IRC log for #koha, 2005-09-01

All times shown according to UTC.

Time S Nick Message
15:33 genji_ okay. im alive. Rach, you up yet?
17:18 genji_ Why would one use the function, add to shelf from biblio?
17:55 genji_ hi rach? ya busy?
18:35 genji_ Weeee. discovered a flaw in the current flag system of borrowers. doesn't check the flags that are already set for the borrower.
18:48 genji_ course, doesn't help that internet explorer is caching my pages.
18:48 genji_ gah.
20:05 genji_ hey rach, you busy?
21:53 genji_ okay. gone for 1 hour for a shower.
22:49 genji k. that was wierd.
22:50 genji hey rach, you in?
00:56 rach and now off to start dinner
01:33 osmoze hello
02:39 genji rach, you in?
03:09 genji out again. back in an hour and abit.
04:59 GenjiAway back
05:10 genji no way... im an op now?
05:10 genji wooo...
05:11 genji hiya kados
05:12 genji Wow.. i am an op.... hmm...

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