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13:10 Ryanbisd what kind of marc records does follett use?
13:21 Ryanbisd or, if Im going to import them, do I choose a Marc record type during the initial install?
13:22 kados Ryanbisd: probably USMARC (aka MARC21 aka iso2709)
13:22 kados probably not UNIMARC
13:22 kados which is mainly used in France
13:26 Ryanbisd man, everything is @ss backwards here... I dont even know where the marc records are stored for the campusus..
13:26 kados heh
13:26 kados there's probably a sabatoged marc export utility somewhere
13:26 kados and you'll need to pay follett a few thousand dollars to remove one garbage line somewhere that cripples the utility
13:27 kados :-)
13:30 Ryanbisd haha... really?
13:31 thd kados: you should have the email now
13:32 Ryanbisd where did you send it/
13:32 kados thd: thanks!
13:33 kados Ryanbisd: ?
13:33 Ryanbisd nevermind...
13:33 thd kados: good luck
13:33 Ryanbisd im being retarded
13:34 kados thd: thanks :-)
14:23 Ryanbisd how do i get to the admin part of koha?
14:28 shaun Parameters in the intranet? or am i thinking of a different admin?
14:30 Ryanbisd yes..
14:30 Ryanbisd to edit koha...
14:30 Ryanbisd or, is that all command line?
14:31 shaun what do you mean, to edit koha?
14:31 Ryanbisd to change the different options and such.
14:32 Ryanbisd is there not just a general Koha Admin screen or anything?
14:32 kados Ryanbisd: yes
14:32 kados Ryanbisd: go to the intranet
14:32 Ryanbisd there
14:32 kados Ryanbisd: you'll see the admin link
14:32 Ryanbisd dont see it..
14:33 Ryanbisd I see the librian screen
14:33 shaun Preferences? Koha Administration? Parameters? Settings? that's what they are in the templates
14:35 Ryanbisd Im not in the right place.
14:35 owen Are you in the OPAC right now?
14:36 Ryanbisd no.
14:36 kados Ryanbisd: using default templates?
14:36 Ryanbisd yeah
14:36 Ryanbisd is the opac the studens side?
14:36 Ryanbisd or, the users side?
14:36 Ryanbisd ok.. wait..
14:36 owen OPAC is the public side
14:36 Ryanbisd I am at the opac-main
14:37 owen intranet is the librarian's side
14:37 owen You're looking for something like http://your-koha-installation:[…]/koha/
14:42 Ryanbisd im there
14:43 owen You want the Parameters link
14:43 Ryanbisd sure.
14:43 slef ping
14:43 Ryanbisd BTW... you I wanna thank you guys in advance for helpin me out.. im pretty rough around the edges
14:43 Ryanbisd I am at the login screen
14:44 slef town
14:45 owen Ryanbisd: log in ;)
14:46 Ryanbisd alright....
14:46 Ryanbisd I suspose I have to create a login
14:48 owen Should have happened during the install process, I think
14:51 shaun you can find the un/pw to use in /etc/koha.conf
15:09 owen Any luck, Ryanbisd?
15:10 Ryanbisd yup...
15:10 Ryanbisd Now, I just have to find out where are current marc records, and barcodes are located
15:10 Ryanbisd which no one seems to know
15:12 owen kados wasn't kidding when he said Follett may charge you to get them out
15:39 Ryanbisd what aboiut if I get them out with marc magician?
15:39 Ryanbisd or, have them generated with Marc Magician
15:40 Ryanbisd the librarian said she can export them with that program
15:44 Ryanbisd hello?
15:45 shaun if you can get marc data out, koha will be able to import it with a bulkmarcimport
15:46 Ryanbisd awesome...
15:46 Ryanbisd an that has the barcode included...
15:46 shaun that's a script, which gets all your marc data from a file and imports it - assuming the data is in one of the two marc formats koha supports
15:46 Ryanbisd marc32
15:47 Ryanbisd barcode included?
15:48 shaun marc32 - are you sure? i have googled a bit for that but can't find it - sure it's not MARC21 as kados suggested earlier?
15:48 Ryanbisd thats what I meant
15:48 Ryanbisd Im just brain fried today...
