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14:34 kados yay ... owen's back online
14:34 owen Finally.
14:35 owen They came out, climbed the tower, unplugged the access point and plugged it in again.
14:35 kados hehe
14:36 kados what then need is a remote controlled power strip
14:36 owen I cycled some switches on the electric panel, but that didn't seem to help
16:34 rach morning
16:34 rach we use RT for some stuff
16:37 kados the storm did more than knock me out ... it destroyed my ups and surge protector and blew all the circuits in my house
16:37 kados rach: what's RT?
16:37 rach request tracker
16:37 rach
16:37 rach this thing
16:37 kados ahh ... right
16:38 rach but we tend to use it for tracking requests, rather than bug reports at the moment
16:39 rach so we let customers use RT for their small jobs, but we're still using bugzilla for actual bugs.
16:42 rach Simon's team use RT for incident reporting, network faults, work requests etc
18:37 gavin who
18:59 rach ?
02:48 jean hi
03:04 paul salut jean
03:39 slef Can someone boot from the koha lists, please? I'm getting autoreplies again.
06:07 kados morning all
06:12 paul hello kados/joshua
06:23 kados paul: have you tested Genji's new feature for the OPAC?
06:23 paul no. no time to do this.
06:23 paul if you have a demo site I can look
06:23 paul but no time to install & test
06:23 kados I just tried last night but I didnt find any docs on setting up categories, etc.
06:24 paul I had the same problems when I tried, and didn't investigate.
06:24 kados
06:24 kados that's as far as I've gotten
06:24 kados and his email keeps bouncing back to me
06:24 paul did you follow the [IMPORTANT] thread on mailing list ?
06:24 paul s/did/do/
06:24 kados no ... could you summarize?
06:24 paul yes.
06:24 kados (this week's been too busy to read french ;-))
06:25 kados paul: you'll be happy to know I'm meeting with NPL catalogers today
06:25 paul I also had 2 mails in my mailbox about this.
06:25 paul the general idea being :
06:25 paul * nice to see Koha going to large scale libraries & high tech tools
06:26 paul * prefer having the possibility to choose zebra or not zebra
06:26 paul plus 1 very interesting point :
06:26 paul z3950 is an outdated protocol. So we should not too much invest on it.
06:26 paul & be ready for next generation tools
06:26 paul (except that there is none ready yet :-( )
06:27 kados exactly
06:27 kados well my reply:
06:27 paul Christian Rogel pointed that the ZING group will have a meeting next week.
06:27 paul & hopefully publish something, after 4 years...
06:27 kados Zebra is less 'high tech' that our current system and will require far les maintenance
06:28 kados and
06:28 kados Z39.50 may be outdated but it's going to add many features for searching Koha that would otherwise not be available (speed increase, relevance ranking, stemming)
06:29 paul less high tech ? how can it be possible : if we ADD a new tool, we can't lower technicity & complexity, isn't it ;-)
06:29 kados Zebra is far less troublesome than marc_word
06:29 kados IMO
06:30 kados and dealing with static MARC files is far easier than with SQL-based marc tables
06:30 kados again IMO
06:30 paul I understand the point about "outdated" as "go to zebra, but think you could switch to something else soon, so have a good code design"
06:30 paul & I only can agree with this warning.
06:30 kados yep
06:30 kados CQL may be the up-and-coming thing
06:31 paul yep too...
06:31 kados (but I'll point out it's still Z39.50)
06:31 paul yes, but far most user friendly ;-)
06:31 kados and my belief is that indexdata will support it
06:31 paul zebra speaks CQL isn't it ?
06:32 kados I believe so but I haven't checked
06:32 kados I'd be surprised if not
06:33 kados currently, from what little research I've done, Z39.50 is still the best method for retrieving items in a library
06:34 paul Embedding the zebra, page 7
06:35 paul "natively zebra supports only RPN queries, but it comes with tools that make is possible to use CQL
06:35 paul "
06:35 paul or CCL
06:35 kados cool
06:35 paul given a mapping to RPN
06:35 kados right ... which shouldn't be too hard
06:35 kados I bet there's some discussion about this on the list
06:36 kados Here are some thoughts about Koha and the future
06:36 kados from the beginning the koha project has bee focused on smaller libraries
06:37 kados and since 'library and information retrieval standards' weren't as important for smaller libraries
06:37 kados koha didn't use them
06:37 kados when NPL joined we added MARC
06:37 kados which 'was a good thing'
06:38 kados now it's time to look at other standards (especially for searching)
06:38 kados but also for ILL
06:39 kados etc.
