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12:56 tim Idunno if this has been mentioned, but the MARC edit page doesn't seem to work in the NPL template.
12:57 owen In the latest version?  What's not working right?
12:57 tim IE6 is displaying the form to the right running off the edge of the screen, but you can do a horizontal scroll to get to it.
12:58 tim version 2.2.3
12:58 tim Firefox is only displaying the first page.
12:58 tim Clicking on the tabs doesn't do anything.
12:59 tim Firefox is version 1.0.4
12:59 tim Both are running on WinXP
13:05 owen I see the IE6 problem you describe, but I'm not having any problems with Firefox
13:06 owen Is Javascript turned on?
13:12 tim Yes.  It's turned on.
13:12 owen Do you have a similar problem with the default template in Firefox?
13:18 tim No.  It works fine with the default template.
13:23 tim I just checked with Firefox on a Debian based distro and it worked fine.
13:23 tim It works fine in Kohqueror too, but the default template is a mess.
13:27 thd kados: I just sent you an email message.
13:28 owen tim, I'm not sure how to go about diagnosing your problem, unless it's giving some kind of Javascript error or something.
13:30 tim It's not giving me any errors.
14:29 kados wow 648 of 680 votes on the software patenting issue in the European Parliament
14:29 kados that's really close
14:29 kados not that anyone pays attention to patents anyway ;-)
15:00 thd the pro patent lobby is better financed and they will keep coming back again and again.
15:01 thd free ice-cream was not enough to change the outcome this time,  :)
16:09 tim owen: I don't get any errors, but when I turned on warnings I got five on addbiblio
16:10 tim It worked fin on another computer running Win98se
16:36 kados hey rach
18:12 jo Hi Chris
01:04 Genji hiya all. new feature im implementing tonight. Physical Shelves. Okay, heres the concept. A book is on a physical shelf. You tell a physicalshelf page, that this book barcode is on this shelf number... or shelf barcode. The end result for the opac user? This.
01:04 Genji[…]
09:51 hdl hi Owen.
09:51 hdl Thx for your email.
09:51 owen Hi hdl
09:51 hdl It was deadcode.
09:51 hdl I removed it from CVS and 22 version.
09:52 owen Great.  I had a feeling it was okay to delete, but I wanted to check with you first
09:53 hdl thx for asking anyway.
10:05 thd Genji: are you present?
10:06 owen By the way, hdl, I really like that feature, showing only the used tags & subfields.
10:07 hdl so do I.... Much easier to set tags end subfields ;)
11:43 owen Hi indradg

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