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12:02 indradg hi owen how goes?
12:02 owen Pretty good, you?
12:03 indradg getting along... plenty of travelling... but things are looking up
12:04 indradg distributed abt 100 LiveCD... terrific demand :)
12:04 indradg had some people here asking if we cud create .deb files for Koha
12:07 kados indradg: we could
12:07 kados indradg: but noone has stepped forward and done so
12:07 kados indradg: if someone was willing they could get a shiny official title ;-)
12:08 kados indradg: Package Manager for Koha ;-)
12:08 kados indradg: but then you've already got one of those ;-)
12:08 indradg hmm... my team does have a debian package maintainer (for Indian Language packs)... we cud spin the debs
12:09 indradg kados, heh
12:10 indradg right now we are a little busy specing a cluster-able appliance server product :)
12:11 kados indradg: understood
14:15 owen Does anyone else have a problem with saving duplicate subfield entries?
14:15 owen I thought it was just my template (NPL), but now it's doing it with the default template too.
14:16 owen I don't know if it's just our system, or if it's a real bug
14:17 owen I've spent all day tearing apart the template trying to find out where I'm going wrong, and I haven't come up with anything.
14:19 owen It's a nasty bug, because if you end up with two subfield 'a's, you can't just delete one, because all Koha knows to do is delete anything with that tag number and that subfield code
14:34 kados owen: this is on our production machine?
14:35 kados owen: or rel_2_2 in CVS?
14:35 owen I know it's happening on 101 (rel_2_2)
14:35 owen But it didn't used to happen in the default template, so I'm not sure what's going on there.
14:35 kados strange
00:11 Icez hmm
00:12 chris hi
00:12 Icez hi
00:12 Icez do u no how i can make my pc txt my cell phone
00:13 chris in koha?
00:14 Icez ya
00:14 chris not easily
00:14 chris you will need to have a modem for the machine
00:15 Icez ahh l
00:15 Icez k
00:15 Icez i like Unrealircd
00:16 Icez i use that on ma network
00:16 Icez running off ma dedicated server
00:16 chris i dont think anyone has done it yet in nz, because its gets expensive (sms overdues etc)
00:17 chris so you have koha installed?
00:17 Icez no
00:17 Icez also why is the network name undernet
00:17 chris we never bothered to change it
00:18 chris so are you thinking about installing koha?
00:18 Icez what is koda
00:18 Icez koha
00:18 chris #koha is for talking about koha
00:19 chris heh
00:20 chris some lost kid is my bet :)
00:38 rach yes
04:07 Icez hi
04:14 Icez hi
05:36 kados heh
05:49 chris it must be either very early or very late for you kados
09:58 owen When you're creating a new framework, and you're offered the choice of which other framework to base it on, it would be great if you could also choose 'use only used tags/subfields'
09:58 owen Does that make sense?
09:59 hdl indeed, ppl goes there to edit a new frwk.
10:00 hdl select, new fields, new subfields...
10:00 hdl If you hide them, right from the start, I think you miss the point. Am I right ?
10:01 owen The problem is, there's no efficient way to delete unused subfields from a framework
10:01 hdl Or you would have to suppose that default frwk would be set to include EVERY Frwk that you would like to create, whichseems to be currently the case. :/
10:02 owen For instance: our default framework has a lot of unused tags
10:03 owen It's like a "super-framework" with most of the options we might use
10:03 owen The frameworks we'd like to create are sub-sets of that framework
10:03 owen So it's more a matter of deleting unused ones than adding new ones
10:03 hdl Oh yes. Now I got the point.
10:04 hdl Might be a good thing.
10:04 owen The other idea I had was to present the user with a list of tags to include in the new framework, and they could put a check next to the tags they wanted
10:19 hdl first one is better to my mind. Supposing Default Framework would gather all the information needed in the other ones.
11:56 thd owen: What is wrong with hiding the unused fields from the user?  If the user deletes the wrong field, he has an incomplete MARC record that may be missing a required field as the default Koha frameworks are already, with the missing required fixed fields.  If required fields are missing, then the records are not good for exchanging with other institutions.  If the user is copy cataloguing, he can have the benefit of required fields for valid
11:56 thd records without having to see them if he does not care.
11:59 owen Hiding is fine... but Koha doesn't do that.  Koha *does* offer frameworks, so that's the approach I'm following.
11:59 owen Why have a framework if you're not going to customize it for your particular task?

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