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19:42 shaun russ: i can't stay, but can you try to be around at about 9:00 AM your time tomorrow please? i have html and css all ready to rock
01:37 thd- russ: Do you have a tentative stylesheet for website submissions?
02:33 paul_away tada... paul, le retour...
02:34 hdl_away bonjour paul.
02:46 thd- welcome back paul
02:46 thd- good morning hdl
02:46 paul (on phone)
02:47 hdl hi thd.
02:48 thd- hdl: I have noticed an issue for unicode Koha.
02:48 Sylvain hi
02:48 hdl hi sylvain.
02:49 hdl thd- wihch one ?
02:49 thd- hello Sylvain
02:50 thd- hdl: MS Windows users cannot type in UTF-8 for the Koha editor, only UTF-7 or UTF-16 if using unicode under Windows.
02:54 hdl owen spoke about this issue for OPAC.
02:55 hdl I don't think that it should be a real issue if server and librarian are on a Linux Box, with firefox, which is the advised conf.
02:55 thd- hdl: This seems also to be an issue for the intranet as far as the record editor is concerned.
02:56 thd- hdl: If the librarian is on a linux box with a UTF-8 local setting there is no problem.
02:57 hdl If librarians must work under Windows,  sure.
02:57 thd- hdl: However, cataloguers would be prevented form using Windows boxes with Firefox.
02:57 hdl But they can be advised to work on a "FREE" System, since when they ask for KOHA they also ask for advice.
02:58 thd- hdl: They may not always be happy to change their OS just to use Koha.
02:59 hdl If they already have an OS...
02:59 hdl But they can be haooy to change computers :P
02:59 hdl Then Charset Encoding could/should be checked BEFORE processing the modify/save...
03:00 thd- hdl: One of the great advantages of Koha is that the server can be remote so as long as the librarians have at least a Mozilla browser installed.
03:00 hdl But that is for version 3.0
03:01 hdl As far as current version is concerned, it is not FULL UTF-8... :)
03:01 thd- hdl: Version 3.0 for you, version 2.2.X for a solution that I am working on.
03:02 hdl Have you given a try to Turkish Hack ?
03:03 thd- hdl: Has the Turkish hack posted anything other than some Turkish character set mappings?
03:03 hdl They spoke about their experience with UTF-8 on koha-devel.
03:04 hdl So I think it is quite general.
03:04 thd- hdl: Exactly, but they have not yet posted code changes.
03:05 hdl No.... But they can be asked. ;)
03:06 hdl You can also look HTTP header to know wich cher set is used on the page or which OS the code comes from... And use
03:06 hdl a type a transcoding code.
03:07 hdl using Encode PERL package.
03:11 thd- hdl: I spoke with ambrose on #koha a week ago about problems that he was having with a user for whom he had converted Koha to UTF-8.
03:13 thd- hdl: ambrose had not determined whether the problems were client configuration related or Koha related.
03:18 thd- hdl: ambrose had written originally, but had not determined what the problem was in this case.  
03:21 thd- shaun: Do you have a tentative CSS that I can use for aiding the writing of content for
03:23 shaun thd-: good point, I was going to talk to you about that - I was planning on doing it the other way round;where the css is applied to the content rather than tthe content being placed into the full site
03:26 shaun i have a rough template for the faq section and can send you everything inside the content frame, but the css won't be available until i've checked it with russ (9PM GMT today)
03:28 shaun as for features: how are you doing with those pages? i would be happy to work alongside you and any other writers to make the inside page look good within my design
03:30 thd- shaun: I a had originally hoped that kados had already partly written the features in another form for his submission to the forthcoming Computers in Libraries issue on the ILS.
03:35 thd- shaun: Unfortunately, the questionnaire that kados had answered was much less featurefull than I had hoped.  So I am writing my own feature outline.
03:37 thd- shaun: I am not at home for another day or so.  When I return. I will have access to my own computer.  Poor connectivity does not allow me remote access.
03:49 thd- hdl: I try to find the email address for ambrose, yet Sourceforge keeps timing out :(
08:14 Sylvain does someone know if it's possible to send a mail when a book that's been reserved is free ?
08:14 paul (but not sure)
08:15 paul hello anyway, i'm back on my computer.
08:15 Sylvain ah, paul, je t'avais pas vu, bonnes vacances ?
08:15 paul 15 days without any web access. Nice time
08:15 paul (really ;-) )
08:24 kados hi paul
08:24 kados welcome back!
08:24 paul hi joshua
08:24 paul thanks
08:25 paul during my holidays : trip confirmed to burkina faso + a new invitation to madagascar...
08:25 kados really?
08:25 paul really what ? the move ? no
08:25 kados ah h:-)
08:26 paul the invitation to madagascar yes
09:44 paul hi owen. Happy to be back
09:44 owen Hi paul
09:46 osmoze bonsoir Paul, alors ca y est, c est reparti ;)
09:48 paul vivi
09:55 kados morning tim
10:02 tim g'morning kados

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