06:39 kados at its core Koha will operate much the same
06:39 kados but the idea is that since larger libraries require compliance with international standards
06:39 kados they are more inclined to join the project if Koha already has support for these
06:39 kados and if they join that means more resources for Koha
06:45 kados paul: quick question if you're available
06:45 kados paul: when I run perl -I /path/to/modules -file /path/to/marcfile
06:46 kados oops
06:46 kados perl -I /path/to/modules -file /path/to/marcfile
06:46 kados how does bulkmarcimport know which database to use?
06:46 kados since I don't specify where to find koha.conf
06:47 paul export KOHA_CONF=/path/to/koha.conf
06:48 paul (if you don't it automatically search /etc/koha.conf only
06:48 paul )
06:48 kados right that's what I thought
06:48 kados IMO it should take koha.conf as an argument
09:40 kados morning owen, jean
09:40 owen Hi
09:40 paul (not morning for jean ;-)
09:41 paul hi owen.
09:41 paul owen/kados : reading the logs, it seems you had a storm in athens ?
09:41 owen A big sudden thunderstorm
09:41 owen Did it knock out your power kados?
09:42 kados yep ... I had a major surge that blew out both my surge protector and actually _blew up_ my UPS
09:42 kados and my screen server was powered down as a result
09:42 paul they are "life guaranteed" isn't it ?
09:42 owen Holy cow.
09:42 kados yea ... still looking into the guaranttee
09:42 paul (i mean UPS)
09:42 kados yep
09:43 kados so I had to run down to Radio Shack and pick up a cheapo replacement to bring the server back online
09:43 kados yea the ups is severaly damaaged internally -- the case managed to remain intact but it's singed
09:44 kados I think the problem is the wiring in my apt
09:44 kados I investigate the 'ground' and found it's not connected to anything
09:45 kados which would explain why the UPS was destroyed :-)
09:45 owen Sounds like you're not up to code
09:45 kados so I've got to re-wire one of these days (at least that one)
09:45 kados yep
09:46 owen We have a lovely three-bedroom house available for rent :)
09:47 kados hehe
09:47 kados in athens?
09:47 owen Morris Ave.
09:47 kados actually I love my place ;-)
09:47 kados it's a one room studio
09:48 owen Yeah, better than having to share with other people
09:48 kados and I've got a year-two garden
09:48 kados so that'd be hard to give up
09:48 kados plus there's the wildlife ;-)
09:53 kados hehe
09:53 kados hdl: did you just take out Genji's additions to the marc_word search?
09:54 kados they were breaking my search too
09:54 paul he take out a completly buggy SQL select.
09:54 kados yep
09:54 paul either something's missing, either I don't know.
09:54 kados When I tried to email genji It bounced back
09:55 kados does anyone have a current email address for him?
09:55 kados his additions look nice ... but I'd like to see them cleaned up a bit
09:55 paul try koha & koha-devel mailing lists.
09:56 hdl kados : I only modified the search string to remove tables that were uncarefully joined.
09:57 hdl So that now, when meking a search, I don't bring my machine down.
09:57 kados right ... reserves, issues, etc. IIRC
09:57 paul brign everybody computer down ;-)
09:58 kados hehe
10:18 owen Why is it that the debarred patrons always come in when the network is down?
10:19 kados hehe
10:30 owen It would be handy to be able to do a report that listed all available items at your branch which had a different home branch.  It would help locate items which hadn't been returned to the proper branch.
11:22 owen Lotsa folks here today, but everyone's keeping quiet
11:23 hdl ;)
11:23 tim Did anyone notice that someone posted a request for Koha to be added to the list of packages for the next Ubuntu release?
11:23 tim
11:24 tim wondering if maybe it was someone from #koha
11:26 owen Someone here mentioned it...shaun maybe?
11:26 shaun not me, owen, I was talking about making RPMs though
11:27 owen Hi indradg
11:27 indradg hi owen
11:27 indradg hi all
11:30 tim It would be nice to have it made into RPM and deb

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