15:48 Ryanbisd sorry
15:50 owen Ryanbisd, barcode may not be included with MARC records, because barcodes are often classified as item information
15:50 shaun anybody else around who can help with that? i'm not sure about how koha manages barcodes in bulkmarcimport
15:53 Ryanbisd the librarian was saying that they were done by follett....
15:53 Ryanbisd but when she exports it thru marc magician, it still has it.
15:55 Ryanbisd as soon as she sends me some marc records, I can let you guys look at them
15:56 Ryanbisd another question I have... which really is more important later, is... how do I seperate each school..... so when a book is looked up, it says what school has what
15:56 owen You have to set up branches in Parameters
15:56 shaun branches - one of koha's specialities
15:57 Ryanbisd will I have to do that with each individual book?
15:57 owen You'll have to map the branch information in your current database to the branches you set up in Koha
16:04 Ryanbisd each branch is its own seperate entity
16:05 shaun not entirely - the branches share the database of resources, but you can change the location of the resources
16:06 Ryanbisd no, what im saying is... .right now.. .each individual school is seperate
16:06 shaun ah i see what you mean, sorry
16:06 Ryanbisd we are wanting to use koha to make them combined, but seperate
16:07 owen separate in what way?
16:07 Ryanbisd like what koha does...
16:07 Ryanbisd seperate, in how it can seperate what books and how many are at the different schools
16:08 Ryanbisd but, its centrally maintained
16:08 Ryanbisd where in the parameters menu do I setup branches?
16:09 owen /cgi-bin/koha/admin/
16:11 Ryanbisd so, when I get the marc records from the highschool... how do i load those just into the HS part?
16:18 Ryanbisd will be back on later...
16:18 Ryanbisd thanks for all your help.
16:22 rach hello
16:26 thd- :)
16:27 rach and now I'm off out again - back in a couple of hours
16:52 owen now I'm off again - back in 15 hours
17:03 ryanbisd Hey guys, Im back.. and i have some marc records for you guys to look at if you can
17:09 kados hi rach
17:12 ryanbisd
17:12 ryanbisd
17:12 ryanbisd woohoo!
17:22 chris woo hoo ryan
17:26 ryanbisd can somone look at the marc records that I have, and see if they are compatable?
17:28 chris hmm
17:28 chris you could post a sample of it to the koha-devel list, im sure someone on there could tell you
17:28 ryanbisd is that on the website?
17:29 kados ryanbisd I'll take a look
17:29 chris ahh good man kados :)
17:29 kados :-)
17:29 ryanbisd send them to the email for the irc?
17:30 kados no
17:30 kados send them to me
17:30 kados jmf at
17:30 kados ryanbisd: but really ... what you should do
17:30 kados ryanbisd: is try to run bulkmarcimport
17:30 kados and see if your records import right
17:31 kados it's in misc/migration_tools iirc
17:32 ryanbisd I sent them to you..
17:32 ryanbisd I dont have access to the server right now, but will try and get access tonight or tomorrow...
17:32 ryanbisd she just sent me a few marc records...
17:33 kados yep ... those are marc records ;-)
17:33 kados :-)
17:33 ryanbisd so they will work....
17:33 ryanbisd can you tell if it has
17:33 ryanbisd the barcodes?
17:34 kados ryanbisd: if they aren't importable via bulkmarcimport (and theyshould be by the looks of them) you can use MARC::Lint to clean them up
17:34 kados lemme check
17:34 kados _pT0005903
17:35 kados hmmm
17:35 kados 85040382
17:35 kados that could be a barcode
17:35 ryanbisd possibly... Im not sure.
17:36 kados yea ... usually barcodes are somewhere in 900s
17:36 kados 952, 942
17:36 kados thing to do is
17:36 kados search on your catalog
17:36 kados (the follett one)
17:36 kados find a few barcodes that you have marc records for
17:37 kados then see if you can match the barcode string in the marc record
17:37 kados (or you could just get a marc editor ;-))
17:37 kados but basically the 952 tag subfields (where barcodes will usually be)
17:38 kados are repeatable
17:38 kados so you'll find multiple barcodes if you have multiple items fora  given record
17:38 kados etc etc.
18:21 kados bug 1000 is up for grabs ;-)
19:47 Genji is there a maximum length for a 3 of 9 barcode?
19:51 ryanbisd kados, do you work 24/7?
