrower creation?
06:45 paul depends on what you mean here
06:45 genji or prehaps we create a second field called parent.. where a 1 signifies that  the flag is set to inherit, and follows the borrower's changes?
06:45 paul what we have is : a set of default permissions activated when user is created
06:46 paul & i'm not sure it's really useful
06:46 genji right. well.. the next step is to have borrower categories with a flag field.
06:46 paul (ie : not sure it's used by anyone, as opac access is unchecked)
06:47 genji and set that flag field to the desired flags for the category.
06:47 genji and upon borrower creation, the flags get copied to the borrower.
06:47 genji and thats it.
06:47 genji what do you think?
06:47 genji useful?
06:48 paul which flag could be set ?
06:48 paul (give me an example)
06:49 genji all that appear in borrowers - modify flags.
06:50 paul yes, but pratically, all those flags are related to librarian stuff
06:50 paul & borrower types are usually used for patrons
06:50 paul (with only 1 category for librarian)
06:51 paul at least, that's how it works for most of my libraries
06:51 genji right, but big library, with varying degrees of responsibility, would need more than 1 librarian category.
06:51 paul OK, I agree
06:52 paul so it could be useful
06:52 genji -nods- a straight initial copy would be useful?
06:53 paul yes : having default flags attached to borrower category.
06:53 genji this would be a easy code, i imagine.
06:54 paul every newly created patron having the default flag of it's category.
06:54 paul requires a new tables, but quite easy otherwise.
06:54 paul (table, without s)
06:54 genji -nods- new table? nah, just a new flag.
06:54 genji err
06:54 genji new field.
06:54 paul mmm... right
06:55 genji int(11), using the borrower's flags template, modified abit.
06:55 paul right.
06:56 paul flag list coming from a table.
06:56 genji eh, ya, wherever the flag list comes from currently.
06:57 genji okay, working on it now.
06:59 genji what did you think of my borrowerimages addition?
07:02 paul i haven't investigated what it does yet.
07:03 paul (70 commits on rel_2_2 and 120 on head to look at)
07:03 paul (doing this atm)
07:04 genji k. what it does, is allows the librarian (one with add/modify borrowers) to upload a picture (currently jpg only) to koha, and it displays in modify users and circulations when the card is scanned in.
07:04 paul great !
07:05 genji Ya. hmm.. wasn't my idea though.
07:05 paul (except it was already in argentina code, but i'm afraid we've failed to include it into official code...)
07:05 genji Ya. someone said it was in the argentina code.
07:05 genji afterwards.
07:06 genji still, it was a good exercise
07:07 genji eh, poor guy. Steve Tonnesen did the on 26 july, 2002. His birthday.
07:08 paul you know steve birthday ?
07:08 genji # script to edit a member's flags
07:08 genji # Written by Steve Tonnesen
07:08 genji # July 26, 2002 (my birthday!)
07:08 paul ;-)
07:10 Sylvain hi
07:10 paul hello sylvain
07:10 genji course, the memberflag pl having $issues in it is abit wierd.
07:22 genji whats the difference between the $flags and the $accessflagshash returned from getpatroninformation?
07:34 genji okay, my mind has just turned into swiss cheese. back in 8 hours.
07:34 genji sleep becomeith.
09:42 hdl hi owen
09:42 owen Hi hdl
09:42 owen What's new?
09:43 hdl Working on a migration.
09:43 hdl Paul is back and has quite good news.
09:44 owen He got a couple of invitations, didn't he?
09:44 paul right ;-)
09:44 paul hi owen
09:44 owen Hi paul
09:44 kados hi everyone
09:46 paul kados & joshua : i spoke with Ineo chairwoman today.
09:46 kados paul: great ... what's the latest?
09:46 paul they have selected 2 candidates to hire to work on Koha at full time
09:46 kados paul: great!
09:47 paul 1 is OSS & library skillfull, & is OSS & Perl skillfull
09:47 paul (the other one is...)
09:50 owen paul, any more information about whether they'll be committing back to CVS?
09:50 paul Ineo ?
09:50 owen Yes
09:50 paul he'll 1st work on SUDOC bulkmarcimport
09:50 paul + i suggested they should candidate as QA manager
09:51 paul + a list of other features still to define.
09:51 paul if you have suggestions, feel free to send them, i'll meet them next week

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