20:12 kados ryanbisd: retty much
20:12 kados pretty much even
20:19 ryanbisd haah...
20:19 ryanbisd thats cool, me too.... but, mine is more self imposed
20:20 ryanbisd trying to learn as much as possible
20:23 russ hi
20:30 ryanbisd would this be the same russ I emailed?
20:30 russ hi ryan
20:30 russ yes it is
20:30 russ i flicked your email onto chris to have a look at
20:32 russ ryan - can you tell me where you got my email addy from please? just interested to know
20:33 ryanbisd thats cool.. I found this place soon after, so  I asked in here.
20:33 ryanbisd but, thats cool that you are the same guy.
20:37 chris we kinda covered the email on irc already
20:37 russ cool
20:43 ryanbisd yeah... you guys are gonna turn the IRC channel off, thats how many questions I can forsee me asking
20:44 chris heh
20:46 rach we could set up the infobot, see if he can answer them for ya :-)
20:46 ryanbisd hahah
01:39 osmoze hello
01:41 rach hello
04:19 osmoze bonjour paul
04:21 osmoze une question, lors de l installation de la 2.0 si lors des demandes de l installateur on modifie en effacant, ca mets par la suite dans les conf de koha par exemple des symboles tout bizarre
04:22 osmoze du type 'B[
04:22 paul salut js.
04:22 osmoze etc etc, il y a pas quelque chose pour que cela ne prennent pas en compte l effacement
04:22 paul c'est un pb de shell
04:22 osmoze il faut utiliser quoi ?
04:22 osmoze zsh ?
04:22 osmoze ou un autre ?
04:23 paul bash fonctionne bie d'hab
04:23 paul (bien)
04:24 osmoze hum...
04:24 osmoze GNU bash, version 2.05b.0(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)
04:24 osmoze je vais essayer de voir avec une nouvelle version, c est peut etre ma version, ou ma conf :(
05:22 sylvain hi
08:33 hdl hi owen.
08:33 hdl many thx
08:33 owen Hi
08:33 hdl for changing topic.
08:34 owen No problem.
09:12 owen Hi paul
09:12 paul hello owen
09:15 ryanbisd good morning!
09:16 owen Uh oh, it's ryanbisd!  Everyone look busy!!
09:16 owen ;)
09:16 ryanbisd `ha...
09:17 ryanbisd Not at work today...
09:17 ryanbisd so, no questions really.... just bowsing.
09:18 ryanbisd actually... I do have a question, but its about tar....
09:20 kados shoot away
09:21 ryanbisd is there a way to tar a whole dir, and its sub dirs... but, as its creating the tar file, it deletes the original files and dirs?
09:22 ryanbisd to save HD space more or less..
09:25 kados sure is
09:25 kados :-)
09:26 kados there's a --remove-files option
09:27 kados so probably something like
09:27 kados ar -cvzf --remove-files foo.tgz directoryname
09:27 kados tar even ;-)
09:27 kados oughta do the trick
09:28 ryanbisd so, it would be "tar -cvz /dir > dir.tgz --remove-files
09:28 ryanbisd oh...
09:29 kados hmmm ...
09:29 kados that's not the default tar syntax IIRC
09:29 kados but it might work with your shell
09:32 osmoze ++
09:33 ryanbisd alrght... so, the syntax I used worked, but... does it delete them as its making the .tar, or after?
09:34 ryanbisd reason being.. I set up a small file server on a computer, but the files are 9 gigs, and I only used a small 10 gig HD so if I tar it up.. it will exceed disk space
09:35 ryanbisd I want to them up, and put them on the new file server...
09:35 ryanbisd insert "tar"
09:35 kados ryanbisd: right ... well you'd have to look at the docs ... but I suspect it does them at the same time as it archives them
09:35 kados try the man pages
09:35 ryanbisd cool..
09:36 ryanbisd Now... can I move that one .tar file between the systems without ftp?  like thru ssh?
09:36 kados yea
09:36 kados scp is what you're looking for
09:37 ryanbisd thanks
09:55 thd kados: you had briefly suggested that the MARC record would be stored as a single entity for Zebra.  Wouldn't you still need a data model that dealt properly with all the record fields, indicators, and subfields for editing a record and creating a new record?
09:55 kados thd: yep ... any suggestions?
09:57 thd kados: no, but there is some work at the University of North Texas, they have a $200,000 grant.
09:57 kados thd: they have a 200K grant to work on Koha?
09:58 thd :)
09:58 kados thd: or on a data model for dealing with marc?
09:58 kados thd: :-)
09:58 kados thd: isn't north texas the site that recently went with indexdata's keystone instead of webfeat?
09:59 thd kados: they are studying the usage of MARC fields and have a mapping of MARC in MYSQL
09:59 kados interesting ...
09:59 kados but we're actually moving away from the model
09:59 kados s/the/that/
10:00 kados SQL isn't really good at dealing with textual data
10:00 kados it's much better at factual data
10:00 kados statuses and such
10:00 thd kados: yes but the catalog module needs to work with data parsed in some fashion
10:01 kados thd: MARC::Record ;-)
10:03 thd kados: oh yes, insert delete, etc. on the record itself. :)
10:03 kados thd: yep
10:03 thd kados: I am happy now :-]
10:07 thd kados: before there were tools like MARC::Record or even MARC-SGML if you remember that I had to write my own equivalent to MODS and found that much preferable as a text model to using a relational database.
10:11 thd thd: I quickly discovered the limit of MODS type mappings, lacking an element to element correspondence with MARC.  Using MARC::Record will be fantastic though.  I am very happy, indeed :]
10:12 thd kados: I do not know about keystone vs. webfeat at UNT
10:21 thd kados: What time frame did you discuss with Index Data?
10:23 kados thd: timeframe for what?
10:24 thd kados: having Zebra fully integrated into Koha
10:25 kados thd: well that's something that indexdata's not doing for us ... they are more of a consultant on how to do it best
10:26 kados thd: I'm doing an announcement tomorrow about it
10:26 kados thd: so stay tuned
10:26 thd thd holds breath until tomorrow
10:47 owen Can anyone tell me how the 'link' function works in opac-MARCdetail?
10:47 paul yes, I can.
10:47 owen Please!
10:48 paul if you want to have a small glass before the field value, just enter something here. It means "do a search on this value on the (marc) field in <link>"
10:48 paul for example :
10:48 paul in unimarc, publisher is in 210$a
10:48 paul if you put a '210a' in link
10:49 paul then, when you clic on the glass, you search for all biblios from this publisher
10:49 paul sometimes you can find interesting to search on a field that is not 'himself'.
10:50 owen ?
10:50 paul for example, for libraries that have authors as subject.
10:50 owen Where do you enter the link?
10:50 paul 'victor hugo' is the subject of the book, but when you clic on 'victor hugo', if you have put '200f' in link, you search for book FROM victor hugo
10:51 paul in
10:51 paul (default template)
10:52 sylvain paul, what's the difference with thesaurus  ?
10:52 owen Hmm... I'm still a little confused
10:52 sylvain (autorités)
10:52 owen So, say you have an author...
10:52 owen You edit the link for the author tag, and link it to another kind of search, like a subject search?
10:52 paul yes.
10:52 owen Can you put more than one tag in the link?
10:53 paul (but that's not a common use I agree)
10:53 paul sylvain : the most common use is with thesaurus. But it does not rely on thesaurus
10:53 paul (sylvain : bonjour)
10:54 paul it also works without.
10:54 sylvain bonjour paul en effet
10:54 sylvain yes paul but when there's a thesaurus, isn't it a "double-emploi" ?
10:54 owen Not a common use?  What would you consider a common use?  The subject -> author link you described?
10:55 sylvain but I must admit that I 'haven't tried this function so maybe I dismiss
11:05 hdl sylvain : the difference is that it can be used on simple 200f MARC field for instance.
11:06 hdl If you would like to get all the books that one person has collaborate to, you can with clicking on this glass.
11:07 hdl IF the fields link and seealso are well informed.
11:07 sylvain yes hdl but if the person is an authority you can also :)
11:07 sylvain but it's sure that's it's easier not to have to define autorities
11:07 hdl Sure, But If you want only Richard Bachmann books, how can you make it out ?
11:08 hdl This will do the job
11:08 hdl ;)
11:08 hdl Richard Bachmann is also known as Stephen King...
11:08 sylvain I really must look this new function ;)
11:10 sylvain what about the user manueal projet ? When is it previewed to be released ?

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